Great news! Hindus will no longer be asked to pay money to Christians to build churches

In an allegedly secular country, churches were going to be built by government’s tax revenue! This is how Congress hides its anti-Hinduism under the shroud of phoney secularism. Only people as inert and disinterested as the Hindus would have accepted this kind of devious logic and humiliation without complaining. And there will be million more blind Hindus who will line up next elections to vote for Congress. Thankfully, the court stepped in to save Hindus from the consequences of their political blindness and ignorance about what is happening outside their day to day life.

HC stays govt funds for church repairs

A two-member bench of the AP High Court on Monday directed the authorities to maintain status quo on government funds for building or repairing  churches. The bench of Chief Justice Anil R Dave and Justice C V Nagarjuna Reddy was hearing a writ petition filed by Tripuraneni Hanuman Chowdary complaining that the state government was engaging itself in the promotion of a religion contrary to court injunctions. He listed 49 GOs, placing 150 Christian institutions as beneficiaries of state aid.

The petitioner argued that there were no legislative sanction for the said expenditures and thus illegal. Listing various GOs between December 2001 and March 2009, he said the state was promoting Christian related activities in the guise of SC/ST welfare. He said the state was getting involved in a systematic manner for promoting church-related activities.

The petitioner had earlier filed a writ challenging the action of the government in granting funds for Christian pilgrimage. A two-member bench by an order dated July 22 had suspended the GO granting such allowances. 

The problem is that unlike the Jews, the Hindus don’t sue enough for attacks on their faith and traditions and use thier tax money to create an army of anti-Hindus in their own country. Sue the bastards, is my advice to the Hindus. It is a cheap and efficient way to cook the goose of these Congress thugs and left-liberal mafia.

By the way, the brainchild of this “build churches by government money” scheme was that soon-to-be-sainted goon of AP, YSR.


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