For India’s survival, Hinduism has to prevail

Foriegners seem to have better insightss into the foundation and character of India than Indians themselves.

For India’s survival Hinduism has to prevail
By Alexander Zinoviev

In Europe and all over the world nowadays it is very popular to speak and discuss about Indian culture, ancient Indian philosophy and the glorious past of the country. In everyday life Europeans constantly hear or read in the media about some new yoga seminar being organised, or about the appearance of a new guru in Western countries, drawing the public attention. They hear superlatives about ancient Indian culture over and over again from different places and in different contexts.

But what is worth so much activity, so many words, and do they really help people understand the actual state of modern Hinduism and the challenges that stand before it? I would say?not at all!

The truth is that the situation of modern Hinduism, of all India, is far from perfect. In fact, it is alarming, if not altogether catastrophic. Even if some Indians?the so-called ?secularists??do not realise that, it is more than obvious that Hinduism is fading in obscurity, its relative influence in Asia is decreasing with every month, with every day. Perhaps we are living at the last centuries of Indian civilisation and the situation of today?s Hindus is very similar to the Iranians from the late Zoroastrian age or Ptolemaic Egypt. Drastic steps must be undertaken very soon, or Hindus will share the fate of these great nations of the past.

What’s the problem?

About one thousand years ago, a horde of savage tribes rushed down from the wild Bactrian Mountains (modern Afghanistan) and occupied the Indus Valley, bringing a new aggressive religion of non-Indian origin?Islam. In the course of the next centuries, this new religion?with violence or persuasion?continuously expanded its territory and increased the number of its followers. In 1000 the relative share of Muslims in the Indian subcontinent was around zero per cent, in 1400 they were already around 3.5 per cent, in 1700, 10 per cent, in 1890 about 20 per cent, in 1945, 25 per cent, and now they are more than 31 per cent, or one-third of the population. In this long process of Islamisation of India, two characteristic patterns can be distinguished. First, it is a slow process, and second, it is relentless. Unlike the Middle East and Iran, where this religion managed to very rapidly displace the local cults and traditions, completely stifling them for just several decades, in India the propagation of Islam was gradual, extended throughout many centuries, even a whole millennium.

But there is no place for illusions about the processes, taking place on the subcontinent. The truth is that, in India, Islam has never yielded a position once taken, it never withdrew from territories once conquered, and it spread out on the Indian subcontinent relentlessly, year after year, decade after decade, century after century, in what is maybe the most uncompromising, prolonged, and merciless expansion in the history of religions. It looks like India and Hinduism are doomed, and there is nothing to be done against this unyielding conquest, this tireless offensive, there is no way to reverse things in their advantage. Indeed, if Islam continues to propagate with the same rate?to increase in numbers with 1-1.5 per cent per decade?in the first half of the next century Muslims will already be the majority of Indian population. Secularists think that one or two hundred years are too big a period and there is no need to worry about the distant future. But the truth is that in terms of the five millennia of Indian history one or two centuries are nothing, they will pass in a blink. Men of wisdom in India say that the human soul is reborn in a new body every few hundred years. So, even in our next life, in our next reincarnation, India will have already ceased to exist.

My views may seem too pessimistic, but the picture is too grim. In fact, what I fear the most is that providence, the supreme spirit, or the force of history acts against Hinduism. Maybe the historical processes lead to such a state of things, when on the planet only the so-called ?Abrahamic? religions will continue to exist?Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. Maybe the fact that the great religions of Egypt, Babylon and Persia died out a couple of millennia ago is not accidental. But I would like to believe Hinduism is too valuable for humanity, and sacred Indian books contain too much precious and unique knowledge that it will not sink in oblivion. I?d like to believe that the principles of Indian philosophy and religion are much more in agreement with the needs for the future than any other religion in the world, in agreement with the tendency, known in Western countries as New Age. It?s my deep belief that without India the world will sink in spiritual darkness and ignorance.

In this long process of Islamisation of India, two characteristic patterns can be distinguished. First, it is a slow process, and second, it is relentless. Unlike the Middle East and Iran, where this religion managed to very rapidly displace the local cults and traditions, completely stifling them for just several decades, in India the propagation of Islam was gradual.

So, what must be done in order to save Hinduism and stop the Islamic flood? There is only one way and it is called mass conversion of Muslims into Hinduism. If Hindus want to survive, they must convert. They must adopt the strategy of Catholic missionaries and Muslim mullahs. I don?t mean only conversion of one-time Hindus that only recently adopted other religions. Hinduism must convert also people of non-Hindu origin. The fact that they live in India is enough because all Indians, notwithstanding their religious affiliation, had once had Hindu ancestors. If a problem arises, in which caste to enlist the newly converted Hindus, that can be determined by lots. This kind of assignment is by no means accidental; it can be regarded as the will of providence, the voice of fate, and it is not surprising that this method was so widely used in antiquity?in Greece and Rome.

There is another question: is it possible to convert Muslims into Hinduism? Because, as it is well known, the followers of this religion hold firmly to their principles, and it is very difficult to change their views. There is a theory that Muslims would never desert their religion, this is absolutely impossible. But this is just a myth. There is a good example from our recent past.

In one neighbouring country to Russia?Bulgaria?there is area called Rhodopa mountain, populated with Bulgarian-speaking Muslims. Bulgarians, in principle, are Christians, pertaining to the Greek-Orthodox Church. But this very area is populated with Muslims due to the strong Turk influence in the past. In the 15th century Turks forced the local population to renounce Christianity and to adopt Islam as their religion, and defiance was brutally punished. When, in 1526, Sultan Suleyman the Magnificent began his campaign against Western Europe, he said: ?I want my soldiers, in their way to Vienna, to pass through Muslim lands only, and this corridor to go up to the very Austrian border.? And his desire almost came true.

But what happened some ten years ago?in the mid-1990s? The local population in the Rhodope Mountains with Bulgarian ethnic consciousness, being well educated and well aware of their history, suddenly decided to re-embrace Christianity. A remarkable man came forward on the religious scene?Father Boyan Saruev. With his charisma and his unique gift to persuade people, this man of great spiritual power succeeded in converting several hundred Muslims. For a period of seven or eight years between two and three thousand people?mainly from the young, educated generation?adopted the Greek-Orthodox creed. This event was so astonishing precedent that it stunned European public, and journalists from many countries came in person to see with their own eyes that it was true.

Obviously, the claim that Muslims can never be persuaded to adopt another religion is nothing but a myth. Under certain conditions, this is quite possible. Very soon such conditions will be present in India, too, because with higher education Muslims will realise that Hinduism is the innate religion of their native country, and Islam is an alien creed forcefully imported from outside. Similarly with the situation when, 600 years ago, during the Renaissance, Western Europeans realised that they were successors of ancient Rome and Greece, and embraced their culture, which for long centuries was being condemned by the Roman Catholic Church as ?pagan? and ?non-Christian?, one day the Muslims on the Indian subcontinent will understand that they are inheritors of a great civilisation completely different from that of Arabs and the Middle East. This is a problem of education and knowledge.

(The writer is a Russian sociologist and works in Russian Academy of Sciences. He has been many times in India and interested in Indian culture. He has written this article exclusively for Organiser. He can be contacted at



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13 responses to “For India’s survival, Hinduism has to prevail

  1. AG

    indians are colonised and dhimmified

  2. Thoughtful article ! Please keep it up.

    You may find the resonating thoughts in :
    (“Samskrit Benefit 8: Foundation For India’s Glorious Future “)

  3. dev

    I agree with Alexander.What plays a role in reconversion is education and economic benefit.Any one may convert for better life.Hinduism too must reform itself from war like battle type episodes and non inspiring mythology to philosophy of Gita,Vivekananda and pristine glory of God and his bounties of nature.There is no principle or truth or idealism in following a path of intolerance and force.Equal oppertunities and justice must be in forefront.Muslims in India are illegal citizens as they belong to Pakistan ,demanded by them in 1947 but stayed back.They must convert or go to Pakistan otherwise India will become something like Pakistan or Afghanistan, a threat to world peace in future.By the end of this century India will become a Islamic state due to srlfish policies of Hindu politicians who are responsible for India,s present predicament.Hinduism must get rid of caste system and accomodate muslims in Hinduism for its own sake and for the sake of muslims as well.

  4. dev

    It is not Hinduism which destroyed Budhism in India but the invaders who destroyed Budhist religious places first in Afghanistan and then in present day Pakistan.The then rulers of Afghanisatn and Pakistan practiced both hinduism and budhism without feeling a difference between both religions. The people in those times practiced and followed both religions.Hindus in past and now follow both religions in practice and habits and customs and behaviour.There are no budhists in Pakistan except a minority in Baltistan and none in Afghanistan.There is a conspiracy by Pak intellectuals to defame Hunduism and to discredit it and to hide them selves being the destroyrers of Budhism.Each and every idol of Budha which they call Buut and Budhist vihara was mercilessly razed by them.The biggest Budhist temple ever destroyed in world was in Peshawar in Pakistan.The responsibility to destroy Budhism in Indian subcontinent lies squarely on foreign invaders and their collaborators called Pakis who trace their hostorical identity as a nation from Ghouri onwards.Bamyan Budha is a latest example.Old habits die hard.Pakistan directed Taliban to destroy Bamian Budhas to blackmail the world community to legitamise them and talk to them but blackmail failed.Let the world act resolutely to stop spread of this terror , blackmail and misfortune of mankind.

  5. Good headline..

    Even if the other religions are just a school of taught, indians converting, are an insult to the nations rich heritage which ultimatley defines our intellect and forms our identity.

    on the top of it, these abrahamic religions villify the non-believers and people from other schools of thought which makes them just totally bad religions

  6. duart maclean

    Not only for the survival of India must Hinduism prevail, but also humankind. I’m speaking of the ‘knowledge’ aspect of Hinduism, as opposed to the cultural, ritualistic or devotional aspects.

  7. answertoyourquestion

    friends. we should form an anti defamation league. i see lots of places where these rascals have tried to poke mischief at hinduism.
    check this article by one aakar patel
    that guy seems to be a pakistani living in india trying his best to kill hinduism. he says hindus are filthy, and so and so. and also who is this vs.naipual guy who is abusing hinduism openly.
    lots of places these guys are spreading lies about india
    we should be abusing gandhi but we shouldnt allow muslims and christians to abuse him.
    because when they are abusing him they are abusing all indians.

  8. All conversion in Hinduism should be through Yagyopavita.They should get a status of Brahmin.A Neo-brahmin movement should be started in Sanatan -Dharma.

  9. JGN

    abhijet, the brahmins and oother upper castes would be happy if they are made SC/STs in today’s India for getting reservation benefits. Even the Dalit Christians and Dalit Muslims want reservation benefits!!

  10. thank you for to share in topic thank you for to share in topic

  11. achuthan

    Dear all,
    Please check out There is a brilliant acharya by name Sri Swami Dayananda saraswathi teaching the meaning of the vedas. Please check it out. I am sure you people will enjoy.

  12. achuthan

    I think the hindu civilization creates a deep insecurity in the minds of the christian and islamic goons. The tall gopurams, the music, the sculpture, the dance, the yoga, the wisdom and above all, sanskrit and it’s etymological structure. The whole has created such a deep sense off threat to their self esteem that they are out to destroy this. This ccivilization brings them close to their knees in worship and it is their greatest object of insecurity and fear on the earth.

  13. LOL What makes you paranoid&hopeless is what makes me feel like Hinduism WILL NEVER die it will only further evolve&adapt to changes..

    I mean just ponder about the fact that ENTIRE Pagan Arabia,North Africa and the glorious Persia fell to Islam but India is something that has evidently REFUSED to accept Islam for over 800 years.. and what makes you think it will accept it in the near future? ha ha nothing.. never we never give up..

    “There is only one way and it is called mass conversion of Muslims into Hinduism.”

    How about instead of focusing on converting disgusting people into “hindus” how about we make Hindusim THE BEST RELIGION EVER? how about we get rid of the caste system and other lot of superstitions? that’ll automatically make it the BEST religion in India.

    “one day the Muslims on the Indian subcontinent will understand that they are inheritors of a great civilisation”
    NO THEY ARE COWARDS&SLAVE TO THE ARABS&TURKS! licking the boots of the mughals like dogs.. disgusting pigs.. they should be executed for betraying their Hindu/buddhist&Sikh fellows.

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