The “South Asian” Subversion

Indians, especially NRIs in the US, are being encouraged to call themselves as not Indians but “South Asians.” Pakistanis are also being encouraged to call themselves not as Pakistanis but as “South Asians.” Bangladeshis are also being encouraged to call themselves as South Asians and not Bangladeshis.

What gives?

This “South Asian” thingie has its origins in US think-tanks. Be very careful of it. It is meant to denationalize Indians and benefit Pakistanis. All these “south Asia TV” and “South Asia forums” and “South Asia Times” and “South Asia cultural festivals” have mostly US funding. Pakis are a side show. The agenda of Americans is quite sinister if you think it through. This “South Asia” business is psyops on a national scale to the detriment of Indians. The Yanks have already erased the “Indian Subcontinent” word from everywhere and replaced it with “South Asia.”

My advice to Indians: Assert your Indian nationality at every opportunity and flatly deny that you are a South Asian. The Pakis will try to introduce you to others in a gathering as “both of us are South Asians.” Your response should be: “Actually, I am an Indian. He is from Pakistan.”

For Pakis all over the world, their nationality has become a burden and they now hide behind the “south Asian” label to keep the other confused about their true identity. There is no reason why Indians should agree to do the same.

But this is not the agenda of American thinktanks which have coined this strategy of popularising the “South Asian” word. They have a more sinister agenda of screwing the Hindus. They want to dilute nationalities of both Indians and Pakistanis and eventually merge them. In short, the Americans know the projected population of Muslims in the Indian subcontinent 30 years from now, and are making plans for reunification of India and Pakistan where Hindus will drown under an overwhelming Muslim mass. This reunification is the hottest topic of debate currently in the drawing rooms of Pakistani elite.

The antidote to this South Asian psyops? It is simple. Wear your Indian nationality on your sleeves, proclaim it loudly everywhere you go and make it a point to clearly distinguish yourself from the Pakistanis. And refuse to go to any function or event with the word “South Asia” in its name. Keep repeating to everyone that you are an Indian, not a South Asian.

Here are views of Radha Rajan, editor of Vigil Online, about this South Asia nonsense.

The “South Asia” Subversion

The third idea they are propagating is the concept of South Asia. This concept of South Asia which has no legitimacy is a political construct with its origins in American think tanks where they seek to subsume — Please understand one thing. If there is one thing both Islam and Christianity are afraid of, it is Hindu nationalism. Hindu nationalism poses the biggest threat to both Islam and evangelical church. They are propagating the concept of South Asia where they hope that India’s territorial borders and her Hindu identity will be subsumed in the larger Muslim-dominated region of Pakistan and Bangladesh. When they say South Asia, I don’t think they have Bhutan and Sri Lanka in mind. When they say South Asia, they primarily mean India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

It is humiliating to find average Indians so woolly headed and gullible like innocent babies. It is amazing how other more shrewd races manage to fool and decieve them again and again. Did these idiotic “south Asian” Indians pause even for a moment to think what accepting this label of South Asia as our primary identity would mean for us and Pakistanis, and how one would gain and the other would lose, and what is in it for us and who is making all this noise about “south Asia,” and which behind-the-scenes force is pushing us in the direction of shedding our national identity and taking on a geographical one instead? The idiotic Indians start walking in any direction they are lured into.

It is demeaning to think that we are no better than guinea pigs and truly behave like them, almost begging thugs of the world to come and fool us and take away what belongs to us. Not for once can we guess the intent of the enemy and plot counter-moves. It is a sad commentary on our race, the inheritors of the wisdom and shrewdness of Chanakya.

If Indians were smart, they would have never agreed to accept the term “South Asia” as replacement for “Indian Subcontinent.” It is only a matter of time before Indian Ocean becomes “South Asian Ocean.”

I will agree to call myself as a South Asian only after all Americans agree to not call themselves Americans anymore but call themselves as “earthlings.” The conversation will go something like this:

“Hey American, yo there! Where are you from?”
“Oh, I am not an American. I am from the earth. I am an earthling and this Mexian standing next to me is also an earthling. Both of us are earthlings and both of us are same people with same culture. Our ancestors came to this continent on boats and slaughtered all Red Indians. Both of us have this shared history and culture. Would you like to come to the Earthling Spellling Bee contest we are organising? Since the last five years, it is being won by earthlings, most of whom are from New York.”



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7 responses to “The “South Asian” Subversion

  1. VoP

    SPOT ON!

    This “south asia” phenomenon has been adopted by only gullible Indians. It’s really pathetic to see some Indian grocers in US selling their wares under “Indo-Pak Groceries” when rarely a pakistani makes purchases there. I never ever go there and discourage others. Post-911 it’s fundamentally flawed to be associated with people coming from a failed state. Failure by choice. Few years ago there was a motley group of peaceniks celebrating joint Indo-Pak independence day! ( In Houston I believe ), not anymore. I can understand the need for deperate pakis making desperate moves to redeem themselves out of the deep hole they have dug themselves, but why us?

    More on this

    It Is India Not South Asia!

    From India to South Asia

  2. Aashish Singh

    Very True.

    Maintaining material hegemony is not easy, I guess.

    These so called super powers keep several centers of think tanks, each keeping a watch on the internal developments of specific regions around the world. They keep analyzing and coming up with their recommendations for the politicians for maintaining their hegemony.

    One such recommendation, I guess, would be to keep engaged the intellectual strata of any given country in crappy, bull-shit stuff all the time. For eg. throw Aryan Invasion Theory, this South Asian thing, etc. etc. and these brown guys will spend their whole life defending it. Do not let them put their efforts in a meaningful job.

    Once an issue subsides (which rarely happens; they keep it alive using the purchased local media and local traitors), they will throw another one; it never ends and never will.

    There are many ways to counter these intellectual weapons. But then, it again needs political will to implement them. And what if our top politicians are also on their side (Antonia Maino and sons)?

  3. Bharat Nair

    “If Indians were smart, they would have never agreed to accept the term “South Asia” as replacement for “Indian Subcontinent.” It is only a matter of time before Indian Ocean becomes “South Asian Ocean.”

    This call for a “south asian ocean” has already started. I have seen this line of argument in a geography book (published in 90’s) written by a ‘western’ scholar.

    • Aashish Singh


      A counter question is why doesn’t we see any Asians, Africans, Arabs etc. propagating similar hypothetical stuff about Westerners.

      Never heard of any crap like…… let me frame one.

      FOX News:

      Panama Canal was called as Pan canal until 2nd century B.C. Excavation near the present day Panama canal has unearthed trunks full of dry Betel leaves which closely resembles the betel plantation in southern Indian state of Kerala. Archeologist, and renowned Ancient American-Indian Historians believe that during the reign of Yudhistra in India around 3500 B.C, some rogue Bhartiye who were fond of chewing Pan leaves were chucked out of Bharat (due to their bad habit of spitting Pan all around the streets) and asked to spend 25 years in patal-lok. These hooligans finally settled around present day Panama canal, which they supposedly named as Pan canal. The water of Pan canal is found to be of similar saline nature as that of some ponds in Kerala, India which is very fertile for growing Betel leaves.

      This proves that Present day West was actually called patal-lok (saat samunder paar) a dungeon used for the rogue elements and may even corroborate the claims of renowned Indo-American-0logist that “asuras ” of Treta yug used to dwell here.

      Further excavation is under way.

  4. JGN

    This is just playing with terminologies. The Europeans and Americans refer to the Arabian Gulf as “Middle East” but they are neither in the “Middle” nor in the “East” as far the Indians are concerned. I never use that terminology but always refer to them as “West Asian” Countries. I generally even refer to the three Abrahamic religions as “West Asian Religions”. Counter these intolerant guys with a dose of their own medicine.

    As for unification of India, Pak and Bengla, except for a few North Indians who are nostaligic about Lahore only talk about such non-senses now. We all should be thankful to Jinnah for getting us rid of the religious fanatics. As Lord Krishna said in Bhagavad Gita, what ever happened was for good; what ever is happening is for good and what ever is going to happen is also for good.

  5. teletubby

    You and your article are dillusional – Keeping taking the pills won’t you? They’ll be around in the morning with the straightjacket.

  6. Shurjendu Dutt-Mazumdar

    There is the Indian tectonic plate. There is the Eurasian tectonic plate. Note that “Europe” is not in any way geophysically distinct. The reason for its separate identity is the conceit and exceptionalist mindset of people on the West Asian peninsula. The Indian subcontinent is truly that. It sits on its own plate. It detached in a tectonic shift from Africa and then split of from the Australian plate (Africa was one with the proto-Indo-proto-Australian landmasses, which split off an drifted east). The Himalayas were created due to the collision of the Indian landmass with Asia. How else did such massive mountains form? The Indian cultures that have existed there for the past several thousand years were always distinct from those of the Asian landmass. With the invasion of the Muslim hordes, there was syncretism. A similar thing happened with the overland invasion of Spain by Muslim armies. But it is the prideful wish for uniqueness and separateness that keep “Europe” a separate landmass from Asia, though this is not justified by its geophysical realities. It is an element of orientalism that is squeezing the Indian subcontinent into South Asia. It is the othering of the non-:European lands that is leading to all this renaming.

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