Love spread by the Vatican

Here is a catalogue of the love spread by the church all over the world:

It is about time this vendor of love was given an indecent burial to save humanity.

Here is another very very interesting website:

I hope more and more people are saved from this devlish cult that has given us nothing but dark ages, Inquisition, superstitions, thought control and eclipse of the ancient Greek and Roman civilisatons.



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2 responses to “Love spread by the Vatican

  1. Kishkindhaa

    There was a recent estimate that these soul-harvesters are responsible for eliminating 90% of the world’s cultures. It is wrong to say that Christians contribute to diversity when in actuality they relentlessly and systematically destroy cultural diversity.

  2. VoP

    Who else is celebrating? I am having a weekend party to educate folks and celebrate the death of
    Y SAMUEL REDDY. But it’s not over, his son who is infamous for bulldozing a Hindu temple seems to be heading to the throne.

    People talking about Samuel: the soul harvester

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