Suu Kyi and the White Christians

U.N. council delays statement on Suu Kyi sentence

UNITED NATIONS (Reuters) – Western nations pressed the U.N. Security Council to adopt a statement condemning a detention sentence passed on Myanmar opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi on Tuesday, but other countries stalled for time.

A council meeting called by France to discuss the verdict ended without result and was adjourned until Wednesday, the president of the 15-nation body, British Ambassador John Sawers, said.

Do you know why Goras are rooting for her? She is a Western mole. She has subverted her Burmese nationality and reigious and cultural legacy by marrying a White Christian Britisher, Dr. Michael Aris. (He is dead now.) She has two children, both White Christians, who live in London. Deliberately, her British husband and Whtie christian children are never mentioned by the AngloSaxons. It is very difficult to find information about her children living in the UK. This is kept under wraps lest the game is given away and Burmese people start having doubts. One of her sons is named Malcolm, I think. She has also developed a habit of quoting from the Bible on and off.

She has no credibility to begin with. She is a stupid progeny of a great father who has allowed herself to be used by a hostile vicious race to gain entry into her country. At no cost should Burmese people allow her anywhere near political power. She will hand over reigns of the country to Goras. The moment she married a White, she became eligible for Western awards such as Nobel.

These are the awards that she has recieved until now. Almost all of them are Gora awards, which shows a clear attempt by Goras to raise her profile (much like they use Magsaysay and Booker to raise the profile of leftist/liberal anti-Hindu Indians).

Thorolf Rafto Memorial Prize (1990)
Sakharov Prize (1990)
Nobel Peace Prize (1991)
Simon Bolivar International Prize (1992)[115]
Jawaharlal Nehru Award (1993)
Prize For Freedom of the Liberal International (1995)[116]
Honorary Companion of the Order of Australia (1996)[117]
Freedom of Dublin City, Republic of Ireland (1999)
Presidential Medal of Freedom (2000)[118]
UNESCO Madanjeet Singh Prize for the Promotion of Tolerance & Non-Violence (2002)
Gwangju Prize for Human Rights (2004)[119]
Olof Palme Prize (2005)
Doctor of Laws (honoris causa) from Memorial University of Newfoundland (2004)[120]
Freedom from Fear award (2006)[121]
Honorary Canadian citizenship (2007)[122]
Honorary President of the LSESU (2007)[123]
Doctorate of Letters (honoris causa) from Colgate University (2008)[124]
Congressional Gold Medal (2008)[125]
Premi Internacional Catalunya (2008)[126]
Freedom Of Glasgow (2009)[127]
Mahatma Gandhi International Award for Peace and Reconciliation (2009)[128]

Infiltrating White Christians into ruling families of pagan lands is an old Anglo-Saxon trick, that has already been successfully tried in India. It was tried in Sikkim too, but Indira Gandhi invaded immediately. Little did she know that her own family will be the target of this trick and that one by one all her family members will be bumped off, including herself, till the half-white Christian Gandhis become the natural rulers of India.

The moment Suu Kyi is allowed to become ruler of Burma, she will be bumped off after some years by the Goras and her half-White Christian son will be projected as the natural ruler of Burma (like Rahul Gandhi). Burmese have to be very careful. The fate of their country hangs in balance. It may be recolonised again by the Whites peacefully through Suu Kyi. And the stupid Buddhist monks of Burma would be well-advised to next time steer clear of any orange revolution engineered by the Goras.


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  1. Kishkindhaa

    The moment Suu Kyi is allowed to become ruler of Burma, she will be bumped off after some years by the Goras and her half-White Christian son will be projected as the natural ruler of Burma (like Rahul Gandhi).

    Just like Saddam, America’s decades long ally in the Gulf, was summarily demonized and bumped off and the Americans then proceeded to take control of the country. The Americans even winked when Saddam asked for permission to invade Kuwait and this was used as a pretext for the change.

    Subramaniam Swamy has a four series article on the shady antecedents of Sonia, who brought down the first BJP govt in 1996. There is no way she is just a lonesome housewife who has “reluctantly” taken on the “curse” of power, especially given known LTTE connections to western churches and agencies.

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