Westerners and the LTTE

KP sings about DPL, VIP links

Despite him being an internationally wanted fugitive, LTTE’s self-proclaimed leader since the killing of Velupillai Prabhakaran, Selvarasa Pathmanathan has revealed shocking details about his continuing links with top officials of international organisations and ambassadors of leading Western nations serving in Colombo.

Since he was whisked to Colombo from Malaysia via Bangkok on Thursday night after a daring seize at a hotel in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday afternoon, Selvarasa a.k.a. Kumaran Pathmanathan has been under interrogation at an undisclosed location in Colombo.

According to sources, he has also revealed details of Tiger leaders still hiding among civilians in IDP camps and about leaders who had managed to escape from those camps to India and Western countries.

As to details about the massive war chest of the organisation, placed by experts at billions of dollars, KP had claimed that he was not aware of those details as Prabhakaran had entrusted those functions to other people. But he has divulged information about his LTTE links in Western countries.

However, he has confessed that the bulk of the LTTE finances had come from Switzerland, followed by UK, South Africa, Australia and Canada.

Probe every insurgeny and terrorist movement anywhere in the world–from Taliban to LTTE to Nepal Maoists–you find that it has been funded/directed by White Christians. These people are the real terrorist supporters of the world lighting up fires in pagan lands on behalf of their church.

Sri Lanka should use the testimony of Pathmanathan and move a motion in UN to get these Western countries declared as official supporters of terrorism. Alternatively, the time is ripe to start some insurgencies in Western countries to return the favour. There are many faultlines in Western societies that can be exploited. These people will not desist from supporting terrorist movements till their own houses are set on fire.

Western countries are the biggest arms dealers and terrorist supporters in the world.



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2 responses to “Westerners and the LTTE

  1. Aashish Singh

    @ Sanjayji,

    To add to the above, i’ll say they are not only terrorist supporters, they are themselves terrorist. Biggest terrorist of this world. What do you call the ongoing invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. Isn’t it a terrorist activity. No one knows how many million innocent civilians might have been dead due to these invasions. No one talks about them, no one cares to do so.

    If someone destroys the entire country wearing tie and suit with ‘white’ paint on, then they become “Savior of the world”. If some other blows up himself in a hotel or train, wearing kurta-pajayama with big beared then he becomes a terrorist.

    I’m not justifying anyone. But what’s the real definition of terrorism?? Why one is called ‘terrorist’ and other is called ‘Savior’.

    Secondly, If Bharatvarsha calls these kurta pajaymas as terrorist then it makes sense. We have been facing them since last 3 decades. But who are these white paint people to call them as terrorist. And look at the entire world, they support these white paints for their invasions, without even trying to figure out what’s the truth?

    (1) Jiski lathi usi ki bhais aur baki bhais wale jinke paas lathi nahin hain wo bhi usike.(Might is right).

    (2) The power of “Media”. It’s even more potent than all the nuclear weapons of this world combined. A prudent use of “Media” can create an aura for justifying even the wrong activity.

  2. Bharat Nair

    This issue should be used to ‘ban’ swiss banking.

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