Poison of White Christian professors

Western professors should be kept at an arm’s length from India. They all come here to further the political objectives of the White imperialists and their church. Their ultimate aim is to create conditions where India can be colonised again and her resources expolited and exported to the West. There is also an attempt to create an army of unwashed brown converts to Christianity which will then take on the Muslims on White Christians’ behalf even as the latter sip champagne in their homes and watch the battle on TV.

These Western professors and their Indian collaborators in the academia in India have to be dealt with an iron hand. Denying them visas and disallowing Indian professors stints in Western universities — especially in history, sociology and linguistic fields — will be a good first step.

Academe as battleground – Part 1       
Witzel and Clooney expose Indian follies and Indian vanities

By Radha Rajan

Witzel and Clooney come and go and their so-called conferences, lectures and discussion meetings in India have exposed Indian academe’s vanities and follies. Their visits have their uses if only because they emphasized the known but rarely accepted limitations of the average Indian/Hindu intellectual that sees but has not been trained to decode what he sees into productive intelligence or information. This failure to see and decode is specific to the political objectives of Nehruvian-secular Indian academe and its more affluent master, American and European academe.

Like all invasions, foreign academic invasion into our sacred portals has been made possible by the active collaboration of our own scholars who are either partners and/or beneficiaries of their foreign patrons or just plain stupid; their stupidity fired by nothing more than arrogant presumptions of their own greatness and infallibility. Tamil and Sanskrit scholars, scholars of epigraphy and linguistics, scholars of Srivaishnavism and Saiva-Siddhanta and big and small historians guilty of encouraging and entertaining foreign merchants of Abrahamic religions masquerading as scholars in various disciplines, exemplify the latter.

Western universities and their political cousins, the strategic affairs think-tanks have been transformed into battlegrounds where issues of nationhood and nationalism of former colonies of White Christendom are raised, discussed and disposed of ex-parte, as is known in legal terminology. This is yet to be understood by Indian scholars who continue to live and cogitate within sequestered campuses; and for those that do step out, a beguiling foreign finger to hold on to is ready and waiting. Soon after they step out, the enticing finger puts a ring around their noses; but by then, it is too late for any kind of independent and self-willed intellectual mobility.

That ideas of our nation, nationhood and nationalism are being settled by foreigners and that such an academic discourse constitutes the basis not only for the systemic de-Hinduising mission of our nation by Nehruvian-secular polity but also for all separatist, sub-national assertions or insurgent movements inside our country has not even occurred to them. Some knowledge of the forces influencing geo-political trends is as mandatory for scholars as computer literacy, if only to train them to see the minefields and pitfalls of contemporary academe.

Compulsions of western academe
The end of colonialism marked the end of one significant phase in world history just as post-colonial assertion of old national identities marked the beginning of another phase which is still unfolding and evolving. Such an assertion threatened to cement caste, clan and tribal identities which had suffered erosion under White Christian colonial scholarship, academe and education system. This threat caused western academe’s transformation from making brazen interventions through motivated scholarship to manipulate the Indian mind into bulldozing their way into the sacred portals of Hindu religion and its institutions.

Roberto di Nobili, GU Pope, Max Mueller, Macaulay, Eugene Irschick, Michael Witzel, Francis Clooney and several others – scholars all, whose scholarship has provided grist for the profitable mill of subaltern studies, sub-national identities, separatism and de-Hinduising polity. The success of their mission to subvert the nationhood of this Hindu nation through bogus scholarship was hinged to the greed, self-interest and downright villainy of their Indian minions.

At the core of western academe’s agenda for India is the intent to de-link the basis of nationhood of India’s majority populace from the territory of the nation. This they have attempted to do through an elaborate intellectual charade which has sought refuge in the motivated campaign that there is a multi-disciplinary approach now to history writing. The end result of the collective efforts of western academe and its Indian minions has been to make the following astounding claims –

We know that Hindus constitute the majority populace of this country and that Hindus cite the Rg.Veda as the fountainhead of their religion/dharma/way of life; we assert that the Rg. Veda was not born on this soil

We know that the Brahmins are the repositories of all Vedic knowledge but we contend that the Brahmins are the nomads from Central Asia who brought the Rg. Veda into this country; the Brahmins are the Aryans who invaded/migrated into this country from Central Asia; the corollary is that the non-Brahmin Tamils are the Dravidians on whom this Brahminical religion was imposed

The second corollary is that as long as the politics of the Aryan Invasion Theory is yielding political returns we will ignore the incongruity of Kanda/Muruga, the Tamil God being born to Aryan alien Parent-Gods; according to Dravidian political theory the older brother of the Tamil God is also an alien Aryan import from North-India

It is our contention that just as the roots of the Muslim religion lie outside this country’s borders, just as the roots of the Christian religion lie outside this country’s borders, just so do the roots of the Hindu religion lie outside the country’s borders

We contend therefore that Hindus cannot claim this territory to be their own. Hinduism is as alien to this soil as Islam and Christianity

Hindus cannot claim that the Indus civilization was Vedic civilization because we do not know if the Indus script is Sanskrit; we will never accept any decoding of the script by Hindu scholars which even remotely implies that the people of the Indus civilization were Vedic Hindus; and we will continue to mock and disparage all attempts to hyphenate Saraswati to Indus

We know that Rg.Vedic Sanskrit is different from Kalidasa’s Sanskrit; but we will never allow any pretentious Hindu to even breathe that perhaps the Indus script may well be either an even earlier Sanskrit or the earliest script of Rg. Vedic Sanskrit

We the monopoly-holders of Indian history haven’t conclusively decoded the script but considering the fact that the Rg. Veda was brought into this country by wandering nomads, we are certain that the script can at best speak only of mundane, commonplace things – maybe of goats and wives

And to nail any nascent lie that the Indus-Saraswati civilization was Vedic, let us tell you that no horse bone has been excavated from the sites and what you show us as horse bones are actually donkey bones. Let us reiterate, until the nomadic Aryans from Central Asia brought the horse, Sanskrit and Rg. Veda all together with them when they invaded India, you had no horses, only donkeys. The Rg. Veda speaks of horses and so we declare triumphantly that the people of the Indus-Saraswati civilization, which had no horses, only donkeys, and which we pre-date to the Rg. Veda, preceded the Hindus

Ergo, Indus-Saraswati sites which belong to this soil are not Vedic, their language is not Sanskrit and the language, whatever else it may speak of certainly cannot speak of high philosophy, high astronomy or high mathematics

They cannot speak of exalted things associated with advanced civilizations because we at Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard have settled it as a given that only settled societies practicing agriculture, not wandering nomads, can have civilization. It is completely besides the point that today we refer to settled societies doing agricultural, derogatorily as the Third World

You Hindus take unjustifiable pride for the wealth of exalted knowledge contained in the Rg. Veda; the truth is these Aryan nomads, the later-day Brahmins of settled Hindu society actually picked up all astronomy, mathematics and philosophy along the way as they were nomading across Egypt, Greece, Arabia and the middle and far-east before they thundered into India on horses they bought through barter in Arabia

Therefore there were perhaps one, two or more civilizations on this soil before the nomads decided to settle down and found the Hindu Indus-Saraswati civilization. We can tell you to the second when the Central Asian nomads charged into this country on their chargers from carbon-dating the Sanskrit language of the different books of the Rg. Veda

Speaking of the different books of the Rg. Veda, we declare the chronology to be all wrong. We so declare from the manner by which the Central Asian nomads evolved from possessing just one monosyllable to invoke the divine, to call the wife and also the goat, to coining one word per object. We can therefore tell you that Book 1 of the Rg. Veda comes towards the end of the Vedic age (the Hindus had 3 words by then for the divine, the wife and the goat) while it is actually Book 8 which is the early stage (because the Hindus used ‘om’ for the divine, goat and wife) and Book 32 which you, if you knew your numbers correctly, you would expect to belong to the last stage, is actually the middle-stage (because by then while ‘om’ meant only the divine, the Hindus still used the same word for wife and goat)

We are using anthropology, archeology, epigraphy, subaltern history and philology to prove that Veda Vyasa didn’t know how to count and did not know chronology when he decided to give up horse-riding and nomading to sit down to redact the Rg. Veda; besides, Veda Vyasa had no sense of history because what he wrote, Harvard, Cambridge and Oxford cannot accept to be history. We are also using social and political science to prove that because Rg. Vedic women sang off-key their men did not permit them to sing the Vedas. They did one better – they refused to teach them the Vedas so that Hindu women could never chant them even when feminists tempted them and goaded them to sing the vedas. Modern-day male chauvinism was undoubtedly inspired by Rg. Vedic Brahmins



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13 responses to “Poison of White Christian professors

  1. Kaffir

    “Western professors should be kept at an arm’s length from India. They all come here to further the political objectives of the White imperialists and their church.”

    Would that include S. N. Balagangadhara, Koenraad Elst, and Jakob De Roover – all of them can be classified as western professors?

    • sanjaychoudhry

      Well, let me put it this way: Only approved Western scholars should be allowed entry into India, in the same fashion that “approved” Indian professors from JNU are offered stints in American universities by the American embassy in Delhi.

      • Kaffir

        Good. If you use a blanket term like “western professors” in future, then you may want to qualify it, because not all western professors are anti-India or anti-Hindu.

    • Incognito

      S. N. Balagangadhara, Koenraad Elst, and Jakob De Roover, Francois Gautier, David Frawley, Stephen Knapp, are all more indian than most indians, since they value indian tradition and speaks out for it, which most of the 1 billion plus indians do not do.

  2. Vicchaydan Reddy

    It has nothing to do with the whiteness of these professors; nor has to do with the individual motivations of these professors. Many western intellectuals are genuine in the sense that they want to understand India and her traditions; but they are constrained by the Western culture, which is a product of Christianity. Many of these white scholars are ‘atheistic’ in the sense that they have hardly read the Bible.

    Many Indians criticize these scholars by saying they are Christians or psudo-christians. This explanation is adhoc.

    For more, read SN Balagangadhara’s works.

    • Kishkindhaa

      Vicchaydan Reddy,

      Whiteness or Racism is an ideological construct proceeding out of Christianity (i.e. it did not exist among the heathens). It structures how Indians are perceived and treated by the ‘white’ westerners (who have set out to evangelize and secularize the heathens in India). It is a very productive marker for identification in this sense.

      Indians are also grappling with specific western institutions and agencies (in addition to the monotheist framework) which can easily engineer color revolutions in Asia, physically target Swamis, and demonize the native culture as oppressive through incessant mass media campaigns. Whiteness is again a very useful marker here to identify the aggressor. ‘Black’ Christians aren’t the ones pouring in funds to evangelize and secularize India.

      Instead of dismissing the white category ( which is self designated), Indians need to explore this category more. They have already tried to project their racialist fantasies onto heathen traditions (eg. the ‘racialist interpretation of the Vedas’; ‘Caste as Race’).

      Take a look here (if you are not already familiar):

      Whiteness Studies by Rajiv Malhotra

      Just my thoughts….

  3. Hindus are retards ! If it were not for the white Christians superiority , you low IQ ugly weak savages would never have seen the light of modern civilization !

    • Incognito

      Hope you get back your mental balance through hospital treatment.

      If that doesn’t work (likely it will not), you can always learn up on the ancient civilisation of India and its spiritual wealth. That will surely help you understand yourself and get back your mental health.


  4. sanjaychoudhry

    “If it were not for the white Christians superiority , you low IQ ugly weak savages would never have seen the light of modern civilization!”

    The “light of modern civilisation” is based on loot, plunder and racial genocide. Ask Red Indians or African Blacks about the “modern civilisation.” They will have a few tales to tell about religion of love and its peddlers.

  5. Bhakti

    In case you didn’t know, this Mendes woman from Mt Sinai Hospital, NYC is an Indian. She is a Goan of Portuguese extraction. Yet she hates her fellow Indians and uses malicious language to describe them. Evidently she grew up hating darkies, which is quite treacherous because Indians tend to be quite deferential towards Whites.

    As for “low IQ ugly weak savages” and “light of modern civilization” don’t make me laugh. India was doing very well before European colonialists arrived. When Portuguese explorer Vasco da Garna reached India he discovered that the Indians had navigational instruments which were superior to his own. India had a well established shipbuilding industry dating back to 2200 BC and the Arabs and Turks came to India to avail themselves to the skills of Indian craftsmen and centuries later the British admirality wanted to use Indian ships in the Napoleonic wars because they were better than British ships. There have always been painters, architects, artisans, sculptures, musicians, scientists, poets and grammarians in India and they usually are quite dark skinned.

    • sanjaychoudhry

      Well, the ultimate desire of all Indian “dark” Christians is to ultimately merge themselves into the Whites, their master race. This Mendes lady is a proof of how delusional these converts can become. it is almost as if they are having an out of body experience where they cannot see the colour of their own skin and pretend it is white.

  6. satbir

    Ms. Mendes, ahem ahem, quoting from the bullsh*t bible,

    GE 9:22 Ham, the father of Canaan, saw his father’s nakedness.

    GE 19:4-8 A group of sexually depraved men demands that Lot turn over to them his two male visitors. Lot offers his two virgin daughters instead.

    GE 19:30-38 Lot’s daughters have sexual intercourse with him while he is drunk and both become pregnant by their father.

    GE 24:2-9, 47:29 “… put your hand under my thigh, and I will make you swear by the Lord ….”
    We are better off being savages than inbreeding retard perverts like you. What i am more curious about is, are these ‘gems’ told by the padre in your church when you have those massive sunday orgy sessions and what is the reaction of the sheep on hearing p*rn? One thing i’ll concede, you guys dont need playboy or hustler when you got the bible. LMAO!

  7. JGN

    Indian sub-continent had a civilized life when most of the other continents were still in stone age. The ancestors of “white Christians” were swinging from tree to tree at that time! What brought the superior white Christians to the Indian sub-continent? Did they come for doing charity or amassing wealth? And we have a hybrid called “Anglo-Indians” as a living testimony of their exploitation of native girls.

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