Gay Ruling — Muddai Bhi Khud, Kazi Bhi Khud

I knew there was something fishy in the strage gay ruling of the high court. The judge who legalised gay sex had appeared as an advocate on behalf of an NGO that has filed a case for legalising gay sex. He should be sacked for confict of interest and hiding this information from the people.

Gay sex ruling: HC judge accused of judicial impropriety
23 Jul, 2009 1045hrs IST PTI

NEW DELHI: A Supreme Court advocate has raised the issue of “judicial impropriety” on the part of Justice S Murlidhar, who had sat on the bench that delivered the judgment in the ‘gay sex’ case.

In two separate letters written to the Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court Justice A P Shah and Members of Parliament, the advocate Janak Raj Jai contended that Justice Murlidhar had himself filed a writ petition in 1994 as a lawyer in the high court seeking quashing of Section 377 of the IPC.

When contacted, Justice Murlidhar’s secretary said the judge was aware of the letter (of the advocate) but had no comments to make.

Jai said Justice Murlidhar had appeared as intervenor in the original writ petition on behalf of an organisation “AIDS Bedhbhav Virodhi Andolan.”

“Propriety demands that a judge who had been an advocate in a similar case, should not have heard the present petition (Naz Foundation) challenging parts of Section 377 IPC,” the letter, written by Jai to the Chief Justice three days before the judgment was delivered, stated.

In his letter, Jai had sought deferring of the judgment and pleaded that the matter be posted before another bench.

I am very curious about this AIDS Bhedbhav Virodhi Andolan. Who is behind this and who is funding it? And why should a secretive NGO about AIDS should hire advocates to legalise gay sex? Something stink. The foriegn funding of this NGO should be probed and its real patrons identified. Also, the relation of this agency with the judge should be investigated.

AIDS Bhedbhav Virodhi Andolan (ABVA)
Post Box 5308, New Delhi – 100 053
– Activist collective doing community work in issues of queers, blood donors, drug users, women, HIV+ people, law, health and education



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2 responses to “Gay Ruling — Muddai Bhi Khud, Kazi Bhi Khud

  1. Psuod

    Is the Jugde himself a gay?

  2. Bharat

    May be. But most likely its the “Lucre”.

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