MMS’ Balochistan Blunder. Is he a legitimate ruler?

India is currently witnessing an uproar because of the bunglings of the Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh (MMS) at the Sharm-el-Sheikh joint declaration with Pakistan. MMS has delinked any action against terror from the “composite dialogue” between India and Pakistan, and in a major blunder allowed the issue of Balochistan to be inserted into the text.

Experts are outraged at this treason against the country.

MMS and his “team” have committed what is essentially a traitorous act. They have committed high treason against India. MMS has the mind of a shopkeeper / trader and is unfit to rule.

A ruler acquires legitimacy only by one and one charactersitic alone: an understanding of military and strategic matters. The rest of the “qualities” are all hogwash and irrelevant. The ruler may claim to be a poet (Vajpayee), singer, bard, historian (Discovery of India), economist or full-bright scholar, but these things don’t count one bit.

MMS being a “good economist” is absolutely irrelevant for the chair that he is sitting on. He lacks an understanding of military and strategic matters (like Nehru) and is therefore not a legitimate ruler. In earlier days, there was a process of natural selection in which competitors with an understanding of military matters and strategic insight would make short work of such rulers (capture and kill them and take over their kingdom).

But in modern days, such inept rulers with no understanding of strategic matters are shielded and protected by the system of bureacrats and a professional standing army. As a result, they keep hanging around for years and gradually through their hare-brained and strategically disastrous decisions keep chipping away at the foundation of the state until the system is no longer able to protect them from the consequences of their decisions and the entire state eventually collapses or gets invaded. (This is what happened with Nehru.)

MMS is one such “ruler” who is hanging around but his every action harms the country strategically and is greeted by horrified howls from the citizens who have better understanding of dangers facing the country than him. In a nutshell, MMS is not a legitimate ruler if you set aside the modern, West-inspired system of democracy where asses can elect a mule to rule over them. In the traditional system of kings and kingdoms that existed since thousands of years, MMS won’t have lasted a month on the job and would have been captured or killed by a rival.

The worst thing is that even in the modern deomocratic sense, MMS is not a legitimate ruler either, having never won any election. He is India’s shame and represents no one but the Americans. He was with IMF, where noone can rise up to power unless he is an American stooge. I also recall Jaswant Singh’s famous press conference about “an American mole in the PMO.” I have very serious doubts about the loyalty of Manmohan Singh to India.



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5 responses to “MMS’ Balochistan Blunder. Is he a legitimate ruler?

  1. VoP

    With foreign intellegence agencies colluding with UPA to subvert Indian elections with EVM fraud I am not sure where this is all leading to. People are not getting it and those who get it are in a minority and unable to undo the damage. A revolution to create awareness among common folk is needed. What good is it if EVM’s exist? There is a major sustained attack on India, it’s a war by every other means. Vatican aided by West, China, Radical Islam are the axis of Evil. A series of posts on Rajeev’s blog are truly disturbing.

  2. Bharat
    “Singh married Gursharan Kaur in 1958 and they have three daughters.[27] His eldest daughter, Upinder Singh is a professor of history at St. Stephen’s College and author of six books including, Ancient Delhi (1999) and A History of Ancient and Early Medieval India (2008).[28] His second daughter, Daman Singh, is a graduate of St. Stephen’s College, New Delhi and Institute of Rural Management, Anand, Gujarat, and author of The Last Frontier: People and Forests in Mizoram and a novel Nine by Nine.[29] Singh’s youngest daughter Amrit Singh is a staff attorney at American Civil Liberties Union[30] and is married to Barton Beebe, an Associate Professor of Law who specializes in intellectual property law.”
    1. Remember Upinder’s “history books”.
    2. Amrit singh – an american citizen (?) and a ACLU “leftist”. Wonder when she will come to india for “investigations”??

  3. anindyac

    Given the track-record of the Congress party, where they have ruled the country for more than 50 years for the 60 years since independence, you can not really expect much else.
    If we conduct foreign policy with one eye permanently fixed on our back-yard votebank and are devoid of any vision about India’s legitimate place in the world, this is what we will get into.
    What surprises me (or should it?) is the reaction of our principal opposition party, sworn to “principled opposition” after the Lok Sabha elections. A walk-out, some late-night TV studio appearances and that’s it. Pretty much.
    A country gets the ruling class that it deserves; perhaps the opposition it deserves too?

  4. Bharat

    Pls read shri. M.K.Dhar’s article.

    ” Leave aside US-tainted Menon and US hued Manmohan and the understudy EAM S. M. Krishna. M. K. Narayanan, twice Director IB, an accomplished intellectual intelligence analyst should have not been trapped by the US lobby.”

  5. MMS_Truth

    MMS is on the verge of another historical “deal” with Pak.

    See MMS on his day out in Islamistan.

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