Manipulation of EVMs

I am convinced that  the recent UPA victory is the biggest hoax perpetrated on Indian citizens since Independence. Delhi state assembly elections were the “dry run” where the EVM fraud was perfected. When it was successful, the fraud was then committed on a national scale in the Parliament elections. The traitors should not be spared.

Demo held to show EVM can be tampered with
17/07/2009 01:12:21

HYDERABAD: Disputing with the Election Commission’s claim that electronic voting machines (EVMs) were absolutely tamper-proof, members of Jana Chaitanya Vedika (JCV), along with technical experts, demonstrated today that the machines were tamperable. “The EVMs currently used in elections are vulnerable and tamperable. It is possible to bring a particular political party into power by tampering the machines. Hence the need for the Election Commission to use ballot papers till the EVMs are made fool-proof. Our intention, however, is not for having ballot system in the country,’’ they said.

 NetIndia managing director and technical expert Hari K Prasad, along with JCV president V Lakshmana Reddy, vice-president VV Rao and others, at a press conference here, conducted a mock, actual and modified polling and counting of votes to prove that the EVMs could be tampered with and a favourable result to a particular political party ensured. In one of the demonstrations, they made Lok Satta Party, at the request of mediapersons, gain maximum number of votes vis-avis other parties.

 The EVM showed the LSP getting nine votes though it was polled only three (of the total 21 votes).

 Programme of a chip could be fixed or set at the time of machine preparation or before the beginning of counting.

 Only individual machines (EVMs) could be tampered with but not all the machines at a time, they explained.

 They demanded implementation of e-governance policy to ensure implementation of `open standard’ mechanism relating to EVMs. Besides, they also sought development of `verification tool’ to check the programme that drives the EVM.

 “We are ready to prove that the EVMs are tamperable if at all we get an access (to EVMs of Election Commission).

 There are instances of EVM tampering in Orissa, Madhya Pradesh and some other parts of the country in the recent elections. In fact, there was 100 percent polling recorded in some booths in Andhra Pradesh where the votes polled went in favour of one party. Several petitions were filed in various courts in the country on such instances,’’ they said.

 Asked about the PIL filed in the Supreme Court, Hari Prasad said the case, which would come up for hearing next week, was filed on technology aspect.


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