The Gay Rights Campaign of the US Embassy

The recent gay rights campaign was an artificial campaign that was orchestrated by the US embassy through the Times of India group. Most such activists assembling for demonstration in Delhi for gay rights were American citizens (mostly goras but many African-Americans too). The campaign was quite blatantly Western.

There is a pattern to these kinds of campaigns being controlled from outside the borders of India. I began to see “gay rights” articles quitely appear in some fringe newspapers about a couple of years ago. Once some ground had been prepared in terms of publicity, the reporting moved to mainline papers in about a year, especially in Times of India. For the last two months, there was saturation coverage in ToI, which then seamlessly led to the court verdit allowing gay sex.

This method of artificial campaigning by Western embassies has now become quite familiar to me. First, press articles begin to appear in fringe English newspapers, then they slowly move to the mainline metro newspapers in about an year or so and then after some months, a favorible verdict is given by the Indian high court or supereme court. Exactly the same thing I saw in Binayak Sen campaign orchestrated by the US and UK, which led to Katju give a favourible verdit without hearing the opposition’s arguments (!).

The “Times of India” newspaper group is currently the main instrument of these hatched jobs by the Anglo-saxons. Through its deranged owner, this company has sold its soul for money to the Americans. This country will be a better place without Indians of Vineet Jain’s ilk. The man is hanging like a mill stone around this country’ neck and has overstayed his welcome with us.

What I am worried about is: why do all such campaigns orchestrated by the Westerners nicely lead up to a favourible court verdict in India? What is the connection of these campaigns and their patrons with the Indian judges? I am seeing many judgements coming out of the courts which are perfectly in alignment with these orchestrated campaigns.



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5 responses to “The Gay Rights Campaign of the US Embassy

  1. Psudo

    Add to the list of the verdict of the timing, being questionable ? Modi Gujrat Roit Case Verdict, now in middle of elections one of our court, passes a judgement which they could not pass for last 7 years and our media(sic) catches that and shows it 10 times a day? Now what after election they will wait and close to election get another judgement! And such is the clout(given by british) of our courts that you can not say any thing against judgement?

  2. SCC

    It was not just TOI but most of the newspapers and media organisations which had been lobbying for homosexuals. Soli Sorabjee’s comment that homosexuality has been decriminalised and not legalised did not act as a dampener and most (95%)of the anchors on television were so filled with happiness and joy that they could not help blushing. The times tv anchor became hysterical when someone argued against homosexuality. To say that ground was being prepared for legalising homosexuality first by fringe newspaper and then by TOI is not correct. It has always espoused this cause and it reflects the priority and thought process of its owner and editorial staff. Most of the newspaper have been espousing much more dangerous views. They have resorted to distorting facts, hiding the truth, and at times speaking plain lies all in the cause of secularism. The question is whether it is being done because they were brainwashed when in University or for some other ulterior purpose. The media has been extremely biased in favour of homosexuality. They have acted as the lawyer as well as the judge. No cross examining was allowed and certainly not asking any intrusive questions. I recall in one debate when a gentleman asked a gay right activist as to how many gays were in jail or were sentenced to imprisonment in the last 10 years because of section 377, he had no answer. Similarly when a gay right activist said that the cause of higher incidence of HIV in gays was because homosexual behaviour was not legalised, he was asked as to how legalising homosexuality stop the HIV virus from infecting, to which he had no answer. Most people have watched in dismay the media’s attempt to legalise homosexual behaviour in the garb of progressive behaviour and is indicative of the deep rot and weird priorities of our media houses and the so called intellectuals and progressives that seem to occupy so many important post in the decision making process and of guiding the next generation of Indians. The biggest issue affecting India today is corruption, inefficiency of our bureaucrats and politicians and terrorism. These causes are however not serious enough to be brought it to limelight as their blue eyed party is in power. The gay community must be complemented on its extremely capable media handlers who have ensured that they got only favourable media coverage and made straight people look queer. They had been working on it for a long time. Wherever you had a dharna or protest or a debate on television they used to be there. I used to think how is this issue connected with homosexuality. I now know for the better. Networking helps. The amusing thing is that most of the times they were standing shoulder to shoulder with Christians and Muslim organisations in the fight against the fascist right wing nationalist. Why were they invited and how did they manage to use such forums to further their cause was beyond my understanding but it has now become amply clear. This is called as planting as said by Sandeep in his blog. Finally as far as the gays are concerned they are certainly not an underprivileged community. They exist at all levels in the society and their power to influence the discourse in the country points to their enormous clout and hold over the system. From now on when you meet a media guy never ever turn your back away from him. Just back out straight.

  3. Kuna Mohanty

    Read the main post & the two comments. Right analysis. The truth is – its evangelical perversion surreptitiously pushed to India to pollute our glorious culture. First through the media and then make it appear to look like a “natural style statement” until the judiciary relents. The entire thing is a crude conspiracy. Our media and the Page 3 types have a penchant for western garbage. And they think it to be modern. There are many earlier instances – “Aryan Invasion theory, Indian culture being plural instead of Hindu – where lies have been successfully peddled by the media at the behest of Western masters. Kindly note that these are basically aimed at making our people culturally & morally rootless so that missionaries can use the space to their advantage. And mind you, all this is happening when under UPA. Did you notice the connection?

  4. Bharat

    Please remember the “homo-book” written in * 1977 by “our” human computer Shakuntala devi.
    She gave some “very lame” reasons why she wrote that book.
    I think some “reasearch” should be done so as to guess the real reasons behind it.

  5. satender

    Gay sex ruling: HC judge accused of judicial impropriety
    23 Jul, 2009 1045hrs IST PTI

    NEW DELHI: A Supreme Court advocate has raised the issue of “judicial impropriety” on the part of Justice S Murlidhar, who had sat on the bench that delivered the judgment in the ‘gay sex’ case.

    In two separate letters written to the Chief Justice of the Delhi High Court Justice A P Shah and Members of Parliament, the advocate Janak Raj Jai contended that Justice Murlidhar had himself filed a writ petition in 1994 as a lawyer in the high court seeking quashing of Section 377 of the IPC.

    When contacted, Justice Murlidhar’s secretary said the judge was aware of the letter (of the advocate) but had no comments to make.

    Jai said Justice Murlidhar had appeared as intervenor in the original writ petition on behalf of an organisation “AIDS Bedhav Virodhi Andolan.”

    “Propriety demands that a judge who had been an advocate in a similar case, should not have heard the present petition (Naz Foundation) challenging parts of Section 377 IPC,” the letter, written by Jai to the Chief Justice three days before the judgment was delivered, stated.

    In his letter, Jai had sought deferring of the judgment and pleaded that the matter be posted before another bench.

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