Rahul Gandhi and the Westerners

The Westerners have now begun to do to Rahul Gandhi what they did to J.L. Nehru — raise his profile strategically to increase his worth and acceptability among Indians and push him into leadership position in India. Exactly the same thing was done by them to Nehru, when he was an unknown nobody. The Westerners spotted his slave-like attitude to them, and recognised the benefits of maneuvering him into a leadership position in India (“he will take orders from us and we will have a lot of influence over him”).

This “raising the profile” mission is orchestrated through fawning coverage in the Western press for the chosen Indian. In Nehru’s case too, such grovelling and laudatory articles had begin to appear in Western press before India even became independent. This is how the West raised his profile in the eyes of the Indian masses. 

For Rahul Gandhi, “Newsweek” has officially kick-started the process. The same strategy is going to be repeated now — Western media will write flattering articles about him and Western leaders will keep praising him in their talks to Indian media. This strategy of Westerners is so predictable. It is easy to understand how they go about raising the standing of some “useful idiot” Indians among the eyes of fellow Indians. Their showering of awards on Arndhati Roy, Medha Patkar, etc. is another part of the same strategy. 

While J.L. Nehru was a white man’s slave full of low self-esteem (a result of upbringing under his domineering father), Rahul Gandhi is half-white himself! Now, that is what is called generational progress!

While the great-grand-dad was a white man lover, the great-grand-son has turned into half white and half Christian himself and is  all set to take on a White Christian wife from Columbia. I must commend the Westerners for their shrewd operation in India of turning the entire generation of Nehru-Gandhi family White and Christian. It is white man’s rule by back-door.

In a nutshell, be very suspicious of leftist or westernized Indians who are (i) getting flattering but irrational coverage in the Western press and (ii) being showered with Western awards and recognition, and (iii) getting words of praise from Western politicians on and off. Once you see this, your alarm bells should immediately start ringing that the “operation raise profile of useful Indian” is under progress by the Westerners.

I am ashamed that even after half a century of being independent, Indians give so much importance to the Westerners and not show them the middle finger like the Chinese do. It is truly a failure of Indians as a race. One cannot be on one’s knees permanently when dealing with other people. This kind of willful acceptance of inferiority has to go now and the Westerners have to be tackled on an equal plane. The biggest culprit in this is the Indians who go to the Western universities to study. Since Nehru’s time, this breed of “UK or US educated” Indians have done the most damage to our civilisation and nation. They come back to India with contempt for the rest of Indians and Indian culture. They try to become accomplices and agents of the Westerners and volunteer to carry forward agenda of the Anglo-Saxons in India.

Till how long can this be tolerated by the rest of Indians? If this behaviour of such “West educated” Indians continues, then there is no option but to prevent Indians from leaving for the West to study, especially humanities and social sciences. Permission should be given to Indians only to study subjects related to science and technology and medicine. The rest of the Indians trying to go to the West to study media, human rights, history, environment, etc. should be prevented from leaving. Such people come back brainwashed and  cannot be trusted with the welfare of the country and the race.

The West is rooting for the Gandhis
By Dr Jay Dubashi

Rahul Gandhi, whom very few people outside India had noticed until recently, is now a big name in foreign quarters, particularly foreign media. The Western establishment has decided that he represents India’s future just as sixty-odd years ago it had made up its mind that Jawaharlal Nehru would take over India one day. They proved right and Nehru became India’s first Prime Minister, elbowing out people like Sardar Patel and others. The same people in the west are now rooting for his great-grandson with the same hope and not a little wishful thinking, but the question is, will they prove right?

The American newsmagazine, Newsweek, has a cover story on Rahul Gandhi, with his big picture on the cover, nearly as big as the cover itself. He is described as “The Quiet Revolutionary”, a quaint description, since the man will actually be taking on quite a few confirmed revolutionaries such as Marxists, though they may have outlived the revolution, if they ever were part of it. He is said to be a man who, wants to remake India, as if India was some kind of putty which anybody, revolutionary or not, can fashion as he or she wishes. But that is how the Western establishment—meaning the ruling elites in the United States and Britain –view India and the Gandhi family’s role in it.

The story is written by an Indian reporter, who, was according to his own confession, some kind of a revolutionary himself, actually a Naxalite, if not close to them, which may not be a good qualification to write about India, or, for that matter, any other country in the world. Naxalites are basically destroyers and Rahul Gandhi is supposed to be the next maker of India. But this is how they all start when they want to project a man. There were similar stories about Nehru himself, in the Western press, long before he was anointed as India’s man of destiny. These things are apparently decided much in advance by those who matter in the west, and we in India accept them dutifully, just as we accept their fashions and their films, because, for us, the slaves of the west, whatever the west says, goes.

For some reason, most Westerners believe that the Congress swept the polls, just because it happened to defeat the BJP and formed the government. For newspapers like “The Economist” the BJP’s defeat was “good news from India.” The paper’s editors would have fainted had BJP won. Actually, it was not much of a victory for the Congress. It won only 200-odd seats in a house of over 540, that is, less than 40 per cent, which is not exactly sweeping. But this is what Western newspapers are writing, though the reporters are generally Indian, and they should know.

Rahul Gandhi is now said to be “discovering” India, just as his great-grandfather did in his time. How do you discover India? You go and spend some time in cottages of the poor in villages, have a meal or two with their families, and spend a night under their leaking roofs. This is what Rahul apparently did, we are told by Newsweek’s man in India and this is how he got the votes which, in the end, catapulted him and his party to power in New Delhi.

We shall never know what really happened, and how the Congress got its votes and whether the votes were genuine, but there is little doubt that the Westerners are determined to see yet another Gandhi on the Delhi “throne.” The tie between the Western establishment and the Nehru-Gandhis is very strong and goes back almost a century. It is not merely a coincidence that all the Nehru-Gandhis studied in England, though, we should say, spent their time than studied. An Indian politician close to the Gandhis once told me that it is virtually impossible to be India’s prime minister without the endorsement, if not approval, of US and Britain. He said that the embassies of the two countries in Delhi are always very busy during elections not only busy in the usual diplomatic sense, but busy with cash and other help right through the election. Sixty years after Independence, the colonial relationship between the west and India still continues unabated.

Let us go back to the Gandhis. Nehru, of course, studied in Harrow and Cambridge though he did not leave much of a mark in either place. His daughter Indira Priyadarshini, spent a lot of time in London where she flirted with Communism and acquired friends like Krishna Menon, PN Haksar and Jyoti Basu, all of them Communists or leftists of varied shades. We do not know what she did there because there are no records. But the contacts she established at the time, particularly with the Mountbatten household, came in very hand later.

Rajiv Gandhi also studied in Cambridge but came home without a degree. It was in Cambridge that he met his future wife, now the Congress supremo. He was followed by Rahul Gandhi who, according to the story in “Newsweek”, first went to Harvard, and eventually graduated from Rollins College in Florida. He then received an M Phil in development from Cambridge University—Cambridge again, a favourite spot of the Gandhis. After that, Rahul spent the next three years with the Monitor Group in London, a consulting company. We cannot know what exactly he did in that company, because, according to “Newsweek” he was using an assumed name, though we are not told what the assumed name was.

So Rahul Gandhi did what his father had done before him, though not exactly what his grandmother had done. In other words, he did practically very little. This is the man who is said to be holding India’s destiny in his hands. Anyway, this is what the Westerners, that is, western magazines like “Newsweek” are saying. This is also what they said about Jawaharlal Nehru, who too was India’s man of destiny, according to them, and also about Indira Gandhi. It is surprising how India’s destiny always finds its way into the frail hands of the Gandhi family, and how the family itself always finds its way to Cambridge, England, where four generations of the family have spent time and money, and acquired English manners, including how to use knife and fork, and, along the way, a degree or two.

The “Newsweek” story is only the beginning. More will follow. You will soon see other stories in other magazines, followed by books by Harvard and Yale teachers. This particular “Newsweek” story does not carry a single quote from the young man himself, may be because the reporter was too busy meeting hacks in Delhi, who fed him with those usual tidbits that such stories are generally made of. Anyway, why should Rahul Gandhi meet a mere reporter? He is waiting for an invitation from Barack Obama himself, when the anointing of yet another man of destiny will presumably carry the authentic mark of the West.


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  1. SCC

    In the last five years, Rahul Gandhi has been touring the countryside trying to discover India. It is good to know that a young man with hardly any work experience or job is able to spend his time in discovering India. As far as informed Indians are concerned most know that other than Motilal Nehru, none of the other Nehru- Gandhi descendant have followed any meaningful vocation other than politics which could have sustained them and their hobbies for the past 80 years leave aside their expensive tours and junkets. We all know that it takes only a generation of idle men to run out of family wealth, but suprisingly this family has access to unfathomable source of wealth without ever being gainfully employed. The next generation takes to politics and sightseeing as their profession. It is an indication of how corrupt our politicians have become or maybe have always been. We can only hope and pray that this wealth in their account is a result of favours to Indian nationals and not to foreign countries. One is always left confounded by the acts of ommision and commision by the numerous Congress government in power. Successive Congress governments have turned a blind eye to illegal immigration from Bangladesh, appeased muslim fundamentalist at the cost of ordinary muslims, failed to clamp down on corruption of the vast majority of government official and politicians and taught a generation or more of Indians to look down upon its own Culture and accept everything alien as superior. As far as Rahul Gandhi is concerned whenever a controversial issue crops up, he is no where to be found as in the recent controversy of Section 377. He is beamed extensively on all networks on prime time only when surrounded by fawning college going girls and adoring crowds who behave or act ( paid actors god knows ) as if they have met the messiah. I am yet to see him come out in the open and engage in a debate intelligently with an opponent which can show the depth of thinking or atleast his interest in the matter. The speeches that he delivers remain within the fine corridor that his backroom boys have drawn. Articles have been posted in press by journalist claiming to know from Rahul’s insiders that he is extremely well read and informed. The journalists posting these report certainly know which side to apply butter. One of the article in press by a foreign correspondent brought the correct picture when he remarked that the new Gandhi being promoted as the future PM seems to have views on issues only restricted to his constituency. On matters of national and international concern he was not so forthcoming and seemed as if he had still no views on the same. It seemed suprising to the reporter that a man who is supposed to lead or is being projected to lead a country of over a billion people has such a narrow vision. Suprisingly this fact was brought about by a foreign journalist and not by Indian journalists who have covered him almost daily in the last five years. This incident occured during the UK minister David Miliband visit to a village in Rahul Gandhi’s constituency where a large number of foreign correspondents were present. This reporter need not worry for he or she will most certainly be not invited again any where near to the Gandhi family. As far as enlarging of Rahul Gandhi’s world view is concerned UK , US and many nation friendly and not so friendly will do the task of educating him and forming his opinion with the help of his backroom boys without his ever coming to know of it.

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