Was the 2009 election rigged?

Here is a Rediff news report that appeared today. It was mysteriously pulled within a few hours of posting it. Though the link gives the name of the story (see below), if you click on it you get an error message: “The requested page could not be found.” Seems like somebody high-up made a phone call.  Something is fishy, otherwise why will the story get pulled all of a sudden? Chawla sahib has been up to some hanky panky. I hope the dude gets nailed for his lack of morality and any kind of accountability to the people of India.


Here is the story (that somebody copied in full before it vanished):

Was the 2009 elections rigged?

The Election Commission has now officially taken up the investigation of charges of rigging and fraud through the Electronic Voting Machines.

Chief Election Commissioner Navin Chawla [ Images ] is sitting over a major scandal of a possible massive rigging of elections by manipulation of software of the Electronic Voting Machines.

But for the charge levelled by a former Delhi [ Images ] chief secretary five years senior to him in the Indian Administrative Service cadre, Chawla would have rejected such claims of rigging.

Omesh Saigal, a 1964 batch IAS officer of the Union Territory, stunned him with a presentation to force him to order an inquiry into any possibility of such a rigging.
Chawla is himself a Union Territory cadre IAS of 1969 batch.

Deputy Election Commissioner Balakrishnan has been asked to conduct the inquiry on the basis of a report handed over by Saigal to the CEC, with a software he got developed to show how the elections can be rigged.

Saigal, who is an Indian Institute of Technology alumni, has demanded an urgent check of the programme that runs the EVMs used in elections since 2004.
He demonstrated with his software that its manipulation ensured that one has to just key in a certain code number and that will ensure every fifth vote cast in a particular polling booth goes in favour of a certain candidate.

In his letter to the CEC, Saigal alleged that the software written onto the EVMs has never been checked by the Election Commission ever since these machines were manufactured than 6-7 years back.

His contention is that the EC merely relied on the certificates supplied by the manufacturers, the government-run BEL and ECIL. He alleged that these government firms had subcontracted private parties who actually provided these certificates.

“A public software audit of these machines from time to time, especially after and before an election, was a must to retain the credibility of the elections,” Saigal affirmed, demanding that for the sake of transparency names and ownerships of these private companies must be disclosed, as also the details of the factories where they were actually manufactured.

The records retained in the factories must also be immediately taken over by the EC to prevent any tampering and to facilitate an audit, he said.

He also pointed out how, after nearly two years of deliberation, Germany’s [ Images ] Supreme Court ruled last March that e-voting was unconstitutional because the average citizen could not be expected to understand the exact steps involved in the recording and tallying of votes. Earlier, Ireland had given up e-voting for similar reasons.

In the United States too, after considerable controversy the Federal Election Commission has come up in 2005 with detailed voting system guidelines which run into more than 400 pages.
Saigal said that it is noteworthy that not a single safeguard mentioned in these guidelines are in place in India.

Saigal said he had gone into all the safeguards built into the e-voting system in India with the help of former colleagues and IT experts and finds it both ‘possible and plausible’ to rig these machines and get a crooked result.

“If the credibility of the electoral process is to be ensured, pre- and post-election checks of the software now fused onto the chips of the EVMs is a must,” Saigal said.

It is not that all the 10 lakh odd machines used in the poll need to be checked. If we take only those booths where one of the candidates has received 75 per cent of the votes and in constituencies where the
margin of the winner is less than 15,000, not more than 7,000-odd machines will need to be checked.

Saigal argued in his report that “if we cannot do this we must revert to the paper ballot.”

“The need for a fair, free and transparent polling system transcends any reasons anyone may have to the contrary,” he added.



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7 responses to “Was the 2009 election rigged?

  1. VoP

    There was a report about British intelligence folks ( MI6 ) seen at a New Delhi hotel just prior to elections. EVM fraud had it’s beginnings then.

  2. Prasad

    Look, EVC’s can never be trusted. There are simply no measures of independent verification of EVC’s. Anyone with basic knowledge of computer coding knows, how easy it is to manipulate these machines- there are atleast 10 simple ways. You can even have every 3rd vote of a particular party credited to another party after 24 hrs (note that counting takes place in least after 48 hrs) by secret hidden code. The blind defence of EVC’s by election commission and congress smells fishy. It is amazing that all main media is avoiding the seriousness of this news. The opposition BJP and others are acting like dumb heads-almost apologetic. If opposition has some brains, they will secretly hire a private investigation agency, steal few random EVM’s all over the country and do a thorough investigation of them and bring the fraud to light. It is almost certain that the elections are rigged by EVC’s. Let about 10% of EVM’s (that are currently in EC\Govt control) randomly selected across country made available to investigation by independant agency who can look at codes (and hidden codes). I will bet that you will find these machines rigged. I am that confident. We just need independant investigation.

  3. VoP

    Indian media isn’t INDIAN

    What if top few heads are ‘threatened with dire consequences’? What happened to Hindu relatives among Christian Gandhis

  4. VoP

    < It is amazing that all main media is avoiding the seriousness of this news.

    Indian media isn't INDIAN

    < The opposition BJP and others are acting like dumb heads-almost apologetic

    What if top few heads are 'threatened with dire consequences'? What happened to Hindu relatives among Christian Gandhis

  5. Indian

    The EVMs in MP were replaced with those with half the capacity (of candidates and votes) even though there was not a problem reported with the older ones. Most of the newspapers of MP carried the news of the EVMs being replaced and about the difference in capacity, but no editor smelled a fish in this. These new EVMs were made by BEL (Bharat Electronics Limited), a public sector company.

  6. Great analysis sir, but can i have same analysis for Loksabha Election 2014?

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