US “Scholars” are like Snakes. Be careful before you let them in

Recently this news caught my eyes.

Panel, Sibal differ on foreign varsity

The government-appointed Yash Pal committee on higher education has cautioned against allowing foreign universities to set up campuses in India, challenging human resource development minister Kapil Sibal’s plans to expedite their entry.

In a recommendation that could embarrass the government, the panel has argued that liberalising visa restrictions to allow foreign scholars access to Indian universities may prove more beneficial than letting in foreign universities.

The panel has also recommended in its report submitted to Sibal yesterday that any foreign university that sets up a campus here should give an “Indian degree” and follow all rules and regulations binding on Indian universities.

“One has to keep in mind the fact that universities grow in organic connection with their social, cultural and geographical surroundings and even the best of them cannot be transplanted somewhere else and expected to do as well,” the panel has said.

It has questioned “the purpose” that allowing such universities is going to achieve. “Don’t we want the best learning experiences to be shared by our students? If so, can this not be done by opening our doors to foreign scholars and making our rules more flexible?” the report asks.

The US has been trying to infiltrate our universities since the last 20 years, from Rajiv Gandhi’s time. This UPA government it seems will allow access to the US. This will be nothing short of a disaster.

The real target of Americans is history, social studies and political science departments. You have to see the “scholarship” of these US professors in Ameican universities to realise the amount of poison they spread about Indian society and history. Once these professors arrive in India, they will get direct access to impressionable minds of our students. Till now, they have been brainwashing and de-Hinduising Indian students who land in the US universities. But that is not enough for them. They actually want to land in India itself and tap the core here.

The american government through CIA and state deptt. is carrying out a massive social psyops campaign on Indians to Balkanize the country. Indian history and culture and the self-identity of Indians is being attacked repeatedly by scholarship emanating out of the US university system. The American professors are full integrated into this campaign. As Rajiv Malhotra spoke recently in a seminar, he was shocked to visit an American professor and see a full size map of “Dalitistan” hanging on his office wall. Does the Indian government have any idea what kind of snakes it is letting loose in our country?

Let me quote Rajiv Malhotra here from his speech that he gave at Delhi this Feb.

Afro-Dalit Project

Now what caught me started on this course of understanding America’s intervention with India’s break up was a very interesting meeting I had with a scholar in Princeton University. We were just sitting and having lunch and he has just come back from India and I said “What did you do in India?” And he said “Oh I went there as part of the Afro-Dalit project” So I asked him what is this Afro Dalit project. So he said, “Oh we go to India we do youth empowerment and training programmes” I said “It is very interesting. Can you tell me what it is? Who are the Dalits?” And he said “Well. … They are Africans. They are the blacks of India and the non-Dalits are the whites of India. And this is the black-white history of India which is mirroring the black white history of America. And the Afro-Dalit project is to educate our Dalit brothers.” This was amazing to me. And my whole thesis started when I started searching on Afro-Dalit project.

And there is a whole library of what they are up to and who funds them. And they are very much active in Tamil Nadu building up a whole network of youth empowerment and youth training to give them a contrary sense of history that they are historically a kind of oppressed people and non-religious and so on. The Church has a vested interest in it because if you can dislocate their identity from the rest of India then you can re-programme them and give them a new religion and so on. This is called Dalitstan project.

So I was invited to this scholar’s office. And I saw this map. This is the map of the Dalitstan that was hanging there. On the northern part is Mughalstan which is from Afghanistan, Pakistan and all the way to Bangladesh. This turns out to be what Mullah Omar says when he states that he wants to put the flag of Taliban on the red fort of Delhi and recreate the Mughal Empire. And the southern part of India is Dalitstan and Dravidstan. So these guys are working on it.

So I was very much amazed that nobody is talking about it. Nobody seems to have noticed. Yet these guys have an open project. If you just Google Afro-Dalit you will come across a lot of hits and you yourself can see that. Then I started getting deeper into it and found that there is merit in the thesis that says that the local minorities are being appropriated by global nexuses. Afro-Dalit Project is just one example.

You can read Rajiv Malhotra’s entire speech here.

What kind of history do you think the above American Princeton professor will actually begin to teach in Tamil Nadu universities once he gets the visa?

Allowing access of US to our universities will be a great threat to our social stability. Another aim of these professors is to become commentators on various social and political issues in India and begin to write in Indian newspapers and magazines as “experts.” One such gora professor from Allahabad university has already become an expert on all issues related to BJP and ancient Hindu history. He recently wrote in the “Hindu” paper about how there was no golden age in ancient India and it is all a myth of Hindu nationalists and Hindus really have nothing to be proud of.

If this government allows the US access to our education system, it will prove that UPA government is being ruled by America by proxy and some people on top are on Gora payrolls.

Indians are not understanding: It is not the Pakistanis or Chinese who are the real enemies of India. It is the Anglo Americans. The kind of operations and moves they are making inside India, their plan for our balkanisation is very very clear. Only blind Indian ministers are oblivious to where the real threat is from.

If the UPA govt. gives American professors access to our education system through liberalising visas, then the next government which comes should charge these congress courtiers with treason. This will clearly be a traitorous move of UPA in which it will connive with a hostile foriegn power to trigger break up of India.



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5 responses to “US “Scholars” are like Snakes. Be careful before you let them in

  1. VoP

    Some such ‘scholarly’ snakes planted by the Church have been exposed and defanged! The section on Hinduism written by Wendy Doniger in Microsoft Encarta has been replaced by written by one Hindu expert Arvind Sharma.

  2. Philip McCormack

    INSIDE JOB: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly—these liars have no currency.
    Go to,
    Here you will see US University Profs being interviewed-economists-these people will disgust you.Keep them out of India. Dr Philip McCormack

  3. i

    Do you know the current status of this proposal by UPA?

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