Another Hindu seer hacked to death in Orissa

Seer hacked to death in Puri

Ever wondered why no missionary or pastor ever gets killed by Maoists or goons in Orissa? The church is using hired thugs to eliminate Hindu leaders from the land. This is its old tactic used in all countries around the world, from Africa to Europe. It is a criminal organisation of men who are after power (Inquisition) and money (collection plate in churches).

I was shocked to know that millions of dollars are flowing out of India to Vatican every month from the churches in poorest disricts of Chattisgarh and Orissa. They collect the money from converted tribals every Sunday and stuff it into the Vatican bank. This is the reason behind this zeal for conversions. It directly translates into money as the new converts are made to cough up the tithe (10 percent of their total income every month). This is nothing but an extortion racket.


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