“Unholy Legacy of Abraham”

Got this link over email:

Unholy Legacy of Abraham

It is a new book that discusses the legacy of Abrhamic religions and answers questions such as:

  • Why do we believe in the the things expounded by religions such as Islam, Christianity, or Judaism?
  • What are the consequences of living according to all the holy laws in the Torah, the Bible and Koran?
  • Do these holy laws, and the texts of the Torah, Bible and Koran promote subjugation of women, or even worse, violence against women?
  • Do the texts of the Torah, Bible and Koran really promote peace, love, and tolerance?
  • Does God hate us?
  • How can people experience apparently paranormal perceptions such as the “light experience”, the “tunnel experience”, or the ability to “see” the human aura as depicted in mediaeval paintings?
  • Is the paranormal as revealed by prophecy and miracles real, or only a fantasy?
  • Are near death experiences proof of a life after death?
  • Are out-of-body experiences proof of the reality of the human soul?
  • Is there any proof that we have an immaterial soul? What are the properties of the human soul?
  • Is there a life after death where the evil are tormented for eternity, and the pious are rewarded in heaven as the Bible and Koran tell us?
  • Why would you want to go to the heaven promised by the Bible and Koran?
  • What do you expect during a life after death in heaven?
  • The triad of true immortality.

The book is available online for free. Go to the site and click on “Free Book.”

Here is an interesting article by the same author.

Islam and Christianity
Which is Superior?


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