Woman caned in Bangladesh for talking to Hindu man

Another incident which proves that these backward and intolerant Semtic faiths are a curse on humanity. I don’t know when the world will be free of these creeds based on the “our God is true, your God is false” nonsense and preventing humans from thinking freely .

Mother caned in Bangladesh for talking to Hindu man

DHAKA (AFP) — A Muslim mother has been caned for talking to a Hindu man in Bangladesh, police said Saturday, prompting fresh concerns about a rise in cases of harsh treatment of women under strict Islamic law.

The punishment was carried out in a remote village in Muslim-majority Bangladesh on the orders of village elders, local police chief Enamul Monowar told AFP by telephone.

The village elders found Kamala Begum, 38, a mother of four, guilty under Islamic sharia law of chatting with an unidentified Hindu man, Monowar said. Hindus make up around 10 percent of Bangladesh’s population.

“The villagers got bundles of 25 sticks and hit her four times on the back. They claimed it was a symbolic punishment. But she’s humiliated and has been in great mental pain,” Monowar said.

It was the third such reported case in two weeks in the country and stirred concern among women’s groups in Muslim-majority but officially secular Bangladesh, about what they say is a rise in the brutal treatment of women under locally applied Islamic laws.

“In the last few months, we have seen villagers invoking sharia to mete out barbaric punishments to women,” said Salma Ali, the head of rights group Bangladesh National Woman Lawyers Association.



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7 responses to “Woman caned in Bangladesh for talking to Hindu man

  1. VoP

    KAMALA Begum?

    Indicates Hindu origin of this lady, a victim of Conversion by the Islamic sword. What a tragedy!

  2. Sacha H.

    The comment mentioned the term “semitic religion”, which is inappropriate, though widely used. Using this term is amalgamating semitic cultures and people with monotheistic religions. However, the people of the ancient Levant worshipped a variety of gods we would nowadays call “pagan”, very similar to hinduism. Therefore if anything, “semitic religion” should mean the ancient pagan religions of the Middle East. But even that would be mistaken because the term “semitic” is inaccurate on two accounts. It is using biblical mythology to define nations, making for example Arabs and Jews “cousins”, which is wrong. Arabian ethnic groups had no kinship whatsoever with Hebrew-Canaanite people, even if their languages were related. The term “semitic” should altogether be abandonned as it is misleading on many accounts. Rather one should speak about “Levantine languages” for so-called semitic languages.

    • Sacha H.

      I should add that even the Bible didn’t go as far as identifying Arabs and Hebrews, but rather medieval rabbi’s identified the Biblical figure Sem (Shem) with Arabs.

      • VoP

        I guess it’s OK, though not 100% accurate per wikipedia link



        In a religious context, the term Semitic can refer to the religions associated with the speakers of these languages: thus Judaism, Christianity and Islam are often described as “Semitic religions”, though the term Abrahamic religions is more commonly used today. A truly comprehensive account of “Semitic” religions would include the Ancient Semitic religions (such as the religions of Adad, Hadad) that flourished in the Middle East before the Abrahamic religions.

        • Sacha H.

          Not only Wikipedia, but even real encyclopedias use the term Semitic in this conventional but illogical way. I’m advocating a more coherent use of the term that doesn’t amalgamate the term “Semitic” with either specific ethnic groups or nations, or the Abrahamic religions. See my previous comments.

  3. S

    ” Sacha H.
    June 12, 2009 at 10:15 am

    I should add that even the Bible didn’t go as far as identifying Arabs and Hebrews, but rather medieval rabbi’s identified the Biblical figure Sem (Shem) with Arabs.”

    I have a question. Should we not address the Bible as the Old Testament and the New Testament since the Old Testament is the one that existed prior and is the holy book of Jews, whereas the New Testament took birth around 200 years after Jesus ? Most people are unaware that Jesus was born a Jew and at best could be described as a liberal Jew trying to get people to follow him instead of the Torah that is in the Old Testament. The cult of Christianity that was born in Rome in order to take over the Pagan Romans and not in the Middle East is another thing altogether.

    • Sacha H.

      Jesus probably never existed. There is no historical evidence that there ever was such a man, unlike other characters in the same time and place. The Gospels probably invented him on the basis of other mythologies and stories. From a Sanatana Dharma (philosophia perennis) perspective, it is far more interesting to look at Jesus as a divine symbol, made alive in Christian religious life, than a historical figure. The main aspects of the Jesus story have their exact parallel in divine figures of other mythologies, such as Dionysos or Adonis (Greek), Osiris (Egyptian) or even Krishna to some extent. This is the beauty of this deeply symbolic, cosmological story and not the moralistic, degraded version of it that made him a preacher who lived and died pretty much like any normal human being.

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