Are Western “Charities” Good for India’s Health?

 Joining the freedom ride in southern India

Now, through a series of bizarre coincidences, I find myself headed to India to spend my holidays connecting with real-life survivors; women and children who have been rescued from prostitution, child begging rings, exploitative marriages, sex slavery and bonded servitude. I’m one of 10 volunteers chosen from around the world (the only Canadian), who will escort 20 survivors of human trafficking on a 30-day bicycle trip, to 60 villages.

We will cycle 600 kilometres through southern India, discovering a different culture every 60 kilometres. We will stop at a Tibetan settlement of monks, and visit the Dalit caste, also known as the Untouchables. We will learn from each other, and expose ourselves to the various kinds of suffering in the world.

“We believe that womanhood and childhood are sacred,” says Christina Lagdameo, the project coordinator for Odanadi Seva Trust, a British organization in Mysore that rescues and rehabilitates victims. “Human flesh is not a commodity. Every woman and child deserves a voice.”

People who worship the right god are coming to check up on uncivilized heathens (of false god fame) and teaching them some freedom. How are these jokers allowed to roam the whole India like this and who approves their visa? We don’t see such “freedom campaigns” being run in China by the Westerners, do we?

Turn over any stone in India and you will find a Western-funded “charity” working underneath. Is it a good idea to open your entire country to foriegn citizens like this and give them the run of the land? Indian government seems to have forgotten the fine art of visa control.



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10 responses to “Are Western “Charities” Good for India’s Health?

  1. good work .Keep blogging .We are spreading the word and let this information sharing go on.It will one day result in the defeat of Congress in india

  2. Hindu


    I don’t know very much about charities in India. I do know there is a charity called world vision which is nothing but a thinly disguised evangelical church. Are they in India?

    Hari Om,

  3. Hindu

    This post is for Mr. Bikram Das.

    I think you might like to read a nice book called “Seeing God everywhere” by Swami Shraddhananda. In particular, notice the 3 perversities of this path that Sri Ramakrishna warned about, which are (1) a superficial fidelity to religion and its ritual, often with selfish motives, to be regarded as something of a “cultured, profound” person. (2) approaching spiritual wisdom with the same attitude as intellectualism and using sophistry. Religion is not an intellectual business, though some intellect is required. Those who wish to impress with the quality of their brains are better off with theoretical physics or mathematics, which are intellectually harder. Religion is a totally different issue – it is an issue of the spirit and of faith. (3) A lukewarm, even if constant, effort. As Sri Ramakrishna often said, “dive deep.” This is not a path where half hearted effort pays off much. This is true of all hard paths, and this is perhaps the hardest.

    Your words indicate your sincerity. May the almighty bless your journey. As I said earlier, have faith in Him, and turn to him as a child would to its mother, with full faith.

    Hari Om,

  4. Anonymous1

    I got this from another web site , posted by one JM Smith.

    JM Smith says it is relevant to India.

    The Kidnapping of Edgardo Mortara.
    ( this is a novel).
    On the evening of 23 June 1858, in Bologna, then part of the Papal States, police arrived at the home of a Jewish couple, Salomone (“Momolo”) and Marianna Padovani Mortara, to seize one of their eight children, six-year-old Edgardo, and transport him to Rome to be raised as a ward of the state.

    The police had orders from Holy Office authorities in Rome, authorized by Pope Pius IX.[1] Church officials had been told that a 14-year-old[2] Catholic servant girl of the Mortaras, Anna Morisi, had baptized Edgardo while he was ill because she feared that he would otherwise die and go to Hell. Under the law of the Papal States, Edgardo’s baptism, even if illegal under canon law, was valid and made him a Christian.

    Below in this web site, the details of the novel is given. Very interesting true story.

  5. VoP

    Just posting one of my replies from another forum.

    I am tired of listening to your passive mentality and escapist thoughts when it comes to missionary menace, you don’t even care to put historical context to what is going on in India. If one walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, one is a duck. It does not matter what clothing a wolf wears, it will always remain an wolf. Don’t confuse Indian “Seva” with western charity/service which comes with strings attached i.e hunting for souls! I gave a link where MoC Superior General ( ah! what an appropriate title for a leader of soldiers hunting for souls ) has categorically stated that CONVERSION IS GOD’S WORK. If this is the mind of a religious person, I have no iota of respect for such a religion and carriers of such plague. Read that link again.

    In the same link above there’s a Indic Christian ( Hilda Raja ) speaking against Conversions and refuting Christian hypopcrisy and here you are trying to cover it up under the carpet! Of course you use Hindu tolerance against Hinduism. Don’t you know that Tolerance cannot tolerate Intolerance. I recall few years ago we were having series of debates where you clearly showed where your heart is. I still wonder what your intentions are.

    >> Christians, have been converted to our Dharmic ways by the Hare Kirshna Movemwent. Have they, the Americans and Europeans, called this Acharya names, or accused him of spreading an alien Dharmna (to them)?

    Usual argument coming from hunters of souls with an assumption that Hindus will fall for such Goebbelsian propaganda! Answer this question honestly: Do you think ISKCON is using ADHARMIC methods to convert? Are they indulging in “Satydarshini” kind of Sullu literature about Bible? Are they threatening Christians not to do Christmas ( like NE Christian terrorists are threatening Hindus not to do Durga Pooja ) Are they following these million methods

    Most Hindus who have taken the spiritual path have abandoned community focus, Hinduism may survive in distant lands like US and even in places like Hawaii, but Hindus in their land of forefathers may not remain with their identity intact. Lately some Hindu swamijis have woken up to threats regarding conversion, have you read what Kanchi Sankarcharya had to say after Mumbai “interfaith dialogue”? NO! You think you are smarter than the seer?

    Grow up and learn to CONNECT THE DOTS. Missionaries are not getting decapitated in India as it happens in Islamic countries ( I don’t pity them when it happens, as one form of Intolerance is dealing with another). Here I am on a forum calling a spade a spade and you put in evading/muddling logic and requesting closure of a serious topic when it’s causing discomfort to you. In addition to that you have the audacity to interject Hinduism to it (reminds me of the latest hybrid Bible released in India). The greatest one liner ( IMHO ) for a Hindu is “Inaction is not a choice” coming from Gita. So I am reacting to this plague in my own way. Let me react. OK. Let kshatriyas be kshatriyas. Nindane is one of the ways to get your point around as long as the point is valid. Am I asking for missionaries to be decapitated, not yet. Millions of Hindus are suffering in India silently without a voice. Remember Kandamahl, do you know what is the latest going on there? After the killing of 80 year old swamiji and scaring Hindus who are still hiding in the jungles, disenfranchised, the Christists are indulging in land grabs after producing fake cerificates? Does land grabbing signal anything – do you know the history of Americas, Australia, Pacific Islands, Africa. Still blinking!

    Christianity of Jesus may or may not have been divine. I am not interested in religion for religion sake. What ultimately has it’s effect on society matters. Christianity as practiced by Church/Vatican is just a political ideology masquerading as religion, it’s goal – to loot, to conquer, to make men slaves of dogma. Nothing else!


    “When the missionaries arrived, the Africans had the land and the missionaries had the Bible. They taught us to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened them, they had the land and we had the Bible.” — Jomo Kenyatta, founding father of Kenya

    — SAI PRAKASH wrote:
    > I do not want to once again engage in this dialogue about Mother Theresa
    > to discuss about whom and call her names we do not have the moral authority.
    > M/S Future Logic just as we admire Sai Baba, one needs to admire Mother Theresa. I am sure Sai Baba has the best of views about sisters like Mother Theresa who were the very symbols of service. Indian tradition is great, absorbing all cultures and thoughts and
    > has great respect for those engaged in service. However, as other readers have commneted, our faith has become rather ritualitistic, thereby narrowing our vision and hence unable to undetstand the depths of service.
    > Just for the information of all, I am not a Padree, but an ardent follower of the ancient Hindu Dharma. I head a Satvik Training Centre (no meat and no alcohol) in the centre of a population in the soft clutches of a foreign faith. I am trying to work with these villagers as also foriegners who have interest in our Dharma. Future Logic is welcome to visit our centre. You could contribute to the cause.
    > I have studied The Old and New Testaments as also the Quran, after an in-depth study of
    > Sri Bhavad Geeta (Swami Chinmayananda’s commentary). I am now studying the Geeta according to Sri Bakthi Vedanta Prabhupada. We must know that millions of whitemen,
    > Christians, have been converted to our Dharmic ways by the Hare Kirshna Movemwent. Have they, the Americans and Europeans, called this Acharya names, or accused him of spreading an alien Dharmna (to them)?
    >Dear Editor: Let’s treat this subject as closed as words like “Scumbag” indicate
    the level to which your columns can go. Your medium should not be used for such

    >Sai Prakash

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