Get Ready to be Swamped

Muslim Demographics: The Islamic Tidal Wave

Better dust off that Hijab and skull cap. You may need it soon.



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3 responses to “Get Ready to be Swamped

  1. S

    Comment #8 on the Youtube video above says –

    “Why is it such a bad thing that Muslims are having children? Are you saying the world will fail if it isn’t Christian? These statistics seem a little shaky anyway. This video is ridiculous.”

    In the video, the narrator at the end says “it is time to spread the gospels”. To me, this video seems to be a call to convert more people to the cult of christianity than anything else. Mind you, the church does not seem eager to reform and stop the destruction of other cultures and faiths, and wants to have more numbers than the cult of islam.

  2. Nam

    I noticed that last phrase too. Gives away the unsettling feeling of the Christian cult members at this growing demographic challange facing them.

  3. VoP

    No takers for Islam bashing by Christists. In a strange way I feel as long as Christists exist the Islamists need to exist too (or vice versa ). Only they can handle each others’ venom and scale of violence. Of course, best situation is if they can disappear from the face of the planet at the exact same time!

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