Brown Slave Complains to Master Race

What is this fetish of Indian brown-skinned pastors of running to White Christians for everything happening in India? What is the reason? Does Christianity have a Master Race to which all non-White converts are supposed to run for all their needs? Are White Christians to the Indian Christians what Arabs are to Indian Muslims?

Do Christians, like Muslims, keep their religion first and their nationhood second in importance? Or is it that worship of Christian god is nothing but worship of White man by proxy, as alleged by a famous African pastor?

Catholics fear Hindu ‘Taliban’

THE Catholic Church has warned that electoral victory for the conservative Bharatiya Janata Party next month could result in a Hindu-style “Talibanisation” of India and lead to the suppression of human rights for all religious minorities there.

Father Babu Joseph, a spokesman for the Catholic Bishops Conference of India, which represents 168 diocese, said the church feared the results of the current national elections, which are being held in five stages and conclude on May 13.

“They want to demolish secularism – they’re very clear there has to be a Hindu nation and only Hinduism is acceptable,” Father Joseph told The Australian. “Last time the BJP was in power, they began the process of amending the constitution of India to try and take away the rights of the minorities.”

Japanese or Korean Buddhists don’t keep running to Indian Buddhists to complain whatever is happening in their countries. So why should Indian pastors be running to White Christians like a kid running to his momma?



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5 responses to “Brown Slave Complains to Master Race

  1. Bharat Nair

    So why should Indian pastors be running to White Christians like a kid running to his momma?

    Habits die hard.
    Not many know that till 1940, Church & Xtian groups were openly supporting the british rule.

    • sanjaychoudhry

      Not only that, the church at the time of independence demanded a separate country for Christians in the Chotta Nagpur plateau area (today’s chattisgarh and parts of MP and Jharkhand). This move was thwarted by the vigilant Sardar Patel.

  2. VoP

    He is the same fundamentalist Talibani “father” complaining about Angels and Demons right? Was he complaining when Christian Evangelist Producer Danny Boyle made movie using Islam to Batter Hinduism ( SDM )?

    Christian Taliban like him are always fear mongering and propogating ‘pesscution’ theory to fill their coffers of Soul Harvesting Inc.,

  3. VoP

    “So why should Indian pastors be running to White Christians like a kid running to his momma?”

    That proves who’s pulling the strings? who’s funding them?

    Here’s the proof for Christian Taliban

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