Mem-sahib Vomits, Brown Sepoy Applauds

Brown Sepoy Pankaj Mishra (much-awarded by Westerners, of course, as all such sepoys are) reviews Wendy Dongier’s book on Hinduism and keeps claiming that Hinduism is an invention of the scholars of the British Raj.

The way Mishra sahib flatters the mem-sahib and applauds without a word of criticism what she has vomited about Hinduism is not funny. Maybe the sepoy wants a promotion or needs his visa renewed.

It is the same old story: White Christian racists will identify a brown “liberal secularist” from India (read “rabid Westernised atheist or communist hostile to Hinduism”).

Then the brown sahib is showered with “international” awards by the Westerneers to shore up his image in the eyes of the fellow (supposedly wretched) browns.

And then both burra sahib and chotta sahib sit in judgement over Hinduism and India, patting each other’s back all the way as the practising Hindus look on horrified at the spectacle.

It is nothing but an orgy between a rabid and racist Western Christian and a rabid Brown Westernised anti-Hindu atheist. The result of course is a miscarriage. Are we Hindus supposed to be impressed with this performance of the two?


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One response to “Mem-sahib Vomits, Brown Sepoy Applauds

  1. Shukla

    You are my personal hero.

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