Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage

Recently, fellow poster Bharat Nair told me about the Indian Institute of Scientific Heritage ( IISH) that is doing good work to research and highlight the achievements of ancient Indians in science and technology. 

IISH was started by Dr.N. Gopala Krishnan and a few  scholars like Dr. Sambasivan to promote the scientific heritage of Indian culture.

Dr.N. Gopalakrishnan is a very good speaker/ orator ( esp. in Malayalam and Sanksrit) and has travelled around the world delivering the lectures about this subject.

Dr. Sambasivan is a world renowned neurosurgeon who has made original contributions in this field (in addition to his being a first rate Sanskritist).

IISH has started many visionary projects ( please read the website). Amongst them is a Shiva temple project at Thrishur, Kerala, which is unique in its concept. At the temple, books (educational and otherwise) are distributed to the needy students as “prasada.” They also promote Pithru Tharpana ( rituals for the forefathers) as a method to inculcate a dharmic way of life. Even persons belonging to monotheistic faiths are coming to these functions. They also provide inspirational talks regarding scientific aspects that lie behind Hindu rituals.

In addition , through the Knowledge Centre of the IISH website, they have published audio recordings of all the four Vedas which can be downloaded for free after registration.

Please support them in any way you can.


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