Modi’s interview

Here is Modi’s recent interview to “Headlines Today” given onboard a helicopter.

I loved the way Modi thrashes the anchor throughout, calling such biased mediamen as “news traders” and accusing him of bringing an agenda from Delhi. “You people earn your salary from the 2002 Gujarat riots,” he tells the baby-faced anchor. Nice to see signs of assertiveness and confidence in BJP leaders. On a question about why he was denied an American visa, Modi shot back: “US may be a big thing for you, not for me. I want to take India to a height where the Americans will queue up to apply for an Indian visa.”

When they first captured power in Delhi, BJP people wasted five years sucking up to these English language editors, trying to be on first-name terms with them. It didn’t work and the editors (who are mostly commies or “Westernists” collecting money from the West) remained as hostile to BJP as ever. Now it seems the BJP leaders have changed strategy. They now openly rebuff these editors and anchors and show them the middle finger, much like Mayawati who calls them “faltoo ke log” who are of no use in winning elections.



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4 responses to “Modi’s interview

  1. Incognito

    Modi chewed that interviewer, especially in part 3.

    But what was of concern was that the ducplicity displayed by the interviewer .

    First they got permission for the interview saying they want to discuss development of Gujarat.

    Then all their questions were directed at creating controversies.

    Modi correctly identified those tactics and repulsed the interviewer.

    Yet the shameless creature kept up his efforts to insinuate things.

    What was on display was the total lack of ethics by the media, because the tactics used by this interviewer is extensively used by other media people too.

    The total lack of integrity , conscience and self-respect-inspired-shame that is seen in these media creatures and marxist historians is appalling.

    It is worth questioning whether these creatures can be considered as humans at all.

    In the light of consistently displayed absence of human values such as integrity, conscience, shame, self-respect, sense of fairness and honesty, it would be appropriate to understand that these creatures are not humans.

  2. I absolutely love Modi’s interviews. I have seen his interview with various English and Hindi news channels and in each of them he clearly picks up their intent and lays them bare.

    At the same time, there are other well meaning but not so intelligent hindutva people like Yogi Adityanath who only end up putting their foot in their mouth while giving interviews.

    • Sansarchandra

      What you said is true. It needs sound knowledge, sharp debating skills, proper homework and even more importantly clarity of thought to put your views across in a convincing manner. This is a fine art and most people do not spend time and energy in developing it. One should not feel bad about it and instead devote their energy towards things in which they can contribute positively and this is specially true for politicians like Yogi Adityanath.

  3. We have launched a petition to request President Obama to reconsider US Administration’s stand on Mr. Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of the State of Gujarat, India.

    Please visit to review and sign this petition.

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