Why the Brits Wanted to Screw India

Legacy of the Raj
Mihir Bose

Born in Mumbai, Mihir Bose has won numerous awards for his wide-ranging journalism over four decades. Now the BBC’s sports editor, he reflects here on democracy in India – and asks if the British really wanted their former colony to survive

Read the above article to discover what kind of hatred the departing British had for the Hindus, including Churchill. Partition was their way of saying “screw you idolators.” The same Hindu hatred still remains in them and it will remain as long as Christian fundamentalism continues to survive in Western societies. These philosophies of “Our god is true, your god is false” are the curse of the world. There will never be peace as long as these philosophies remain the bed rock of some civilisations.



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10 responses to “Why the Brits Wanted to Screw India

  1. I never had any doubt that all they wanted was to screw us . I have a hard time convincing my friends that the Aryan-Dravidian BS was another of their diabolical schemes . But still , most of them continue to believe that , even the intelligent and well read ones . What do I do ? How do I convince them ?

  2. Sansarchandra

    There was a time when PTV was available on cable at our home. It enabled me to have a first hand knowledge of the thought process of the Pakistani establishment and the intelligentsia. There used to be non stop vitriolic and vicious propaganda against India and Hindus in particular. Immediately after the Kandahar hijack, I remember a debate which took place on PTV. The conclusions were as follows.
    01. India will accuse pakistan of being instrumental in carrying out the hijacking, when infact it might be RAW’s handiwork to damage the reputation of Pakistan in the eyes of the international community.
    02. There would be further repression of muslim civilians in the kashmir valley.
    03. The Hindus were not to be trusted as they were master of double speak and treachery specially the Brahmins which somehow seemed to control all public discourse and policy making in India.
    04. The poor lady whose husband was killed also attracted their sympathy. The lady panelist infact seemed to believe that the unfortunate Indian lady was unwilling to go back to India fearing that she would be forced to commit Sati.
    Now if the view of PTV were to be compared with that expressed by our English rulers whom our Sardar Manmohan Singh so much admires then it is apparent that the British left no stone unturned to ensure that India ends up as a failed state with various caste and religion fighting amongst themselves. Even 60 years after independence they have not let go the hatred that they have for India and Hindus and hence continue to vilify Hindus and India using missionaries and media.

  3. Nam

    Surprising to see an unbiased article such as this come out of a BBC-related journalist.

    Winston Churchill = Hitler

  4. Incognito

    There seems to be some incongruencies in the article.

    Bose praises Nehru for democracy taking root in India while simultaneously stating that he was the the first and longest-serving prime minister who was in office from 1947-64.
    Which means that Nehru was the PM ever since India got independence till he died 17 years later.

    In the next sentance he tries to substantiate this claim by saying “So well did the system embed itself that when his daughter Indira imposed emergency rule in the 1970s – the closest India has come to a dictatorship – it was ended not by tanks rolling down the streets of Delhi, but through the ballot box.

    The first question is, if Nehru failed to inculcate democratic values even in his own daughter, how justified is it to say that success of democracy in India owes to Nehru ?

    Second, as Nehru continued to be the PM of India since independence for full seventeen years, until his death necessitated a change of leadership, which means that he was PM for life, how correct is it to say that he fostered democracy ?

    Third, since Nehru’s daughter and grandson also became PM in succession in a dynastic fashion, how can it be said that Nehru fostered democracy ?

    Fourth, due to unforeseen deaths intervening to remove Nehru’s daughter and grandsons (otherwise they too were PMs for life), Nehru’s Congress party was left so rudderless in the absence of further dynastic successors that they installed his granddaughter-in-law, a foreign-born woman with no administrative or governing experience, as party president. Is this indicative of democractic principles or servility to dynastic rule ?

    In the light of these glaring facts proving everything to the contrary, how correct is Mr Bose in saying that success of democracy in India owes it to Nehru.

    In fact success of democracy in India is due to the liberal value system that is inherent to indian culture. It is to the credit of indian culture that democracy is thriving in India despite the dynastic rule initiated by Nehru.
    The strength and resilience of this culture is evident from the fact that it has withstood some 500 years of islamic oppression, 200 years of colonialism and 50 years of dynastic rule by congress party, in succession, yet still has a vibrant democracy. The contrast is stark when one looks at Pakistan which rejected indian culture for the culture of invaders.

    Mihir Bose has got his facts upside down.

    In the very first para, he drags Advani down unreasonably.
    He says Advani ‘accused‘ MMS ‘of being “weak”‘. The next para saying “Such exchanges suggest that levels of debate in the Indian political class are not particularly elevated“.

    What Advani did was show up MMS ‘for being weak’ based on his performance or rather, lack of it, as PM.
    Such criticism of non-performance of Head of Govt is the very basic principle of a democracy.

    Instead of countering Advani’s charge with valid reasons, MMS and his party made personal attacks on Advani.

    Instead of seeing this glaring fact, Bose spins a different story.
    He says “Singh and his colleagues reacted with fury.
    Instead of saying that they launched personal attack on Advani, they “reacted with fury” !

    While he did not consider it necessary to give any of Advani’s reasons for calling MMS weak, he gives explanations for MMS’s ‘reaction’. He says- “This was an abusive term, they said, that insulted both the office of the prime minister and the country itself.
    So the reader is made to conclude that Advani unreasonably called MMS weak, thereby abusing and insulting the prime minister and the country itself !

    He doesn’t stop there.
    He has to hit one more nail – “Not to be outdone, Advani reacted by claiming he was “hurt”… ”

    Calculated to paint a picture of child bully who claims to be ‘hurt’ when given back in equal measure.

    He does not stop with even that – “…and for good measure then failed to attend an all-party dinner in honour of the departing speaker of the Indian parliament.

    That this specimen of departing speakership thoroughly dishonoured Indian parliament throughout his tenure as speaker, particularly in the no-confidence motion on nuclear issue and therefore deserves to be booted is ignored.

    Thus does Mihir Bose start his article maligning Advani. So when he says success of democracy in India owes it to Nehru, you know what stuff Bose is made of.

    In the rest of the article he freely criticises Churchill, absolves Attlee of any mischief, talks of ‘historic‘ ties between Labour party and Congress party and postulates that Congress party traditionally represented both Hindus and Muslims right from pre-independence era.

    So when he ends up praising Nehru, you can conclude that he is a true blooded nehruvian socialist very much on the pay of Congress party, this ‘article’ timed to attempt a prevention of conslidation of Indians towards BJP during the election time, reminding them of, among other things, the cruelty of british raj, how congress party fought to free India from the cruel british, representing both Hindus and Muslims and then gave India a successful secular democracy, at the same time caricaturing Advani as abusive, insulting the country and juvenile.

    No wonder this character or rather the absence of one is comfortable in BBC. Just that fact speaks volumes.

    And the fellow doesn’t lose any opportunity to suck up to Labour party.

    The article actually reveals that MMS’ govt was such a disaster that they now have to go back to Nehru and freedom struggle to get votes.

    • Brilliant analysis again, Incognito.
      I had the same apprehensions as soon as he started praising Nehru.

      I read a book called “The men who killed Gandhi” by Manohar Malgaonkar. It is a very good book when compared to other extremely biased works on the subject.

      In that he mentions how the Congress usurped the Gwalior region from the Hindu Mahasabha who actually had a huge support base in that area and should have been the natural representatives of that people.

      He also says that “Nehru strongly believed in democracy, just that for him democracy meant Congress rule.”

      Indian independence was nothing but a passing of the baton from the Brits to the Brit brainwashed stooges like Nehru.

      South Korea has suffered similarly because their first president was a western educated missionary planted by the Americans. Thanks to him now South Korea has gone from 0% Christians to more than 30% with this 30% actively destroying their buddhist heritage.

      • Sansarchandra

        I was suprised to know that only 30% of South Koreans are Christians. Infact the first time when I landed at Seoul, I thought I was flying in to a Christian state. The whole city was full of illuminated red crosses and from the aircraft window the city at night resembled a graveyard with crosses packed very tightly next to one another. I saw a amazingly large number of crosses in Vishakapatnam and I feel it must be the case in all coastal districts of Andhra and Tamilnadu. The process is already underway in Andhra Pradesh with a hand picked Chief Minister to provide cover, assistance and state support to the missionaries.

        • sanjaychoudhry

          This is called church planting. In this missionaries keep planting churches all over the place regardless of whether there are any Christians living in the area or not. Soon the whole place begins to resemble a graveyard.

          That is why it is very important to control proliferation of mosques and churches and link them with the population of the believers in an area. A church should be allowed to come up only when the local Christian population exceeds 10,000.

          Mosques and churches are not harmless places of worship. These are considered trenches which are dug up for warfare with non-believers. it is stupid of the state governments to keep giving permission for churches to come up in areas where there is hardly any Christian population.

  5. Incognito

    Illusion of Change.

    That is what is seen here-

    Sanghvi character feigns a change of heart.

    With realisation dawning on America that its ally Pakistan is both incapable of and uninterested in stopping Taliban, that country is now trying new tactics.

    Now it wants India to stop Taliban.

    But it does not have the courage nor integrity to call the bluff of Pakistan, to break away and launch direct assault on terrorists with help of India.

    So it employs multiple tactics.

    It continues to offer bribes to Pakistani politicians in the form of aid while scolding them on the need for stringent action.
    It also launches isolated attacks within Pakistani territory against known terrorist hideouts.

    But with the fall of Swat valley to Taliban and the surge of Talibs towards Islamabad, sudden realisation has dawned on America that its tactics may prove inadequate.

    So now it wants to open a new front.

    It wants India to engage Taliban.

    With NATO forces on north-western border, Indian forces on eastern border and America’s own forces acting within Pakistan and from Arabian sea, it hopes to subdue Taliban, even if Pakistani establishment is inert.

    But America knows that it cannot ask help of India overtly because that will cause a coalescing of Pakistani sentiment with Taliban to fight the common enemy India.

    Moreover, it has to wait for the new Indian government to take office.

    So, it has started covert operations laying the ground for mobilising public opinion in India towards a war with Taliban.

    Till now America believed that it would succeed in using Pakistan to quell Taliban.
    Therefore it suited to have a quiet and pliant India so that Pakistan would not be disturbed from its ‘fight’ with Taliban.

    So America used its stooges in media to keep public opinion mild.
    MMS’s government was anyway mild. It was made further compliant with the carrot of a Nuclear Deal.

    Now that America wants a change of public opinion in India, it has signalled its stooges to start campaigning.

    The article linked above is a sample of that campaign.

    It being difficult to guess who will form the next govt in India, as a form of insurance America is resorting to this tactic of creating a public opinion that will by itself sway the new government to fight America’s battle.

    It is true that Taliban will be stopped.
    But it has its cost.

    What America the businessman wants is that India share in the cost of a war created for the purpose of serving America’s interests.

    Originally America propped up Taliban in Afghanistan to fight America’s fight with Soviets that caused destruction of the society of Afghanistan.

    Later America propped up Pakistan to fight America’s fight with AlQaeda and Taliban and contributed to destroying the society of Pakistan.

    Thus having destroyed the societies of both Afghanistan and Pakistan, by using both countries at various times to fight America’s contemporary enemies, America looks to use India for the same purpose.

    An unscrupulous businessman who ensures that his interests are protected while others suffer. That is America.

    Truth is – Christianity , Islam , Capitalism , Communism , Socialism , Objectivism all are creatons of the western world. All derive their strengths from the same source- dogmas of one ‘God’, one ‘Messiah’, one ‘book’, one ‘ Way of Life .
    They all depend on forcing conformity and diluting diversity of opinion.
    Each one of them are fundamentally against the principles of freedom.
    The freedom to not conform.

    Due to their this inherent nature, they are always at war.

    There will never be complete victory for any of these because their source of strength as well as weakness are the same- a divisive mindset.

    It is their divisive mindset that prompts them to seek security in conformity and simultaneously be intolerant of diversity.

    It is this mindset that wars against Nature which is by nature diverse.

    And it is a war that can never be won by this mindset unless Nature is destroyed, which is what they are engaged in doing now.

    Fighting among themselves and fighting Nature.

    It is the fight of the suicide bomber who compulsively destroys himself and others in a mistaken belief that it is his life’s purpose- that he is achieving something great by so doing.

    It is the mindset behind the suicide bomber who is brainwashed into accepting an ideology over his humanity, over his own very nature.

    The solution lies in the ancient indian mindset, that accepted diverse thoughts, views and beliefs in conformity with Nature , that saw Jews, Zoarastrians and Syrian Christians finding safety and security in this land to practice their beliefs.

    It is this ancient indian mindset that understood the unity of entire creation and proclaimed, Aham Brahmasmi- I am Brahma, which roughly translates to – ‘I am the creator, the entire creation and the act of creation also‘ and realising the purpose of creation, recognizes apparent divisions as creations of the self and thus realising, is comfortable with the apparent divisions.

    It is this mindset that allows diversities, which is integral to Nature, that is congruent with Nature and therefore, sustaining.

    It is this that is the solution.

    Thank you

    • Incognito

      Continuing with the above comment on this article- http://www.hindustantimes.com/StoryPage/StoryPage.aspx?sectionName=HomePage&id=17977516-071d-49a8-931f-827b9a256670&Headline=When+attacked%2c+we+must+hit+back

      The issue is that till yesterday these media people kept saying that the option of responding to Pakistan in the language that it understands is the view of the hawks, of right wing fundamentalists, of war mongers, since this view was most articulated by Narendra Modi among others.

      Today suddenly they say that this view is that of the ‘Army’, ‘the intelligence establishment’ and ‘many security analysts’.
      No mention of right wingers, no mention of war mongers, no mention of Narendra Modi, no mention of BJP.

      It is through this duplicity that they are planning to install this idea in the minds of public- sell it as the opinion of ‘Army’, ‘the intelligence establishment’ and ‘many security analysts’.

      All of a sudden the fellow who wrote the above linked article is feigning realisation that hosting Musharraf in 2001 and offers of talk on Kashmir were of no use. After seven long years of advocating everything in that line, this sudden volte face.

      Then an example of deviousness –
      You and I can get up and say that Hindu fanatics are thugs goons or even that Narendra Modi is a mass murderer. How many Pakistanis get up and say that about their own fanatics?

      ‘You’ and ‘I’.

      Insinuating that ‘You’ and ‘I’ think alike in this matter.

      Hindu fanatics are thugs goons

      Fanatics are given the qualification ‘Hindus’ so easily.
      But these duplicitous people will spout haughtily that ‘terrorism has no religion’ knowing fully well that allterrorrists are of abrahamic religions.

      Not satisfied with the blatant disregard for truth in the first two words, the fellow classifies ‘Hindu’ fanatics as thugs and goons to reinforce the maligned image of the silent indian majority.

      This is also a cunning diversionary tactic to associate Hindus with all wrong things in the minds of the reader and thereby dissociate them from being the original proponents of the course of action this creature is proposing now.

      But the doule talk has not finished.
      He reserves his most devious and much used weapon till the very last- the one which has been perfected into a cottage industry by itself.


      “…or even that Narendra Modi is a mass murderer.

      How, How in this ‘democracy’ is these kind of people able to repeat endlessly, this charge totally devoid of a single substantiating reason, for the past eight years ?

      It is Modi who advocates answering Pakistan in the language it understands.

      Now this fellow, while appropriating Modi’s position , utilises the opprtunity to insinuate a very major crime on the elected Head of a State of Indian Union without being answerable to anyone.

      Is this the ‘justice‘ that is available in India ?

      Do the people who claim to be dispensing ‘justice’ in this country have an iota of shame ?
      They thought it fit to constitute SITs on the basis of false allegations made by opportunist anti-nationals, yet, when the SIT itself brought out the untruth of these allegations, these dispensers of ‘justice’ are silent.

      Apparently it leads to an unpleasant conclusion that justice is not only blind, it is dumb too in this country.

      Thus, having made a blatant insinuation that goes against truth, that Narendra Modi, the Chief Minister of Gujarat, whom the people of Gujarat elected to power repeatedly is ‘a mass murderer’, this fellow moves on unconcerned.

      Then he says- “How many Pakistanis get up and say that about their own fanatics? ”

      Thus bracketing Hindus and Narendra Modi as fanatics without an iota of truth, without any concern for truth, assured of immunity from being held accountable in this democracy.

      Thus equating Hindus and Narendra Modi with the likes of Lashkar-e-Tayyaba, Taliban, Jaish-e-Mohammed.

      One feels let down by the justice dispensing system of this country.

      No, the fellow has not finished.

      Next he says this – “We speak up for MF Husain’s right to paint Hindu goddesses in the nude.”

      Who is this ‘we’ here?

      It definitely does not include a large number of conscious indians respectful towards indian culture and traditions.

      The fellow uses the word ‘we‘ to subconsciously involve the reader as a party to the deliberate effort to denigrate Ancient Indian Culture and its venerated icons.

      This is the subtle ploy played by this malicious character to instill a feeling of belonging in the reader towards this attempt to tarnish Indian culture.

      Why does this fellow not speak up for the right to paint Gods of other religion in the nude ?

      Why only Hindu gods alone are selected for this treatment in this land called Hindustan ?

      What a shame it is for the people of India that a charater such as this fellow is in such an influential position as he is now.

      Before ending he says this – “We should tell the US that we are tired of this policy of equivalence.

      So that it will appear that US played no role in the change of stand of Indian people.

      There is one sentance that he uses, which really has a deeper meaning, one that he did not intend to let slip-
      Let’s stop kidding ourselves about the true nature of the enemy.

      Yes, the true nature of the enemy of India is well disguised.

      And it is not just one enemy.

      The enemies are many, and their disguises are in multiples.
      Some of which write articles and editorials for newspapers.

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