Psyops from “Guardian” against India

Here is some psyops from the ‘Guardian’ newspaper which has recently published India’s “country profile”:

Political pressure points: The month-long general election, which began this month, is likely to result in a leftwing coalition government that may slow liberalisation. Three issues dominate the political agenda: the crisis in farming; minority insecurity, with a wave of attacks by Hindus on Muslims and Christians threatening stability; and the rights of dalits, former untouchables who suffered centuries of discrimination.

Population mix: Indo-Aryan 72%, Dravidian 25%, Mongoloid and other 3%

Just four lines about India and still the red-neck, racist editors managed to insert things like “wave of attacks by Hindus on Muslims and Christians,” “untouchables who suffered centuries of discrimination” and division of India between two separate (and presumably hostile) races of “Indo-Aryans and Dravidians.”

What do these people drink every day to spit so much poison out against a far-away country that has never meant them any harm? (Is their favourite drink sour pus?) “Guardian” seems to be the ultimate guardian of British racism.

Also, notice the attempt to portray Hindus as fundamentalists who attack Muslims and Christians. This is their pet theme, also seen in movies such as “Slumdog.” They are quite serious about setting Muslims of India upon the hapless Hindus by inciting and supporting the former — the same trick they played in 1947. They hate pagan Hindus more than they hate Muslims, and this is reflected in all their output, from newspaper articles to history books and movies.

Here is one more article in a Western newspaper in continuation of the theme of “evil Hindoos harrassing nice Muslims” (with the subtle message of “Hey you Muslims, why don’t you show these bad Hindoos what stuff you are made of?! Till how long will you continue to suffer? What are you waiting for, eh?”)
India’s Muslims See Bias in Housing
Recent Increase Is Blamed on Islamist Terrorist Attacks in Mumbai Last Fall


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4 responses to “Psyops from “Guardian” against India

  1. Hindu

    I honestly believe that the solution lies in propagating Dharma vigorously throughout the West. If Buddhist monks can get 6 million Americans to Buddha Dharma, then Hindu monks should aim for even more, what with the variety of paths in Sanatana Dharma (which includes Buddha Dharma).

    If there were 25 million Western Hindus who would show their Western neighbors what a living Hindu life is, such things would not be read with as much frequency. Spreading the Dharma is crucial.

    All of the above is more misunderstanding than malice. Most Americans simply know nothing about Hindu Dharma. Why should they? Have you tried to tell them? Christian missionaries, for all their faults, tell everyone about their Gospel. Unless Hindus tell others what Sanatana Dharma is, how can we expect them to know? And it is human nature to demean that which is distant and strange. The solution is to make Sanatana Dharma not so distant. There should be Sanatana Dharma centers in every single American city and town with population larger than 250,000. Let Westerners see what this Dharma is, what it teaches.

    You can bet that no one within 50 miles of the temple in Kauai is writing such things. Because they know what Dharma is – they see monks living in their midst who radiate this Dharma.

    That is why I want the Indian Government to assist us by sending qualified teachers, who can tailor discourses to suit Western audiences, and who provide a living example of Dharma that everyone can see and respect, to our shores.

    The Saudis are sending their hate preachers here and corrupting our youth with ideology that teaches them hatred. Why does not India send its timeless message of peace, love, and harmony here? As I understand it, under emperor Asoka, such monks were sent far and wide to spread Buddha Dharma. Today we need that model for the spread of Sanatana Dharma.


  2. gajanan

    Living national icons, Vikas Swarup.

    The Editor of Guardian has gone bonkers. Or they happy Vikas is badhe ka tatoo, who allowed his book , Q& A to be mutated to SDM.

    This man does not deserve this. .

  3. VoP

    Divide and Rule!
    Divide and Convert!
    Divide and Conquer!

    It’s good that your previous posts have given the introduction to this phenomenon already. Rajiv’s lecture on western designs and the one which talks about ties of south asian terrorism to UK ( )

  4. VoP

    Talking about WPost it’s relevant to mention this excellent analysis by Shri. Rajiv Malhotra

    Washington Post and Hinduphobia

    This article also explores the invention of ‘Afro-Dalits’!

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