Hindu Gods as Butt of Ridicule

Recently  I came across some shocking images that show how Hindu gods are mocked and ridiculed in the West. Here are some of these images. Why does this happen? What goes through the mind of these people when they deliberately decide to put Hindu gods and goddesses on panties, toilet seats and shoes? There must really be some poision in the psche of the Western Christians which manifests itself like this.



























































(above picture shows Om written on a shoe)




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16 responses to “Hindu Gods as Butt of Ridicule

  1. VoP

    Needless to say a multi-pronged strategy by Evangelicals to undermine reverence to our gods and scriptures. The Wendy Donigers and Jeffrey Kripals of the west planted as church’s trojan horses in the western academia as “scholars” of Hinduism have only aided and abetted in this derogatory crusade.

  2. this is just to make us feel that we are still slaves to them and we can never go above them.one of the possible reasons may be the level of corruption they see when they visit our country, creates a bad impression which in turn leads to criticism about everything.here we are taking an example of god,possibly there are many other things we are not aware off…

  3. VoP

    Tushar, yes, that is the “message” to receptive retards. OTOH any civilized human being will realize how lowly these creatures are and will be ashamed of their fellow creed for stooping so low.

  4. Nam

    If the Evangelicals are so open minded, I’d like to know how they’d react to an image of the Pope on a pair of slippers?

  5. JGN

    This like pot calling kettle black. Is there a bigger joke than their “virgin birth” theory? Or is it that she cheated her husband and told him that it was the trick of some “spirit”? There is no other book in the world that contains as many 3x stories as does The Bible. The Christians and Muslims were able to wipe out the entire civilizations of West Asia, Europe, America, Africa, Australia, etc but they could not succeed in India.

    Despite nearly 700 years rule by Islamic invaders and nearly 200 years of rule by European Christian Colonizers, about 85% of Indians are still following the native religions. That itself is proof of the inherent strength of our Culture. Then why should any one be overtly concerned about such cheap gimmicks?

  6. VoP

    > Then why should any one be overtly concerned about such cheap gimmicks?

    at least why not hold a mirror to their UNCIVILIZED nature!?

  7. nanditaprabhu

    Very saddening ……. one should always learn to respect another religion. I believe in Lord Ganesha a lot and follow Hinduism but at the same time I have lot of respect for Christianity and Islam. Religion is a means to reach to God and no one should make fun of it,

    • tarlochan

      It has always been the way of the church and the islamist to undermine other religions of this world. Both are based on a single person declaring them selves the messiah or a prophet. Jesus had a brother called James which the church has tried to hide, but with the internet has brought the truth out in the open. log on to Paul the Mythmaker. and check it out. One the other hand the Mohammed married a child of six (aisha), and all this man has given this world is hatred of other peoples (called KAFIRS).

      • “One the other hand the Mohammed married a child of six (aisha), and all this man has given this world is hatred of other peoples (called KAFIRS).”

  8. Satheesh

    Ridiculing Hindu gods by people outside is due to ignorance only. I laugh at them.

    It is the only scientific religion in the whole universe.

    It is not a belief. It is realisation by concentrating mind.

    We all know that some form of energy came from somewhere and from that energy the whole world was derived.

    That initial energy Hindus call us Devi or Adi Para Sakti. The intial great force. Bhrahma is the Human Body. Vishnu is the intellect and Shiva is the soul. Lord Ganesh is the part of brain controlling Buddhi & Siddhi.

    In another story Shiva is travelling on ox. Ox is the human body only.

    What is the purpose of arguing that your god is powerful and my god is weak. Do not waste time. Realise it.

    Hindu temple is also constructed in such a way that if a person loses power he has to go the temple and regain it and make his life successful.

    If a person meets a knowledgable person, that person can identify the reason for the weakness and he can go to the particualar temple and rectify.

    Hindus are not living in utopia beliving that something will happen from heaven. There is no person sitting in the sky and controlling the universe. Whatever happening in the present what ever going to happen in future are predetermined at the time of evolution itself. Ordinary mind is not able to understand that. That is the reason why predictions are happening. If anybody wants to know more learn Hindu astrology thoroughly and say.

    The same energy sitting inside the human being is filled everywhere. It is Omnipotent. Only thing is the energy level may vary.

    Poor people wasting time.

  9. Sridhar Subramaniam

    These are poor specimens who have not evolved.Forgive them,Lord ! For they know not what they do ! By their pitiable actions, they have offended the sensibilities of a lot of pious Hindus ! But Hinduism is beyond all these folks !

    By reacting to them, we are only stooping low !
    God bless them !

  10. Anonymous

    Its a shame on Indians n Indian Government for not making a protest!!!!

  11. Nishant


    They do these things to their Gods too. Its the cultural difference. They don’t think such things are of big deal, Its only us who keep reminding us of slavery and don’t want to come out of the inferiority complex. So no matter what happens, our conclusion goes in the same direction. And yes, Hinduism is much beyond these gimmicks.

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