The Crusaders’ Cross is Back!

The Reserve Bank of India has issued new ten rupees coins:










The new coins carry the same cross as was seen last year on Rs 2 coins. The RBI alleges that the cross shows “unity in diversity.” However, it is unable to give an explanation as to from what angle does the cross project this message.

RBI is ready to issue a new bimetallic 10 Rupee coin for circulation.
The look: The obverse side has the lion capitol with numeral 10 and year of manufacture. On reverse side, a double line cross with a dot in each pellet of cross and denomination written in Hindi and English around. This design has been prepared by National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, with the theme of Unity in Diversity. The outer side metal is Nickel-Bronze and the inner side metal is Ferrous Steel. The weight of the coin would be 8 grams and the diameter would be 28 mm.

This cross on the coin is nothing but the Crusaders’ Cross, also called Jerusalem Cross. Here is what it looks like:







It is called Crusaders’ Cross because it was given by the Pope Urban II to the crusaders for their very first crusade that was launched from Jerusalem. The four “crosslets” on the corners along with the main cross are supposed to show the five holy wounds of Christ.

One thing is clear, though, with this latest development. When the Bishops begin to march in a pagan land for its conquest, they are least bothered about the protests of the pagans. Even after so many protests by the Hindus when the Rs 2 coin with the cross was first launched last year, the RBI is back with exactly the same cross on yet another coin.

This is how the bishops show the middle finger to the pagans. As long as they have their lady heading the government and Christian chief ministers strategically placed all over India, they know they can over-rule the howls of the wretched pagans. The pagans will be dragged kicking and screaming to the baptism altar and made to cough up the tithe for all time to come.

So folks, the Crusaders’ Cross has arrived in our country on our currency coins. With this, the first crusade blessed by the Pope (who is fond of Gucci shoes) has earnestly and officially begun in the land of the “Hindoos.”

Be on your guard and wary of the Hindu courtiers of Congress and their Italian Christian queen. The end game has begun for the 5000 year old Hindu civilisation.



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34 responses to “The Crusaders’ Cross is Back!

  1. g kapuria

    UPA govt has no qualms about promoting the symbol of the most intolerant of all religions for national integration. They should be sued.

  2. JGN

    We are stretching our imagination too far. The symbol on the Coins have nothing to do with the “Crusader’s Cross”!! Despite nearly 700 years of rule by Islamic invaders and nearly 200 years of rule by the European Christian colonizers about 85% of India’s population follow the native religions. Then what makes us think that it is so easy to convert our Country into a Christian Country or Muslim country in 21st Century?

    • Vishwanath

      May be the cross nothing to do with the Crusaders’ cross but whats making the RBI to make coins in that one design?
      Also arguing on similar lines, the lotus on the ncert symbol did not mean BJP but why did arjun singh order change of symbol?

    • SolarKnight

      Do the math. India is rapidly becoming Islamic given the population growth of Muslims. Now Christians are fighting for power in India. Indians are the biggest sell outs in the world. They will do anything to distance themselves from actually being Indian, or being Hindu, and other “forces” take advantage of of the stupidity that is unforutately inherent to Indians/Hindus.
      As for the coin, I don’t think it is a stretch of the imagination. If it’s not a cross then what the hell is it? There is no real explanation from the authorities. It certainly looks like a cross to me. Indian(Hindus) living in India should be ashamed for not stepping up to the plate and defending the Hindu dharma.

  3. sanjaychoudhry

    JGN, don’t take these things lightly. All state symbols in India are being de-Hinduised.

    NCERT logo used to have a lotus. It has been replaced with a cross and crescent.

    Inability to recognise dangerous patterns and conspiracies against us will cause our downfall.

  4. VoP


    Crypto Christians who keep Hindu names and Dalit christians are not being counted by you. Same situation with muslims in Bengal and NE. India’s Hindu population after massive conversions by these viruses probably is around 70% now. That is average, Hindus are already minority in J&K, Nagaland, districts of Kerala/Bengal.

    I can’t recall the exact link but Shri Rajiv Malhotra has an excellent article or a comment somewhere on this topic. Once upon a time Hinduism had a influence starting from Afghanistan extending all the way up to south east Asia. It was a positive dharmic influence unlike that achieved by missionaries and Islamists by cloak and dagger. You know how Gandhara became Kandahar? That’s one hint. After pope’s medieval call for crusade in Asia in 1999 you have to view this development in a radically different sense. Only history is the guide. Ignoring it will be very disastrous. I shudder at the very thought of what is going to happen. Please wake up!

  5. JGN

    VoP, There is no need for us to be paranoid like the Muslims and cry that Hinduism is in danger. I am not aware of the exact condition in Ngaland and Bengal, but defnitely Hindus are in majority in Kerala. Though I detest the fundamentalist muslims, the Christians have transformed to a large extent. When we are happy to live in Christian majority countries like USA, UK, France, Germany, etc what makes you think that they are going to swallow us once they are in majoirty in India (though it is impossible for them to become majority as their population is only 2.34% as per last census of 2001 – not more than 5% if we consider conversion since then and those who did not disclose the fact of conversion). The conversions in Khandahar and other places took place in an era where “Might was right”. Is that possible now? Even Islam is not a monolithic entity. There are 73 sects warring with each other. Shiias are not considered as Muslims in Saudi and many other Islamic countries. They cannot become a religious teacher there. Now Sunnis blasting Shias have become a regular feature even in Pakistan.

    I do not think there would be any religion (at least the intolerant versions we see today) in another 25 years. Despite all short-comings, Hinduism is dynamic enough to change with time. Change with time or time will change you. That is the rule of nature.

    • Bharat Nair

      Do a Census study (religion)of Bangladesh/eastPakistan for the period 1940-2000 (60 yrs) to understand the magnitude of this problem.

      • JGN

        My dear friend, the population of Pak and Bangla increased many fold due their multiplying like rats. Bangladesh is the most densely populated country in the world now. Also other minorities (Hindus, Buddhists, Christians, Sikhs,etc) migrated to other parts of the world (including India) due to persecution by the Muslim fundamentalists. After finishing off the minorities, they turned to Ahmediyas and when even Ahmediyas have almost been finished, they have now turned to Shias!! Sunnis blasting Shias is now very common in Pak. Even in Saudi and other West Asian Country, Sunnis and Shiias are blasting each other. Great examples “Religion of Peace”!

        • Vishwanath

          So JGN do you mean that Hindu population did not decrease but the muslim population increased hence the decrease in percentage?
          If you are confused by percentages,search through google, you will find figures

  6. alwayssaynotoracism


    I will have to disagree with you.

    > When we are happy to live in Christian majority countries like USA, UK, France, Germany

    The “Christian” nature of these nations are limited to a minority and is waning. Thank god, they don’t dictate the direction of the nation. Without separation of Church and state these countries will go back to dark ages. Freedom of religion is protected. At most a missionary can knock at my door and thump his bible and nothing more. No force, no deception, no bribe, no inducement, no allurement, no fraud – everything that is happening in India. What makes it worse in India is the state support of the Congress ( Christian ) party of India colluding with western/arab funded media! Do you get the picture?

    > I am not aware of the exact condition in Ngaland and Bengal

    You are simply not in touch with trends and refusing to do an easy extrapolation based on that. Just read other posts in this blog, that is enough. Hindus/Sikhs paying “jaziyah”!!! That’s going back 300 years! Terrorism in NE is funded by Christian missionaries.

    > “Might was right”. Is that possible now?

    The 80 year swamiji in Orissa was killed by Christian maoists with AK-47. Missionaries are Christian Jehadis when no one is watching ( or ignores watching! )

    Nagaland is 90% Christian and are demanding to secede from India ( “Nagalim for Christ!” ). There are demands from Xtians for ‘safe havens’ inside Orissa. Sections in TN politics are influenced by Church with plans to create a Christian homeland ‘Ealam’ combining TN and Sri Lanka using Christian terror org. LTTE.

    CIA_Bush plans for India

    Further if following web sites are indicating past and current then there is every reason to be paranoid. ( J&K ) ( Kerala ) ( Bengal ) ( Bengal )

    > but defnitely Hindus are in majority in Kerala

    Majority in NUMBERS alone is not enough. Read up on their plight. ( Kerala )

    You want to IGNORE all these realities and trends and say, all is OK?

  7. JGN

    alwayssaynotoracism, if we also start halucinating “Hinduism is in danger” like the Muslims, there is no end to the same. Who has told you that LTTE is aiming to create a “Christian homeland”? To my knowledge about 80% of Tamils in Sri Lanka are Hindus and they are fighting against discrimination by the Sinhalease Buddhists (btw are you aware that the principles of Buddhism – Panchsheel and Eight-fold parth – are much more refined than the principles of any other religion)?? At least I am not paranoid enough to believe that the Muslims and Christians can out number the Hindus in India in 21st century.

  8. sanjaychoudhry

    “At least I am not paranoid enough to believe that the Muslims and Christians can out number the Hindus in India in 21st century.”

    You are too much focussed on numbers. You should actually be focussed on who has the political power.

    How much was the Christian population in Roman empire when the bishops captured political power? It was only 4 percent. Still the bishops managed to make entire Rome Christian within 50 years.

    Once you cature state power and become the real power behind the throne, things become much easier and you can screw the majority in a short span of time. The protests of the majority can be over-ruled and they be pushed screaming and kicking in any direction.

    The same trick of Rome the bishops are now trying to play in India and surrounding countries through Sonia Gandhi, Nepali Maoists, LTTE and Sui Kyi of Burma (her husband was a White Briton and both her sons are Christians).

    It is not the numbers of Christians but capture of state power by the church that is important. Why do you think in India (Sonia Gandhi), Chattisgarh (Ajit Jogi), Andhra (chief minister Reddy), Orissa (MP Radhakant Nayak) and the entire north east, the tallest congress leaders are all Christians? The bishops are capturing state power and state agencies in India slowly but surely, bit by bit. They are in full control of the Congress and will remain so as long as Sonia Gandhi remains.

    All Gandhi family members have been bumped off one by one till only she was left. The same thing now is happening to Robert Vadhra’s family. Only his white mother will be allowed to live from his family’s side.

    Many tall and dynamic leaders of Congress — Sachin Pilot, Madhavrao Sindhia, etc. — are dying unnatural deaths. The moment a leader in Congress acquires a high profile and may seem like a potential peer of Sonia Gandhi, he will be bumped off. Pranab Mukherjee last year had a narrow escape in a road accident in Bengal. You get the idea.

    CIA is running major operations in India for destablisation. It is helping the Maoists. The largest number of American diplomats in the whole world after Iraq are stationed in India. Even China and Russia do not have as many American diplomats as India has. They are sitting here to oversee these operations. The target is destruction of India by 2025.

  9. VoP


    > Who has told you that LTTE is aiming to create a “Christian homeland”?

    I gave you the link above when I posted my reply from another PC ( hence my id was “alwayssaynotoracism” ). You should read upon it. What you know about LTTE is old information which was true and which is what most believe. Let me give a short background. Just like sanjay says above the vatican is always looking for opposing forces within a region to ally with. It does not matter who it is as long as it is it’s enemy’s enemy. So yes, it used LTTE’s cause for it’s ulterior motive and turned it around for christianising Buddhist Sri Lanka. LTTE was a perfect pick. It’s top cadre was converted gradually ( Pirabharakaran and his son Charles ) and arms started flowing from Norway. The original Tamil cause is lost, now the Hindu Tamils are just ‘human shields’ for LTTE, did you not read it as news?! You will change your opinion once you know these facts.

    * Since 1982, Christian missions have taken deep roots in Sri Lanka and have spread very fast in the Tamil parts.

    * Even decades ago, the artificial Sinhala Buddhist-Tamil Hindu divide was an invention of Christian missionaries.

    * The very first separatists like Selvanayagam were Christians. It is a war fought for the sake of the ‘One True Lawd Goud’ born of the twice-married Virgin Mary, and who divided Himself into ‘Three True Lawds Gouds’ for the sake of mobility.

    * LTTE’s radio station, Voice of Tigers, is carried by the Vatican’s Philippines-based Catholic radio network, Radio Veritas.

    * V Prabhakaran’s son is named Charles Lucas Antony. Of course, LTTE propagandists claim this CLA was a slain soldier in whose memory VP named his son.

    * Interestingly, VP did not deem it fit to remember any Hindu soldier that had died for Eelam! VP also banned the cremation of his Hindu soldiers, who are forced to be buried.

    * Likewise, the female LTTE soldiers are not allowed to wear bindi or flowers — one can see the same practice in Christian churches in South India where the converted women shun bindi and flowers!

  10. JGN

    My dear Sanjay and alwayssaynotoracism, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. We all know what happened in Gujarat in 2002 and Orissa last year. RSS and DYFI are only two cadre based organizations in India. The “minorities” will find it even difficult to find a place to hide, if they start retaliating. The toll in Gujarat 2002 was only 1180 (including the missing and 260 Hindus) but that was the only incident where the “minorities” suffered more than the “majority” and that is the reason for crying foul about the same even now. They have learnt a lesson from that incident and there has not been a single major riot anywhere in India after that. Why don’t we have faith in our own ability rather than being paranoid?

  11. JGN

    My dear Sanjay and alwayssaynotoracism, one more thing. I understand that the Pope is now more worried about “sheep stealing” than “harvesting souls”!! Sheeping stealing is change of Church, if you have not heard of that.

  12. VoP


    > Why don’t we have faith in our own ability rather than being paranoid?

    Because it has failed. Nagaland became 90% christian in 3 decades. Kerala, TN and AP are trending. Why should it even come to violence? OK for arguments’ sake if they did indulge in violence we can retaliate you say. But it has not happened except in Gujarat. Elsewhere the score is dismal 0. You are arguing still without reading all those links I mentioned earlier. What makes the situation worse is Congress or various other parties’ taking anti-Hindu stance ( because of Church funding ) which results in active collusion of government’s designs in forcing the cross on the Hindus like this threads’ topic. Secondly Christian conversions are not achieved by violent means (except for NE) always but mostly by fraud.

    > Sheep stealing is change of Church

    Yes, I know but harvesting souls in Asia through FRAUDULENT means is not the answer to sheep stealing by other denominations of Christianity away from each other. If the faith is satisfying enough the sheep will stay. In some cases the sheep have been straying in search of divinity and superior spirituality in greener pastures like Hinduism, Buddhism, Humanism etc.,

    I guess you are not well informed on matters related to Christian and Western designs in India. Please read these once.

  13. Hindu

    Sanjay and others,

    My point may not come across well, but let me try. I think it is important for Hindus to first live as Hindus. Here are the Sutras of the Nandinatha Sampradaya, which provide a set of “rules” (if you can call them that) for practicing Hindus to regulate their daily lives:


  14. VoP

    Dear Gary,

    From your link

    “These aphorisms describe how people lived and interrelated with one another when life was simpler, when families and villages were close-knit, and love and peace, respect and wisdom prevailed.”

    The keyword above is “when love and peace, respect and wisdom prevailed”. Most of the issues that concerns Hindus in India are not about Hinduism per se BUT inability of Hindus to live their way of life. Not just for Hindus but anyone practicing Indic faiths – Sikhs, Jains, Buddhists etc., Most topics in this forum highlight this fact. Intolerant versions of Christianity and Islam are eating at the core. The Indian government and various political parties are under Vatican payroll.
    What do you suggest Hindus do? Taking the spiritual path alone won’t suffice, there’s a kshatriya dharma also. By generating awareness, waking up dormant or misguided citizens of India should be the goal.

  15. Hindu


    I have argued on this forum time and again that the lack of monks who spread Dharma is hampering the spread of Hindu Dharma. Just like missionaries spread Christianity, and Buddhist monks spread Buddhism (6 million in the US already), there should be Hindu monks who spread Hindu Dharma. They would also counter the spread of other faiths through their presence and work. For example, if missionaries are going into slums and working to convert Hindus there, then these monks would go into the same slums and display even greater dedication than the missionaries.

    The monastic orders established by Sankara did this when Buddhism was dominant, and brought back Vedic Dharma.

    I simply don’t see a highly spiritual, organized, and dedicated Hindu monkhood. The Saivite order in Hawaii is my model. These are men who by their very presence show us what practicing Hindu Dharma is. Every religion needs such beacons around whom seekers can congregate, and who mobilize the community. When I visit India, the monks I see of Hindu Dharma are mostly corrupt people of the worst kind. Sure, there are exceptions, but for the most it is hard to find monks who truly radiate Dharma. I did see such monks in the Ramakrishna order, but they are very few. We need literally a million such monks.

    Just my 2 cents, may not be worth even that.


    • Incognito

      “Just like missionaries spread Christianity, and Buddhist monks spread Buddhism (6 million in the US already), there should be Hindu monks who spread Hindu Dharma.”

      Despite continuous efforts by these missionaries over 2000 years, Christianity and Buddhism have not succeeded in changing minds of people.

      Sure, Chritianity has managed to swell their numbers in various places through enticements coercion and subversionary tactics. But where they were strong, such as in Europe, their number are declining. Many people who are born christians are growing up to question the beliefs and authority of the missionaries.

      More importantly, christian missionaries have proven to be tools for colonialists.
      History shows that strife and bloodletting follows missionaries. Rwanda, Kandhmal Orissa and North East states of India being some recent examples.

      Buddhists on the other hand have proven themselves totally incapable of protecting their own people and their own country(eg. Tibet).

      With these being the results that 2000 years of missionary efforts can show for christianity and buddhism, is it correct to think that adopting their way would be good for ancient indian culture ?

      There will be gullible people who will get swayed by efforts of missionaries. But such people are more likely to be like grass in the wind that sways in any direction that wind moves it.

      “For example, if missionaries are going into slums and working to convert Hindus there, then these monks would go into the same slums and display even greater dedication than the missionaries. ”

      There will always be people who are enamored by enticements and susceptible to subversionary tactics. And such people will be exploited by missionaries.

      The point is that, spiritual evolution or progress is essentially an inner-driven thing.

      Those who are susceptible to outside influences such as that of missionaries will not be true to spiritual evolution. Expending efforts on such people will not be of any use.

      “The monastic orders established by Sankara did this when Buddhism was dominant, and brought back Vedic Dharma. ”

      As I understand, Shankara challenged leaders of diverse philosophies to debates and defeated them on the strength of Advaita Vedanta philosophy. And with such defeats to their leaders, the competeing schools of thoughts shrivelled up.

      “I simply don’t see a highly spiritual, organized, and dedicated Hindu monkhood. ”

      The ancient indian culture and society was organised to achieve spiritual enlightenment. There was, therefore, no requirement for separate order of monks.
      Such a concept is of relevance only in western world where spirituality has been divorced from society.

      While such western thought process has replaced the ancient indian outlook in India also, it may appear that the need of the hour is an order of monks who will spread Dharma.

      But such a conclusion would be incorrect.

      The need of the hour is for indians and the people the world over to understand that spirituality is the purpose of human life and live their lives with that purpose.

      “We need literally a million such monks. ”

      This was the philosphy that Duryodhana believed in when he went to Krishna and asked for Krishna’s army before the start of Mahabharata war.

      Arjuna on the other hand wanted only one realised person- Krishna.

      The result of Mahabharata war proved who made the correct decision.

      • Hindu


        A Hindu monk at least changed one life for which I am thankful – my own.

        We must not be so pessimistic my friend. Arjuna needed Krishna, and got him. We are not so lucky. But we all can help guide those who seek such guidance.

        Hari Om,

  16. sanjaychoudhry

    I agree with Gary. The need for Hindu monks dedicated to spreading the dharma is self-evident and obvious. I am surprised there is even a debate about that.

    Nothing would stop conversions as effectively as Hindu monks working in the same area. Why do you think Swami Laxmananda Saraswati was bumped off by Christian goons? It is because they were finding it impossible to convert tribals in the area where he was running his ashram. Imagine what a million such Hindu monks would do to India and the world!

    We today desparately need a Hindu monastic order patterned on the Sankara model. Not having such proselytising organisations in India and abroad is a great failing of modern Hindus. If we have something great, we should speak up and tell other people about it.

    As someone said: “Silence is golden when it hides folly, not when it is the grave of wisdom.”

    • Hindu


      I have discussed this issue – of the lack of organized, dedicated, and spiritually advanced orders of Hindu monks – with some Indians who obviously know far more about Indian history than myself. What they told me was enlightening. One of them, who seems to know a lot of history, and who I trust implicitly in this regard, told me that the reason there are no such orders of monks is that during the period of Islamic rule over India, such orders were systematically put to butchery. He said that Islamic rule destroyed Buddhism (partly by destroying all the monks), and launched a similar attack on Hindu Dharma, whereby monkhood essentially carried a death sentence. To be a monk, with all the outwardly signs, meant to be beheaded. In any case, it is hardly debatable that HIndu temples were the targets of these rulers, and where else would monks live but in these temples.

      The result – after centuries of this kind of targetting, there are hardly any thriving orders of monks left.

      I felt a deep sense of pain and sorrow when I heard of this. Imagine the glory of these monks – spiritual seekers who had dedicated their lives to spiritual progress. Imagine how much they would have made a difference today. To think that they were simply butchered is just so hard to bear.

      Gajanan – the Hawaii monks must be persuaded to expand their operations in India. It is not enough for them to remain away from India, which is the origin and source of Hindu Dharma.

      Aum Namah Shivayah,

      • Hindu

        When this person told me about the murder of monks, it just occurred to me that I would have been beheaded in those days. I have a shaven head, and I wear saffron, and carry my prayer beads and sacred books on my person. Is that so bad that someone would want to kill me for that? Apparently that was the fate of many monks of Hindu and Buddha Dharma in the land of India. I cannot imagine a more tragic story.


    • Hindu

      Also, Sanjay, keep in mind that the Nandinath Monks of Hawaii do a fair bit of defending Dharma from malicious attacks by Evangelicals and so on. After all, Dharma is their life. They have nothing else but Dharma. They have vowed to devote their lives to living and preaching Dharma.

      A few of us are working on a project to have Dharma lessons on the web. It will be like having a bonafide Dharma instructor, except it will be through the web. We may go on the web in a few months. We are preparing some material etc.

      Aum Namah Shivayah,

  17. gajanan

    The Hawaii Group has done very good work in Mauritius, Malaysia and Singapore. For them to do in India, it will take time. One feels that to do in India, their temple establishment must be complete in Hawaii in 2012. Three years more and then they would be able to start their selfless activities in India. One thing must be noted , that organizational constitution must be drawn up and the order of monks delegated well, in order to counteract agressive Semitic religions. The Monks of Hawaii visit India quite often.

    About Ramakrishna Mission , they do very good work, but they also had problem from Marxists in W Bengal. Please read this detailed ( this article requires patience) web site post. The Calcutta declared them non-hindus and in 1995 the Supreme court reversed it and allowed the schools to be under RK Mission.

    This was due to WBnegal govt wanted to control the schools of RK Order in 1985 ( around about this period)

    Of course Konrad Elst’s analysis is there. The last
    lines of the article is very revealing and illuminating.

    “The day Hinduism gets respected again, these sects will probably reaffirm their Hindu identity, and the RK Mission will preface its publications with Vivekananda’s appeal: Say with pride, We are Hindus! ”

    These lines are before footnotes.

  18. Ajay

    Why is RBI so adamant about issuing coins that are bound to anger the majority!

    RBI still has brown skinned servants who bend backwards for their white skinned masters, disgusting

    • SolarKnight

      That’s what we Indians are –arse lickers. That’s why we (those of us who are Hindus) are seeing Hinduism getting reamed. Take Hindus who leave India for the western world. Though I’m not denying that many retain their culture, many convert just to fit in with the white man, and the most obvious religion for that is Christianity (even though its roots are semetic). Hindus are just willie nillie when it comes to religion and defending our roots/culture. How many Christians or Muslims do you think are out there defending Hindus, yet we so willingly bend down to defend them. I’m proud to be Hindu, but I’m not proud to be anIndian…it’s a nation going to the dogs

  19. ajamar

    hi i think its not a cross ( as what u said )
    i think what i can guess 4 people join together with their torso these 4 represtnt the 4 main religions of the country
    Why u think like this becoz of theme ‘Unity in Diversity’

    and second thing is the person who design this coin.
    he is very religious with hindu dharma so anyhow he can not put any sign who represent any other dharma 🙂

  20. I think that is beautifull coin.

  21. VoP

    And now this – Christian Congress glorifying Christian saints!!!

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