Halal Phone Manners

Here is the halal way of using phones, straight from Kanpur.

Fatwa on Cell Phone Use!

Kanpur based Islamic group Jamia Ashraf-ul-Madaris has issued Fatwa on cell phone use.

A fatwa is an Islamic legal decree made by someone who has extensive knowledge of the Sharia law.

According to the organization people who use verses from the Koran as ring tones and answer their cell phone midway through the aayat are committing a sin.

“This kind of action amounts to a gunah (sin),” said Ghyasuddin, a senior cleric with the Islamic group Jamia Ashraf-ul-Madaris.

“Listening to aayats partially is anti-Islamic,” he added. He said the practice leaves a bad impression on young children.

“If the phone rings and an aayat can be heard in the toilet, it is a sin,” Ghyasuddin told.

Read Arun Shourie’s “The World of Fatwas” to know the kind  of fatwas that have been issued in India through the ages.



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2 responses to “Halal Phone Manners

  1. 🙂

    A good example, Shouries book cites many other examples!

    It is not surprising that this will not get notice by any secular media person.

  2. Mayuresh Gaikwad

    Do Masjids anywhere in the world not have toilets or sanitation facilities near them? I wonder what happens when the aayat is heard in such toilets!

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