Why is Teesta Setalvad not behind bars?

NGOs, Teesta spiced up Gujarat riot incidents: SIT

NEW DELHI: The Special Investigation Team responsible for the arrests of those accused in Gujarat riots has severely censured NGOs and social activist Teesta Setalvad who campaigned for the riot victims.

In a significant development, the SIT led by former CBI director R K Raghavan told the Supreme Court on Monday that the celebrated rights activist cooked up macabre tales of wanton killings.

Many incidents of killings and violence were cooked up, false charges were levelled against then police chief P C Pandey and false witnesses were tutored to give evidence about imaginary incidents, the SIT said in a report submitted before a Bench comprising Justices Arijit Pasayat, P Sathasivam and Aftab Alam.

The SIT said it had been alleged in the Gulbarg Society case that Pandey, instead of taking measures to protect people facing the wrath of rioteers, was helping the mob. The truth was that he was helping with hospitalisation of riot victims and making arrangements for police bandobast, Gujarat counsel, senior advocate Mukul Rohtagi, said quoting from the SIT report.

Rohtagi also said that 22 witnesses, who had submitted identical affidavits before various courts relating to riot incidents, were questioned by the SIT which found that they had been tutored and handed over the affidavits by Setalvad and that they had not actually witnessed the riot incidents.

The SIT also found no truth in the following incidents widely publicised by the NGOs:

* A pregnant Muslim woman Kausar Banu was gangraped by a mob, who then gouged out the foetus with sharp weapons

* Dumping of dead bodies into a well by rioteers at Naroda Patiya

* Police botching up investigation into the killing of British nationals, who were on a visit to Gujarat and unfortunately got caught in the riots

Rohtagi said: “On a reading of the report, it is clear that horrendous allegations made by the NGOs were false. Stereotyped affidavits were supplied by a social activist and the allegations made in them were found untrue.”

The SIT is as unbiased as it gets. Headed by ex-CBI Director R.K. Raghavan, it was set up by the Supreme Court last year and is accountable to no one but the SC judges.

What I cannot understand is, what is the source of this lady Setalvad’s power and influence in India? Which is the force that is supporting her? Why is she not being arrested for spreading rumours and causing mischief to increase animosity and hatred among two religious groups in times of social unrest? She has been caught filing sworn affidavits in the court through some gullible “witnesses.”

These affidavits have upon investigation by court-appointed investigators found to be complete lies. In other words, she has lied to the court upon oath (or caused other parties to do so), which is a criminal offense. Setalvad has some connections at high level in India which are saving her skin again and again and allowing her to continue her poisonous, anti-national work. Nobody knows who funds her NGO and whether it is an Indian or foreign patron. Persistent rumours are there that her funding comes directly from Saudi Arabian Sheikhs.

This “pregnant Muslim lady gangraped and her foetus ripped out” has been the standard spit-out of rabid Indian communists and Muslim propagandists regarding the Godhra riots. Now SIT has found that this story was cooked up by Setalvad and mischeviously repeated by Arundhati Roy at various forums to lend it currency. Why is this Setalvad lady still roaming around free in this country? What happened to the law of the land? Where have the Indian judges disappeared?


From wikipedia, I gather that she has been showered with award after award by the usual suspects — the Anglo Saxons (who curiously at the drop of a hat run to give an award to Indian Maoists and rabidly communal Muslim and Christian individuals) as well as the UPA government controlled by the communists and anti-Hindu forces. Here are Setalvad’s awards:

2004 M.A.Thomas National Human Rights Award from the Vigil India Movement.
Parliamentarians for Global Action ‘Defender of Democracy’ award,[20] jointly with Helen Clark, the Prime Minister of New Zealand.[21]
the Nani A Palkhivala Award 2006.[22]
The Nuernberg Human Rights Award 2003.[23]
PUCL Journalism for human Rights Award 1993.[1]
Chameli Devi Jain Award for outstanding Woman journalist 1993.[1]
Maharana Mewar Foundation’s Hakim Khan Sur Award (jointly with Javed Anand) in 1999.[1]
Human Rights Award OF the Dalit liberation Education Trust in 2000.[1]
Pax Christi internationally Peace Award (jointly with Australian artist Eddi Kneebone).[1]
Rajiv Gandhi Award (jointly with Harsh Mander) for highlighting and helping the victims of violence in February – July 2002 in Gujarat, India.[1]

The organisations which have given this cheater, lier, rumour-monger and fabricator these awards should publicly apologise to the people of India. Her source of funding should be publicly investigated and exposed.



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57 responses to “Why is Teesta Setalvad not behind bars?

  1. Ajay

    Have not seen the SIT report if it is online, but here are some more manufactured lies of Teesta and her media gang that they were propogating at the height of the ”pogrom”..

    Myth 1. The 57 Ram sevaks were drunk, abusive and aggressive mobs.
    Truth 1. The 57 consisted of grand parents, 4 twelve year olds , many women. They were no ” drunk, abusive and aggressive mobs”
    List here.

    Myth 2. The sevaks were heckling Muslim tea vendor and dragged his daughter inside to ”molest”her.
    Truth 2. A fabricated claim. Later news reports clearly highlighted that no girl was ever pulled in.

    Myth 3. Pregnant woman raped and foetus killed.
    Truth 3. This is a particular myth which our liberal friends love to quote. It has been laid to rest now. Of course, in the entire investigation, nobody had any clue about the uncles, aunts, father, mother, brothers, sisters and third cousins and other children of this mythical lady.

    Myth 4. Brits caught up.
    Truth 4. This particular myth was spread only by the Times of India at first and later picked up by others. The ToI got the British HC to hold a conference and damn the country’s institutions and in this conference, the myth of the ‘pogrom’ was first floated. The ToI should have been pulled for such a blatant anti-national act of getting the country damned by a two bit foreign consulate. But given Shri Dileep Padgaonkar’s shoe licking skills ( which were in full flow when he described the ”crowning of Sonia as “in tune with the highest Vedantic rituals” of the country in May 04 ) , the Press Council could do nothing.

    Myth 5. The Jaffrey’s ”daughters killed “.
    Truth 5. He had only 1 daughter and she was safely abroad.

    Add to these the arrest of Zaheera Sheikh for contempt, the blatant affidavits and false oaths, Teesta’s case is clearly one of the most criminal acts of abuse of judiciary. Only, this time we have no judge to send her to jail for contempt.

    Btw, Teesta and her gang of rent-a-jihadis have now shifted their shop to Orissa and are petitioning the judiciary to stop polls in Kandhamal. One one hand, we have Teesta saying that ”polls should not be held as camps are on” and on the other, her bosom pal P Bhushan petitioning SC that “camps should continue “. A clear case of playing the judiciary and sidetracking the process of elections.

  2. gajanan

    Was expecting this after SDM. See where Vikas Swarup , the Indian slave cast has led Indians to.


    My feelings.

    Cry, thy beloved country.
    When words are hurled by a sentry.
    You rejoiced when Oscars were awarded by the gentry.
    Cry loudly,for they have awarded your countrymen to name call your country.

    This is Sahir’s Banawat Ki Duniya.
    That Hall of Fame, that Jai Ho is all Yeh Takto ki Duniya.
    Yeh Awards mil bhi jaye tho kya hai.

  3. Incognito

    Expectedly this news has not got coverage in MSM.

    Which are the ‘hands’ that are behind it ?

  4. JGN

    I had seen this report in today’s Economics Times under heading: Setalvad in dock for ‘cooking up killings’. Till a few months back I was also under the impression that she is a social worker as it is very common for social workers to attract harsh criticism. Then I saw a news report where she wanted to buy the whole Gulbarg Society and convert the same into some memorial for those who died in Gujarat riots. She also wanted to have annual recitation of the Quran there!! It was very clear from that news report that she is a fanatic Muslim who does not care for any one else but for her community only. Interestingly enough, all these pseudo-secularists talk about only the Gujrat riots but none of them talks about burning alive a compartment full of passengers. Those who shed crocodile tears for the vitims in Orissa also very conveniently forget about the killing of an old Swami and four of his companions. Is it that the “Hindus” have to show their neck for any one to chop off and should not react??

  5. I seriously wonder why no one appears to be taking her to court!
    The BJP should get smart and deal with these traitors with a firm hand.

      • Good reads. Its very sad to see the BJP collapse like this.
        The BJP in karnataka (though better than the Congress and JD(S)) gave 120 crores from the state budget to minority institutions (prev. govts had given around 20-30 crores it seems).
        We all know that minority institutions already get loads of money from outside the country. One can only assume that the BJP is trying very hard to remove the “communal tag” that the ELM has foisted on it and in the process betraying their own ideology.

        • sanjaychoudhry

          Things won’t improve till “Jinnah” Advani and “gasbag” Vajpayee don’t move away from the scene. These two are the secular charlatans perverting BJP from the top. Both are deathly scared of the English media editors and keep flattering them to be in their good books. What kind of fight will these losers fight on behalf of the Hindus? These people are just Nehru clones. The sooner the BJP gets rid of these two, the better.

          • Incognito

            As per the old indian system, Advani should have gone into Sanyasa long time back.

            Both Advani and Atal should have gone into Vanaprastha 10 years back, which means, gradually handing over the reins to the younger people as a precursor to Sanyasa.

            Modi is 58, Jaitley is 60 thereabouts.
            They too should be thinking of Vanaprastha soon.

            Obama at 47 is at the right age for giving maximum contribution to country.

            As one ages beyond 60, his effectiveness begin to decrease gradually. But his accumulated experience will enable him to contribute to mentoring younger leaders to takeover from him.

            After crossing 70, the rate of decrease increases. At this stage it would be good for them to retire and pursue spirituality full time in the form of Sanyas.

            The Chiefs of Armed Forces, like all other govt servants retire at age 60.

            But the so-called supreme commander of armed forces is generally much older and uninspiring.

            The executive of the country who should be giving leadership to armed forces in a crisis is also too old and equally uninspiring.

            This scheme of things pave way for decay of the country.

            In this context Narayana Murthy did the correct thing by handing over active leadership of his company to Nilkeni on time and taking Vanaprastha.

            As for the forthcoming elections,

            Advani or Manmohan, the prospective PMs, if elected to lead the govt, will be disasters for the country. The former being a little less disasterous than the latter.

            One person who has proven his ability at good governance and comparatively has age on his side is Modi.

            He is the only PM-worthy in politics today.

            It is a reflection of the state of the country that he is not a prospective PM.

  6. The sources of power of Teesta, Angana and Arundhati are all the same – Indian English Lang. Media, and the source of ELM’s power is “We, the people”, who read and watch it 24/7. Unfortunately, it doesn’t get simpler than this.
    This isn’t the first time they’ve been caught lying. Remember Ehsan Jafferi case (Arundhati’s lie)? Or, Jhabua nun’s rape case? By the time you try to trap them on one of their lies, they’ve moved on to another story and it goes on and on. Their lies become headline news, and the truth goes to page 7.

  7. Rajesh Nayak

    See this site- must see http://www.gujaratriots.com

  8. Mandar

    Being a Hindu in this country seems to be a crime.

  9. simply61

    She is not behind bars for the same reason that Varun is behind bars but the guy who threatened to cut off the hands that try to harm”minorities’is out free and has been left off with a reprimand! This is how we practice secularism in this country.

  10. Here’s some of what the SIT said yesterday (April 21st):

    * The Special Investigation Team (SIT) … on Tuesday slammed reports that riots witnesses were tutored to give false evidence for exaggeration of the situation, by activists and organisations helping the victims.

    * [T]he Supreme Court termed the leak as a “betrayal of the faith reposed in those to whom the report was allowed access”.

    * “The alleged reported leaks appear to be inspired by dubious motives. I cannot confirm such claims. The act is highly condemnable,” [SIT chief] Raghavan said.

    * The SIT sources said the alleged leaks appear to have been based on statements of state police officials and “cannot be termed as findings of the report.”

    All from the Hindustan Times today (April 22), this report: Gujarat riots witnesses not tutored: SIT.

    (This is all in a post on my blog, More about warped minds).

    • JGN

      Dilip D’ouza,

      “The Special Investigation Team (SIT) … on Tuesday slammed reports that riots witnesses were tutored to give false evidence for exaggeration of the situation, by activists and organisations helping the victims……”

      Have you not heard of Zahira Seikh accusing Teesta Javed Khan of inducing her for giving false evidences in the Court? The poor girl had to undergo imprisonment and Teesla wriggled out with her money and muscle power!!

  11. Suhas

    Asked about the leaked contents of the report, the SIT chief, R. K. Raghavan told Hindustan Times that he could not confirm whether the leaked contents were true.

    “I am answerable only to the Supreme Court. The alleged reported leaks appear to be inspired by dubious motives. I cannot confirm such claims. The act is highly condemnable,” Raghavan said.


    When you read all this from Hindustan Times report, it is better to release the report in full to the public. Why not be transparent? So release the SIT report as soon as possible, before some more media report counters this, better release the SIT report in full otherwise it will be like George W Bush’s WMD in Iraq, million times more effective in criminal content than Godhra.

    • sanjaychoudhry

      This HT report is nothing but secular mafia at work. These charlatans have been put on the defensive by the SIT report and now they are organising themselves to run a media campaign (that we all are so familiar with).

      These people usually operate through the English media to appear larger than life, but they have no presence on the ground level. English media is their lifeline.

      The TOI reporter clearly said that he based his report on a copy of the SIT report that he has in his possession. So what exactly is the issue? Are the secularists claiming that these things don’t exist in the SIT report? That can be easily verified.

      • Incognito

        Surprising that it took them one full week to cook up this.

        First they lay the ground work by pasting this –
        The Special Investigation Team (SIT), probing major cases of 2002 anti-Muslim Gujarat riots on Tuesday slammed reports that riots witnesses were tutored to give false evidence for exaggeration of the situation, by activists and organisations helping the victims.

        1. The word they use is – “anti-Muslim Gujarat riots”.

        How does then one account for the death of around 300 Hindus if riots were ‘anti-Muslim’ ?

        2. Then ‘Gujarat riots’. Attempt to tie Gujarat to riots.

        So a phrase ‘riots that occured in Gujarat in 2002‘ that would have conveyed the correct meaning was manipulated to “2002 anti-Muslim Gujarat riots ” to implant in the mind of the reader that –

        (a) riots of 2002 were anti-Muslim.
        (b) There was no ’cause’ to the riots. It spontaneously happened. No relation to Godhra incident.
        (c) Gujarat and riots go together.

        3. Next- ‘SIT… slammed reports…’
        Whereas rest of the report show that SIT members have not denied what was reported earlier.

        So ‘slammed’ is meant to give a first impression that SIT themselves have denied what was reported earlier as findings of the team.

        4. And they conclude with- “…by activists and organisations helping the victims. ”

        Whatever else you read, mind you, these activists and their organisations were helping the victims.

        With this introductory paragraph implanting plenty of contrary-to-truth suggestions in the minds of the reader, they start their report.

        Then comes – “The SIT rebuttal followed the alleged leak of its report recently, …

        5. The ‘SIT rebuttal’.

        In case the ‘SIT …slammed reports…’ phrase of first para failed to make an impression on you, to reinforce it, is “SIT rebuttal”.

        However, in the rest of the report one does not find SIT rebutting anything, only attempting to deflect the reporter.

        6. Further, “alleged leak”.

        It is only ‘alleged’, implying that truth is something different.
        Second, ‘leak’. conveying the idea of untrustworthiness of source.

        Thus the ‘reports’ in the first line becomes ‘alleged leaks’ in the second.

        Next, this is the best that they could find among what SIT told them- ““The findings of the report have concentrated on the investigations into the cases and it was not our business to indulge in the blame game and level allegations,” a senior SIT official said.

        7. Far from denying what was reported earlier, far from ‘rebutting’, far from ‘slamming’, SIT makes a neutral statement, indicating that it was not their business to blame anyone.

        No negation of what was reported earlier as findings of the team.

        This is what is trumpeted as ‘slamming’ ‘rebuttal’ .

        Next- “The SIT response to the reported leak came on a day, when the Supreme Court termed the leak as a “betrayal of the faith reposed in those to whom the report was allowed access”.

        So, that was not, after all, an ‘alleged’ or even a ‘reported’ leak.
        For the Supreme Court to make such an observation, the leak had to be true.

        8. So here we have these fellows attempting to suggest that the earlier report was not based on facts by adding ‘alleged’ and ‘reported’ to ‘leaks’ knowing fully well that the earlier report was based on authentic information.

        9. Despite this, the next para tries again to cast aspersions on the veracity of the earlier report by using the words- ‘claimed’, ‘alleged’.

        And then- “Asked about the leaked contents of the report, the SIT chief, R. K. Raghavan told Hindustan Times that he could not confirm whether the leaked contents were true.

        10. So where Court and SIT chief is involved, it is straight- the reports were based on leaked contents. not ‘allegedly’ , not ‘claimed’, not ‘reported’, but exactly on ‘leaked contents’.

        11. This is the second quote from SIT that they have given which again does not deny the truth in the earlier report.

        Is this what is trumpeted as ‘slamming’, rebuttal’ ?

        The third quote from SIT goes- ““I am answerable only to the Supreme Court. The alleged reported leaks appear to be inspired by dubious motives. I cannot confirm such claims. The act is highly condemnable,” Raghavan said.

        Again, no denial of what was reported.

        Further, by saying “I am answerable only to the Supreme Court.”, Raghavan tells the reporter that he is not intereseted in answering any question put by the reporter.

        The rest of the quote reveals discontinuity, as when number of replies are clubbed together. It indicates the possibility that the quote is a contructed one from replies to different questions.

        And then one more attempt to cast aspersion of the report-“The SIT sources said the alleged leaks appear to have been based on statements of state police officials and “cannot be termed as findings of the report.”

        It is ‘SIT sources’ this time, not Raghavan. It could be anyone from the guy who supplied tea to the SIT to the sweeper who cleaned SIT office premises, since the ‘source’ is able to only speculate that the ‘leaks appear to have been based on statements of police officials’.

        And what all of this unequivocally confirms is that the earlier report was very much based on the SIT report.

        Despite this and contrary to facts, the Hindustan Times headlines claim- “Gujarat riots witnesses not tutored: SIT

        When did SIT say that or anything at all to that effect ?

        The intention behind this is that a person who casually glances through the news headlines will get the totally wrong impression that ‘Gujarat riots witnesses were not tutored’. And that SIT itself says so.

        Next, if he glances at the first two paras, he will only reinforce this wrong impression.

        The rest of the report is more of suggestions and insinuations rather than honest reporting.

        As many people have the habit of glancing through the headlines, and maybe the first two paras, these tactics are very succesful in spreading misinformation and lies.

        The headline, first para and the first line of the second para that cathces the eye of the casual glancer is carefully designed to mislead and misinform.

        No wonder these master liars as are found in editorial dens indulge freely in such detestable tactics.

        The question is, how does a newspaper such as this that has rather decent circulation get away with this kind of blatant deception ?

        Don’t its subscribers deserve truthful reports ?

        Why should the newspaper misinform its subscriber who pays him ?

        Isn’t it akin to ‘biting the hand that feeds’ ?

        Ok. Maybe, there is another ‘hand’ that is feeding these deceptive monsters more than what the subscribers can.

        That would explain.

        Nevertheless, there are sufficient grounds to file a case of ‘Cheating’ and make these monsters and the ‘hand’s behind them pay for their crimes.

  12. sanjaychoudhry

    Good analysis, Incognito. It seems the secular mafia went into labour the moment the SIT report findings were published. After a week of moaning and groaning in labour, this HT report full of spins and lies is all that the secular mafia could deliver as a “salvo.” Whatever it has delivered is a still born, I would say.

  13. Hindu

    I read in the papers here that the Taliban are getting closer to the border with India. Should they crossover into parts of India, what would they do to Hindus? I don’t feel confident that Hindu monks would be spared. I hope the Indian government can at least protect Hindu monks. Dharma is the soul of India. If you let the monks come to harm, then the soul is harmed. I am not saying that others should not be protected. But the monks, because they probably have taken vows of Ahimsa and cannot protect themselves from the likes of the Taliban, must surely be protected.

    Hari Om,

  14. Hindu

    The Brihadaranyaka Upanishad – perhaps the oldest of the Upanishads (which would make it the oldest metaphysical document in the world) – contains enough spiritual truth to last the human race forever. Indeed, if one reads it, one is left with the inescapable conclusion that other such documents are, in some sense, kidding! Such is the profundity.

    I speak this not with vanity. Read it for yourself. So it behooves Hindus to take this knowledge to the world.


    • VoP

      Few quotable quotes!

      “When I read the Bhagavad-Gita and reflect about how God created this universe everything else seems so superfluous.” ~ Albert Einstein

      “When I read the Upanishads, I found a profundity of world view that made my Christianity seem like third grade.” ~ Huston Smith

      “India was the Motherland of our race and Sanskrit the Mother of Europe’s languages.India was the Mother of our Philosophy, of much of our Mathematic’s, of the ideals emboded in Christianity …of Self-Government and Democracy, In many ways Mother India is the Mother of us all..” ~ Will Durant

      “Land of religions, cradle of human race, birthplace of human speech, grandmother of legend, great grandmother of tradition. The land that all men desire to see and having seen once even by a glimpse, would not give that glimpse for the shows of the rest of the globe combined. India had the start of the whole world in the beginning of things. She had the first civilization; she had the first accumulation of material wealth; she was populous with deep thinkers and subtle intellect; she had mines, and woods, and a fruitful soul.” ~ Mark Twain

      “The Hindu religion is the only one of the world’s great faiths dedicated to the idea that the Cosmos itself undergoes an immense, indeed an infinite, number of deaths and rebirths. It is the only religion in which the time scales correspond, to those of modern scientific cosmology. Its cycles run from our ordinary day and night to a day and night of Brahma, 8.64 billion years long. Longer than the age of the Earth or the Sun and about half the time since the Big Bang. And there are much longer time scales still. A millennium before Europeans were wiling to divest themselves of the Biblical idea that the world was a few thousand years old, the Mayans were thinking of millions and the Hindus billions” ” ~ Carl Sagan

      “In India, our religions will never at any time take root; the ancient wisdom of the human race will not be supplanted by the events in Galilee. On the contrary, Indian wisdom flows back to Europe, and will produce a fundamental change in our knowledge and thought.” ~ Arthur Schopenhauer

      “Access to the Vedas is the greatest privilege this century may claim over all previous centuries.” ~ Julius Robert Oppenheimer

      “I like to think that someone will trace how the deepest thinking of India made its way to Greece and from there to the philosophy of our times.” ~ John Archibald Wheeler

      “The Bhagavad-Gita is the most systematic statement of spiritual evolution of endowing value to mankind. It is one of the most clear and comprehensive summaries of perennial philosophy ever revealed; hence its enduring value is subject not only to India but to all of humanity.” ~ Aldous Huxley

      “In the morning I bathe my intellect in the stupendous and cosmogonal philosophy of the Bhagavad-Gita, in comparison with which our modern world and its literature seems puny and trivial.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

      “After a study of some forty years and more of the great religions of the world, I find none so perfect , none so scientific, none so philosophical and none so spiritual that the great religion known by the name of Hinduism. Make no mistake, without Hinduism, India has no future. Hinduism is the soil in to which India’s roots are stuck and torn out of that she will inevitably wither as a tree torn out from its place. And if Hindus do not maintain Hinduism who shall save it? If India’s own children do not cling to her faith who shall guard it. India alone can save India and India and Hinduism are one. ” ~ Annie Wood Besant

      “The marvel of the Bhagavad-Gita is its truly beautiful revelation of lifes wisdom which enables philosophy to blossom into religion.” ~ Herman Hesse

      “Perhaps in return for conquest, arrogance and spoliation, India will teach us the tolerance and gentleness of the mature mind, the quiet content of the unacquisitive soul, the calm of the understanding spirit, and a unifying, a pacifying love for all living things.” ~ Will Durant

      • Hindu

        Aum, VoP.

        It is beyond any doubt that the Upanishads are the deepest metaphysical truths known to mankind. I do not call them philosophy, because they are truths, and can be experienced after years of following the path. In my estimation, it takes the average person about 10 years after he first starts upon this path, to begin experiences of the truths in the Upanishads. That is not a very long time if you think about how long people spend in school to get advanced degrees.

        That is why I say that it is only Sanatana Dharma which allows a seeker to experience the higher reality, not merely follows “God’s orders.” To be sure, one must follow some codes of behavior, and these are interspersed with the other truths. For example Taittriya I.11 is a section on what might be considered directive codes of conduct (“always respect your parents, give with faith, love and modesty” etc.). These would be equivalent to the Abrahamic commandments. But there is so much more.

        Progress in Dharma is in stages, and all are described. In the first stage, one must follow commandments (this would be like a Western religion) and become “a good human being.” But that is just the beginning, though even this is a continuous effort that must take an entire life. From here, one develops self-realization (or God-realization, as one wishes to think about it). It is this that Sanatana Dharma offers to the seeker who is willing to follow the path. I do believe that some of the teachings of Jesus hinted there, but the Church has so thoroughly destroyed Jesus the teacher (in order to make him the mass marketable “Christ the savior”) that those teachings are lost.

        Hari Om,

  15. Arunkumar

    I totally agree with the comments of all the nationalist Indians. Teesta is indeed filled with blind rage against Modi. The Gujarat riots were only a manifestation of Hindu anger. It was like the fury of a patient man. Hindus have decided that enough is enough and if they don’t make a stand, they will be pushed out or forcibly converted as it used to happen in the past years.

  16. Bhagat Singh

    Thanks a lot to the website and the writer for showing TRUTH to the world.

    Unfortunately I found most of the media telling and writing languages of Congress only.

    Nowadays some anti national elements and money minded Media and NGO are trying to fix Shri Narendra Modi with fake evidences.

    India really need the true Media.

    Thanks again…

    Vande Mataram

  17. VoP

    > god must help u. how sick u r?

    Which God? Allah – piss on him or Jeeezus – waking up now?

  18. Sumanth

    Any prizes for guessing who would have initially torched the sabarmati express ?

    Well, all the smoke is clearing out eh

    Rather she must be placed at a few altars above Ajmal Kasab, he Massacred 200 Indians and in some ways united us and reminded the center about security awareness, more still his lot are at least a recognized lot as enemies of state, while this monster whilst considered worthy of Padma Shri has sowed hatred and pitted millions of its own country men against one another all to fill her coffer.

    This is democracy at its darkest hour.
    In one word, Treason.

    • Bhushan

      But Kasab was allowed to come to Mumbai and kill people because Sonia ordered it, tto divert the people’s attention form the nuclear bill debate, and get money to win the elections.

  19. senthil kumar

    The Indian Government should investigate who is funding Teesta and Arundati Roy. These two have to be tried in court for spreading anti indian speeches. It seems that they want India to be divided in to many pieces. We should be beware of them.

  20. venu

    Teesta is a outright narrow minded anti indian, anti hindu, communalist and she must be prosecuted after thorough enquiry by a parliamentary committee (JPC) because otherwise politically benefitted parties will help
    to cover up the tuth. She blames and target hindu community even by concocting imaginary crimes as attributed to its members for no fault of theirs just with the evil intention of degrading that religion thinking that
    maligning one religion can pave the way to prosper another one which she wanted to promote. For her any religion, community etc are ok with temporarily to attain her evil design against Hindus. If she think Hindu
    Religion is such a weak one she is mistaken. Hindus are normally very
    peace loving and kind. But that is not an excuse to torture their psyche
    continuously exploiting the loop holes of law and creating confusion and
    dout in the society. This must be stopped before things go out of hand
    as untruth and evil propaganda produce frictions in the society. Once
    people get fed up and respond in a massive way innocents will suffer
    and ultimately the values we as a democratic and secular nation will take a
    severe beating. In my opinion, ardent self proclaimed communalists are
    not so dangerous than these type of fake human right activists who keep
    hatred against another human sect in mind and act and pretend as if to
    help them out. Teesta is a curse in that context for india and for the whole
    human world and for the principles taught by all good religions. Let us
    praise the real human right activists who do a soverign job in the country
    while condemning these type of misfortune of this country.

  21. ani

    Look what testa setavad is not important here, what is important is, why gujarat riots happened, who is responsible for killing innocent people. who is main leader and the party behind gujarat riots,, world media has criticized govt of gujarat and govt of india to allow the mobs do the job done.

  22. rvk

    u r a piece of shit a**hole. what r u trying to say ha? are only those ppl were innocent who were killed in guj riots? then what abt those ppl who were killed in sabarmati express? weren’t they innocent? it seems u r a ‘sick’ularist anti indian… Damn u son of a b****.

  23. gulludoc@indiatimes.com

    Who ever is responsible for killing and encouraging any killings must be brought to justice.

  24. the shalivahana

    dear friends
    The Hindus and Hinduism are endangered species in their own land. The virus called Islam has befriended the plague called communism thereby wreaking havoc on India. One solution perhaps is to be brutal with pro leftists like N Ram, Praveen Swami and Teesta Setalvad. They have adequately exploited the loopholes of ‘democracy’ (saying and doing anything one likes and getting away with it). We peace loving Hindus have to eradicate this rabid brigade ruthlessly for the progress of our great nation. Support RSS and like minded organizations in the interest of your survival.

  25. Pingback: Ghost Of Gujarat Riots: A Panacea For Secular Souls Lying On Their Death Beds « Indowaves's Blog

  26. Usman Raza khan

    Teesta aap ne Jo muslim
    community k liye kiya ha woh aaj tak kisi raja maharaja tak ne nahi kiya hoga aap bhout achchi lady ha aap bhout bare dil Ki ha aap Ki tareef lafzo se nahi Ki Ja sakti ha Allah aapki mehnat zaya nahi Jane dega
    Usman Raza khan
    R/0 22A Akash Puram ext.
    Pbt by pass

  27. vijeta

    This is the most dehumanizing outlook at social activism EVER!
    Let me begin by answering your question as to why she is not behind bars. well, for the same reason that terrorists such as modi and muthalik are not behind the bars.

    “The SIT is as unbiased as it gets” – you say… give me the evidence for such a blinded claim.

    when somebody like modi whose constant hate speeches are brushed under the carpet, why should she be jailed????

    Is it humanly possible to brainwash TWENTY TWO witnesses???? – do you really think not one of them would have hesitated to give “false” evidences?
    The connections presumed between her and saudi arabian shieks only reflects a fanatic narrow-mindedness to blame the muslims for anything.

    do you really want to know who an anti indian is? people who are anti secular are anti indian.. teesta is not anti indian.. terrorists that are state funded like modi are anti indian. if you claim to be indian tell me which india are you talking about??
    Pose your questions to modi not activists like roy and teesta who are trying to save people’s necks by attempting to create a more egalitarian society.

    • Vineet

      Dear Vijeta,
      Your passion is admirable but logic is not. The English Media showcases as if 2002 riots were the first ones in Gujrat or in all other previous ones in India in general and Gujrat in particular the criminals were all convicted. It is a fashion for likes of Teesta, Arundhiti, Namrita Roy, Congress & Left to propogate an illogical arguement by repeating it again & again. For example – Does any TV anchor ever talk of number of hindus who died in 2002 riots. It was about 25% of total number. Definitely not focussed on Muslims only. Does anyone talk why Jaffri’s wife could only manage to report it around 2006. If likes of Sanjiv Bhatt who take gifts from Congress were so efficient and honest then why didnt they do enough to control situation in their area.

      Guys wake up, see the plain truth – the English Media is undermining our Indian traditions.value systems

      • Bhushan

        Cant you read this?

        “the SIT which found that they had been tutored and handed over the affidavits by Setalvad and that they had not actually witnessed the riot incidents.”

        What is an egalatarian society? The one in which Hindus are supressed and killed, because they are majority? A society where Hinduism is mocked? Where all the laws are against/biased against Hindus?

        Are Muslims and Christians secular? They dont even acknowledge that there can be another God besides their own. They consider it a sin to consume prasad offered by Hindus.

        Hinndus are not even defending themselves. All riots are ony retaliations. Why were they attacked in the first place? Dont make anti-Hindu comments. I am sure you are not being paid like Roy and Teesta are.

        Dont accuse Modi without any evidence. I can also say that Sonia planned 1984 Punjab riots, 26/11, Delhi blasts, etc, because she is the only one to have befitted from all that.

        • Radhika

          Reading this website is really making me sick. I have finally understood why a mastermind of a communal genocide managed to get himself elected time and again … communal hatred seems to be so common, that it now accepted as “national”!! Really sorry for all those in this website who have supported Modi. you are really mentally and morally sick people, who don’t have an iota of compassion and justice in you…

          • hindu boy

            We hindu raised voice against it and now our girls are free to do anything. But in your ishlam they have to wear Burka (backward) and they cant go Masjid. We have female gods and we worship them.

            Turn the pages of history.. Hinduism is the oldest religion proved and accepted worldwide.

            But in my view no body should fight in the name of religion because there is no god. Innocent people are killed, womens are being raped in the whole world. Tell me what allah or any god are doing..

          • Bhushan

            @Radhika: Reading your name makes me scared. So many pseudo-secularists and only in Hinduism? Wake up. Everyone knows how the riots started – innocent Hindus were killed for no fault, as it has happened in several riots. Modi is the target becoz he did not take the opportunity for some hindu bashing as is the norm to fool people like you.

          • Indian Realist

            Please reserve your diatribue for those who say “our God is true, your god is false” — but I am sure monotheistic fundamentalism won’t make you sick at all, being a clueless Hindu that you are.

  28. Dr.K.K.Mathan

    Why do the Media (TV) give so much attention to the persons like Teesta Setelvad and Mallika Sara bai during any debate. It is highly irritating to the screeming of the former and the sarcastic laughter othe latter . Is the importance because of anti Modi stand?

  29. JGN

    @ Vijeta ,
    >>>>Is it humanly possible to brainwash TWENTY TWO witnesses>>>>> when over 1.5 billion people can be made to believe that there is some Shetty’s Ladies Bar stocked with abundant supply of wine and women up in the sky, why do you think it is impossible to “brainwash” twenty two witnesses (if at all they have any brain) ?

  30. hitechorthotics

    not only teesta should be in behind bars but also hanged at RAJGHAT. so that nobody will dare to do such henious crime what she has done .
    bloody teesta , u go to hell

  31. Piyali Banerjee

    She will never go to jail. She has blessings of Congress and their chief Sonia Gandhi, Left and rich Bollywood personalities. See how Indian media underplays the startling revelation about her. Congress has enough money to keep such Teesta’s alive inorder to stay in power and loot the nations. 60 years of looting did not fill the elephants. The Neheru clan should be kicked out of this country and all the awards and foundations in their names should be revoked.

    And just one word of caution to women who marries into muslim community,
    you will indeed go to betray nation like teestas and barkhas inorder to save your marriage. So better think twice before going after hormonal drive.

  32. Dr rajesh

    She shovd be arrested immediately but unfortunately who spread hatred for hindus they are prized by congress

  33. Balgit

    Its sad to see people fighting among themselves in order to support political parties. These people will learn a lesson, when they become a victim of these same parties.

    If the soul is reborn, will it be able to choose being born as a Hindhu or a Muslim or a Christian or a sikh.

  34. rahul

    Mrs Teesta Javed Anand is a stooge of Congress, CPI (M) and many a so called NGO’s. I firmly believe when a Hindu Person Marries into a different Religion he/she strives to be the champion of the new religion converted to. Mrs Javed Anand what about the innocent Karsevaks burnt alive in the train compartment. Please Reply.

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