Gandhi praised, Aurobindo erased?


A Fatherhood More Equal?

In exalting Gandhi, we’ve elbowed Sri Aurobindo into the shadows  
Francois Gautier on Sri Aurobindo

In this time of elections, the Congress has again claimed ownership to the Father of the Nation. But is the Mahatma, whose tremendous personality cannot be denied, indeed the architect of Indian independence, as most history books, Indian and western, are claiming?

The Lives of Sri Aurobindo (Columbia University Press, May 2008), a recently released biography by the American Peter Heehs, sheds new light on Sri Aurobindo’s role as a leader of the Congress. Not many people know that originally, the Congress was created in December 1885 by an Englishman, A.O. Hume, with the avowed aim to “allow all those who work for the national (read British) good to meet each other personally”. Yet, between 1906 and 1910, Sri Aurobindo was not only demanding outright independence from the British, but he also re-enacted Krishna’s message in the Bhagavad Gita by allowing his brother Barin to manufacture bombs in his own house and secretly endorsing early assassinations of select Englishmen. Compare this to the Mahatma, who only asked for independence in 1940—and that because he was against cooperating with the British in their war efforts against the Nazis.

Heehs writes: “Sri Aurobindo never ceased to believe that Indians had the right to use violence to topple a government maintained by violence.” This enormously important aspect of Sri Aurobindo’s life, of protecting dharma, of standing for what is good and true and noble, by force if necessary, is today ignored and not applied to the enemies of modern India. Many of today’s disciples of Sri Aurobindo and his companion, the Mother, would rather sweep this aspect of his life under the carpet. Thus, someone has slapped a court case against Heehs in Orissa, thereby stopping the book from being published in India.

Heehs also dwells on the famous Uttarpara speech, in which Sri Aurobindo, after one year in Alipore jail, clearly defines what he calls the Sanatana dharma: “Something has been shown to you in this year of seclusion, something about which you had your doubts and it is the truth of the Hindu religion. It is this religion that I am raising up before the world, it is this that I have perfected and developed through the rishis, saints and avatars, and now it is going forth to do my work among the nations. When, therefore, it is said that India shall rise, it is the Sanatana dharma that shall rise.”

If we, in France, had a great man such as Sri Aurobindo, who comes out in the Heehs biography not only as a revolutionary and a yogi, but also a tremendous philosopher and peerless poet, we would cherish him endlessly. His poetry would be taught to children, his philosophical works would be part of the university curriculums, books would be written about him, museums would be built…. In fact, France’s outspoken ambassador in India, Jerome Bonnafont, is an ardent admirer of Sri Aurobindo’s political works.

But today, amongst Indian politicians (apart from Dr Karan Singh, a scholar on Sri Aurobindo), everybody quotes conveniently from Gandhi, although nobody applies his ideals of charkha, non-violence, khadi and birth control by sexual abstinence. No journalist ever mentions this extraordinary yogi, whose sayings of one hundred years ago are still one hundred per cent relevant today. Not only is he absent from schools and universities, in some manuals written by the Congress, he is branded a ‘terrorist’. Shame on India!

Somnath Chatterjee, who has been made an icon by the Indian media in spite of his sitting on the cash-for-votes scam, has built an Indian history museum at the Parliament annexe. In this museum, the history of India more or less starts with Ashoka (because he was supposedly Buddhist), jumps to Akbar (who is glorified beyond measure) and finishes with Subhash Chandra Bose, Gandhi and Jawaharlal Nehru.Not one mention of Sri Aurobindo or even Bal Gangadhar Tilak. Isn’t it time Indian history is rewritten?

Heehs’s book can be used to rectify some of the major injustice done to Sri Aurobindo, the true father of Indian independence, who prophetically said about Pakistan in 1947: “India is free, but she has not achieved unity, only a fissured and broken freedom. The whole communal division into Hindu and Muslim seems to have hardened into the figure of a permanent political division of the country. It is to be hoped that the Congress and the nation will not accept the settled fact as for ever settled…. For if it lasts, India may be seriously weakened, even crippled; civil strife may remain always possible, possibly even a new invasion and foreign conquest.” How prophetic!



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  1. sas

    Peter Heehs was an ignorant person because Sri Aurobindo NEVER was aware of his brother making bombs. And more importantly Gandi was a politician and Sri Aurobindo was a spiritualist who had no ambition to be famous or wish that world reads his poems. He was far higher than human ambition. If a person has got the taste of nirvana in the youth of his sadhana, why would be care about public fame as like a normal person as Gandhi…

    Come out of the utter ignorance my western friend. Peter Heehs or whatever is living in the same ignorance as you are!!

    • Hiten

      If a person has got the taste of nirvana in the youth of his sadhana, why would be care about public fame as like a normal person as Gandhi

      what types of comments are these, utter bs. You decided to follow a human man with utter failings leading to the divison of our grea country, and the great and vast acts of terror that occur sporadically and even on a semi regular basis in pakistan now, instead of accepting Sri Aurobindo vision of India, which was guided by a divine truth. Both the great wars were a form of resistance to their yoga and the yoga of countless seeking human development, passive resistance and satya graha against the Nazi’s or communists???? wake up my friend

    • padmanabhan

      Aurobindo later took to serious spirituality but never ceased to be a nationalist. True Aurobindo was in a much higher pedestal and Gandhi will be seen as a dwarf entity, who was cunning enough to play to the british tunes. Gandhi was a christian in his thought process when he wrote his Hind Swaraj which was tore down by Sri Aurobindo. He also formed an organisation called Lotus and Dagger and wanted all means to oust the foreign rule. Gandhi was propped up by British to emancipate the Hindu backlash championed by Sawarkar Tilak and Auribindo

  2. Had Sri Aurobindo assumed leadership of the Congress after release from jail in 1910, the history of the country would have indeed been vastly different and better—in every sense of the word. There would have been no Gandhi, Nehru or Pakistan. The country would have grown into a very strong, powerful nation, not the spineless entity that its current crop of politicians has reduced it to, cowering in abject fear before its enemies on both the borders and not overawed by the United States. And Tibet would not have been swallowed up by China.

  3. pleaseanswer12

    why did aurobindo run away from the freedom movement.
    why did he leave his wife to be alone while he was in pondicherry? how cruel it is to leave your wife to be at the mercy of evil society? what is this stupid mother trinity shakti rubbish?
    was he a coward. why didnt he come out of pondicherry?
    yes why didnt he take up the leadership of congress in 1910. what this rubbish yoga system.
    too many words and terminology. his works are too long and his sentences are also very long. so difficult to understand. what is he writing for.
    what purpose as it served to the world that he stayed in pondicherry for 40 years.
    this guy doesnot even have any attraction in his eyes.
    these are genuine questions?
    if some one has spent long years of time in studying this guy. please answer
    i cannot read all his lengthy books because if i do that i will become unemployed and starve to death. so kindly answer these questions?
    because if Gandhi was a fool and aurobindo was a coward then has india we have no heroes at all.

    • Anonymous

      You will not be unemployed or starved if you read his works….reflect on that silly fear for a moment….read him if you feel the call…or just stay on the sidelines and watch.Sri Aurobindo cannot be defied by the human mind. Intellect runs away baffled when it faces this giant. He is a messenger from the incommunicable, in fact India would be honoured if we call him the father of the nation. Lets Raise o fell Indians…aren’t we all tired of this pettiness yet.

    • With all due respect to Aurobindo, Ramana Maharshi 1879 – 1950) is the matchless jnani of modern India. He did not reject the Vedas or the Upanishads: he lived them in a modern context. He spoke with total respect to seekers from every nation, culture and religion. He was the ancient rishi speaking to men, women and children the modern age. We need look no further for a true guide.

    • Anonymous

      Haha Oh My God I just read this nonsense post.
      Sri Aurobindo didn’t run away – he went to seek moksha
      While Sri Aurobindo was initiating the true Swadesh independence movement in Bengal in 1905, Gandhi was in South Africa pledging allegiance to the British Empire. Gandhi also, infamously, once made a speech stating that he would rather allow his Mother or Sister to be raped in front of him than fight back.

      Gandhi was a fool and a coward, Sri Aurobindo was a Patriot and a Yogi.
      Read more about Gandhi here
      Gandhi: A True Mahatma?

  4. SandeepS

    “these are genuine questions?”

    Question mark says it all.

  5. pleaseanswer12

    “these are genuine questions?”
    “kindly answer these questions?”
    by mistake i put those ?s in there.
    what is your point sandeep . do you know the answers or not. if you dont know the answers. why are you insulting me.
    i am also vivekananda camp admirer. but if we are to promote aurobindo in front of Gandhi shouldnt we be able to answer these questions.
    from few articles that i have read on the internet it seems aurobindo had a good understanding of european history and indian history. these two things were essential to lead the country. not many people know these two things in enough depth. so of the few people who could have lead india succesfully. aurobindo was one. so naturally the question arises. why didnt he take up the burden?
    doesnt yoga and vedanta and upanishads make you fearless? shouldnt he have coordinated revolutionary movements and connected the different revolutionaries of various regions of india. because from what i have read there were numerous revolutionaries in various parts of india like alluri sri rama raju in srikakulum. who were lone rangers. if some super intelligent person
    would have combined the effort of these people from various regions then wouldnt we have won a complete freedom much quicker and wouldnt we have been able to avoid the bengal famine of 1943 which some say was an artificial famine and partition and kashmir issue and dravidnadu issue and tamil-srilankan war .
    i was only trying to play the devil’s advocate by asking the various questions in the first comment. i am not some, rationalist kanchi ilaiah , khalistan, dravidnadu kind of guy. i asked these questions in the hope of knowing the answers which are very critical ?

  6. pleaseanswer12


    and also my question about his sentences being too long is also not a joke.
    if aurobindo understood the greatness of india
    he should have put that information into simple and understandable and yet attractive poetry so that the masses or atleast most young people could read them and understand them in a short period of time. but instead he writes
    some really big books which are really the most difficult to understand.
    no revolutionary with hot blood can afford to spend enough time to go through aurobindo’s books. isnt this like a major bottleneck.

  7. pleaseanswer12

    i put the ? again by mistake at the end of critical

  8. pleaseanswer12

    after reading the rest of this blog where lots of christians have come up to poke mischief at hindus in their comments.
    now i understand why you suspected the sincerity of my questions .
    looks like this blog is not the place to ask such questions.It was very late in the night and i was very sleepy when i posted the first comment.
    i didnt read the other posts in the blog at that time.

  9. SandeepS

    It was not meant to be an insult.
    If you got insulted, then it is your problem, not mine.
    You have already admitted that you have not understood Shri. Aurobindo’s writings. Yet you happily declared his writings, yoga system etc to be rubbish.

  10. pleaseanswer12

    yes i have not read his yoga system but .
    what is the point in creating another jungle of words?
    do we not have already millions of books in the world relating to God and communion with him.
    the most common direct message given in many of our holy books is that all vedas, upanishads , holy books are rubbish they also lead to more maya(more illusion ,more confusion)
    by creating his new yoga system he has not done even an iota of difference in world history because all that these new writings create is more words more confusion. more disagreement as far as achieving God is considered.
    Ofcourse these vedas etc are important in other ways but as far as achieving God i would maintain that everything is equally rubbish.
    all yoga systems boil down to total submisson to the will of God.(many dont know this.
    there is no instrument to achieve God no yoga no nothing and this has been mentioned many times in the ramayana, mahabharatha, vedas, upanishads and hundreds of realised masters have confirmed this. if God was bound to be known by any procedure, technique then he ceases to be a free God and therefore not God. Because all are bound and God is free by definition.)

    so what is the point in a new yoga system.

    it was hardly the need of the hour.
    if you read this article.
    you will see that
    this guy aurobindo was smart enough to critically assess the military genius of not just the much adored (&much hated)Napolean Bonaparte but also of Chengiz khan who lived a thousand years ago. which normal intelligence people like us would take a lot of time to grasp even with the help of internet.
    so if he had so much knowledge then why didnt he lead India to a military victory? he should have tutored Subash Chandra Bose.
    He should have got some of his men into the British army and engineered a mutiny.
    They say he is an englightened person and that is why i am so overcritical of him. what kind of an enlightened person would abandon his wife to suffer alone? even if we assume he has given up on his marital duties. why would he take up mira alfassa as his spiritual companion . doesnt that place belong to his wife.
    another reason for calling his system rubbish is because these aurobindo websites keep talking about the trinity aurobindo , the mother and then they would fill the third with their own name.

  11. answertoyourquestion

    My impression of this guy seems that he was just as deluded as Gandhi was.
    Both of them did not have God realised masters
    Only Vivekananda had such a master or he too would have lost his path in the jungles of the infinite universe.
    Vivekananda was so sincere. In 1898 he said he had given up the idea of forming a political organisation and said some where in his letters
    or writings “all my patriotism is gone”.
    he didnt linger about in maya for too long and
    easily merged with the divine in 1902.

    this guy’s followers seem to suggest that he
    discovered the secret symbology of the vedas
    and published it and made a world of difference.
    which once again seems to be rubbish
    because there are always many sages living in the wild and public as well who know the secret of the vedas. but they wouldnt publish it at all it is meant to be kept a secret and it will be kept a secret for ever until the end of creation.

    Only Vivekananda single handedly raised the nation from the dead. But no one could stand up and continue his work to its fulfillment.
    All gandhis and aurobindos simply tried to be a realised master but utterly ended up in delusions . (delusions like “working on the spiritual transformation of humanity and life on earth” which is utter bulshit)both created useless body of literature which sharply contrasts with the literature of Vivekananda and Jesus which is bread of life.

    so my conclusion is Gandhi and Aurobindo were not two extemes. But the two examples of the delusions that arise from Maya pseudo spiritualism.

  12. answertoyourquestion

    more about this guy aurobindo
    He told the people living in his ashram that he was in his previous birth
    michael angelo, leonardo da vinci , Napolean Bonaparte(once they even asked him if he considered himself to be the incarnation of shakespeare but he seemed to have understood the joke for he didnt answer)
    and even Krishna.

    come to think of it. Saibaba of shirdi was a contemporary of Aurobindo.
    and many say that he said he was Krishna in his previous birth.

    So we had so many incarnations of Krishna at the same time and still didnt manage to achieve independence.
    O wait we also had Paramahamsa yogananda
    who was fattening up in America while Bengalis were dying in the famine of 1943.
    and they say he was in his previous birth william the conqueror.
    how amazing
    we have incarnations of so many military geniuses and yet we couldnt achieve independence.
    if we dig even further we see that the revered great chandrasekhara saraswati swamigal who is considered by many accomplished sanskrit pandits and vedic scholars to be an incarnaton of Shiva also lived 50 years through India’s servitude of Britain and yet we couldnt achieve independence easily enough. Ramana maharshi, meher baba all were living during that time. Anandamayi maa.
    so many incarnatons. Meher Baba declared himself to be the avatar of the age.
    no doubt atleast half of these guys were delusional which is not uncommon phenomenon amongst those who set to seek God.

    Those who think that the purpose of India is too spiritually guide the world are utter delusionals because there are infinite number of universes according to the vedas. and infinite number of worlds are being created and destroyed as we speak. So what difference would Aurobindo’s or India’s message make to the world. Nothing but if people stand up against injustice and oppression with all their might and all their cunning and all their resources they would be able to escape persecution and enjoy life. So all this talk about how India should achieve Independence through Non violence by Gandhi and “spiritual transformation of humanity and life on earth” is bullshit.
    O wait even bullshit can make huge difference in our economy by replacing fertilisers but not the bulshit of Gandhi and Aurobindo.

  13. SandeepS

    Please & Answer,
    You can be rightly be proud of your “sunday school”teachings.

  14. answertoyourquestion

    Osho on Aurobindo

    “So while Arvind always talks of the unthinkable he uses the instrument of thought and the thinkable throughout. Consequently his unthinkable is nothing but a bundle of words.”

    “his mind is wholly western;no one in India today is more western in his way of thinking than Arvind.”

    “And ironically he chose to interpret the eastern philosophy, with the result that he reduced the whole thing into a system. ”

    “After his return to India he studied eastern philosophy, and studied it deeply. I deliberately use the word ”studied” to say that he did not know the truth on his own, his knowledge was merely intellectual. Although he possessed a sharp intellect, his direct experience of truth was very dim.”

    “Many people believe that Arvind alone, sitting in seclusion at Pondicherry, will work for it and divine energy will be available to all, like the river Ganges was available when it was brought to earth by Bhagirath. Arvind is to be another Bhagirath, and at a much higher level. It has put a premium on man’s greed and led to a lot of illusions.”

    “And there is no reason for God to be collectively available to one and all. In fact, God is always available, but only to those who aspire and strive for him. And it is always the individual, not a collective or a society, who walks the path to God. And he has to go all alone.”

    “The experiment that is in process at Pondicherry is utterly meaningless; there has not been a more meaningless experiment in man’s history. It is a waste of effort, but it goes on because it is very comforting to our greed.”

    “While Arvind seems to be all-knowing, Raman (Ramana maharshi)is preparing for the non-knowing state; he does not seem to know a thing.That is why man’s highest potentiality is actualized in Raman, and Arvind has missed it. Arvind remains just knowledgeable; Raman really knows the truth. Raman attained to self-knowledge, not knowledge. So his statements are straight and simple, free from the jargon of scriptures and scholarship. Raman is poor in language and logic, but his richness of experience, of being, is immense; as such he is incomparable.”

  15. answertoyourquestion


    about his useless volumes of work

    “Raman’s whole teaching can be collected on a postcard, not even a full page will be needed. And if you want to make a collection of Arvind’s writings, they will fill a whole library. And it is not that Arvind has said all that he wanted to say. He will have to be born again and again to say it all; he had too much to say. This does not mean that he did not bother to attain real knowing because he had already so much to say. No, this was not the difficulty.”

    • VoP

      You coming from Sunday school selling dead Arab on a stick to us?

    • Incognito

      >>>”No, this was not the difficulty.

      what was ?

      • answertoyourquestion


        it is simple incognito .aurobindo was a coward. and cowards dont realise God. only the brave do.
        just look at the second comment that of Hiten. he says that the first and second world wars were a resistance to aurobindo’s yoga. how foolish is that. utter delusions. if aurobindo was really powerful he wouldnt have hid in pondicherry for 40 years.
        the ideas of aurobindo are more akin to that of the theosophists who are the dumbest people on earth. utter delusionals. they are like the people who collect all rubbish filth of religion and throw away the gold.
        i have spent the last month entirely to study the indian freedom movement. once you study the “timeline” and get things into perspective only then we would be able to see what fools these aurobindos and gandhis were. an enlightened man can not be ascertained by his words alone but by his actions and aurobindo’s actions in the context of the freedom struggle of india are that of a coward. no enlightened person can be a coward.

  16. answertoyourquestion

    dude sandeep
    aurobindo’s works are available on the internet for free. you can check them if you want.

    i stress this.

    aurobindo was deluded . he was so unlike any other spiritual guru in India over thousands of years.

    we like him only because he wrote in English as we are all anglophiles we think he is a great scholar.

    but the truth is that sanskrit pandits on the road can interpret the vedas better than him.
    it is because of our love of english that we are so stuck with this guy.

    he did not go to a real guru. he was too arrogant . he wanted to become greater than
    the Buddha.

    do you know
    that he said that his body was physically immortal. but he ended up dead. then they did not bury him for three days hoping that he would come back. but he didnt and the body started stinking.

    a real saints’ body does not corrode after death. there are many cases of that.
    you can easily verify by going to Aurobindo ashram and diggin up his grave.

    I was a little harsh on paramahamsa yogananda. i think he was a genuine yogi. but neverthless after i came to learn that the 1943
    famine was an artificial famine caused by Britain while these great souls were alive. I became very angry.

    as far as our achieving independence in considered. we didnt have any long term visionary leader except swami vivekananda. He alone could think of 1500 years in advance.
    And his methods and instructions were advanced.

    People like Gandhi, Subash Chandra Bose were in tight spots and they couldnt do much.
    they were not good enough and that is the
    undeniable truth.

    and those of us who hate Gandhi and love subash and bagat and think they could have brought india freedom quicker shouldnt be so hasty. Gandhi was not the only one at fault.
    while he was practising non violence in the front Subash could have easily planned an army in the back . but subash didnt set off till it was too late only in 1939. what was he doing before that?
    and as far as bhagat singh.
    he was a bigger fool than Gandhi because
    he drops two bombs in parliament for what reason. god only knows. that was like a gandhian thing to do. throwing bombs but not intending to kill anyone. and we think that bhagat singh and gandhi are two different extremes.
    the fact is that we got independence simply because of God’s help. because there was so much happening at that time. and the world history could have gone in any direction.
    what if the atom bomb was not discovered.
    what if germany had won. what if japan had won. there was so much possibility.
    in fact even to analyse those times with so much declassified information available today is a dauting task. then imagine how difficult it must have been for people like subash chandra bose to plan their strategies. he did not have any spy department working for him like the british ,russian ,germans had.
    the truth is that both Gandhi and Subash just tried the best that they could and hoped God would do something. (and God did help a little.)
    but the aurobindo guy did not even exert himself completely for india’s independence.
    he left it . he used to be the know-it-all guy.
    whenever some asked him a question he used to answer it so masterfully but what use. he didnt use it in the freedom struggle.
    he went to pondicherry in 1910 and stayed there till his death in 1950. he could have done so much but he wasted those 40 years.
    there were a few other guys who were very knowledgeable in those days. one was jawahar lal nehru and narendranath bhattacharya(mn roy) but both were womanisers and hypocrites. so we just didnt have any strong leaders. one jatin mukerjee(bagha jatin)
    for a brief time tried to free india during the1914-1915 time. but we were not lucky he got killed. He was our best guy. he had killed a royal bengal tiger with just a knife. he was smart and vivekananda’s disciple.

  17. answertoyourquestion

    selling dead arab on a stick what do you mean?

    are you calling me a christian?
    do you think you are being patriotic by bashing christians in English.
    No matter how much logically we argue with christians the very fact that we are using English and not some indian language is going to suggest to the christians that they are superiors to us.
    so if we guys are to really build India. we should give up English and construct a new language which combines features from all other Indian languages including sanskrit. Only then we will succeed in ousting any Western agression. Other wise no matter how hard we try . It would be like fighting with Vaali. who ever fought with Vaali lost half his strength to him because of Brahma’s boon to vali. so as long as we are using English we are adding to the strength of christians and americans.
    why a new language why not hindi.
    because the hindi that we speak contains too many persian, arabic , turk words. south indians find it very alien to their own languages for this reason. Why should we impose on our country men a language of muslims. so only solution is to create a new language with lots of words from each language of India including sanskrit and not excluding minority languages like tulu and lambada.
    then no one would be complaining. the tamils will have nothing to complain but now the south indians have to learn hindi but north indians dont learn tamil, telugu, which is not fair.
    with leaders like Indira Gandhi(who nurtured bhindranwala), karunanidhi and his dravida nadu and media agencies like ndtv and with shiv sena (anti bihari)
    it is a miracle that we are still one country.
    even the bjp have sold the country to the dogs.
    no body has made any effort to unite the country.
    a person from one state does not know about the saints and freedom fighters from the other state. eg. how many outside ap have heard of
    alluri rama raju. who outside bengal has heard of bagha jatin. can any of you guys name ten freedom fighters from each state. or the names of five saints from each state. no
    we simply make stupid bollywood movies but no bollywood movies has been made about a character from south india. in 60 years we didnt not make any effort to integrate India.
    the only things that unite us are our love for fair skin, cricket and pepsi cola admiration of English. think about it guys.

  18. answertoyourquestion

    As far as who is the father of our nation.
    There is no man manly enough to be called father of our nation other than Sri Krishna Para brahma Paramatma. He was the first harmoniser of various schools of thought of yoga , sankya and so one. we worshipped him long before Buddha. And he has guided us through our ordeals though the ages. therefore it is him and not some aurobindo, gandhi , bose
    and not even Vivekananda.
    krishnarpanam astu

  19. answertoyourquestion

    those of you who think that Gandhi was responsible for India’s partition are being naive.

    Gandhi was a fool. But what were the others doing. Our population was 30 crores and yet we couldnt produce a leader who was more charismatic than gandhi.
    some body in the congress could have shouted in the press that Gandhi was taking the nation to the gallows. that he was a fool. if ten or twenty big leaders had said this. they could have nullified Gandhi in no time. but they didnt do that because everyone had their own agenda . we were nation full of jealous and
    selfish bastards.

    history is not that simple. there was so much
    going on. how is it gandhi was to blame for the madness of the millions of people who butchered each other in punjab who thought by killing the other guys they would become a majority and influence the british to give them that particular city, region etc. what king of slavish mentality is that.

    the whole nation is to blame for the partition.
    we are all no better than Gandhi. we did nothing all these 60 years.

    those of us who think that india could have
    been one akhand bharat are hypocrites. what have we done to deserve to be akhand bharat.
    eg. how many of us have learnt tamil.
    more english men know tamil than our own country men from other states. same can be said of every other language that is spoken in India and we speak of a unified India.
    shivaji’s name is known all over the south.
    but Is the name of krishna deva raya and hari hara raya and bukka raya known in the north.
    (hari hara and bukka were brothers who protected the south from muslims their empire lasted for 350 years.)
    even though the south was not conquered by muslims until 1565 no north indian acknowledges this. they simply think india means north india. the word hindustan does not apply to south india and north east and yet no one acknowledges it.
    and why do you want pakistan in india and not
    the difference between srilankans and north indians is just as small as the difference between north indians and telugus. so why
    isnt srilanka a part of india.
    (andhra pradesh has the biggest no of buddhist sites in the world. more than srilanka)
    we couldnt get srilanka as part of india and we dream of getting pakistan as part of india.
    look at the tamils and srilankans killing each other. if the biharis and marathis were killing each other would we show the same level of indifference as we are showing to the tamil -sinhalese conflict. so much for our national integrity and patriotism.
    we are not patriots . we dont care about people from other states. all of us are busy worshipping Mother English not Mother India.

    i can go on..
    why isnt our patriotism extended to the Gurkhas and the people of Bhutan.
    how are they different from us. if we can think of the assamese and other north eastern states as inseparable parts of our country then why not nepalese and bhutanese.
    then the reality check.
    have we ever tried to bring the people together. no lets see. in bolly wood movies have we ever made movies that show us north eastern states culture , have we showed south indian culture, have we shown telugu and kannada folk stories and legends.
    one has to wonder if hindi is the language ofwhole india or just north india because if it is language of whole india there shouldhave been hindi movies about people from south and north east but no not even a single movie.
    no body cares. no body gives a damn.

    more things that unite us. our love for akbar,
    and other muslims. we love ar rehman , mohd rafi because they are muslims but nobody cares about yesudas or ilayaraja who were just as talented as rehman. because as soon as we see a strange name from other state we dont see him/ her as one of us. but if that person is a muslim then he is ok.

    lets see the depth of our spirituality.
    this line summarises it all
    “cricket is our religion and sachin is our God”

    it is too late we wasted 60 years of our independence. 60 years and still the only thing that unites us is English . this is all our collective fault.We remain such a big nation by simply God’s mercy and because our great ancient rishis put piligrimage spots in various states.

  20. answertoyourquestion

    i forgot to speak about tribals. yes we have turned them into prostitutes. come to andhra pradesh vishakapatnam. there you will see sex tourism. all the tribals have been forced into prostitution. the lambadas, the banjaras, the chenchus. all of them. they are like flowers in the forest and we turned them into prostitutes for our perverse pleasure. and we speak about national integrity. the same forest laws that were passed by british are still existent. the forests are reserved the tribals are not allowed to cut wood. nor hunt animals. they have been displaced from their habitats i n the forest. now they have no choice they have become maoists. yes there is a civil war going on in India and most of us are not aware of it. and we hope that India and pakistan are united.
    just as an abused child grows up to become a paedophile himself we too have become abusers and we are abusing our tribals.
    great men like Prakash amte and his wife have worked for the tribals. but most of us dont even know who they are. we only know arundhati roy the bitch who cares shit about tribals.
    whole villages are becoming prostitutes.
    all the lambadas are now being looked upon as prostitutes.
    then there are the Romani of Europe.
    the Romani are originally India . Hitler butchered them in concentration camps and we thougt he was killing jews. Romani are Indians who have been living in Europe for the last thousand years. they might be related to the rajputs or the banjaras or lambadas.
    they are still being exploited in europe and forced into prostitution. but no one in India is claiming them. they are being exploited because they are of indian origin but we dont go to their rescue. and even more shameful we have turned their relatives the banjaras and lambadas into prostitutes so with what face should we invite the romani into India.

  21. Muthu

    what do you think of PULI Thevar ?

  22. JGN

    answertoyourquestion, you are conjuring up a lot of things. India as it is today, did not exist prior to 1947 nor the world as a whole resembles anything that existed prior to WW-II. We cannot go back in a “Time Machine” and correct historical wrongs. We cannot judge what the leaders of freedom struggle (including M.K. Gandhi and J.L.Nehru) had done or not done at that time. They had accepted partition in the wake of “direct action” by Jinnah, as a last ditch effort to salvage what ever was possible at that time. Their only fault was that they did not take that to the logical conclusion (total exchange of people from both sides).

    Who cares for “Akhand Bharat”? We all should be grateful to M.A. Jinnah for getting us rid of a large number of religions fanatics. Can you imagine what would have been the condition in our Country if present day Pakistan and Bangladesh are also part of the same? Apart from the menace of home grown terrorism, the problems in Afghanistan and Iran also would have been at our door steps.

    I have also heard that the gypsies of Europe (not Romanians) were the natives of India sold as slaves by the Islamic invaders (though not sure of its authenticity). They do not have any cultural link with India for hundreds of years. Even they may not be knowing from which part of the world they originated!! They are being exploited not because they are Indians but because they are poor. There are only two classes viz. the haves and the have-nots. A rich person, irrespective of religion, does not care even for his own poor relatives.

    Our using English does not prove the superiority of the Christians or even the Britishers . The colonial masters introduced English education for the natives for meeting their requirements of clerks (just like the Yankees outsourcing back office works to Bangalore). We have some advantage due to our knowledge of English language. There is no need to fritter that away for some false pride. Language, food habits, clothing, etc are not the monopoly of one region or religion. These things are bound to change in “time and space”.

    We do lack when it comes to taking care of the aboriginals of our Country (tribals). The best things to do is to leave them as they are till they are ready to accept the change. We have seen in Kerala the ill effects of trying to “civilize” them.

  23. answertoyourquestion


    It is the romani not romanians that are of indian origin. they are not being exploited because they are poor. that is selective amnesia kind of analysis. first they are not given jobs . so they become poor and later they become prostitutes and thieves. they are denied jobs because they are distinct from the Europeans.
    so when i said they are being persecuted because they are indians. i am not missing the point. because if india stood up more strongly do you think any one would dare to persecute them. people think twice before they persecute chinese because china is alert it wont sit idle. would you persecute anglo indians in india and get away with it.
    you are speaking too naively.

    moreover do you think sterlising romani so that they become infertile and not give birth to more children. does that look like persecution of poor or race hatred.

    ask yourself why arent the chinese and indians settling in Australia. when there is so much space over there. what is stopping us.
    because they wont let you. they think you are filth.

    as far as civilising tribals.
    what makes you think we are better than tribals. why should the question arise that we should civilise them. this is foolishness. the tribals should be allowed to be tribals and over time they will hybridise into tribals that use technology like in star wars where the past and future are both present in the same time.

    who is judging gandhi and nehru.
    i did a systematic analysis it is you who is judging them without even reading world history at that time. without understanding world history as a whole one cannot succesfully analyse india’s history during that time. because india is not secluded from the world. what happened in one part of the world affected other more than ever before during that time. the british were all over the world. but indians were only in india mainly. without playing a global scale chess game there was no way for india to win independence on its own.
    we dont understand how britain managed to maintain such a huge empire. simply saying “divide and rule” is not wise (too hasty). one needs to study. you probably dont know how much the white control the world.
    if you want to enslave a nation you impose your language on it. its like that. its like a broker in between. all transactions have to be made through that language. nothing would remain hidden from the masters. no possibility for conspiracy against the empire.
    when we start thinking in English we start depending on it. we would do anything for the propogation and success of this language.
    once we forget our language we have no national pride. those without pride are willing to become slaves of other nations.

    if using english doesnt suggest that english is superior to indian languages. then what will prove it does using chinese suggest it. this is common sense . dont know what you are thinking.

    you dont care about “akhand bharat” .
    but others do . and i was speaking to them. i said “those of you” and that to only to point to them some remedies and methods rather than stop them from trying to achieve “akhand bharat”.

    you dont want akhand bharat. do you know how much difference that is making.
    all our archaelogical sites are in Pakistan. we will never be able to prove that we were the first civilisation on earth. if it is proved that india was the first advanced civlisation. then world view will change. the ideals of the world will change even it be temporarly.

    “we have some advantage because we are using english”

    do you know how english came to be such a versatile tool. it is because the english are patriotic they developed it 500 years ago in just a period of 20-30 years they brought it to the present state. they invented lots ofwords. they took lakhs of words and elements from latin and greek. we can do the same with each one of our languages. we already use a lot of sanskrit words in our languages. and sanskrit is more capable than latin and greek.

    you dont understand when we learn english we become slaves and subsidaries of english natives. and when we speak chinese we become slaves of chinese. that is the way it works. because when you are learning a foreign languae there is what can be called a
    ” a catch up period”. you will always be inferior to the native speaker during this catchup period which might last from one generation to 4 generations. so should 3-4 generations be subordinate to a foreign race for what advantage. all advantage of english is an illusion.

  24. answertoyourquestion

    you accuse me of conjurin up things. can you be specific. what have i conjured up.
    is it regarding aurobindo being delusional
    or is it about our muslim love(shahrukh, salman, amir, ar rehman, sohail, rafi, ….)
    or is it about roma genocide by hitler
    or is it about prostitution in tribal areas.
    or is it about bose being in a tight spot with not much to do.
    or is it about gandhi being a fool who didnt realise God but pretended to be a mahatma.
    or is it about bhagat singh dropping two bombs and not intending to kill anyone or that he was only 22 years old at that time and incapable of engineering a violent resistance against the mighty british empire being an atheist who would hold no binding control over the indian public.

    do you want me to give any references to prove these things.

  25. answertoyourquestion

    or have i forgotten all the hindi movies they made about krishna deva raya, birsa munda, alluri rama raju, puli thevar, kattabomman, thiruvalluvar, vemana, nanak, kabir, tukaram,
    bagha jatin, dayanand saraswati, telangana rebellion, palanati bharatam, manimegalai,
    sannyasi rebellion, santhal rebellion, rampa rebellion, polygar war, travancore dutch war,
    kalidas, hema chandra vikram aditya, the great shankaracharya, buddha, mahavira, ramanujacharya, bhakta kannappa(a tribal)
    , ravidas(a dalit saint), basavan(lingayat), akka
    mahadevi, jagadish chandra bose, febraury plot of yugantar and ghadar parties, bhakta rama dasu (hindu bhakta in a muslim kingdom), paramahamsa yogananda, padmasambhava, boddhidharma(the indian buddhist monk who introduced kungfu in china), nagarjuna(buddhist monk), taksha shila, nalanda, hari hara bukka raya, rani chittoor chennamma, tirupati ‘ story of survival from muslim conquest, kalaripayattu, karra saamu(another martial art ), bharatanatyam, kuchipudi, odissi, or the mysore kings due to whom we have karnataka music who patronised many like thyagaraja,
    muthuswami dikshitar, what about the legends of vikramaditya, jesus in kashmir,
    matsyendranath, goraknath, bhartrihari,
    baba farid, bhoja raja, kanishka, kautilya, agastya maha muni, kaashi majili kathalu, peda raasi peddamma kathalu, tenali ramakrishna kavi, kavayatri molla, pothana, srinatha maha kavi, sri sri, madhura vijayam(a tale written by a hindu princess about fight of muslims and hindus in south india), we have lots of epics in tamil like manimegalai

    do you think i have forgotten anymore hindi movies that have brought about national integration by throwing light on the interactions between various parts of the country.

  26. JGN

    answertoyourquestion, who on earth thinks that Hindi films are about national integration? The film makers choose the stories that “sells”. Their only motive in to make money.

    Does it make any difference to any one today whether we prove we are the first civilization on earth or the last civilization? Does the tribals about whom you are waxing eloquently even know about that?

    Does any one care even for their poor relatives or poor neighbors? Then why do you expect Indians to care for the Romanies?

    Every region has its own culture and civilization and there are some more threads uniting our Country as a whole. That does not mean that every person in every other part of the country will be well versed in the history of other regions. In Tamil Nadu, they had even refused to learn Hindi (possibly due to some fear of North Indian hegemony at that time). Learn from the past, look forward to the future unbiased.

  27. answertoyourquestion

    In america.
    they made western movies . these were about portraying the picture that native americans were uncivilised barbarians.
    then they gave oscar to slumdog millionaire because in this way they can bring bad reputation to hinduism and islam.

    movies and politics are inseparable.

    it is not about commerce. it also reflects the picture of the society. and so far from the nature of the movies it is evident that indian states have not come close to each other.

    you dont seem to have read my comments properly.

    and if you think indians should not save roma.
    then shame on you and people like you.

    by learning about indian civilisation
    it will make all the difference in the world.
    muslims will give up islam, christians will become gnostic christians. and the world will know peace. africans will become friends with india and escape aggression from west.
    china and india will be allowed in canada and australia where there is a lot of space.

    you say people dont help their poor relatives. that is utterly irrelevant to this discussion.
    governments are supposed to be responsible. why do you bring in individuals. we are talking in terms of nation, race, religion here not individuals.

    enough there is no point in arguing with you.
    this is my final comment and i am stopping here.
    and dont tell me that the roma have no connection with india.
    check this
    they are worshipping kali ma in secret as saint sarah.

    and also in europe there are no tribals because they assimilated them forcibley. but here in
    india we allowed them to remain distict for centuries. that is the nature of indian civilisation. and when the world will learn of india’s true significance it will be for the good.

  28. answertoyourquestion


    thank you.

  29. govind

    Sri Aurobindo himself says ‘most of my life isn’t in the external. So no man can vouchsafe to know everything about me.’

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