BJP promises to free Hindu temples

BJP promises a long-overdue step that should have been taken immediately after independence. It is incomprehensible why the NDA government did not do this when in power. 

BJP to free Temples from Government Control

The Election Manifesto released today by BJP stresses on an important aspect and long time demand of Hindu devotees – to free Hindu temples from the clutches of “secular” politicians.

The BJP manifesto states: 

The BJP shall ensure autonomous administration of Maths and Mandirs.These institutions have been the heart and hub of dharmic and cultural life and traditions of Indian society. Huge properties were offered to Maths and Mandirs by society for running their religio-cultural activities and service projects for the benefit of all. The management of such institutions should be freed from Government control and handed over to autonomous bodies constituted by the followers and devotees of those seats. Necessary legal framework will be provided for this purpose. All dharmic activities will be considered as ‘charity’ with appropriate tax incentives. A special cell will be created to make dharmic organisations’ interface with government agencies hassle-free. A National Mission for beautifying and improving the infrastructure and amenities at pilgrimage centres of all faiths will be launched.



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2 responses to “BJP promises to free Hindu temples

  1. alwayssaynotoracism

    Media censors Jihadi Violence in Mysore

  2. Incognito


    But, for this alone will BJP be prevented from coming to power this time.

    So far the question of who will form the next govt was fluid.

    Now it is sure that it will be non-BJP govt in centre.

    Likely headed by Sharad Pawar allied with Third Front and supported from outside by Congress.

    The marxists and the mullahs and the missionaries will work over time to ensure defeat of BJP this time.

    Autonomy of temple administration is one thing that will never be acceptable to the mullahs, marxists, missionaries as it will consolidate indian culture.

    They will do everything to prevent BJP coming to power by forging anti-BJP alliances in the name of false secularism. Bet on it.

    In the impossible likelyhood of BJP getting a majority, these forces will exert influence on those elements within BJP and among its allies who could be influenced to delay implementation of this promise. Then BJP will abandon this promise under the guise of implementing Common Minimum Programmes and coalation dharma with further promise that implementation will be taken up when BJP gets majority on its own.

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