Varun Gandhi’s statement

Here is Varun Gandhi’s statement about his alleged hate speech:

Each time anyone identifies with the Hindu community, there is a vigorous attempt to embarrass him and brand him communal. I am proud of my faith, not apologetic about it. I am a Gandhi, a Hindu and an Indian in equal measure. Hindutava embraces tolerance, justice, compassion with courage and inclusivity with insight.

I have never said or done anything to incite hatred. I am pro-India, not anti anybody. Since the UP assembly elections, the Pilibhit parliamentary constituency and the entire central Uttar Pradesh, which is about 20 districts, has been witness to a number of communal and provocative incidents.

The slaughtered remains of cows have been found in various homes, no action has been taken. Thousands and thousands of people from the Hindu community have been placed under arrest under National Security Act. Three Hindu temples have been vandalized in the very block in which I am supposed to have given my speech.

Village pradhans have been threatened daily. Quota shop owners have had their quotas cancelled. Pilibhit is a sensitive border area. There is widespread fear that arms are being smuggled into ghettos to be used against India.

My attempt has been to restore confidence in the community that has been under siege  in its own country. When things are seen out of context, there is always the danger of misunderstanding. India is a big country with a big heart. There is room in it for all to leave in peace and goodwill. That is my sincere hope and effort.

I have been a victim of a political conspiracy. Those are not my words and that is not my voice. I have not made any communal statement. I want to ask the nation to stand by me. This CD which was supposed to be made on the 4th, why was it released on the 16th? Where was it for 12 days? Who has made it? It has been doctored. It has been a malicious attempt to brand me as communal. There is no question of myself having any ill feeling toward any community. Yes, I am a proud Hindu, and as a proud Hindu I stand with all citizens of all faiths. 

Notice how none of the secular editors is interested in the facts about the Hindu situation in Pilibhit. Have temples really been vandalised? Have cow carcasses been found by the hundreds, deliberately to needle the Hindus of the area? Have Hindu women been raped by Muslim thugs? Are arms actually being smuggled in from Nepal and being stored in Muslim ghettos to wage war against the Hindus? Have thousands of Hindus from Pilibhit been arrested under NSA in the last one year by the local administration headed by Muslims?

How many of these secular editors specialising in “investigative reports” and anti-BJP sting operations  have actually dispatched reporters to Pilibhit to investigate if there is any truth that Muslims have laid siege to the Hindus of Pilibhit? Not a single one. Instead, they are all trying to put BJP in the dock and are baying for the blood of Varun Gandhi. They are very careful not to even mention the issue of Hindus of Pilibhit.

It has been rightly said that Hindus are willing accomplices in their own persecution. What kind of Hindus are these English editors? Don’t their blood boil at what is happening to fellow Hindus in our own country? Is there no issue serious enough that it will not be prostituted by these people for narrow political gains of the moment?

Here is a sample of a deranged Hindu youth from the above You Tube link. Notice the reply:

what stupids are we , we need good indian leader
not stupid like him.
iam a hindu , i dont went fool like him as my leader  

Hinduism must have really begun to stagnate if it has now begun to produce genetic garbage like the above idiot. Not a word about broken temples, the arms being smuggled into Pilibhit, the Hindu girls being raped by roving Muslim thugs, the daily warnings to Hindu village leaders … All the idiot can think of is some nonsensical two lines of disapproval. Is this the type of Hindu male who is going to save Hindu women and children when the Muslims come calling? The idiot cannot even write two lines coherently. No wonder with specimens like these, Congress courtiers keep winning in elections.

Hindus should understand something very clearly: if Hindus are persecuted in any part of India and you continue your daily life with the attitude of “it is none of my business” or “hamein kya faraq padta hai,” soon your own balls will be grabbed and then other Hindus will do the same for you regardless of how much you flail your arms. Hang together or hang separately. Your choice. Too much individualism is not good. Learn to think, act and push as a single group.



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16 responses to “Varun Gandhi’s statement

  1. Prasad

    It is to tackle this total lack of Hindu nationhood that the RSS was formed. The person who wrote those 2 lines – he is a typical Hindu. One who has no sense of a Hindu identity, and who feels no oneness with the Hindus of Pilibhit (or Kashmir, or Kannur, or Bangladesh, or …)

    Actually, quite contrary to what we believe, Hindus of the past DID have this sense. In fact there is historical evidence of Hindus forming at least 3 national coalitions to fight Islamic aggression in the middle ages. That is how we managed to survive Islam for almost 500 years before it took grip in North India. During those 500 years, Islam was spreading like a wildfire elsewhere, but Hindu-dom stood like a rock before it, refusing to succumb.

    What alarms me is that in independent India, with the new generation of Hindus, this sense seems to be dying quite rapidly. This is entirely due to the Nehruvian vision. His own disdain for Hindu Dharma is reflected in this generation.

    We desperately need to stem this tide.

  2. alwayssaynotoracism

    Those two lines could very well be from a missionary or a jehadi with hindu name. Crypto!
    especially if they are incoherent!

  3. Prasad

    Why is the RSS called a “Hindu hardline” group? What is hardline about it? It is actually a very moderate group that has always eschewed violence in favour of slow society building activities. Its stand on most issues would be left of, say, the Republican Party in the US. Is the RP also a “hardline” group? This is pure media hogwash.

  4. Raj

    The dirty Congress party throws ‘talking points’ like baits to the dogs of Indian media and like any loyal pet, the media lap it up and blow it out of proportions. Things are at such a pass that anyone who calls himself a Hindu in India right now already starts with a handicap ! shame on the shameless so-called secular hindus !

  5. RS

    Absolutely spot on and hard hitting post Sanjay.

    The dirty tricks department of Congress, their media kennel, the ‘intelligensia’ and ’eminent historians’ – are living in denial.

    The communist leeches will be the first to go in Mughalistan/Caliphate. Recall Najibullah , head of secret police KHAD, later president of Afghanistan. When the barbarians came calling, he was tortured, castrated and hung from a tank turret.

    For those dormant Hindus – recall Pastor Martin Niemoller’s lines

    When the Nazis came for the communists,
    I remained silent;I was not a communist.

    Then they locked up the social democrats,
    I remained silent;I was not a social democrat.

    Then they came for the trade unionists,
    I did not speak out;I was not a trade unionist.

    Then they came for the Jews,
    I did not speak out;I was not a Jew.

    When they came for me,
    there was no one left to speak out for me.

    This will be your fate in the Caliphate.

  6. alwayssaynotoracism

    Congratulate Varun by following this link

    It is essential that patriotic Indians provide this dynamic Gandhi all necessary support by sending him congratulatory emails at

  7. Indian

    After reading this i am even more proud to be an Indian and also of keeping firm to the secularist ideologies that truly defines being an Indian however ashamed to see people who still stand and speak as hooligans of the past and as killers of sense of secularism surely its better to be that hindu who cant care less about a hindutva ideology for certainly he is aware that its not a solution but only utopia created for sole purpose of feeding the hardliners and extremist to false sense of religious pride and nationalism which is nothing but political agenda. Why should it make a difference when a Hindu girl is raped or a muslim one. Why should it make a difference if temple is demolished or a mosque. These forces will remain our main enemy that holds our nation back So do justice to India . For long this nation has been chained to this sense of communalism why not voice ourselves as an Indian which is secular rather than being a Hindu or a Muslim.
    Finger to all the extremists . Jai Hind

    • sanjaychoudhry

      You are barking up the wrong tree. Hindus have always been secular throughout history. There is no hatred of non-believers in them.

      It is actually the Muslims and Christians and their fundamentalism and hatred of non-believers that you should actually be preaching against. You can begin by asking: “Are Christians and Muslims secular? If not, then why not?” Let me know when you have found the answer.

      • Indian

        Well the question is not about a community being secular don’t even know what that’s supposed to mean. Being secular has more to do with an individual and as a citizen of India. First try an understand the concept of secularism and then speak . Saying Hindus are secular just shows you have no understanding of the word because the minute you differentiate on basis of religion I suppose you are violating sense of secularism its easy to point fingers in every direction but that’s what people who are guilty do . I absolutely agree that most muslims, christians have been intolerant to other religions but that’s just same people like you. For once if everyone gets a clear picture of what being secular is then i am sure you all will stop being the same old hypocrites that a true Indian can only wish to disappear. If you want to live in India and work for its development you have to resolve to secularism. The sooner you get that the better. what you are doing has been unsuccessfully tried over and over where did it lead us ? we are still there lying in the puddle. But not any more its your wish you can lie their and stay with others like you enjoy getting dirty. But the world will always call you pigs no matter what. Rise and make a difference.
        Next time come with a sensible question. Try being Indian rather than a Hindu I’m sure then it’ll have a spark.
        God Bless India.

  8. Bharat Nair

    X Indian,
    “Well the question is not about a community being secular don’t even know what that’s supposed to mean. Being secular has more to do with an individual and as a citizen of India. First try an understand the concept of secularism and then speak . Saying Hindus are secular just shows you have no understanding of the word because the minute you differentiate on basis of religion ..”

    Please explain how you define the term “Secular” here.

  9. Bharat Nair

    well, wikipedia’s version is this.
    “Secularism is the assertion that governmental practices or institutions should exist separately from religion and/or religious beliefs.

    In one sense, secularism may assert the right to be free from religious rule and teachings, and freedom from the government imposition of religion upon the people, within a state that is neutral on matters of belief, and gives no state privileges or subsidies to religions. (See also Separation of church and state and Laïcité.) In another sense, it refers to the view that human activities and decisions, especially political ones, should be based on evidence and fact unbiased by religious influence.”

    The problem in India is that, this “Secularism” is selectively applied only to Hindu Religion.

  10. Indian

    It refers to the view that human activities and decisions, especially political ones, should be based on evidence and fact unbiased by religious influence.
    82% Hindus in a secular country it only appears to be applied only to the Hindus, specially to a Hindu. And if it were not for those who stood by this secularism this country would have long been destroyed . It takes a lot to accept secularism. Lets keep our religion to ourselves. This is our struggle for true freedom.
    I believe India can.

    • sanjaychoudhry

      There are ideologies which say “Our God is true, your God if false” and “It is our duty to destroy your beliefs” and “We are clean, you are unclean” and “we are superior and you are inferior” and “we will marry your women, but we will not allow our women to marry you.”

      Do you think these ideologies have the right to be treated as equals to an ideology that says “all beliefs are worthy of respect and lead to the same path”?

      If you do not find anything wrong with the former beliefs, may I ask why not? Since you are a great connossieur of secularism, let us hear your views.

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