Yet another RSS man shot in Orissa

One more RSS leader culled in Orissa by the hired goons of the church.

Tension grips as RSS man gun down in riot hit Kandhamal
By Anurjay Dhal

Bhubaneswar (Orissa): Tension on Thursday once again gripped Orissa’s riot hit Southern districts of Kandhamal after some unidentified gun men shot dead one RSS leader of the district, Police sources said.

The victim was identified as P Panigrahi of Bandapipili village, was in the hit list of the alleged Maoists. The rebels shot him dead at Rudigaon area, situated some 150 kilometers away from Phulabani district headquarters.

The killer however blocked the road between Kotagada and Rudiguma by felling trees, which took more time for the police to reach the spot after clearing the road, sources added.

Panigrahi, a known RSS activist, preferred to stay at a different place instead of his house as he feared danger to his life, police sources said.

The youth was the second RSS Swayam Sevak after 33-year-old Dhanu Pradhan to be killed in the ongoing ethno-communal riot in riot ravaged Kandhamal.

Pradhan was killed on 5 November, 2008, while Swami Laxamananda Saraswati was gunned down on 23 August, 2008. With killing of Panigrahi, the death toll in the Kandhamal violence had touched 44.

The DIG, Southern Police Range, R P Koche, however, said that the modus of operation was akin the operation of Maoists. The killers in a message through posters warned others involved in riot to face the same situation like Saraswati.

State Police and Central Para-Military Forces have intensified search operations in near of forest areas to locate the fleeing killers. “We have rushed additional forces to the spot and closely monitoring the situation,” Koche told over phone.

It may be noted here that the victim was one among those arrested in connection with last year communal flare up following the brutal murder of Hindu Seer Swami Laxmananda Saraswati on August 23, 2008. Panigrahi was released from Baliguda jail on bail on March 14.

Meanwhile, the brutal murder of RSS worker might further aggravate the situation with BJP announcing to make Swamiji’s murder case as major poll issue.

The incident has sent a shock wave among RSS workers in the riot hit district. Now that the saffron BJP was out of the government, the angry Sangh Parivar could unite this time to take revenge of Hindu killings, police suspect.

Senior RSS and VHP leaders here have alleged that the killers were not Maoists but paid goons of Church. “This was an act of Church to demoralize tribal Hindus in Kandhamal,” Hindu Jagaran Samukhya State chief Ashok Sahu added.

VHP State General secretray GP Rath also blamed the Church for the killing.

It seems all anti-national forces and foreign agents operating in India have identified RSS as the main obstacle in their game-plan of breaking up the country into various small independent states. RSS men are being killed in Kerala too by the communist thugs who have teamed up with the Jihadis.

Kannur Tense- Jihadi attack on RSS leaders

Kannur: Jihadi Terrorists joins with CPM terrorists in Kannur to attack Hindus. For the past days CPM was unleashing terror in and around Panoor near Thalassery and yesterday NDF-Jihadi terrorists in Kannur joined the CPM hit squad to attack RSS leaders.

 RSS Chovva upanagar Karyavahak Sasangan (26) and Swayamsevak Sayooj (23)from Kadalai  are admitted in Kozhikode Medical college with severe stab injuries. Bike borne Jihadi Terrorist of NDF (Now known as Popular Front) are behind both attacks. Both Swayamsevaks are later shifted to Kozhikode Medical college from Kannur District hospital.

The Jihadi terrorists stabbed Sayooj near Adi Kadalai around Sunday 1.45 pm. Karyavahak Sasangan was attacked near Kannur District hospital when he was rushing to see injured Sayooj. In Kakkad houses of Ramachandran and Sreejesh were attacked for the sole reason they are Hindus.

In Adi Kadalai a Muslim dominated area NDF terrorists were unleashing violence against devotees coming to Adi Kadali temple.The RSS swayamsevaks move to protect temple and devotees from Jihadi humiliation resulted in yesterdays incidents.RSS Swayamsevak Nikesh was also assaulted by Jihadi’s yesterday morning while coming back after Temple darsan. The armed terrorists who roamed in the city selectively were targetting Shops owned by Hindus in Kannur city.

Communists are being used by Muslim thugs as well as the genocidal Bishops to target RSS leaders all over the country. The church created the Maoists of Nepal and India out of thin air by dropping arms from aeroplanes (remember Purulia?). It now funds them through the “charity money” of 2.5 billion dollars that White Christians send to India every year. This money dissappears into the jungles of Chattisgharh and Jharkhand, never to be seen again. This is how the Maoist cadres get paid their salaries.

Christian NGOs are operating in these jungles under the guise of tribal development. The church uses the so-called Maoists (actually an armed Christian militia) to eliminate all RSS and other Hindu leaders and saints operating in the area in which it is carrying out aggressive conversions. This is how this thing works. Shame on that blighted Naveen Patnaik for ditching Hindus at this critical juncture and teaming up with the communists. (Jayalalitha is doing this too, which makes me curious and suspicious about who these leaders are in touch with.) It seems committing treason against the Hindu civilisation has now become fashionable for Hindu politicians.

Communists are the real threat to the Hindus. They are also useful idiots for the church which is using their shoulder to fire at the Hindu leaders. A curse on every deranged Hindu who votes for communists of Kerala and Bengal. Your treason will not be forgotten.

Patriotic Hindus should clearly understand: Maoists and church operating in India are the two sides of the same coin that has been minted by the White Christians for our pleasure. Maoists have been specially created about ten years ago by CIA and MI6 to act as the strike arm of the church in India and Nepal. In Sri Lanka, the LTTE acts as the strike arm of the church. The Maoists in India do the dirty work while the Bishops remain in the shadows, quitely funding and directing them against Hindu leaders in the area which the church considers as its own territory.



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19 responses to “Yet another RSS man shot in Orissa

  1. Soham

    I was privileged to meet a few RSS men some time back. Like most other Hindus, I had a negative impression of the RSS, entirely fabricated (as I realized) by the media. The RSS is a great institution – one that works at grass roots level and builds character and imparts patriotism through its shakhas. Each shakha has a “ekatmata stotra” (unity poem) which celebrates the diversity and contributions of all of India – from the Vedic sages, to the Jain munis, to the Buddha, to Guru Gobind Singh. It talks of Indian mathematicians of the past, Indian poets, and great freedom fighters. In one poem, they give you a great sense of the wonder that is India. You feel proud just singing it. Sanjay – if you can pl. put it here to show your readers what it says. Really noble thoughts of service to motherland.

    I also learnt about the life of Pracharaks (full time workers). These people do not marry, get no money, often don’t have money to buy meals even (they happily go hungry if no one gives them food – mostly rely on their area people to give them food). Many die in remote areas of the country trying to fight the ideological attack of missionaries or Tablighi people. Here is an example:

    And what is more – they do this without resorting to violence, through simply social work done with shakhas.

    Thanks to the RSS, the aggressive designs of many anti-nationals are foiled. The RSS helps our army in Kashmir (I heard from some armymen that they trust the RSS fully, no one else).

    But you know what is the greatest thing about the RSS. Not all the above. It is that they are taught from day one that they are never to talk about their service, and never to expect any praise in return. As this friend said “I am serving my mother (India). Why does a son need praise for serving his mother?”

    Tell me, where else will you hear such noble sentiments?

    PS: I am not in the RSS. The proof is that I am praising it. My friend would never praise the RSS or boast about their work. That is a central principle of RSS work – silent, selfless work.

  2. Sansarcandra

    The amount of foreign money pouring in to some of states defies logic. See the link The matter needs to be investigated properly as it has long been suspected that this foreign money is being used for carrying out religious conversions or other activities inimical to the Indian state. The states receiving the highest foreign donation are incidently in the forefront of religious conversions and anti Hindu propaganda by media. The states happen to be ruled by politicians who are either anti Hindu or call themselves agnostics.

  3. Dhruv

    I was once telling a friend about RSS pracharaks and their selfless service. He asked me a question that really shows the problem. He asked “So they are like missionaries. Missionaries are also very dedicated, selfless, go to dangerous areas, live lives of deprivation, in order to serve. What is the difference between them and missionaries.”

    You see the problem. I answered “The difference is that missionaries are spreading a culture and civilization that is foreign to India, while the RSS pracharaks are doing all this for OUR civilization, OUR culture, OUR religion, OUR values. Asking what is the difference is like asking what is diff between an Indian soldier and a Pakistani one – they are both dedicated soldiers!!”

    The fact that such a question was asked shows just how little of “ourness” exists in our people. How little we identify with our civilization, how little we feel in ownership of this – the oldest civilization on earth. And why is this? Because of the Macaulayist education which distances our educated from their civilization and actually makes them satellites of western civilization. They never see any value in their civilization, so when a RSS pracharak gives up his life to protect it, they feel nothing special about him. They know more Shakespeare than Kalidas (don’t most of us?). And if this is not sad, I don’t know what is.

    Pride in our civilization, knowledge of its achievements, a sense of belonging to it – the RSS insists on all this, which are at odds with macaulayist education.

    • sanjaychoudhry

      Good post Dhruv, especially the example of Pakistani and Indian soldiers. Both may be equally dedicated to their job, but we have to support the one who is fighting on our behalf!! It seems even something so obvious is difficult to understand for some Indians. This new generation of coke-and-pizza Indian youth seems to be made up of rank idiots and imbeciles. Only they could have come up with an argument equating RSS pracharaks with Missionaries and Imams.

      Cannot such Indians comprehend that while Missionaries are attacking other faiths, RSS pracharaks exist only to defend their own faith from others. They are least interested in converting the whole world to Hinduism. The RSS leaders are only defending Hinduism from becoming extinct in its own homeland by forces that get funds from outside the borders of India. How can a defender of one’s own home be put on the same plane as an unscrupulous attacker who is trying to take over that home and subjugate the defender? How can a rapist and victim be held equally culpable because “both have been struggling against each other”!!

      Hindus have a deadly habit of not supporting people who are fighting on their behalf. This has cost them dearly throughout history. The did not support Savarkar who was fighting for Hindu interests; instead they supported Gandhi who was fighting for Muslim interests in India. The result was a disaster. They ended up giving away land without transfer of population. Today, the Hindus are under seige from the same Muslims who should never have been here after 1947. Just look at Varun Gandhi’s revealation about how Hindus are being persecuted in Pilibhit by Muslim thugs.

      Varun said he has been attempting to restore confidence in a community that has been “under siege” and asked the nation to stand by him.

      “My attempt has been to restore confidence in a community that has been under siege in its own country,” he said, adding “I want to ask the nation to stand by me.”

      Varun alleged that in Pilibhit, Hindus are living under “fear” and “three temples have been vandalised in the block in which I have supposed to have given the speech.”

      “Pilibhit is a sensitive border area. There is widespread fear, arms are being smuggled into ghettos to be used against India,” he said.

      Varun said “when things are seen out of context, there is always the danger of misunderstanding.

      “India is a big country with a big heart. There is room in it for all to live in peace and goodwill. That is my sincere hope and effort.”

      He alleged there have been attempts to brand as communal anybody “identifying with the Hindu community”, and maintained that he has not done anything to “incite hatred”.

      Varun also claimed that “cow slaughter remains” have been found in various houses in his constituencies and no action has been taken against it.

      Accusing the authorities of giving a raw deal to the Hindus, he said “thousands and thousands of people from Hindu community have been under arrest under the National Security Act.”

      Your friend’s views about RSS pracharaks being similar to missionaries show that Hindus have still not learnt to support people who are fighting on thier behalf to keep them and their families safe. Sometimes I wonder if such idiots deserve what they are getting.

      This is what is happening in Pilibhit:

      In a prime time discussion with Rajdeep Sardesai on CNN-IBN on 17th March at 9 pm show veteran journalist and columnist Tarun Vijay said that Varun Gandhi hasn’t spoken against any community. Pilibhit is run under a complete Islamic dispensation with the District Magistrate, Additional D.M., Sub Divisional Magistrate- all Muslims posted there.

      Its represented by three MLAs and all of them are Muslims. In the last couple of months five hundred cows were slaughtered by Muslims and reported to administration through Maneka Gandhi’s office. Nothing happened. Kidnappings and rapes of Hindu girls is a matter of routine.

      Its a border area , neighbouring Nepal and hence all sorts of criminal activities goes on. So in this situation Varun Gandhi only tried to infuse some confidence and assure them that they are not alone. Varun only sworn on Gita as a Hindu. Any one, including me would do that-if someone attacks my sister or mother , I would say-I shall not spare
      the attacker. Varun’s missive was against the traitors and anti-national’s like Afzal and Kasab. He was emotional and didnt utter the words that are being attributed to him ie naming any community.



    Anand Sharma
    Manish Tewari
    Digvijay Singh
    Ambika Soni
    Satyavrat Chaturvedi
    Rahul Gandhi
    P. Parmeshwaran
    Oomen Chandy
    Ajit Jogi
    Jaya Prada
    Jaya Sudha
    Salmaan Khurshid with American WHITE XIAN SO CALLED”WIFE” Lousiana Khursheed


    Pronoy Roy (James Roy) stepny: Jennifer Arul

    Suzzane (Sagarika Ghosh); so called “husband” Asurdesai’s identity and genes unknown, rumored that he was picked by cricketer Dilip Sardesai from gutter.

  6. Prasad

    To Soham (and other readers). Here is the Etatmata Stotra – which is sung at all shakhas of the RSS. You can see what they are glorifying is the unity in diversity of India. The many facets of this civilization we call “Hindu Dharma.”

    This stotra, in one poem, is the philosophy of the RSS. This is what the RSS cherishes and nourishes. Please note that all branches of Hindu Dharma – not only Vaidik, but Jaina, Bauddha, Sikhi – are honoured equally. Similarly, North and South are honoured equally.

    I cannot think of a better statement and vision for India. Bharat is everything that is praised in the Ekatmata Stotra, and that is the soul of Bharat – that is what Bharat *IS*.

    Now that does not mean that Muslims and Christians are not welcome. On the contrary, the RSS feels that INDIAN muslims and christians are our very brothers and sisters and they too, equally, inherit this civilization.

    As a Pracharak once said “There is a big difference between an Indian muslim and a muslim from Saudi ARabia. That difference is Hindu Dharma (ie, Hindu civilization) to which the Indian muslim belongs as an equal, but the Saudi Arab muslim does not.”

    The RSS vision of India is that it is a civilization. That is the key. We are not a 50 year nation, but a 5000 year civilization, and therein lies our unity. Once we see it that way, most of the fissiparous tendencies vanish.

    So the RSS vision is that:

    – ALL Indian belong to a civilization called Hindu Dharma (to be translated as “civilizational way of life of the people who are called Hindus – the inhabitants of Hind”)
    – 85% of them follow religious doctrines which have also emerged from this civilization called Hindu Dharma and are various branches of Sanatana Dharma
    – The remaining (the muslims and christians) are also of Hindu Dharma because their civilization is the same as our’s. They inherit all of it. Is the Mahabharata (the world’s longest poem) any less of an Indian muslim than of an Indian Hindu’s? The RSS does not feel it is. Just like any European – be he christian, muslim, or atheist – inherits all of the Jewels of European civilization.

  7. sanjaychoudhry

    Naxals and Maoists of India are the private militia of the church, funded and guided by the Vatican. Ignorant Indians who have become Naxals and Maoists are useful idiots for the church because they are being shrewdly used to eliminate leaders articulating Hindu interests.

    Soon the entire central Indian tribal belt will be wiped clean of all RSS, VHP and BJP people and only pastors and bishops will roam there unchallenged along with Christian politicians of the Congress.

    The Western evangelicals and intelligence agencies have created the Maoists of India. They have already eliminated the royal family of Nepal and installed Maoists in power.

    Hindus will continue to be targetted and killed till they do not recognise what is happening, pick up the gauntlet and start taking active and even violent measures to protect dharma and pay back their foes in the same coin.

    Otherwise, entire India and surroundings will become unsafe for them and they will be hunted like dogs in their own homeland. Vatican is a ruthless bloodhound. Hindus better be careful.

    • Hindu

      I second what Sanjay says. The ruthlessness and dubious tactics adopted by the Evangelical churches is well known. Hindus best be careful when dealing with these unscrupulous “merchants of salvation”.

      The way forward is to have Hindu missionaries go into these areas, and exhibit the same dedication and tenacity that have made Christian missionaries successful. To build communities, revitalize the Dharma there, and work tirelessly for the downtrodden and tribal Hindus. I understand the RSS does have such people, but perhaps they are not enough. I read that the RSS has about 2500 missionaries. That is nothing. The Evangelical churches here can put that many in a city block if they wanted. We are talking billions of dollars, and an organized system to convert people dating back 2000 years!

      Question for Sanjay and other Indian Hindus: Why don’t more Hindus become missionaries? It’s a nation of over a billion, why so few missionaries? Surely you need people to spread Dharma. Buddhist societies tend to have more monk-missionaries.

      Actually most of the Hindu missionary monks I have known were non-Indian. The ISKCON monks are an example. There are about 100,000 of them I believe.

      (American Hindu)

      • Hindu


        I came across this blog that I think you might also like to read:

        It seems in the East of India, in Bengal (where Srila Prabhupada hailed from), Hindus are being beaten by mobs. Is all this going on? And what are Hindus doing about it?

        Some Kshatriya Dharma is required there, it would seem.

        Hari Om,

        • alwayssaynotoracism


          Even I have been reading those incidents and feeling bitter and extremely helpless. It’s basically an extension of what is happening to Hindus in Bangladesh ( see report ) These Hindus who are in border area of Bangladesh within India are very vulnerable to this. Reality might be 10 times worse than the news coming out. I am wondering how to make these voices heard. Considering the police are in inaction fearing the jehadi nature of Islamists and local authorities are Islamic ( by names in blog ) I have no idea what could be done concretely. Without some action from govt. agencies or International org.s ( which are either anti-Hindu or don’t care about Hindus ) this won’t be resolved. So the ethnic cleansing continues.

          • Hindu

            It seems that the first thing that is needed is elect the Hindu parties in the next poll. But I don’t know enough to say what the likelihood of that happening is.

            Hari Om,

  8. Muthu can start a their Saivisionary activities in Tamil Nadu, very the need is urgent. They know Tamil culture very well. Many have written to them. Probably they will do after 2012 after the temple is complete in Hawaii, which will be permanent HQ.

    • Hindu

      Yes, their spiritual tradition is traced mostly to Tamil roots, and so one would think Tamil Nadu would be very friendly to their work. I will also speak to a few people there. As you say, most likely they are waiting to complete their temple.

      Wouldn’t it be wonderful if different regions in India specialized in different streams of Sanatana Dharma. As you say, Saivism around Tamil Nadu, Bhagavat Dharma around Mathura-Gokul-Vrindavan, Ram Dharma around Ayodhya, and so on. That is how I picture India.

      Hari Bol,

      • Nam


        Your encouragement for Santana Dharma is plausible. It really is wonderful to see someone like you living in a far-away continent concerned about issues that plague Hindus today. If only half of India’s Hindu population weren’t as passive as it is…

        Secondly, the specializations you speak about, apart from Gurus, Rishis, and saintly persons which are lower and lower in number today, seems almost utopic. The harsh reality is that there is a mighty concerted effort today to ERASE HINDUISM FROM INDIA. As far along as the proper Indian Government is involved in this. Other major players against Hinduism are

        1. the national media (mainly English speaking), therefore majority of the news coming out of MSM sources in English will in their very nature be anti-Hindu, as the media is funded by the Saudis and the Southern Baptists and other evangelical organizations.

        2. the Congress Party / UPA Coalition which is the largest and oldest and until two decades ago the only political party at the national level (BJP – the Hindu Nationalist Party didn’t even exist in the 70s) but when Hindus saw their rights gradually being taken away, and more and more rights given to Muslims and Evangelicals, this resulted in a rapid surge in the BJP’s popularity.

        3. Marxists – these people have managed to erase India’s great Hindu history (you would be baffled to read a history textbook taught in Indian schools). The purpose of this is to keep Indian children oblivious to India’s great Hindu past and to create a mentality of shame and embarassment in their minds in relation to their culture (please see “Negationism” by Koenraad Elst). A fake picture of Hindu-Muslim amity is artificially constructed in the name of “communal harmony.” Unfortunately these “marxist historians” have been awarded international prizes by organizations in the US and elsewhere (Romila Thapar) which then give them more ground for appreciation in India, as Indians don’t know how to be proud of whats theirs unless recognized in the West. Pathetic. I recommend the well known book by Arun Shourie – Eminent Historians.

        4. Missionaries – you are aware of their misdeeds on a very high level, especially in the North East and the South of India. The evangelists are key in the destruction of the Hindu identity of its millenia long followers today.

        5. Islam – Islam is perhaps the greatest and longstanding enemy of Hinduism. Unlike Germany, which has apologized to its Jewish and Eastern European victims, and Japan, which has at least behaved itself since WWII, and even America, which has gone into paroxysms of guilt over what it did to the infinitely smaller numbers of Red Indians, the Moslem aggressors against India and their successors have not even stopped trying to finish the job they started. To this day, militant Islam sees India as “unfinished business” and it remains high on the agenda of oil-rich Moslem countries such as Saudi Arabia, which are spending millions every year trying to convert Hindus to Islam. Here is a quick refresher of Mughal history in India and their “great deeds” as taught in Indian Marxist history books

        6. Communists – the Communist Party of India (its shameful to see such a political party still exist after the more than shameful demise of communism) do all and more to ensure that Hindus are subdued, their temples are not constructed, temple money is distributed to Muslims and Christians, and are primers in spreading anti-Hindu hate propaganda and hurting them at every opportunity they get. Unfortunately quite a few states in India are run by communists, who openly support islamists and christians, against the Hindus always.

        As you can see, there are a number of factors against Hindu Dharma today, which are preventing Hindus in their homeland from being able to pursue their way of life normally. This trend has now reached dangerous levels. Unfortunately, because the media, communists, christians, marxists, muslims and the Congress work hand in hand, and the Hindu vote (naïve as they are) is always divided, this situation does not show on the surface as any news of Hindu persecution is systematically left out of the news headlines and all focus is drawn to any and every retaliatory methods used by Hindus in this persecution against them.

        Such a sad story. The point to make is that this is a fight to save the Hindu Motherland, India, Bharat. Hinduism is in no danger, as Santana Dharma perhaps does not even recognize the word “Hindu” – it accepts all. A Muslim praying to Allah is Hindu, and a Buddhist praying to Buddha is Hindu, so is a Jew, a Christian and a Sikh. Hinduism does not have boundaries. I was speaking the other day to a spiritual master and explained to him that I’m trying to do something in the face of all these forces trying to destroy Dharma. Krishna himself said to fight evil … yes that is our duty in our lifetimes, to fight evil of which there is so much today. But at the end of the day, God has no religion, or shall we say all roads lead to Brahma. I dont know if my message is clear.

        This was just to give you a background on the situation of Hindus in India Today. Persecuted in their Own Land. I wish a Hollywood director would make a movie on it someday.

        • Hindu

          Nam and others:

          Felt this was worth sharing. The wonderful folks over at Hinduism Today (mostly Western Hindus) have done this service. I can tell you the monks in Hawaii are some of the most spiritually striving Saivites you will find. They take their Sanatana Dharma Saivism very seriously indeed.

          Om Namah Shivayah!

          KAPAA, HAWAII, March 25, 2009: Hindus in the West are sometimes invited to give a talk explaining their religion at a local college, schoolroom, interfaith group or even a Christian church. Some have confided to Hinduism Today magazine publisher Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami that they do not feel qualified to give such a presentation. There is clearly a need for an authentic, non-academic introduction to Hinduism that can be presented with confidence on such occasions. Satguru Bodhinatha Veylanswami prepared this Publisher’s Desk editorial (drawn from Hinduism Today’s book “What Is Hinduism?”) as a broad summary of our faith that can be used to properly educate others in the basics of Hinduism, minus all the misconceptions and myths.

          The 45-minute, graphic-rich video is available on YouTube in five parts, beginning here( com/watch? v=0w9OCPguVGY). At the end of each part is a clickable link to the next part.

          The text is also available here(http://www.himalaya nacademy. com/intro) for those interested in giving the presentation themselves or printing and distributing it in their communities, or formatting it for their own newsletter or publication.

          Source: http://dev.hinduism modules/wordpres s/hindu-press- international/ 2009/03/31/ hinduism- today-releases- introduction- to-hinduism- video/

  9. Muthu

    Chidambaram in TN is under siege by the govt.
    Chidambaram in West is taking shape very well. Is this His leelai.

  10. sanjaychoudhry

    Right Muthu. Even I have a feeling that Sanatana Dharma has begun to shift out of India because it is no longer respected by “modern” Hindus who are on a trip of their own with idiotic ideologies such as communism, liberalism, secularism… Dharma will be grabbed by other people in the world who appreciate its depth and brilliance. Not that I regret it. Sanatana Dharma was always a universal asset meant for all mankind. It is pure spirituality, not a religion.

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