Anantnag may Soon be Islamabad

Kashmiri Muslims up to their usual “secular” stuff.

Anantnag to rename as Islamabad – What our Media failed to Highlight

Courtesy:R Koul

Muslims in Kashmir are trying to remove all Hindu religious symbols and rename ancient places. Also hundreds of temples have been either encroached or destroyed. We are deeply anguished to learn that a bill has been introduced in the J&K assembly by the PDP, MLA Peerzada Manzoor Hussain proposing to change the name of historic Anantnag town to Islamabad.

The mentality and intent behind the introduction of this bill is clearly to Islamize the entire nomenclature of the valley which has been a cradle of Hindu civilization for the last 5000 years. This is part of the same process by which the names of 700 villages in the valley have been changed. Even the names of the landmarks like the Shankaracharya Hill has been changed to Takht-i-Sulaiman and the name of historic Hari Parbat has been changed to Koh-i-Maran.

The officialdom seems to be colluding with these forces as we see the same in the proposed name of the Srinagar airport as Shaikh-ul-Alam airport. In the country we see a process of going back to the original and historical names but here we see a process of destroying history and historical names. Given a choice these forces would change the names of their ancestors even.

PDP has all along followed an agenda of Islamic imperialism. It may be recalled that it was the same party whose patron was responsible for engineering the Anantnag riots against Kashmiri Pandits in 1986. Even the late Chief Minister G.M.Shah in an interview had indicted Mufti Sayed for fermenting Anantnag riots against Kashmiri Pandits to destabilize his government then.

The process of genocide and exodus started with the Anantnag riots of 1986 and culminated in the complete exodus of Kashmiri Hindus in 1990. This mindset is visible in the statement of Mehbooba Mufti who recently said that the land from Panchtarni to amaranth belongs to Maliks, as if Amarnath was their personal fiefdom.



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3 responses to “Anantnag may Soon be Islamabad

  1. Nam

    What is still hard to swallow is what the government is doing while all of this happens? I’m not sure about Kashmiri political scene, but the Govt there? How can such anti-Indian govts be in power, even if it is a Muslim majority state? Kashmiris do not deserve elections anymore. Since they have driven out real Kashmiris, they should be ruled by the military as these beasts are undeserving of democracy. They don’t believe in it anyway.

    Now, more than ever, we need a strong Hindu Nationalist Govt in power who makes it clear to these traitors that they cannot create Islamabads in India. If they are so fond of that name, they should go to the real Islamabad in a country that was created for them.

    • ummahgummah

      Yes, it is strange that these people don’t get expelled to the Pak border and left for the Paks to take care of them.

  2. Very sad development.
    Nam is right, these people do not deserve a democracy. The stupid Indian government under Nehru disallowed owning of land by Indians who are not Kashmiri. Removal of this act will allow other people to enter kashmir and dilute the fanaticism.
    Apparently there are many Army people who would love to settle down in the beautiful valley.

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