The Chaplin Psyops by Toilet Paper of India

Last couple of days saw another hit-job against Karnataka BJP by the leftist-liberal mafia that operates in the Indian English media.

The first salvo was fired by the “Toilet Paper of India,” which accused BJP leaders of Karnataka of anti-Christian fundamentalism. The paper charged that they did not allow installation of a statue of Charlie Chaplin because he was a Christian.

BJP activists attack ‘Christian’ Chaplin statue

BANGALORE: The last laugh may be on Charlie Chaplin, cinema’s funny man who mocked prejudice and fascism. The Left-leaning, suspected communist  sympathizer was called many names during his eventful life, but `Christian’ wasn’t one of them. But the new tag comes courtesy BJP activists in Baindur, near Udupi. They have blocked installation of Chaplin’s statue saying it would hurt Hindu sentiment.

The statue was being put up by Karnataka film director Hemant Hegde for the shoot of his movie `Housefull’ and was meant for a song sequence. On Friday, local BJP leader Suresh Batwadi stopped the film unit from going ahead with the project, claiming that the land on which the statue was to be erected belonged to the Someshwara temple and the crew lacked the requisite permissions.

This story was the top story on the front page of the paper on Sunday.

There are two things here:

1. Why did this newspaper choose to carry the news as a banner headline on Sunday on its front page? Was it so important an issue for the country? If not, then what was the motivation of the editors for this prominent coverage?

2. What are the real facts of the case and who are the actors involved in this drama?

Here is the reality:

It was a very well thought-out plan by many players: the Congress, the church and the left / liberal Hindu mafia. The venue for installation of the Charlie Chaplin statue was deliberately chosen to needle the Hindus. The Karnataka “actor-film-maker” (commie alert!) Hemant Hegde decided to install Chaplin’s towering statue of 62 feet (four story high). The film-maker wanted the statue for a song sequence for his film, and then he would have left the statue standing and gifted it to the tourism department as a tourist attraction.

Now, the real mischief — what the Toilet Paper “forgot” to tell its readers was the venue. The huge statue was deliberately being installed right in front of the entrance to a Hindu temple. This is from another report:

On Friday, the film unit put up a shack and dug a pit for a pedestal for the 60-foot-high statue at Paduvari village, 150 km north of Mangalore. But they had to pack up because the official permission was not in hand.

Besides, the spot was in front of a temple, at a place where pilgrims park vehicles and from where they walk down towards the sanctum sanctorum.

So the film-maker simply arrived in front of a Hindu temple, put up a shack and started digging a pit on the private land of that temple without permission of the government or the temple authorities! Cool, eh?

When the Panchayat leaders got to know about what these people were doing, they asked the film-maker’s crew not to install the statue in front of the temple as they had no permission and the land was private property of the temple. Instead they told them to look for another venue away from the temple and apply for government permission to install the statue. Erecting a towering statue of a Western comedian (who has nothing to do with India) right in front of a Hindu temple was rightly considered by them to be deliberate despoliation and mockery of a space held sacred by the Hindus.

This is all there is to the incident. And the next day, the Toilet Paper of India screamed on its front page — “BJP fundamentalists attack Chaplin Statue because he was a Christian”!

Read the Toilet Paper’s story about the incident: it has carefully quoted only the well-known secularists and communists of Karnataka. (Talk about unbiased reporting!) It was also the only paper to allege that the statue was not allowed to be put up only because Charlie Chaplin was a Christian. (He was a communist.)

I wonder what would be the reaction of Christians if a 62-feet high statue of comedian Mahmood was to be installed by some Hindus in front of the entrance to the shrine of Velankanni as a tourist attraction? Or of Mulims if a huge statue of comedian Johny Walker was to be installed in front of the entrance of Jama Masjid at Delhi?

There are some forces hostile to India, Indian civilisation and Hindus which are operating through the Toilet Paper.  These forces and their links to the Toilet Paper’s juvenile owner have to be exposed to the readers in the interest of justice and fair play. (What happened to the tradition of “fair disclosure”?) Till how long will this paper keep treating its readers as guinea pigs for its psyops operations? Who in the hell do these dishonest editors think they are?

As if on cue, the White Christian racists from Britain (where else!) have immediately latched on to the “Christian persecution” angle.

Hindu extremists wreck plans for statue of ‘Christian’ Charlie Chaplin

In this whole episode, the instigator and agent provocateur Hemant Hegde has slipped away quietly. He shouldn’t be allowed to. Cases should be registered against him by the local Panchayat for digging up temple land without permission and hurting religious sentiments of Hindus for trying to put up statue of a Western comedian in front of a temple without authorisation. People like him should be made to pay the price.

The country has had enough of this left – liberal mafia and its dishonesty, orchestrated campaigns and flinging shit on others. This gang of English editors and communists of “civil society” insults the intelligence of Indians. Their time has come and gone, but like dinosaurs, they still haunt this land spewing a rabid ideology that no longer has any takers.



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5 responses to “The Chaplin Psyops by Toilet Paper of India

  1. Bharat Nair

    We need a “NGO” just for filing legal cases against these charlatans.

  2. I was about to put this on my blog. Glad you put it up on yours!
    The TOI is crossing all limits in its biased and prejudiced reporting consisting only of half truths.
    We really should start a campaign against the TOI and other media. The State home minister wanted to start an ombudsman to counter exactly such reports but was shouted down by the liberal media. What steps do you think can be taken by the general public like us against such malicious reporting?

  3. This Toilet paper should be tought a lesson. Otherwise it will spoil the country..

  4. The statue is illegal. See this.

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