Will Tamil Nadu be India’s East Timor?

Here is a really eye-opening article about how the church controlled by the White Man has begun to make its initial moves to separate Tamil Nadu from India and turn it into an independent Christian country in the same fashion as East Timor. The biggest disappointment in this treacherous episode is that it seems Jaylalitha has fallen too and walked over to the other side. The author also hints at which force is behind Biju Patnaik’s decision to abandon the BJP in Orissa.

The church can be instantly castrated in India by stopping the 2.5 billion dollars that the White Christians are sending to it every year. This money is the main source of the Church’s strength, enabling it to purchase Indian politicians, run conversion rackets and trigger seditious movements such as the Christian Maoists of central India.

Is our Intelligence Bureau sleeping? Cannot it see what is happening in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh? Or is it that the file is brought before Manmohan Singh but he throws it into the dustbin out of fear of the White Christian female presiding over him? He disgraces the legacy of the Gurus and Maharaja Ranjit Singh by his behaviour.

What is actually going on? How can openly seditious activity be tolerated like this and why would the Indian government refuse to stop this money of White Christians pouring into India? Who are the people approaching Indian politicians and telling them not to associate themselves with the BJPand break all ties with it? Something sinister is happening in India these days. 

If the Congress politicans are serious about saving India, they should immediately block the funds that White Christians are sending to the Indian church. Or make it manadatoryfor this money to be first deposited with the government and then be passed on to the NGOs and church agencies by the bureacrats. Direct funding of these bodies by White Christians would lead India to disintegrate in the next 15 years.

The Congress courtiers are refusing to consider both the options. This can mean only one thing: they are getting a commission on every dollar from Whites that is pouring into India to break the country apart.

When Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh Christianise and seceede from India, and the Hindus finally wake up horrified at the enormity of what has happened, these “secular” Congress leaders and their pet English-media editors will be hunted like dogs by enraged Indians. They will have no place to hide in this country. Let this be a warning to them and their stooges in the English media of their approaching fate. 

Tamil Nadu Lawyers’ mutiny – the Church’s first big step  
By Radha Rajan 

The drama unfolding in the Tamil Nadu Bar and judiciary is uncannily like the drama even now unfolding in Pakistan and India after the Mumbai terror attacks on 26 November 2008; the serial rapist is successfully playing virgin victim. The US has given the world another new phrase for parroting obediently – ‘good Taliban/bad Taliban’ – a bold and original departure from good cop/bad cop. From good Taliban it is only a small step to good jihad, good church, good rapist and good genocide. Now permit me to coin a new word – good lawyers.

The irony of the ‘good’ will be better understood if we grant the Tamil Nadu Bar to be part cut-throat and part-craven, albeit in unequal parts, while the judiciary, and this includes the Supreme Court, is almost wholly craven. The craven lot in the Bar comprises so-called ‘decent’ lawyers who have not summoned the courage to take a stand against the rowdies, goondas, hooligans and thugs in the Bar; the latter are funded by known anti-social and anti-national groups at home and abroad, while deriving impunity from Dravidian anti-national polity and Tamil-chauvinist (read crypto-Christian) political parties.

The Tamil Nadu judiciary has been a sometimes silent, sometimes benign, and even indulgent spectator of this long history of rampant goondaism bordering on terror tactics by a section of lawyers. It is a history going back to over a decade. As Justice Srikrishna put it in his report, “Suffice it to say that a number of criminal cases were registered by the police against several advocates for indulging in activities that amounted to criminal offences”.

This section of goonda lawyers, emboldened by the political clout of the Presidents of the Madras High Court Advocates Association and the Tamil Nadu Advocates Association, R.C. Paul Kanagaraj and S. Prabakaran respectively, have not only publicly affirmed the cause of Velupillai Prabhakaran, a notified fugitive Sri Lankan Tamil terrorist wanted in India for the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, they have gone so far as to celebrate the terrorist’s birthday within the High Court premises. Dravidian (by connotation secessionist) politics has equated the extremely complex and civilisationally troubling Sri LankanTamil issue with the LTTE; this simplistic diminution of the issue has however, exposed the Church in Tamil Nadu and also exposed in the process the cold and calculating ways of the White western church of all denominations.

It is not simply coincidence that all processions and demonstrations in support of the LTTE and Velupillai Prabhakaran, in the guise of support for Sri Lankan Tamils, have a Christian padri leading from the front. Roadside meetings addressed by politicians belonging to the ‘Viduthalai Chiruthai’ (Leopards for Freedom, a name closely resembling the Tamil appellation for the LTTE, ‘Viduthalai Puli’ or Tigers for Freedom or simply Tamil Tigers) are also organized near churches; the church flock constitute the audience at these meetings.

A few years ago, a Christian nun was arrested in South Tamil Nadu for distributing inflammatory pamphlets in support of the LTTE and Tamil Eelam (the secessionist Tamil state). Velupillai Prabhakaran, and his son and anointed terrorist-heir apparent, are both Christian; the LTTE’s verbose supporter in Tamil Nadu, the notorious Vaiko or Vai. Gopalaswamy is also allegedly Christian. Vaiko, chief of MDMK, yet another secessionist Dravidian Tamil political party was incarcerated by Jayalalithaa under the NSA for sedition. He is now her devoted Walter Raleigh. 

The most striking tell-tale sign of the hand of the church in the cause of the Tamil secessionist movement is Jayalalithaa’s endorsement last week of Tamil Eelam; she had been vehemently opposed to the idea of Tamil Eelam and had staunchly maintained that she was as committed to the territorial integrity of Sri Lankaas she was to the resolution of the civil war with justice for the Sri Lankan Tamil people.

This radical departure on Jayalalithaa’s part of endorsing Eelam is only a continuum of the radical departure she made in December 2008, when several Christian padris, including a Bishop, conducted special Christian prayers on Christmas Day, followed by special service at her Poe’s Garden home. This went far beyond the usual Christmas festivities in which Hindu political leaders participate for their Christian cadre and for secularism. Needless to say, it was Vaiko who offered Jayalalithaa lemon juice after her day of fasting for the well-being of the LTTE.

If we take into account the fact that south of Chennai, almost every single fishing hamlet on the Tamil Nadu coast is wholly Christian and/or Muslim and that the Muslims of Sri Lanka are almost wholly Tamil speaking, and if after taking into account the fact that Jayalalithaa allowed World Vision, ActionAid and other rabid Christian NGOs to run amok in Tamil Nadu after the tsunami, were it to be said that Tamil Nadu is sitting on a political volcano waiting to erupt, it would not be an overstatement. Well organized fishermen’s organizations and unions in Tamil Nadu have now stepped forward publicly to demand Tamil Eelam.

Pope John Paul II abusing the hospitality of the Indian state and Indian people declared on Hindu-majority Indian soil, on the sacred Hindu day of Deepavalli, that he intended to plant the church in Asia in the third millennium. China, India, Nepal, South Korea and Sri Lanka, stubbornly Hindu, Buddhist and Confucian, are top on the agenda of the Catholic, Protestant and other primitive, coarse denominations like the American Baptist, New Life and other freewheeling churches belonging to no known denomination but flush with dubious money.

Tamil Naduis the largest recipient of foreign funds and this money, coming from White Christian American and European government and non-government donors is being invested with great foresight and calculation by local Churches and Christian agencies in several sectors ranging from real estate, banks, television channels, TV soaps and other serials on television, penetrating the Tamil film world with growing numbers of Christian actors, musicians and technical support staff, giant jewelry outlets, religious conversion through allurement, buying hugely expensive time for tele-evangelising in several Tamil satellite channels, starting more and more educational institutions, funding political parties, creating NGOs, the list is endless and their determination to penetrate and influence all aspects of public life, alarming.

Church activity and investment in Tamil Nadu is directly linked to the continuing civil strife (the term ‘ethnic conflict’ is palpably false and misleading) in Sri Lanka. The church is working towards the creation of a pan-Tamil nation out of the territories of Tamil Nadu in India and the North and East of Sri Lanka.The useful idiots in Tamil Nadu and Sri Lanka, facilitating this diabolic objective, must wake up to the truth that the pan-Tamil nation they are working for is a Christian state like East Timor.

The church penetrated the Maoists of Nepal and Kandhamal in Orissa; its fingers have touched Chandrababu Naidu, Jayalalithaa and now Navin Patnaik; if the communists are Patnaik’s new bedfellows, the Christian Maoists of Kandhamal were probably intermediaries.It is time the so-called decent elements in the Tamil Nadu Bar and judiciary realized that their reputation has been held hostage and their strings pulled by the invisible hand of the church in India and foreign churches.

A sizeable segment of the well-educated, social and political Sinhala elite in Sri Lanka is also Christian, but this segment, while visible and powerful, is still in a minority vis-à-vis the Sinhala Buddhists; the Sinhala Christian political ruling class is tamed by its dependence on the powerful Buddhist clergy for its legitimacy. The invisible church behind the SinhalaChristian ruling elite seeks to control the state apparatus even as the visible and assertive church seeks to control the voting Tamil populace. The church, withMachiavellian intent, is thus playing both ends of the game. The civil war in Sri Lanka, seemingly between Sinhala and Tamil speaking people, now being given the brazenly false Hindu-Buddhist conflict colour, is actually the Church manipulating the people through well-choreographed civil strife aimed ultimately at creating a separate Christian Tamil state.

The ruling Sinhala Buddhist and Christian elite has thus fallen into the diabolic Christian trap of seeking Pakistan’s aid to break the LTTE backbone, something which India ought to have done had the Congress Prime Minister not been controlled by the Italian Christian Sonia Gandhi. The UPA abandoned Sri Lanka to Pakistan (read China and USA) just as it had abandoned Nepal to the Maoists (read China and USA again).

The Sinhala Sri Lankan government is playing the foolish game of pitting the potentially secessionist Tamil Muslims of Muslim-majority Amparai district in the East against the other Tamils, hoping to keep Amparai as a thorn in the flesh of the Tamil-majority region. A beginning was made when the North was separated from the East for the first time in any calculation towards a political settlement of the issue. This is a foolish hope because ultimately Muslims, like Christians, owe their allegiance not to their native country but to their religion.

No political commentator or terrorism expert has pointed to the significance of an LTTE suicide bomber killing 15 people and wounding several others, including Sri Lankan Postal Services Minister Mahinda Wijesekara, on 12 March, outside a mosque in Akuressa in southern Sri Lanka. The occasion was Milad-un-Nabi, birthday of Prophet Mohammad. The LTTEwas targeting both Sinhala politicians who were present in large numbers at the mosque, and also Muslims.   

The Sri Lankan Tamil issue is therefore not simply ‘spilling over’ into Tamil Naduin India, but has always been inextricably linked with Tamil Nadu. Tamil politics, unless caste Hindus of Tamil Nadu and Tamil (Saiva) Hindus of Sri Lanka wake up, is all about intra-Christian political tussle between the Sinhala ruling Christian elite and the Tamil commoner Christian. It is also the Asian theatre in the never-ending Christian-Muslim cosmic war. It bears repetition that Tamil Nadu is being increasingly, visibly and aggressively Islamisedand Christianised, with astronomical amounts of foreign money pouring into the state legally through foreign donors and NGOs, and illegally through Hawala and other routes. A similar scenario has already unfolded in Kerala.        

The violence let loose with impunity by the Christian and Dravidian Tamil chauvinist section of the Madras High Court lawyers is Christian investment in education yielding political interest. Fewer than one hundred lawyers, history-sheeters with a long history, were let loose in the state by their handlers, and this vicious gang brought the Tamil Nadu Bar and judiciary to its knees. The Supreme Court fared no better.

The Church is well-organized and well connected. Having triggered the sequence of violence on 17 February, this group provoked the volatile Chief Justice of India to put his foot in the mouth when he committed the ultimate impropriety of lashing out at the police without allowing the latter to present its version of the events of 19 February. The CJI, like most of the country, was intentionally kept in the dark about February 17.

Chief Justice K.G. Balakrishnan, heading a three-Judge Bench, told Solicitor General G.E. Vahanvati, appearing for the State: “The police entering the court halls, attacking judges, lawyers, staff and causing damage is a very serious matter. We are serious about it. Even if the police wanted to arrest some lawyers, in all fairness they should have informed the acting Chief Justice or at least the Registrar-General. We want to know under whose instance the police entered the premises. Give us the names of the officers who asked helmet wearing policemen wielding lathisto enter the court halls and we will deal with them firmly.

“We will ascertain from the government who is responsible for this mess. If it is not possible for the government to tell us at whose instance the police entered the HC premises and used force against the lawyers, then we will find it out. We don’t want any cooperation from the police. We know how to handle such situations.”

(In)famous last words! The incumbent Chief Justice of India, KG Balakrishnan like another of his colleagues in the Supreme Court, is given to emotional outbursts and indiscreet, even intemperate, statements.

Not content withplaying to the gallery with this highly improper outburst against the police, the CJItook a leaf out of Alice in Wonderland and off-ed with the heads of five highly respected police officers of the rank of Joint Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner and had them summarily transferred out of Chennai. Thus did the highest officer of the country’s judiciary dispense justice; by listening to just one side of the story, the criminal lawyers’ side.

Yet disreputable lawyers indicted by a Division Bench of the Madras High Court for physical and verbal violence against Dr. Subramanian Swamy and other litigants in Court hall 3, and indicted by Justice Srikrishna in his interim report, are still unpunished. They have not even been found guilty because for Madras High Court and Supreme Court, notwithstanding the Srikrishna report described the events of 17 February in great detail, February 2009 never had the 17th day!

“My view, albeit prima facie, is that the soft-pedaling policy followed by the Madras High Court Judges has led to the present piquant situation. The lawyers appear to have been encouraged by the wrong ‘signals sent out and seemed to think that they could do anything and get away within the Court premises. Regretfully, far from being the upholders of the rule of law, the lawyers seem to have behaved as hooligans and miscreants. The incidents that transpired over a last monthor so make it clear that the lawyers seemed to be under the impression that, because they are officers of the Court, they are immune from the process of law and that they could get away with any unlawful act without being answerable to the law enforcing agency. It is most unfortunate that the soft policy adopted by the Acting Chief Justice of Madras High Court and its administration sent out clearly a wrong message that encouraged and emboldened the lawyers into becoming law breakers”. (Excerpt from Justice Srikrishna’s interim report)

The Supreme Court by abusing the police through punitive transfers has thus facilitated the transformation of rapist into victim. Pandering to the hysterical demand for a judicial commission to go into the events of February 19 in Madras High Court, the CJI constituted the one-man Justice Srikrishna Commission. Mandated by the Supreme Court to submit an interim report within ten days of commissioning, Justice Srikrishna submitted his interim report on 4 March 2009. The findings of the Srikrishna Commission shocked the nation. The blatantly one-sided anti-police version peddled by the lawyers and a section of complicit print and electronic media was beginning to tilt rapidly to achieve a state of relative balance.

Notwithstanding the damning indictment by Justice Srikrishna, the Tamil Nadu Bar and judiciary remained craven and did not summon the courage or will to bring the criminal lawyers to justice. Confronted by the extremely hostile reception to his findings, Justice Srikrishna withdrew from the commission and the CJI, just as craven as the Tamil Nadu judiciary, instead of holding the Tamil NaduBar responsible for Justice Srikrishna’s withdrawal, and instead of constituting another Commission with two or three retired judges, abdicated his responsibility and threw the case back into the lap of the Madras High Court.

On their part, both the Madras High Court and state government have committed themselves to act as per the findings and recommendations of the Srikrishna Report to probe police action in the court premises on 19 February. Both have chosen to remain ignominiously craven and have not brought the events of 17 February into the ambit of the probe. If the CJIwas going to pass the buck to the Madras High Court to probe the events of 19 February, then he ought not to have transferred senior police officers punitively out of Chennai withunseemly haste. If responsibility for pinning blame for 19 February was going to be left to the local judiciary, the Supreme Court ought to have restrained itself from needless activism, encroaching into the Executive domain. Investigating police action and dealing appropriately with the results of the probe ought to have been left to the state government.

The Church has succeeded on all fronts – penetrated law colleges using admission norms in its favour, getting these students, irrespective of their merit, into enrolling themselves as practicing lawyers in the Bar, using such members to gain control of the city and state Advocates Associations, using these associations and Dravidian, Tamil chauvinist, secessionist political parties beholden to the church to paralyze the system, sowing discord between different pillars of democracy, and finally to bring the judiciary to its knees.

This is just the first step – testing the waters, so to speak, before taking the plunge to set events in rapid motion to culminate in the Christian Tamil state called Eelam. Unless the useful idiots mindlessly serving church interests wake up now, they will wake up one day to find that Eelam is a fait accompli like East Timor.

I have read about plans of US to divide India between Christianity and Islam and thus cook the goose of Sanatana Dharma. The US government has a definite plan to give north India to Muslims and south India to Christians. This would be much like Africa which has been neatly divided by Christianity and Islam among themselves.

Hindu philosophy as long as it exists will always remain a potent replacement threat for Christianity. The church knows this. It does not mind making common cause with Islam to screw the Hindus. Christianity does not feel intellectually threatened by Islam because even by the under-developed Semitic standards, Islamic philosophy is unbelievably primitive. The real threat to Christianity is from the polytheistic, tolerant Hindu philosophy. This is why you will find all Christian fundamentalists supporting Muslim fundamentalists in India and showing bias in favour of Islam in any confrontation with the Hindus. They know who is more dangerous for the church in the long run.

Christian fundamentalists have not forgotten the “Hare Rama Hare Krishna” days when the Western youth turned hippies and made a beeline for Rishikesh. They are also noticing the growing popularity of Yoga. Nothing scares the church more than the depth of Hindu philosophy.

It is futile for Hindus to hope that the Christian West will become their ally in the Hindu struggle against radical Islam. Hindus should realise that it is the other way round: the Christian West is encouraging and using fundamentalist Islam in the Indian subcontinent to finish Hindus and Hinduism. That is why I laugh when I hear suggestions that India should try to ally with America against Muslim fundamentalism. Why do you think America always keeps Pakistan on life support and never lets it die?

Who is an Indian?

The label “Indian” should be redefined. Who has the right to be called an Indian? We need a new definition, and here it is: One should not be called an Indian only because he or she was merely born in India.

One should be called an Indian if and only if one accepts the responsibility to protect, nurture and propagate all ideologies and philosophies that have originated from the salt of this ancient land.

If some people born in India no longer respect our traditions, culture and various streams of spirituality, if they call these inferior and detistible and a work of the devil, if they actively connive with hostile foreign races to decimate them and impose alien cultures, religions and languages on India, they are not Indians but enemies of India.

If you want the right to be called an Indian, you have to be true to the motherland and whatever arose from her womb over the last 6,000 years. Otherwise you forfeit your right to be called an Indian. You have no business to sustain yourself on the produce of this land. Get out and live with those very same races whose interests you promote in India.

Fundamentalist Christians, radical Islamists, leftist / liberals, atheists, secularists and all others who refuse to lift a finger to defend the spiritual and cultural traditions of India are not Indians. They are merely rent-seekers living in India.



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12 responses to “Will Tamil Nadu be India’s East Timor?

  1. This is a shocking article!!
    Why doesn’t the sangh parivar do something about it? I am sure if people knew all this there would be a great national movement to fight the western church!!

  2. Muthu

    If foreign money is the criteria, and if only white colored persons are required to do work on TN , then why not have branches of http://www.gurudeva.org a Saivite organization branches in TN. These white men in saffron robes based their scriptures on Tamil Saiva Siddhanta. They know the culture of TN very well. Their founder SivaSubramuniyswami has excellent publications online and he started the winter solstice festival of Panchamukhi Ganapati for Hindus leaving abroad for the last week of December. The magnificient temple will be completed in 2012. This organisation will be able to counter the church very well in TN.

  3. Incognito

    Jaya showed her colours in the case of the allegations against kanchi Shankaracharya.

    As for IB, when the PM and the President themselves are in the hands of Christist, what should one expect of IB.

    >>”..Something sinister is happening in India these days. ..”

    Indeed yes. It has been only continuation of what has been happening for past 200 yrs.

    >>”…If the Congress politicans are serious about saving India…”

    That is a joke that is not funny anymore.

    >>”…When Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh Christianise and seceede from India…”

    More appropriate would be to say ‘…When the secession of India from its ancient culture is complete…”

    >>”…the Hindus finally wake up horrified at the enormity of what has happened, …”

    That seems as likely as the christists voluntarily eschewing proselytizing and Jihadis loving non-believers.

    >>”…these ”secular” Congress leaders and their pet English-media editors will be hunted like dogs by enraged Indians. ….”

    Realist, the present reality in India indicates that such eventualities are unlikely to be realised.
    Rather it is more likely that the people who inhabit this land will continue to be led by leash and will bark at everything that is pointed out to them by their intellectual masters.

    I came across Ms Rajan’s article on another website and this is what I commented: –

    ‘The judiciary has shown itself to be highly injudicious lately.

    It may be being optimistic to think that Christian Tamil Elam is the aim of the church.
    In Andhra Christist already claim to be about 20% and are growing fast.
    In Kerala they may comprise 25-30% already.
    In Karnataka and Orissa they are very actively pursuing proselytising.
    So there is no reason for them to be satisfied with Tamil Eelam when they can as well have the entire south India.

    There is a thought of dividing India into Mughalistan in north comprising of the
    erstwhile parts of Mughal empire, Dalitistan in central India and Dravidistan in south India.

    While Pakis are trying their best to achieve the Mughalistan, China is trying to carve out Dalitistan through Maoists, Christists are increasing their influence in the Southern states to appropriate Dravidistan.

    Indians surprsingly are ignorant about these plans, engaged in watching cricket, dreaming of IT jobs and celebrating success of foreign movies that denigrate India.
    Maybe it is wrong to consider these people as Indians because they are not Indians in spirit, only by birth.

    Maybe it is time to consider ‘Indianness’ to be different place of birth and instead based on principles, attitude and allegiance to ancient indian culture, similar to Varna system not being based on birth, but by inclination and displayed characterstics.

    Therefore, some of the Indians would be David Frawley, Brannon Parker, Koenraad Elst, Stephen Knapp, Francois Gautier.

    And definitely non-Indian would be the present CM of Tamil Eelam and the invisible PM and his cabinet.’

  4. This is not surprising…lack of unity among Indians has always been exploited by Foreigners and TN is a baffling example of ignorance and chauvinism that has lead a significant number of Tamils to believe they are a distinct race and oppose the rest of “Aryan” India…what baffles me is that they are ready to embrace foreign religions, ideologies and languages while blatantly rejecting other Indian ones…all for asserting their indigenous identity! This is perfect group for the Christian church and such other enemies of India to “cultivate” and fan secessionist feelings.

  5. Harnam

    The only organization which is trying to unify India, by stressing that we always were one civilization, with our own values, our own way of life, is the RSS. This idea of civilizational one-ness is the only one that can be the basis for a strong and united (and yet diverse) India. Of course, those who wish to fan the feelings of disunity and secessionism attack the RSS as being “fascist” etc. when all that they are saying is that India has a distinct civilization which always allowed and encouraged plurality and diversity. That was the beauty of our civilization, and Hindu Dharma is not a religion, but a term that refers to this entire civilization. This dharma has many streams – Vaidika, Jaina, Bauddha, Sikhi, and so on which are intertwined, much like many streams mingling into a river. They all were inspired by one another, and in turn inspired each other. To talk of any one separately is to miss the big picture.

    PS: Btw, I am an (elderly) Sikh. I consider myself a Sikh of Hindu Dharma, where I use that word in the sense of “Civilization of the people of Hind.” I used to attend RSS shakha back in the days when we lived in West Punjab (now Pakistan). When we left for India, it was RSS volunteers who risked their lives to ensure our safety. Many died. People who villify the RSS neither know them nor have taken any time to understand what they are saying.

  6. Original Singh

    Sikhs are not Hindu’s in any sense.

    But respect Tamils, because I know tamil people as I worked in Chennai.

    Before I was thinking Tamils are also like north indian Hindus, that perseption was wrong.

    • Bharat Nair

      Shri Originalji,

      your “perseptions” like North indians “not like” tamils clearly show what type of “tamil” are you.

      btw aren’t you in mourning today? DO that and have “peace”.


  7. gajanan

    I am from Maharashtra lived in TN for many yrs during the Kamaraj Era. There is nothing wrong with TN or any part of India. It is the way India and the states are governed is a problem. I recently visited TN. It is very difficult to have a leader like Kamaraj. Honest, zero corruption, even his speeches used to be short. The present leaders in TN cannot come up to Kamaraj’s level of competence.

  8. alwayssaynotoracism

    I totally agree with Incognito’s view. It’s not a matter of how but when. One more proof.

    Bloodbath in TN if Prabhakaran harmed: Vaiko

  9. Joshva Raja

    I love India as a whole country being a Tamilian. This is a country where secularism is reality among people. But I should admit the fact that in many northern states the political and caste group leaders are not working together to develop their people in a genuine way. So compared to Southern states the poverty and exploitation is really cruel. So we have an India with North Eastern states living in a reasonably good middleclass conditions, Some small northern /NW states who are really rich such as Gujarath. Some hard working states such as Punjab and Haryana feeding the country. In South Kerala is to many extent better than many other states, Tamil Nadu is a bit better than some northern states. So comparisons of this kind do not matter a lot but my argument is exploitation and corruption in north and control by a few in Delhi over all. Swiss banks account of trillion by a few congress and other political groups really call into question whether Delhi has lost its credibility to rule India. It is essential for Indians to work out how to decentralise the system so that the corruption is not at large scale. How states can work in an autonomous ways to develop people locally. Even dividing the states into small in order to decentralise the system further will help. Even if Tamil Nadu gets seperated it will not be all people Tamils, we have more than 25 percent Telugus and Malayalis in main cities. So Tamil Nadu itself will be a small India. But presently one needs to look at recent ways of Indian government dealing with people in the borders. They do not support Kashmir Pandits. They do not like Sikhs and so Punjab is considered secondary to Hindi speaking people. North East, they do not exist for many Indians in India. Tamils – they are anti-Hindi and so not Indians. Indian ships are not protecting Tamils from SRilankan Army. Indian army training Srilankans to kill Tamils. this cannot happen to a Bengali or to any other. So we all face problems with some people who make policies and spread hatred between and among ourselves. If we really wanted to be a united India we need to first accept diversity as the way to live with, diversity of religion, diversity of languages, diversity of cultures and diversity of people, caste and their colour. But we need each other to protect ourselves from any encroachment from Northern or WEstern borders or even southern borders. As long as we all consider each other Indian and give equal importance to all Indians , it will be grow together economically and in all other ways.

  10. solvannan

    Tamilnadu has been a seperate country through out history except this 50 years of indian rule, and some 200 years of confusion before that .. And soon we ll see a seperate Tamil country – Dreaming of wonderful days atleast for my children

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