Oldest Civilisation of South-East Asia Discovered

The oldest civilisaton of East Asia has just been found in Malaysia.

Pre-Angkor temple civilization found in Malaysia may be oldest in region

It was a Hindu civilisation — called Bujang — that flourished between third and fourth century AD. Most Hindus of India are ignorant that the entire Southeast Asia was Hindu and Buddhist till the arrival of Islam about 1,000 years ago.


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  1. Anonymous

    Right, and the Local malays here in malaysia still think they were the first. And they have the nerve to call The Indians and Chinese here as ” Pendatang ” or ” Immirgrants ”. Some of the local Archeologist here knew about it, but are Reluctant to Emphasize on it….!!! All of us are Migrants at one time or another, it’s when you Finally settle down to Build your Home and family at that particular country, that you call Home.

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