Anti-Holi propaganda has begun

After Diwali, the propaganda is that crackers should be banned because they cause air pollution. This time, I heard another novel spin that electric lights should also be banned on Diwali because they waste electricity and contribute to global warming.

After Ganesh Chaturthi and Durga Puja, the propaganda is that Ganesh and Durga idols should be banned because their immersion causes water pollution. Every year, as if on cue by some unseen power, some Indian English newspapers with investments by Westerners show pictures of submerged Ganesha and Durga idols lying  in rivers and sea shore the day after Ganesh Chaturthi and Durga Puja.

And now it is the turn of Holi. This year, for the first time, this festival has been declared unsafe for humans! The propaganda is being spread by the usual supsects with heavy funding from unclear sources: CNN-IBN and NDTV. The owners of these channels are shady people. You never get to know the religion they follow, their political and foreign linkages and who gave them the money to start their channels.

CNN-IBN news channel reports:

Toxic Holi colours ruin festivities in Thane

The festival of colours, Holi, turned tragic for some families in Thane district on Maharashtra as several children were admitted to the hospital after playing with toxic colours.

Ninety children in Ambernath were admitted to hospital on Wednesday evening for chemical poisoning by toxic Holi colours. The children complained of stomach cramps and nausea and some of them were so critical that they had to be provided with oxygen support.

This is very tragic. But I am curious. Today, “Dainik Jagaran” newspaper has reported that a dozen youth have become blind in Gurgaon (near Delhi) by using “gulal” (coloured powder). And now I see this story from Thane of children falling critically sick by using “gulal.”

Look at the comments CNN-IBN has chosen to include in its story:

But the children are so shocked that they no longer want to celebrate the festival of colours. “I will not play Holi from next year as my parents had to suffer a lot this year,” said another victim Varsha.

This quote is actually the real message of the story, which is “If you love your children, don’t allow them to play Holi next year otherwise they will land in hospital.”

In the last 30 years, I have never heard of a single case of people falling crticially ill or becoming blind by playing with Holi colours. But this year, there is suddenly a deluge of such cases. What is happening? Did someone deliberately circulate some poisionous gulal in the market to generate these kind of cases and then run propaganda about them?

My suspicions are strengthened because the  Christian Broadcast Network has been giving prominent coverage to this story. The police should interrogate the dealer who supplied this “gulal” and question him where he got it from. Something is wrong. Each and every Hindu festival is under attack from some force which is staying in the shadows. What is this force? Has it come from outside the borders of India?

It is too much of a coincidence that stories to discredit Hindu festivals mysteriously appear the very next day in CNN-IBN, NDTV and Times of India. Who is paying them to run these stories? Who is trying to create a fear pyschosis or guilt complex among Hindus about their festivals and discouraging them from celebrating these?

The charlatan of CNN-IBN has openly sold his soul to Whites and their church in return for money and personal advancement. The man has turned traitor to our race.



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5 responses to “Anti-Holi propaganda has begun

  1. Bharat Nair

    Its an on going attack against what they perveive as ‘hindu symbols’.

    Please see the number of “accidents” of fire crackers before hindu festivals. ( The real reason is to stop the fire cracks associated with all major hindu festivals in kerala)

    Same with the case of elephants. For years now, a propaganda has been activated to stop elephant procession in Kerala.
    This activism usually raises its pitch every year during the festival season of Kerala.
    (I think , their main aim is to stop the “thrishur pooram )

  2. A

    Anti-Ganesha Chaturthi propaganda of the media is clearly visible.

    Every year, thousands and thousands of tonnes of sewerage finds its way to the rivers.

    But the secular mouthpieces want to stop “polluting water” by the act of Ganesh Visarjan.

    Moral of the story : Install the idol, break it and recycle every year!

  3. samadhyayi

    ofcourse the secular media is attacking us.
    unfortunately all that is saying is true.
    in olden times. they used mud idols instead of
    plaster of paris idols.
    we are actually going against our rishis by the fashion in which we are celebrating ganesh festival. our rishis had some well defined guidelines on how we should celebrate our festivals. all these festivals had some lesson in them. they were desinged very carefully now we are showing insensitivity in celebrating these festivals.
    if anyone wants to debate . i will try my best to convince you.

    • sanjaychoudhry

      Never call sacred images of Hindus as idols — always call them statues, otherwise you fall in the trap of missionaries.

      Coming to the main point, this propaganda about Ganesh statues is psy-ops — and like all psy-ops it has elements of truth. Don’t concentrate on the half-truth but the intention behind the psyops — the intention in this case is to create guilt among Hindus about celebrating their festivals and turn them into subdued affairs devoid of all intensity until the Hindus are no longer excited about them. I clearly see the hand of missionaries in planting these stories — and they occur with fixed regularity every year at the same time.

      The same psyops is being done during Holi (“colours are harmful for skin”) and Diwali (“crackers and candles pollute the atmosphere and electric lights waste electricity”). Therefore, always concentrate on the intention of the shady forces spreading these stories, not on whether these have some truth in them or not.

  4. chandram


    Though it may be true, with regards to what you’re saying, trying to kill Hinduism – but unfortunately, the things we are attacked for are true also. It may be an elaborate conspiracy, kind of like – government deliberately makes all kinds of anti-natural elements/products cheaper and easier for people to get access to, so this results in people using these same things (like plaster of paris, chemical colors, etc.,) instead of much costlier but natural/safer alternatives. The whole organic food/anti-GMO/anti-pesticide/anti-fertilizer movement around the world is about this, about beating back big corporations like du pont, monsanto, and return back to natural ways of living.

    So we end up going against the spirit of our ancients (and vedas) by destroying nature in the name of our nature-based religions.

    So it is upto us, protest against government’s subsidy for all the fake chemicals, the pesticides, urea, fertilizers, plastics, etc which are all actually very toxic to us and to nature and slowly killing us and our spirituality.

    Who will question if we started using really natural, biodegradable colors for holi, or mud (and if needed, natural paints) based statues for festivals, etc.,?
    If you are enterprising, organize some people to start creating natural and biodegradable colors/paints to use for pujas.

    There are many ills in our world and in this country, but we can do something to correct it one by one, rather than not doing anything at all.

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