Momins up to their usual stuff

Hindu women seem easy prey for momins, as Hindu men have no time for their protection. They are too busy discussing finer points of secularism.

Bangla infiltrators in women traffic
Hindu girl kidnapped by Bangla Muslims, sold outside
By Debasis Tripathy in Bhubaneswar

The mushrooming growth of Bangladeshi Muslim infiltration has not only endangered Orissa’s coast line but it has also created panic among the native villagers. What to talk of their lives and properties, even their maidens and women are not spared by these notorious infiltrators. It is not a new incident, rather a repetition of some past events where Hindu girls have been allegedly kidnapped and sold outside the State by these Muslim antisocials. However a recent incident of such a nature is the best instance how Hindu girls are being abducted and supplied illegally by the Bangladeshi Muslims. The local Police administration is surprisingly hand in glove with the culprits.

An allegation has been made by a poor Hindu couple namely Shri Nanda Nayak and his wife Smt. Rani Nayak in Kamakshya Nagar Police Station, Dhenkanal district, about the kidnapping of their minor daughter Minu (16) years (name changed) on 17.11.2008 by one Muslim goon Jehangeer Khan and his associates. They also alleged that their daughter has been sold at Alligarh in Uttar Pradesh to a Muslim and was forced to marry against her will and without her consent.

A police case No. 175(10) /2008 has been lodged but no action has been taken to nab the culprits and to trace the kidnapped girl, told the grief stricken mother Rani Nayak to Organiser. She also alleged that the Police is sitting silent over their allegation and is giving protection to the accused persons though the allegation of cognizable and non-bailable offences have been made against them. “Police is not doing anything to search our daughter nor helping us. Surprisingly we are getting threats form the Police to withdraw the case otherwise false cases will be foisted against us. The local Police officer-in-charge has attempted to arrest me and my wife under the false allegations that we have attacked the culprit Jehangeer Khan, the kidnapper of our daughter,” told Nanda Nayak, the father of the kidnapped girl.

“The incident of illegal trafficking of Hindu maidens in Dhenkanal district is not new. In 1993 , two young Hindu girls were kidnapped and supplied outside by a Muslim racket. The issue was raised in the State Legislative Assembly. Similarly in the same year four Hindu girls were kidnapped by Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators and were sold at Jhansi.

In another such case occurred at village Kamardha, the Police instead of putting the law into it’s right course, got the accused persons released through a compromise,” said Shri Basudev Barik and Shri Debasis Hota of Hindu Jagaran Samukshya (HJS) in a Press statement. The HJS has demanded for the immediate arrest of the accused Bangladeshi Muslims and for a fair investigation along with immediate rescue of the kidnapped minor girl.



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4 responses to “Momins up to their usual stuff

  1. Why is this being allowed to happen in a state where the BJP is (was) in power?

  2. Kshitij

    This is the sad state of women in Islam. Why don’t we call it for what it is? DO we want India to become like this slowly but surely?

  3. Nam

    Islam and Muslims will do these things. What is worrying is that they have bought the Orissa police. The police force seems to be in their pockets. These States’ governments have to be thrown out, one way or another. India is not Afghanistan, Pakistan or Bangadesh and these things cannot be allowed. The girl’s family instead of being helped is targetted in return by these criminal policemen, and threatened to withdraw their case! This is unacceptable. Bangladeshis should be rounded up in the millions and thrown out of India, and the border sealed. This should be the NUMBER ONE priority of the BJP govt.

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