Persecution of Hindus in Bangladesh

The Amsterdam-based Global Human Rights Defense is out with its annual report on human rights violations in Bangladesh. Here is the section that relates to atrocities on the hapless Hindu minority in 2008.


Until 1971 Liberation War, Hindus and Muslims worked together to liberate the country from Pakistan. During this period, an estimated two million East Pakistani citizens are believed to have been massacred, whilst an estimated ten million (mainly Hindu) fled to India.

The new President, Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, in his first speech to the nation, recognised the suffering of the Hindu population during the war. However, the Enemy Property Act of 1965 that was passed whilst Bangladesh was still part of Pakistan, a law discriminating against non-Muslim ‘enemies of the state’ by allowing their property to be confiscated, was not repealed and indeed was renamed as the Vested Property Act 1974. It allowed the expropriation of Hindu property to continue, leaving much bitterness amongst Bangladeshi Hindus.

Members of the Hindu community have lost 26 million acres of land from 1965 to 2006, while many others were forced to leave the country from 1964 to 2001 because of the communal conflicts and deprivation caused by the Act. The Hindu population percentage has reduced dramatically in the last 60 years.


In 2008 Hindus were targeted due to inter-communal disagreements, quarrels over land or other disputes. Hindus were physically attacked, had their houses looted, temples destroyed and many women were raped.

Due to corruption, ignorance, and discriminatory attitudes, the police were often uncooperative when Hindu minorities attempt to obtain justice for crimes committed against them. In many cases, the police did not assist the victims to receive medical and/or legal assistance.

The police sometimes discouraged the victims from reporting about the crimes, or they did not investigate cases before accepting counter cases that led to the detention of the victims. Sometimes they recorded the case under a lower criminal charge than the actual crime deserved.

The ordinance No.16 of 2001 (Vested property Return Act) passed by the Awami League government was still not implemented. The Vested Property Act does not only have a legal implication, it also creates an ambience were violence against Hindus is tolerated.


A Hindu’s land attacked by 50 armed persons

On 16 February 2008, about 50 armed people tried to commandeer the land of a Dhaka citizen. The owner and residents were severely injured and taken to a local hospital. The land in question had previously been the subject of a civil litigation that awarded ownership of the property to the assaulted victim. The owner filed a report against all 50 suspects, 24 of which have been arrested. The case is now pending trial. (GHRD 19-02-2008.)

Police inaction led to murder of a Hindu in Khulna

In Balarampur, a Hindu populated village in the Khulna district, a 50-year old Hindu man was killed for attempting to mediate a land dispute between his Muslim neighbours. On 27 April, his body was found hanging from a tree after being strangled to death. He had received many threats and reported them to the local chairman who did not take any measures.

Only after GHRD representatives investigated the situation did police authorities change the case to murder. Perpetrators have since been identified. (GHRD, 2008-27-04).

A Hindu family attacked in their home in Narayanganj

On the morning of 18 September 2008, a group of men armed with various sharp weapons attacked the home of a Hindu family in Doudpur Union, P.S. Rupganj, Narayanganj.

Gold ornaments amounting to Taka 95 000 were stolen and the family’s Goddess ‘Sawraswati’ was damaged. Most members of the family were injured, including a four year old boy and his mother, who was sexually assaulted and hit with iron rods and an axe.

After the police refused to cooperate and instead accepted a counter complaint against the family from one of the perpetrators, GHRD representatives intervened, helping to initiate an investigation (GHRD).

A man and his family intimidated by police to give up their land

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) reported on a family who had been asked by the Paikgachha police to give up their land without any lawful reason, after the husband had been held in detention for 12 hours on 31 March 2008. On 29 March 2008, the police informed the father of the family that he must surrender land. His refusal to do so resulted in his arbitrary arrest on false grounds of robbery and extortion, reversed only if he cooperated in giving up possession of his land.

Only after intervention by the Officer-in-Charge (OC) was he released. Since the incident the SI of police has continued to intimidate the family, insisting that they follow his instructions and give up their land. He and his family live in constant fear of their lives as well as of their property. Police authorities in Bangladesh often abuse their power, affecting many families in the area. (AHRC)

Family house burned following a dispute over land

On 23 March 2008, following a dispute over land, students and teachers of a Qwami madrasa (Islamic school) attacked a family house in Raiganj upazila. After damaging the furniture and looting valuables, they set the house on fire and beat up the family living inside, causing injuries to five people. The family had been threatened of being killed before and were abducted by the perpetrators, who wanted to evict them from the land. (The Daily Star 04-04-2008.)

Hindus continuously evicted from their land

Hindus of Sonaidanga beel in the Sinajganj district are continually under threat of being evicted from their land and are harassed with false cases to expedite their evacuation. From the 56.68 acres in their possession for a long time, only 28.36 acres of that land remain in their ownership.

Victims have complained several times to the local police and administration but no step has yet been taken to stop or punish the alleged perpetrators. A team of human rights activists including (among others) local organisations and Transparency International of Bangladesh, visited the area on Sunday 4 May in order to talk with victims and evaluate the situation. (New Age, 03-05-2008.)


On 20 March 2008, the remains of Ashit Biswas were found. Ashit, (32) disappeared in 2005 while serving as accountant in Gopalganj with the NGO Joy Rahman Foundation. It was suspected at the time of his disappearance that he had been murdered by the rich and powerful owner, Joy Rahman.

Although a complaint was filed in 2005 against Rahman and his associates, no proper investigation was ever made against him. Instead, a false counter-complaint was filed against the Biswas family, who were too poor to pursue legal action.

There were many uncertainties surrounding the disappearance and murder of Ashit Biswas, including the disappearance of police reports and evidence, but the circumstances pointed in the direction of Joy Rahman Foundation.

The case achieved a lot of attention in Swedish media because the alleged murderer, who had been granted Swedish citizenship, was freed after 8 years in a Swedish prison for another murder.



Hindu families attacked next to the Radha Govinda Temple in the Noakhali district

On 15 February 2008, three houses belonging to Hindu families, located next to the Radha Govinda Temple in the Parusurampur village, were attacked while religious services were being conducted. Hindu worshippers, women and children were seriously injured and taken to the local hospital. The police arrested the two suspects. (GHRD)

A Hindu Goddess temple demolished and desecrated

On 20 March 2008, during a celebration, some men entered the Murthi (a Hindu goddess) of Siddeswari Temple in the Munshiganj district and asked an illegal tax (jiizia tax) from all worshippers.

As the Hindu worshippers were not able to pay such an amount, the perpetrators demolished and desecrated the Temple. On suspicion, the police arrested a member of the municipality but eventually released him. (GHRD)

Structure of 15 Vaishnava Graveyard of a Hindu orphanage destroyed in the Patuakhali district

The structure of 15 Vaishnava Graveyard of a Hindu orphanage was destroyed on 14 April 2007 in the Patuakhali district. The perpetrators have not yet been identified
(Janakantha, 16 April 2008).

No Captures for Desecration of Hindu Minority Temples Narayanpur, Barisal: two temples were looted and demolished. On the night of 03 September 2008 the Murthi of Goddess, a Hindu idol in the Roy Bahadur Kali Temple, was demolished and desecrated in Hari Narayanpur at Noakhali.

A sense of discontentment prevails in Noakhali district. High officials in the district have begun investigations with the community registering a case against possible offenders. (The Daily Bengali ‘Jai Jai Din’, September 5 2008.)

500 year old Hindu temple destroyed

On 8 August, a private Hindu temple belonging to the head teacher of Chaitanyya High School of Gaila, Agailjhara Upazila, Barisal district was demolished, looted and desecrated by unknown perpetrators. This temple was 500 years old. The local Hindu community, including non communal forces, has condemned this incident. (The Daily Samakal August 25, Jai Jai Din, September 5 2008.)



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55 responses to “Persecution of Hindus in Bangladesh

  1. Bimal Banerjee

    Dear Friend,

    What you have said is nothing new. These all are happening for the last about 1000 years in Indian Sub-continent and mostly because of the ‘folly’ of the Hindus. Now Hindus are just left with two options – either they should convert to Islam and and ‘try’ to live peacefully thereafter, in other words, submit themselves to Muslims or JUST FIGHT BACK and throw ‘Islam’ not only out of this sub-continent but also from Afghanistan and Indonesia irrespective of whatever price them have to pay.



      Washington, D.C. (February 19, 2013) — “There is fear 24 hours a day…Hindus see themselves as helpless,” recounted Chetan Ram, while describing life in Pakistan to the Hindu American Foundation’s Director & Senior Human Rights Fellow, Samir Kalra, Esq., at the Chopasni refugee camp in Jodhpur, India.

      Pakistan’s southern Sindh province in September 2012, initially seeking shelter in a nearby temple before relocating to this makeshift tent settlement in the city’s Shivanagar district.  With mounting discrimination and violence in Pakistan, large numbers of Hindus, such as Ram, have migrated to India in recent years.   

      Kalra was joined by a Hindu American Foundation (HAF) team comprised of four physicians who were hosted by Hindu Singh Sodha, Chairman of Seemanth Lok Sangathan (SLS), a community-based organization assisting Pakistani Hindu refugees.  

      According to Sodha, approximately 1,000 Pakistani Hindus arrive annually in the northwestern Indian state of Rajasthan. Moreover, Sodha notes that there are now an estimated 400 Pakistani Hindu settlements scattered throughout Jodhpur and other cities in the state, including Jaisalmer, Bikaner, Barmer, and Ganganagar.  Many Pakistani refugees have settled in other parts of India as well, including Punjab, Haryana, Gujarat, and New Delhi.     Having already endured religious persecution and tremendous suffering in Pakistan, it’s heartbreaking to see these refugees living in such cramped and squalid conditions,” said Kalra, who visited the Chopasni camp last month on a human rights fact-finding mission.  “Under international law, they should be accorded formal refugee status and provided with basic accommodations and necessities.”

      Although Pakistani Hindus meet the criteria for refugee status under international law due to their well-founded fear of persecution and Pakistan’s failure to protect them, they have not been officially recognized as refugees by either the Indian government or the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, added Kalra.   

      Arvind Chandrakantan from Long Island, NY, Aseem Shukla from Philadelphia and Umesh Gidwani from New York City, with the assistance of SLS volunteers and locally based Pakistani Hindu physicians, provided primary medical care and triaging for more than 400 refugees.

      “From the abundant colds and coughs due to living in open tents in the cold Jodhpur winter, to psychosomatic conditions, blindness and oral tumors, we were simply overwhelmed by the medical needs of these migrants,” said Dr. Chandrakantan during the medical camps.  “After visiting the Bhutanese Hindu refugee camp last year in Nepal and the Jodhpur camps this year, we at HAF remain committed to our twin goals of providing direct medical care while shining a light on these forgotten, but ongoing, human rights tragedies.” 

      In addition to visiting the Chopasni camp, the HAF team also toured the Kali Beri and Banar Road settlements, both of which housed refugees living in India for a number of years.  At the Banar Road camp, for instance, there were 330 Hindu refugees who left Pakistan’s Punjab province in the early 1990s.  Originally settling in Haryana, they moved to Jodhpur last December in the hopes of obtaining Indian citizenship from the Rajasthan state government.Similarly, the Kali Beri settlement contained 100 – 115 Pakistani Hindu families (each with an average of seven to eight members), who arrived in India several years ago.  

      At each of the camps, the Foundation’s team documented the living conditions, conducted interviews and medical assessments, and provided basic health care to the refugees.  

      The Foundation has enumerated its findings in a report which it expects to release shortly, along with an appeal for additional medical personnel and assistance from the Hindu American community.

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  3. Mithra

    Why are Hindus not united against the Muslims? Inspite of all the atrocities they inflicted on us during the last one thousand years, why do we allow them to grow in our soil and even help them to spread? Are we stupid or is our inner conflict between the castes stronger than the external threat? I believe the sufferings of Hindus is the price that they pay for nurturing their caste feelings. In kerala even now several people write their name as initials added to their caste name, AS IF CASTE ALONE COUNTS. Dear Hindu brothers, come out of your caste feelings. We are different parts of the same god, unite, and study together the Koran, expose to everybody what is Islam, that’s enough to finish with the Muslims. Thanks


    • kumar

      I do not agree with the reverend; when we leave every thing in the hands of God and think that He will save us from our plight is a fallacious thought. What is His purpose of sending us on earth ? to become the sacrificial goat of muslims? When we are hungry for food we go and find it; when we are thirsty we go to fetch water;when we need a shelter we construct it;so why don’t we fight to protect our mothers ,sisters , elders and children ? we have to train every hindu to use a kalatchnikoff and provide them with such weapons as bazookas ,then if the hindus lose their battle, and only then that we should understand that Shri Krishna and all the armada of heavily armed demi gods have abandoned us

    • shankar


  5. Incognito

    Good thoughts by the Reverend above.



    Thank you Reverend
    Thank you Realist

    • kumar

      I totally disagree that ‘world is brahman at play’. How long will these unverifiable words of the books continue to help others kill us. No ,to me God WILL NEVER DO HARM TO ANY ONE . It is silly teachings that are preventing our Hindu community to prepare and fight the enemy. When one says that God ordains every thing ,then it is assumed that hindu women have to be gang raped in Pakistan and Bangla Desh ,that their property should be confiscated,that hindus are meant for conversion, that hindus should be massacred. NO this is an insult to hindus and humanity at large.

      • Brahman doesn’t ‘play’, Brahman is ‘Sat-Chit-Ananda’, Brahman is Transcendent. What plays is Shakti, which is the Power inherent in Brahman. What is being played is Maya (Illusion). Our responsibility as seekers is to pierce the veil of Maya and Awaken. Brahman has nothing to do with politics.

        Also, Ahimsa is widely misunderstood. It is as much Himsa to stand by a watch another creature, human or otherwise, being abused and to do nothing to stop it as it is to be the abuser. Thus,enlightenment is not to be confused with extreme pacifism. Sometimes the enlightened will have to ‘pick up the sword’, but never from the standpoint of engaging in Himsa.


    Varun Gandhi looks like a hope for Hindus in India, sorry Hindustan.

  7. AC

    It is an utter disgrace and a real shame that the civilized world is silently watching and observing the ethnic cleansing of the minorities in the Islamic Bangladesh, especially the peace loving Hindus! Heinous crimes are being committed against them everyday by those fundamentalists Moslems – the followers of so-called peaceful (?) religion called Islam! Shame on them and shame on the prime minister Hasina as well for not doing anything at all except changing the name from enemy property to vested property act. Awami league, Zia league and the shamelless Islami league – all are the same except they have different names! They deserved to be punished severely by the civilized world and every financial aid must be stopped. Shame on the Bangladeshi government – they are a disgrace to the world!

  8. vivek mishra

    well hindu need to be united here .well there is persecution of hindus in malaysia too .well i think that varun gandhi is the only answer to this

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    • Hindu

      Aum Namah Shivayah,

      Why is the government of India – the caretaker of Sanatana Dharma (and therefore presumably that of Dharmis) silent on this? That itself is Adharma. To remain silent when Adharma is thriving is Adharma.


      • VoP



        > Why is the government of India – the caretaker of Sanatana Dharma (and therefore presumably that of Dharmis) silent on this?

        GoI is NOT GoI. It’s Government of Vatican run by an uneducated catholic bartender Anatonia Maino ( aka Sonia Gandhi ) surrounded by Christists and Crypto Christists and some bunch of rag tag minority people or falsely secular people united by anti-Hindu, anti-Dharam agenda. Only if you are a keen follower of Indian politics you will know this. I can provide you some links if you want a summary of everything, please let me know.

        Actually GoI as it is now is bent on destroying sanathana dharma. It’s bent on erasing the Hindu nature of India in every aspect of life!

  10. Hindu

    Hari Om VoP,

    I am not a follower of Indian politics (or American politics either). I am a Hindu renunciate, and so as part of my vows I do not have much interest in politics, except to the extent that it pertains to Dharma.

    But what you tell me is quite concerning. I thought the Head of State of India was a Hindu (a Sikh person who wears the turban). I also know there is a Hindu party that contests the polls, but they have not done well recently.

    If Sanatana Dharma is in jeopardy in India itself, where will the wellspring arise. To be sure, the steps Dharma has taken in the West are steady, but they are slow. It will be centuries before the West can produce a Ramana. Till then India must provide the wellspring of spiritual energy for Dharma.

    How can we change this situation?

    Hari Om,

    • Nam

      Namaste Gary,

      I believe this situation can be changed by supporting the political parties that support Dharma, ie the Bhartiya Janata Party or BJP. There are two types of parties in India:

      – the BJP which strives for the rights and betterment of India as a whole, including its Hindu majority and maintaining Dharma

      – anti Hindu parties or “secular” parties such as the Congress which are doing everything possible to eradicate Hindu Dharma and create divisions by pushing the agenda of Christians/Evangelists and Muslims.

      Indian politics has religion engrained in it. The two cannot be seperated, because when “secular” in India itself means anti-Hindu then the Hindus will need and require a voice too.

      The only way I can see is for Westerners to campaign for the BJP, and for instance fight back with the same vengence that the Left does, in order to malign Hinduism, Hindus, the BJP and its leaders, especially Narendra Modi, the only one with the backbone in India who’s spoken up for the Hindus. He has been maligned by Indian and Western liberal press and they have also ensured that he not be given a visa to travel to the US, where he has a huge fan base of NRIs and other concerned Hindus.

      • Hindu

        Aum Nam,

        The solution to all the problems is always the same. Through the ages the problems come in various guises, and the solution is always Dharma. As the Taittriya Upanishad states:

        Forever speak the truth (which means) follow the Dharma;
        Strive constantly towards true learning,
        Progress ceaselessly along the righteous way to welfare of humanity,
        Teach the world as diligently as you learn,
        Live every day of life this way,
        Conducting yourself thus, rise.

        Aum Namah Shivayah,

        • Hindu

          Aum Nam,

          I am not the person to comment on politics, since I know very little. But I can speak a little about Dharma. I can say that the problems of Hindus are because they have forgotten the Shrutis and focussed on some Dharmasashtras. The Upanishads (including the Gitopanishad) contain the spiritual guides for Hindu living, and Hindu rejuvenation. We cannot ignore what the divine has revealed in favor of what some man may have stated as his opinion.

          I do not want to be more specific for fear of hurting people’s feelings. All I can say is that some Dharmashastras have material that is against the Vedic Dharma, and those should be rejected outright.

          Hari Om,

  11. gajanan

    Indus script deciphered. It has linguistic evidence.

    One more reference. Ignore the silly comments in web site below.

    It is published on the journal “Science” which is no ordinary journal.

    If interested go to the web site below, click on current issue and then by the left side you say you want to see All issues and then type Indus script and then say go. You will get the papers.

    The authors are Dr Rajesh Rao, Washington and collaborators from India, incl TIFR and Dr Iravatham Mahadevan, the great Indian linguist is there.
    The title is ” Entropic Evidence for Linguistic structure in the Indus Script” . The word Entropy is itself is very scientific. The third reference in the paper is S Farmer , Sproat and M. Witzel. which this evidence (paper) has contested.

  12. mohit

    Listen hindus stop crying ,it is truth that we cannot unite as we are infected with virus of caste system and we are preached from childhood about own ambition ,dream and have least courage and aggression to stand against islam whoes religion not even allah can tell they are such people you wont find world s so when any suicide murders in IRAG,PAKISTAN,or any Islamic country is a relif to soul.

    BROTHERS WE HAVE MIND BUT WE DONT HAVE DETERMINATION TO FIGHT WITH THEM <WE ARE ONLY CAPABLE OF BEATING OUR WIFES AND PRACTISE THE RELIGION WHICH no words i dont want to speak more only thing is hinduism is very depressing when heard we simply give up without any fight any time.We are good to fight among ourself and FATTU of first order to attack back mind my words only time will make us change when these things of bangladesh will start happening in India 2030.

    MOHIT -Come out of your house and unite .


  13. Jai Hinduism

    Islam should be demolished, these islamic people think themself the heroes, but in actual they are coward. Godhra incidence shub be evrywhere, narendra modi n varun gandhi r the hopes

  14. Jai Hinduism

    Islam says jehad
    Hindu jehad is to kill n distroy islam

  15. Bimal Banerjee

    Dear Friends,

    The above letters give me the following impression :-

    a) We are not only dis-united but we are even ‘afraid’ to react against the forces who are acting against us since ages.

    b) Pro-activism is ‘not’ in our dictionary.

    c) We talk of ‘Peace’, ‘Secularism’, ‘Tolerance’ etc. to conceal our weaknesses.

    d) We have ignored the core philosophy of life ‘Might is Right’ and have paid heavily for this.

    e) The ‘State of Affair’ that we have created because of our own ‘folly’ might lead to our own destruction within next 100 years.


    Bimal Banerjee

  16. Aashish Singh

    @Bimalji and Sanjayji as well,

    100 years is optimistic, i see it much nearer.

    It’s not only the physical annihilation which is the only way for a person, society, community, dharma or country to end. Loss of fundamental essence and faith, erosion of the basic fabric is another means of annihilation.
    Let me elaborate the later which seems to be the equally forcible cause if not bigger than the physical annihilation. The ‘second-third generation’ of the post-British Independent Bharatvarsha defines the Sanatan Dharma as firing crackers on Diwali and Dushera, enjoy good food and little bit of pooja on Durga Pooja, Janmasthmi, Shivratri etc. Play Holi and Hinduism is over for them. I do not blame them for all this, the society they are living in has to be blamed (as simple as that). Most of the middle class parents in India are working hard day and night saving each penny to send their children to English medium schools. Hindi medium or local language school are for the poor strata. Sanskrit is gone completely. Vedas, Gita, Mahabharata, Upanishad forget about them. (contrary to teaching in madrashas and convent schools). So the basic fabric of Sanatan Dharma is getting diluted generation over generation. By nature abhors vacuum so this erosion of basic fabric of Sanatan dharma from Bhartiye society has to be filled in with something else and what is that…. Thats westernism, materialism of westerinism.

    A man is considered educated in Bharatvarsha if he can talk in English no matter he is well versed in Vedas, ganit, philosphy, science etc. if he cann’t talk in English he is illiterate.

    English is replacing Hindi, (Sanskrit is completely gone and our local languages are under threat now). It has become a fashion in Indian society to speak English. Mind you i’m talking about erosion of basic fabric of our society (Language is the first)

    Dress like westerners, No one talks about our own ancestral dresses.

    And many more issues you can think of where Sanatan Dharma, Hindu Society and Culture of Bharatavarsha is geeting diluted and replaced by alien culture, language, dress whatever.. It’s a matter of time when our society will loose its fervor completely may be few generations down the line.

    • @Ashish Singh,

      About Sanskrit, it has not disappeared completely in India.
      There are nearly 2 million students from younger generation
      that is studying the language and literature.

      Sanatan Dharma can most definitely be revived in a big way,
      if we can somehow get rid of this psedo-secular political
      system and replace it with a Hindu nationalist state that
      gives preference for Hindu culture and language.

      About English, the reason this language is still around in our
      country is because of faulty linguistic and educational policies
      made by Congress government after independence.

      Sanskrit should have been made the national language,
      rather than Hindi. This would have prevented opposition
      from the Dravidian goons of Tamil Nadu as they opposed
      Hindi, as Sanskrit is part and parcel of culture even in Tamil Nadu.

      If Sanskrit had been declared national language, we could have
      easily gotten rid of the need to keep English, as it would not have had
      any real use, either as official language, or even as link language.
      At most, it could have been taught as a third language.

      The solution to the problem of potential cultural erosion should
      be to ban English-medium schooling throughout India and
      replace it with Sanskrit medium schooling at the national level.

  17. Raj

    Muslim people forget what their prophet and their bible said. Around the world, Muslim people creating all problem. After destroying the earth, most of the muslime people will go to the Hell becouse of their activity.

  18. Bimal Banerjee

    Dear Friends,

    In this world ‘Might is Right’. Also a ‘Idiot and Pauper’ here suffers. Majority of the Hindus do not understand the difference between ‘Idiocy and cleverness’ also the difference between ‘Mighty and Weak’. Otherwise, how do you explain Hindus losing in just 1,000 years Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia etc. etc. Also how do you explain allowing the Muslims to stay put in this country after giving them Pakistan and Bangladesh and thereby reducing themselves to the status of 2nd class citizens. My advice to the Hindus – now please do some introspection and what you need is radical change, then and then you will survive.


  19. Kailash

    In a major victory for Hindu activists, the Delhi High Court on Dec. 21 granted a stay order against the deportation of 151 Pakistani Hindu nationals who arrived in the capital in September and sought asylum on grounds of religious persecution and oppression in Pakistan.

    A bench led by Acting Chief Justice of Delhi, Mr. A.K. Sikri, and Mr. Justice Rajiv Sahay Endlaw, granted the stay till Feb. 28, 2012, after hearing arguments from Senior Advocate Prof. Bhim Singh and Gaurav Kumar Bansal for the asylum seekers.

    A writ petition (public interest litigation) was filed by Environmental Engineer and social activist Dr. Rakesh Ranjan, of the Hindu Mahasabha, under Article 226 of the Constitution of India, seeking direction/order to the Union of India to provide political asylum/extension of stay visa to 156 Pak-nationals on compassionate grounds and for security reasons.

    The petitioner stated that there are currently 151 Hindu nationals of Pakistan holding Pak-passports, the first batch of 114 having entered India on Sept. 7, 2011, with valid Pakistani passports and one month pilgrimage visas issued by the Indian Consulate at Islamabad. The said visas expired on Oct. 8, 2011, but the visitors could not go back due to the threat to their lives .

  20. som

    Nadir Shah made a mountain of the skulls of the Hindus he killed in Delhi alone. Babur raised towers of Hindu skulls at Khanua when he defeated Rana Sanga in 1527 and later he repeated the same horrors after capturing the fort of Chanderi. Akbar ordered a general massacre of 30000 Rajputs after he captured Chithor in 1568. The Bahamani Sultans had an annual agenda of killing a minimum of 100000 Hindus every year. The history of medieval India is full of such instances.

    And against this background, look at the films we have produced so far in a country which boasts of the largest film industry in the world, with no dearth of talent and workmanship! We have films like Mugal-e-Azam, Anarkali, or Taj Mahal which romanticize the Mughal rulers, depicting them as great heroes of noble virtues oozing with kindness and love for the humanity!

    Europe and America produced at least a few thousand films highlighting the human misery caused by Hitler and his army. The films expose the horrors of Nazi regime and reinforce the beliefs and attitude of the present day generation towards the evils of the Nazi dictatorship.

    We hardly come across any positive reference to either Hitler or his army in the present day text books on European History. No one talks there of the qualities of Hitler as a great commander or an inspiring leader of German people whom he could mould and influence with his hypnotic speeches. No films are made showing Hitler as a romantic hero singing songs and his mistress as a heroine shedding copious tears over her lover!

  21. Sharman

    1. Pakistan (and Bangla) was created because some Muslims felt that they can not co exist with Hindus. They fought, and got their share. For such people there is no place in Secular India.
    2. India was supposed to absorb Immigrants (Hindu and Sikhs specifically speaking) in order keep Pak as “Green” as possible. India did. If still some (Hindus and Sikhs) are left there who want to come to India, they should bemost welcomed.
    3. India is a Birthplace for Hindus and Sikhs, hence it is India’s Moral responsibility to protect them. India should give asylum to people from Indian religion not only from Pak and Bangla, but around the globe where ever they are living under fear.
    4. Muslims from India should always be treated with utmost respect. Doing this is enough for being called Secular India and this is in interest of Indian Muslims. Appeasement is Vote Bank Politics, its not contributing in development of Indian Muslims.
    5. On the same line if some Indian Muslims are feeling being discriminated, could leave for Pak. We don’t have objection if Pak restricts coming Hindus or Sikhs to Pak.
    6. If India (or Congress Government) calls itself true “Secular” (title should be used as pseudo Seecular, imposed on this nation by Vote Bank Lovers and who have been appeasing most violent separatist group on the planet), they should check all these comments and see what people of India really want.

  22. som

    IN WEST BENGAL : many parts of the State the condition of Hindus is similar to or worse than that of Hindus in Bangladesh.

    The West Bengal Panchayat elections, slated to be held in April or May this year, seem to have unleashed a fresh round of minority appeasement, with the sudden arrest of Hindu rights crusader Tapan Ghosh on March 14. The event appears to be a follow-up of last month’s violence against the Hindu community in South 24 Parganas, in which 200 Hindu homes were destroyed across four villages, the temple burnt, and several shops gutted, after a maulvi was robbed and murdered on the adjacent highway by unknown persons on February 19.
    The attack on innocent Hindus was premeditated as assailants armed with petrol bombs and arms descended in trucks from distant Kolkata suburbs; no arrests have been made till date. Instead, the State managed a complete media blackout of the violence; showered Rs. 3 lakh compensation on the murdered man’s family, and doled out a mere Rs. 10,000/- each for the gutted Hindu homesteads.
    Ghosh, who vigilantly monitors atrocities against Hindus all over the State, brought the violence to the notice of the outside world, but the National Human Rights Commission did take cognizance of the incident.
    As the violence spread, it engulfed Jalaberia, where 16 Hindu labourers were abducted by radical Islamists on February 20, 2013. Ghosh has now been charged in connection with this episode, though he was clearly in Kolkata at the time, putting out the news, and even appeared on a local television channel.

    On the morning of February 19, 2013, an unsuspecting group of 60 Hindu women from Jalaberia took six vans for the Narugopal temple at Tulsighata, but were prevented at Kultali by radicals who attacked the vehicles, harassed the women and tried to kidnap a 25-year-old young man accompanying the women. He was saved due to the pleas of the women who returned to Jalaberia immediately.

    Next morning, February 20, 16 Hindu brick kiln workers were abducted by radicals in Kultali. Irate Hindus blocked the main road in Jalaberia and took two Muslims hostage, to negotiate the release of the labourers.
    Police-Muslim nexus is visibly evident.

    Samhati activists claim that three police stations are particularly harsh and biased towards Bengali Hindus of the area, viz, Joynagar, Raidighi and Diamond Harbour. Hence they had planned to agitate against these police stations.
    Radical Islamists in the State and their sympathisers within the administration are keen to defeat the Samhati’s work; already in many parts of the State the condition of Hindus is similar to or worse than that of Hindus in Bangladesh.

    But the media blackout is admirabl

    • raj

      We may lose West Bengal soon! It may happen within the next five years!”

      • nitha

        Thanks to likes of Nitish,Mamata and Marxists.Hindus are becoming orphaned in their own homeland.

        • ravi

          Hindus have been persecuted by successive governments, both Communist and Mamata Bannerji’s . What has happened to the Hindu population ? Surely it is time they rose up and threw these two demoniac governments out ?

  23. OM

    The silent persecution of Hindus in Hindu-majority West Bengal has been carefully hidden from the rest of the state and the country by the Marxist government in saddle for the last twenty-four years (they have just got a fresh lease of life in the 2001 elections). This persecution takes place in the Muslim majority areas contiguous to Bangladesh in the District of Murshidabad, and is at its most virulent in the regions of Hariharpara, Domkal, Raninagar, Sagarpara, Sheikhpara, Beldanga, Naoda, Bhagabangola, and Jalangi – in fact all over the part of the district which lies to the east of the Bhagirathi River, with the exception of Berhampur Town. Just one feature of the insecurity from which the Hindus of this region suffer may be mentioned. Very few – practically none – of the Hindus in the region will keep their daughters or sisters at home after they have turned, say, eleven. They are all sent away to live with relatives or in a hostel, in Berhampur (the district headquarters), or somewhere to the west of the Bhagirathi River, or if their parents can afford it, to Calcutta.

    • shankar

      Hindus of West Bengal are the new Jews . Perhaps they are waiting for a holocaust . Well, the Hindu holocaust is not far away .

    • ravi


      Thank you for the details. Mamata Banerji is following the policy of the previous Marxist government. One wonders how and why the majority Hindus of West Bengal vote for these people.

      The appeasement policy of Mamata is owing to two factors : her thirst for power and her personal leaning towards the minority. It is pertinent to point out that she took an M.A. in Islamic Studies at the University of Calcutta. Because of her thirst for power she is outdoing the Marxists in her appeasement policies.

  24. ritesh

    Dream on hindus dream on. . . .dream about the bright sunny days…. U’ll still get one last chance…. When india will again divide…. Pan indian dream was broken long time back…. Make sure u drive out all xtians, muslims and now also buddhist(yes buddhists too….) who hold grudge/vengence against hinduism. …. Leave no enimies within for the enemies inside are far more dangerous than the one outside…. Liberate as much land as u can or else hindus will become homeless wanderars in their own land.


    • The basic problem with Hindus is that they are not politically
      wise, as a group. They don’t understand that coexistence with
      Muslims is not possible, due to the incompatibility between both
      belief systems.

      What I can’t understand is why Bengali Hindus are still so confused
      about Muslim intentions. Some of the worst partition violence
      took place in Bengal.

  25. To all the Hindu patriotic readers here, I would like you to read the book
    “A Warning to the Hindus” by Savitri Devi.

    What she wrote back in 1939 AD about the Hindu problem with
    Muslims is so prophetic and true even today, in light of the happenings
    in Bangladesh.

    Please, everyone on here, read that link I cited above.

  26. Paras

    Tens of thousands of Pakistanis have turned atheist after witnessing the daily “peace” and “suffocation”. Others are fleeing or have fled Pakistan for safer shores. One can find atheists on facebook too. Their modern-day prophets are Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins who make more sense to the educated urbanites.
    Christopher Hitchens– The God is not Great

    Richard Dawkins — The God Delusion

  27. Can anyone tell me why Bengali Hindus are so confused as not to
    vote for BJP or support RSS, which would go a long way in securing
    Hindu security and interest?

    Any Bengali Hindus here who can enlighten us as to why Bengali
    Hindus are not voting for BJP EN MASSE, when the Hindus of Gujarat
    were able to show some political wisdom in voting for Narendra Modi?

    • Y

      Bengali hindu are traitor of their own women,That thing they have learnt from Marx.

      • @Y,

        Don’t Bengali Hindus have even a tiny sense of self-respect?
        Why did they vote for Trinamul Congress and Communist??

        But are they gradually waking up from their confused slumber?

        • @Y,

          It is very strange that in the land of Vivekananda and Aurobindo,
          Bengali Hindus support a criminal ideology called Marxism, which
          is essentially anti-Hindu.

          A state that is known for such great Hindu thinkers like the above
          seems to have become the most regressive when it comes to
          Hindu nationalism.

        • Y

          In the 2012 election the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) defeated the Indian National Congress government in Goa, led by Chief Minister Digambar Kamat. The election was won by the BJP-Maharashtrawadi Gomantak alliance which won 24 seats in the 40-seat assembly. The Bharatiya Janata Party won 21 seats, while the Maharashtrawadi Gomantak Party won 3 seats. Manohar Parrikar, leader of the BJP, was sworn in as Chief Minister of Goa on 9 March 2012.

          According to the 2001 census, out of a total population of 1,343,998 people, 886,551 (65.7%) were Hindus, 359,568 (26.6%) were Christians, 92,210 (6.8%) were Muslims, 970 (0.07%) were Sikhs, 649 (0.05%) were Buddhists, 820 (0.06%) were Jains and 353 (0.026%) belonged to other religious communities.


          Only have to find alliance like Maharashtrawadi Gomantak pary
          and a clean image CM candidate like Manohar Parikkar(Chief minister of Goa under BJP rule).TAPAN GHOSH SHOULD INTRODUCE A REGIONAL PARTY NAMELY BENGAL PRIDE ,

          As of 2001, Hinduism is the principal religion at 72.5% of the total population, while Muslims comprise 25.2% of the total population, being the second-largest community as also the largest minority group; Sikhism, Christianity and other religions make up the remainder.
          But now-a-days situation is alarming in some area due to infiltration of Muslim from Bangladesh and high birth rate of Muslim community.

          • @Y,

            I was thinking the same thing as you.
            Just like how Shiva sena initially started out as a regional pride
            party but progressed to becoming a Hindu pride party under
            Bal Thackeray, in West Bengal, Tapan Ghosh should start something
            like that and turn it into a platform for Bengali Hindus to assert
            themselves politically in the state.

            Then link up with the BJP,and prevent Congress or communist from
            being able to get any Hindu votes.

  28. Truth Will Prevail

    We Hindus should voice and make people accountable for persecuting Hindus. Why aren’t the so called seculars raising their voice? When a Hindu gets killed or a Hindu Temple gets destroyed in Pakistan or Bangladesh, seculars keep their mouth shut. What are you afraid of?

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