Muslims invade Vijayanagar again. Yesterday once more?

The ancient Hindu temples established by the Vijayanagar kings are now being converted into dargahs by Muslims. Don’t blame the Muslims. Blame Gandhi who allowed them to live in India even after they had broken the country into two in the name of religion and even when they took away one-third of India’s sacred land where the Taliban now roams. Muslims being Muslims, they will keep doing these things. But what of the deranged Hindu “leaders” who keep snatching defeat from the jaws of victory?

When the whole of South India was overrun by the Muslim invasion, Hinduism was at stake during 13-14 century AD. At this juncture, Vijayanagara Empire with its capital at Hampi was established in 1336 AD with the sole aim of protecting Hinduism.

“But for Vijayanagar, Hinduism would have been reduced to a shadow and a mockery” says Dr. P B Desai, a famous historian. Paes, a contemporary visitor described Hampi as “the best provided city in the world”, and mentioned that it was “as big as Rome”.

Abdul Razzak (1443 A.D) says that it was a city “such that eyes have not seen or ear heard, of any place resembling it upon the earth”. With the fall of Vijayanagar Empire, Hampi was completely destroyed by Muslims in 1565 AD. The area is now full of Temple ruins, defaced idols, fort walls etc. Hampi is now a world famous tourist centre with a rich cultural background.

Situated on the bank of Tungabhadra River, it is the abode of the Lord Virupaksheshwara, the presiding deity of the area, which attracts thousands of devotees. During the historical period, Virupaksha was considered almighty wherein no human king or ruler had any power. The Unesco has recognised it as a great historical place and has listed it under the World Heritage Series. It is even now a place of pilgrimage visited by thousands of devotees everyday.

Such an area is now wantonly defaced by Muslims; a repetition of what was done in 1565 AD. Many ruined Temples have been converted into Dargas. The Eeranna or Virabhadras Temple near the holy Purandara Mantap has been convered into Honnursabi Darga. The Santana Naga Temple is now Sayyad Bagdad Shah Darga. More than fifty Dargas have appeared in Hanumapada valley.

Besides Muslims have begun to perform Namaz illegally in places like Hajara Rama Temple and Maranavami Dibba. Besides thousands of Hippies who flock to Hampi have converted Hampi into a place of amusement and sexual activities. Liquor and other intoxicating materials are for sale in the area. The resorts cater to their needs. In this area, a Kashmir Muslim youth had a sexual union with a cow a few years ago.

The Yoga Bhumi of Hampi has been converted into Bhoga Bhumi by these elements. Neither the Hampi World Heritage Management authority nor the Deputy Commissioner have taken any action to stop such illegal, immoral activities in a sacred place like Hampi.




The whole world is getting tired of church-planting by Christians and mosque-planting by Muslims. These two religions and their half-crazed followers treat the entire planet as their battlefield. The world will be a far better and more peaceful place if the dream of world conquest of Christianity and Islam were to magically disappear tomorrow. What does spirituality have to do with ruling this world? Nothing. These two religions are actually political ideologies masquerading as religions. Their aim is political power, not spiritual upliftment.



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9 responses to “Muslims invade Vijayanagar again. Yesterday once more?

  1. gajanan

    “So great is the Sanatana Dharma that it defies all who doubt it, all who disdain it, all who disregard it, all who degrade it, with personal realization of its Truth. ”


  2. Muthu

    I was looking out for some good Indian web sites. This is a genuine one. Why dont well to do guys post ‘The Autobiography of a Nun” to the producers of Slumdogmillionaire and tell them to make a movie on the goings on in a Kerala Church. Will they have the guts?

  3. AG

    I have an even better idea — why dont hindooos put money in a fund and have a movie made on that nun?

    Sudhir Phadke made a movie on veer savarkar all by himself.

  4. gajanan

    The web site of Dharampal is a really a great one. Is there no way, one can publish into full books esp by Aditya Publications ( they published Shrikant Talageri;s book) . The print is a strain on the eye to read. Of course one can enlarge the font, but even then it is a strain. I feel book publications of the works of Dharampal will be great. “The Beautiful Tree” is fascinating stuff. I am still going thru it. I never knew so much about Dharampal. This is called scholary stuff. Sanjay are books availble on all the Dharampal works.

    • sanjaychoudhry

      Gajanan: The book “Beautiful Tree” was first published in I think 1983 by Biblia Impex (now know as Aditya Prakashan). Incidentally, this publishing house was started by Sitaram Goel. The book was republished some years later by Other India Bookstore of Mapusa Goa.

  5. Kshitij

    This is very good Sanjay. Only two blogs gave Vijayanagar its due – your’s and one called “thoughts of nationalist indian”. But see how congress rule is doing what so many Islamic rule could not do.

  6. Kishore

    Christianity and Islam will dissappear someday for sure. In an enlightened age people will see that revealed faith is a fraud. There is enough documented history to show that christianity was fabricated with many sites being retrofitted and the story of christ being embellished from time to time and some day people will reject this fraud. Whu do you think conversions are only possible in illiterate societies. People will also see that god fellow would not have sent a caravan raiding, child and daughter in law marrying, maid bonking, jew raping murderer as his messenger.

  7. Muslims invade Vijayanagar again.

    Islam and Christianity are the two biggest, most dangerous competitors on the planet. They are creating problems, not only in India, but throughout the world. Christian fundamentalism has become a serious problem in North America. The fundamentalists want to turn the U.S. into a dictatorial theocracy. Sounds like Islam? (Read: The God Delusion by Dr. Richard Dawkins). Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) must never follow their lead. Ch. & Is. have ever-decreasing credibility with the educated classes. This will be their ultimate downfall. S.Dharma is intelligent and moderate and will grow in the estimation of educated people everywhere. It is up to us – the lovers of Sanatana Dharma – to be the spiritual warriors who use the two weapons of ‘example’ and ‘intellect’ to win this battle in favor of the Self. Vamadeva (David Frawley) is very strong on this point. He urges intelligent, courageous Hindus (both Indian & non-Indian) to stand up and speak and write firmly, clearly & articulately, but without violence, about the Sanatana Dharma.

    The government of India must be persuaded to pass laws forbidding all forms of aggressive prosyletizing in Indian.


  8. Nam

    There is only one way to stop this nonsense from continuing – educating the Hindus. Every Hindu should start reading up on our History, and educating all those around them. Showing them step by step how the Congress Party is continuing the work of the Mughuls, albeit legally. The only way to stop Christians from converting half of India, and from Muslims from overtaking the rest, is by firstly going out to vote at election time, and throwing out the Anti-Indian Congress Party. By putting pressure on the then elected-Govt (BJP hopefully) to ban prosyletizing and successsively throw out missionaries and nuns who indulge in prosyletizing the poor.

    Christianity is dead in Europe. Why? Because people who are educated see right through its farce. With education, Christianity and Islam will eventually die. But we cannot wait around and watch while that happens.

    Please visit Jaago Re and sign up to get your voting cards.

    Its your duty and Dharma to VOTE. Go do it.

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