Gift of Education: Pls Support

A recently established Dharmic NGO that runs schools in remote tribal and rural areas of India. Pls donate, even if it is just ten dollars. We have to reach our Hindu kids before the missionaries catch them.

Vidya Daanam

A team of young, intelligent professionals, fired with the zeal to serve the community, has launched a project entitled “Vidya Daanam”.  Vidya Daanam is a Sanskrit phrase that essentially means ‘The Gift of Education’.

There is an ancient saying in India that goes like this: “Anna daanam maha daanam; Vidya daanam mahattaram. Annena kshanika trupthihi Yaavajjeevanthu vidyaya”.

It means that giving food to a hungry person is indeed a great donation, but the greatest donation of all is to give a person education. Food gives but a momentary satisfaction whereas education empowers the person for his entire life.

“Vidya Daanam” is a program that is designed to empower under-priv`ileged children born in rural and remote tribal areas in India by providing them the opportunity of an adequate modern education.

For further information, please visit:  http://www.VidyaDaanam.Org



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4 responses to “Gift of Education: Pls Support

  1. Dear Indian Realist, have you verified that Vidya Daan is a genuine organization ? Whether the donation dollars will be used for the purposes claimed, and not mis-used, is a concern for all donors.

    Education “charities” are a grey area, so caution is advised. See this link about one educational charity which lacks transparency of its money flow. I hope Vidya Daan will take this as case study and demonstrate transparency from day 1.

    Otherwise we applaud all efforts of honest individuals towards educational charitable activities.

  2. alwayssaynotoracism


    That traitorous woman is a Christian missionary masquerading as “liberal intellegentsia”.

  3. sanjaychoudhry

    That traitorous woman is a Christian missionary masquerading as “liberal intellegentsia”.

    You are 100 percent correct. The lady is driven by her christian hatred of pagans.

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