Aryan Invasion / Migration Theory Demolished — Yet Again!

‘Deccan Chronicle’ newspaper reports:

Common Genetic Traits: Aryan Theory Demolished

An international team of genetic scientists has ruled out the theory of Aryan invasion of the Indian sub-continent.

“The age old argument that there was an Aryan invasion of the sub-continent is simply bunkum. Scientific studies prove that there is no such thing as Aryan Indian or Dravidian Indian. Genetic high resolution studies carried out by us prove that all Indians are derived from same grandgrand parents who arrived here 60,000-70,000 years ago from Africa,” Dr Gyaneshwer Chaubey, a scientist of the team, told ‘Deccan Chronicle.’

Dr Chaubey, a member of the scientific community at the Instituteof Molecular and Cell Biology, University of Tartu, Estonia, said the research also proved that all Indians had common genetic traits irrespective of the regions to which they belonged.

“It took us four years to complete the study and we analysed 12,200 samples to reach this conclusion,” said Dr Chaubey.

“Genetic studies help us to establish relations between populations. We focussed on the paternal (Y chromosomes) and maternal DNA genealogies. The data which we generated does not support any major influx to the subcontinent other than the earlier arrival of migrants from Africa,” he said.

“The present day caste/creed/religion is of indigenous origin,” said Dr Chaubey.

Can we at least give this theory a decent burial now in our school history books? But I don’t think the communists and church people will allow it. They have a stranglehold over NCERT under the Congress government.



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6 responses to “Aryan Invasion / Migration Theory Demolished — Yet Again!

  1. Hell yeah . Three cheers to it . But we need this news to splashed around by the MSM .

  2. Nam

    Three cheers to the scientists involved in this research!

    Yes, its about time this mythological, imaginary theory is buried forever.

  3. borneveryday

    Have they published it ? I dont see it anywhere in the Internet except for a paragraph in the link mentioned above. Do they provide all the scientific explanations in some web site…… cant find any. How the hell are people supposed to change their views with one paragraph from the deccan chronicle ?

  4. Nam

    Hi, sorry about the OT post – please join this Facebook group: Rahul Gandhi – India’s Own Sarah Palin!

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