Vaiko in LTTE uniform

The Srilankan Army captured LTTE bunkers in the recent offensive. Look what they found:

Photographs, Videos found in terror TV station bare dark secrets

Sri Lankan soldiers of Army 58 Division have made a startling discovery exposing an abominable conspiracy against Sri Lankan citizens.  The soldiers have found several recently taken photographs and video footages from a building earlier occupied by the LTTE terrorists showing certain South Indian politicians in LTTE camps in Wanni .

According to the defence sources in Puthukkudiyiruppu, the items have been found by the infantrymen of 6 Gamunu Watch (6GW) this afternoon (Feb 28), while engaged in clearing operations at the captured LTTE satellite communication center, in Puthukkudiyiruppu West. special correspondent in Puthukkudiyiruppu said there were number of photographs showing some of the South Indian politicians championing tribalism, actively participating terrorist activities in Wanni.

Leader of MDMK party in Tamil Nadu , Mr. Viko had been photographed in LTTE uniform, firing pistols with LTTE leader V. Prbhakaran, delivering brain-washing lectures to the LTTE terrorist, and having discussions with Prbahakaran, said our correspondent.

“There were photographs of several other South Indian politicians involved in LTTE activities including of Mr. Nadumaran”, he said.

Meanwhile an analyst speaking, expressed his surprise on the shameless relationships, these South Indian politicians are having with the convicted murderer of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Ghandhi.

” Prabhakaran has called Mr.Viko as the person who would link the Tamil Eelam to the Tamil Nadu one day…these photographs reveal that the plans for a greater Tamil Eleam had been already on the way” , the analyst said.

The analyst further said that Mr. Viko’s ceaseless attempt to save LTTE from a military defeat might have reasons other than his so-called interest in the Sri Lankan Tamils.

“Perhaps, he is afraid of the dark truths that would surface with the end of the LTTE”, he added.

LTTE had full-fledged plans to open a TV station of its own. And look who donated the equipment:

Meanwhile, a senior member of an embedded media team inspected the captured satellite equipment and said that the LTTE was planning to transmit its programs via satellites. He said that the items were donated by Norway to the LTTE during the UNP government in 2002.

Click on the above link and, scroll to the bottom of the page and see the photos of Vaiko in LTTE uniform, chatting with Prabhakaran and giving speeches in LTTE classrooms.

Chilling words from the above story:

“Prabhakaran has called Mr.Viko as the person who would link the Tamil Eelam to the Tamil Nadu one day…these photographs reveal that the plans for a greater Tamil Eleam had been already on the way” , the analyst said.

I have long maintained that Americans have a strategic plan to detach Tamil Nadu from India as a separate country. The ground-work is being prepared by the Yanks through mass conversion of Tamils to Christianity, support to LTTE, conversion of LTTE top leadership, and planting articles in the Indian English media about “North South Divide” with emphasis on how north India is “totally” different from south India, with nothing in common between them — you get the hint. (A rabidly leftist weekly news-magazine did a cover story on this last year.)

I heard Subramanyan Swamy on Times Now TV after the attack on him at Chennai High Court. He said that the lawyers were shouting seditious slogans like “Tamil Nadu should be a separate country.” The defeat of LTTE in Sri Lanka is the best thing that could have happened to India and its future. The White Man’s move to detach Tamil Nadu has been thwarted for the time being. But if conversions of Tamils don’t stop, then there is no hope. Sooner or later, the church will start a terrorist movement in Tamil Nadu against “northies,” with skills and experience in running a terrorist movement transferred to Indian Tamils from the LTTE.



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11 responses to “Vaiko in LTTE uniform

  1. Sanjay, whilst this is perhaps the first time we have all seen evidence, the wider intention of Tamil Nadu breaking away from India using Ealam was well known in Sri Lanka. However, it is first time that I have heard anyone linking US. Interesting angle.

  2. This is disturbing on so many levels . How can it be checked ?

  3. Mohamed

    its such a shame . He suports for children based terror group.

  4. Good prespective… but thats never gonna happen…..

    It may have been possible in 70s and 80s to seperate TN from india. But now, since TN and AP politics are controlling the Central govt, this is never gonna happen.

  5. sanjaychoudhry

    The danger is not from Hindu Tamils, but from the Tamils newly converted to Christianity and the church controlled by the White Man. Neo-Christians with a strong “Dravidian” and Tamil identity, all controlled by the bishops who report to the Vatican Whites — this is a powder keg that will explode one day.

  6. Aravinda

    this is that photos

  7. gajanan

    Good one 5 pages , written in 1908

    Why is England in India.

  8. alwayssaynotoracism

    Very disturbing.

    I have added a section today at my website called CONNECTING THE DOTS with this story as a beginning

  9. very sad news, this is too bad

  10. Anonymous

    Hmmmmm… If we Indians fighting against the British for freedom be justified, why not the Tamils fighting for freedom from the tyranny of the Sinhalese be justified.
    Who are the Tamils? They are migrants from India, they are People of Indian Origin, instead of protecting them and supporting them, our country has supported the enemy to kill her own descendants.
    The truth is taht Tamil have never fought for a separate country. The above post is just a cover up for the mistakes committed by the Indian government in failing to protect her own.

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