Hindu Girls, Beware of Love Jihad

Shocking news from Kerala.

Below is the translation (provided by fellow blogger Bharat Nair).

Religious Conversions through Love Jihad Even in Kerala

Pathanamthitta : An organisation that aims at converting girls through love  marriage is functioning in Kerala. Hundreds of girls have been converted by this organisation through this strategy.

Since the last six months, about 4,000 such marriages have already happened as can be seen from Panchayat registers. The Special Branch of Kerala Police has started investigation in this regard after noticing such mass conversions.

The highest number of such marriages is being reported from Malappuram. Kozhikkode and Kasargode come next in the list. Such marriages have been reported from other districts of Kerala too.

This organisation makes use of groups of boys belonging to a particular religious faith. They are taught how to lure girls coming from different religious persuasions. They have been ordered to leave those girls who do not fall into their “love trap” within two weeks. Further, the organisation orders their followers to marry them within a short period of six month and to have at least four children.

The main targets of this organisation include college students and working women. The organisation gives one lakh rupees to such converted women and also gives financial support to boys to start business activities. It is now known that several foreign agencies are financially helping this organisation. This organisation has been actively working since last year.

The “Love Jihad” organisation provides their members with mobile phones, motor cycles, good clothing, etc. for more effective allurment of girls. The organisation has a well defined setup with a “Zonal Chairman” responsible for coordinating activities in a particular district. During college admissions, this organisation has different units which prepare a detailed list of girls classified according to their religion.

This is what was happening in that Mangalore pub where several Hindu “modern” college-going girls were found in a compromising position and dancing suggestively with Muslim boys. The Ram Sena people saved these stupid girls from becoming the breeding cows of Islam and joining some Muslim harem. Many Hindu and Christian girls have been taken by such Jihadi Romeos to Kerala after luring them with love promises.

The strategy here is to use wombs of non-Muslim women to increase the population of Muslims. The added bonus is the humiliation of Hindu and Christian men when they find their women being humped by momins. Both way, Muslims gain. Hindu women instead of producing Hindu children produce Muslim children who grow up and riot against the Hindus. Such Hindu girls eloping with Muslim Romeos for “love” are acting traitorously against their own menfolk and contributing to their eventual destruction. It is an act of treason against the race.



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  1. Sansarcandra

    Here is a article which exposes how organisations inimical to host country carry out their manipulation using the media, human rights groups and parties with vested interest. The drama by the English press should be evaluated from this angle also. http://www.investigativeproject.org/1002/are-acts-of-staged-controversy-an-islamist

    • nkh mankada

      Dear friend I read your article.Here I am expressing my opinion about this issue.It is very unfortunate that everyone criticize Islam on this issue.Islam is a way of life that you can follow or reject.Islam never questions a persons freedom.It is not a way of compulsion.I am not telling this without any proof.The prophet Muhammad(s)’s uncle,Abu thalib,who protected the prophet through out his life,was a non muslim.
      Campus Love&Jihad
      We all know that Campus love is not related to any ideology as it starts from heart not from brain.Jihad is the protection of islam by a muslim’s body and soul.That is you can start jihad by helping your neighbor,by protecting your neighbor(muslim or non muslim),by protcting an orphan,by smiling to any stranger,by lending money without interest,by respecting your wife’s rights,by respecting your parents,by telling truth,by not drinking alcohol,by not receiving dowry,by not killing a girl(inside the womb or outside),by rejecting a woman or man when he/she invites you for adultery…..last but not least by fighting for your country.
      A survey should conduct in our campuses to find out the exact number of girls and boys who fell in love and married.How many of them were influenced and encouraged by our films,channel programs, Valentin’s day celebration by Mathrubhumi and Manorama.
      Islam has never reached a state of struggle for existence.It has millions of ever ready wombs to generate its own flowers.It is quite independent in this issue.If any one comes forward to convert from Islam to Hinduism or Hinduism to Islam nobody can question it.

      • Bhakti

        “If any one comes forward to convert from Islam to Hinduism or Hinduism to Islam nobody can question it.”

        It depends on the political context. Technically it may be possible to renounce Islam in a non-Islamic state, but in a state under sharia law apostates are supposed to be put to death. And jihad means to fight the nonbelievers to establish an Islamic state under sharia.

        • nkh mankada

          “And jihad means to fight the nonbelievers to establish an Islamic state under sharia”.Military Jihad is not killing the innocent people.Jihad is connected to Islamic State.Only an Islamic Country’s army can lead Jihad against those people who attacks the Islamic State.It is not the duty of a Muslim to lead a jihad himself/herself against anyone.It is like cutting the hands of a thief(that is the punishment for theft in Islam).It is the duty of the Islamic State to protect its citizen whether Muslim or non Muslim.There is a special tax,Jizya,for the non Muslims for their protection.But they no need to attend the war.And it is the compulsory duty of the Muslims to attend the war. Dear friends you should not evaluate Islam after looking to Pakistan or any other Muslim populated country as we have Muslim countries but no Islamic countries.So please understand Islam well before you criticize. you may see people with beautiful Islamic names but please don’t connect their doings with Islam.If you want to know about Islam read Qua ran with explanation.

          • s

            Muslims will not be judged by what they say what their religion is, but by what they actually do in real life.

            • nkh mankada

              Dear brother if I say the doings of Narendra Modi is related Hindu religion,will you agree?.We all know that true Christians came forward to criticize the doings of Bush.Modi’s ideology was not the ideology of Lord Krishna,who questioned the cruel Kamsa.You just evaluate what is going on in secular India,in Karnataka?Muslim girls are compelled to approach the court not to drink alcohol,but to establish their liberty to wear scarf!You cannot see any Women Organisation to question this ?I am not ready to tell that all these doings are related to Hindu religion.Can we compare Modi with Karna?(Deva with Asura).Will I judge the Hindu religion with the doings of Modi?.Please understand how Islam spread in Kerala.The people of upper class(No such classes in original Hindu religion) ill treated the lower class.The women of the lower class had no right to cover their body parts.The people of those days wanted to keep their dignity.And by converting to Islam they kept their dignity.This is history.Therefore I think at least you will agree that in those days there were no campuses for a”Love Jihad”.

              • sanjaychoudhry

                You have no idea what you are talking about. Islam spread in Kerala because Hindu traders who used to trade spices with Arabian ports converted to curry favour with Arab Muslims and get privliges in trading. That is why even today, Hindu trading caste does not exist in Kerala. Get rid of the weed that your local Maulvi gave you and quit smoking.

                • nkh mankada

                  Dear brother,I am sorry if any of my word hurt you.I didn’t say that is the only reason for conversion.Untouchability was one of the main reasons.You can scold my teachers but I will not scold your teachers….Thank you.

                  • Anonymous

                    So why are Shias not converting out of Islam if they are in a minority and Sunnnis want to kill them?

                    • mnba

                      Who told Shias are out of Islam!They are also the part of Islam.They are a minority group.You can see them in Mecca especially in Hajj season.You can see both Sunni and Shia praying under the same leader in Hajj.In every year over 200000 of Shias come to perform Hajj.Which sunnies want to kill them?

                    • sanjaychoudhry

                      What does Allah say should be done to people who refuse to worshp him?

                    • Shanavas

                      Hi dear,

                      you can see in the Quran , “If you worship Allah or not , allah will not have any problem , it is just for you”

                      if you worship one Pen then also all your things will go as usual.. So worship allah or not is your discission…

                    • Anon

                      Shanavas birather, so true. What difference it makes if one were to worship Allah or Al-Ilah or Al-Uzzah? Al are the same.
                      Hence when a Muslim girll marries a non Muslim guy, the guy should not be killed as in Jammu. After all , she is marrying a boy who worships just an other deity. Piece be to you.

                      Al-Ilah, the mightiful and Al-Uzza the beautyful be praised

                    • Shanavas

                      hi dear,
                      its your wish , if u would like to worship Al-Uzza, it will be up to you there is no problem for allah…

                    • JGN

                      Shanavas, Iblis is more powerful than Allah. Allah could not make Iblis obey him. Then why not worhsip Iblis?

                    • A

                      This Shanavas is not true birather….
                      Worshipping Al-Ilah, and Al-Uzza and Mannat is prohibited…It is called Shaitaanic Verses….That is why salmann rushdie birather was chased across…This revelation was taken back by Mhd…..Shame on Shanavas for whore-shipping……..What is the procedure to deal with munafeeek, Sanjay birather ? Ok enough dot dot dot….

                    • Islam follower

                      You are an Iblis to us, I dont see you being any powerful?? We consider you as an assole, which spreads nothing but shit. You (fucking iblis)and People like you are the one who are soo fucking helpless with the situation, which has left no choice but to post comments or write articles in papers which are hardly considered or distributed to spread hatredness. Every Dog has its day and you will have yours soon!

                    • VoP

                      “Islam Follower” see some dogs having their days..

                    • sanjaychoudhry

                      This must be the “peace” of Islam that he was talking about.

                    • Islam Follower

                      Hey Iblis, I/We dont know what happend was right or wrong, dont care what the world thinks about it either. All we care is May Allah forgive us if we have done a mistake or misunderstood what HE is trying to tell us. As we are Humans.
                      La Ilaha Illal Lah Muhammed Ur RasoolaAllah………..
                      you are right 😉

                    • ss

                      How do you know Mohammad was not simply passing gas?

                    • Nam

                      Those who dont worship him will burn in hell according to Allah 🙂

                  • all these are verbal exercises and truth is that we are loosing our patience . what are you waiting for ? another malegao to happen? another patriot army officer to become a terrorist.

                • Anonymous

                  Sorry to hear about your feelings..What I found from the lines is that, you are not accepting the views, further you are offending. I will pray to Almighty ALLAHA to show you the right path…Study about the religion first..Then criticize..

                • Darshan Suyal

                  It is happening, kidnapping, forcible coversion and marriage with the blessings of the Supreme court of Pakistan and Governments in Pakistan, Why don’t we have same medicine for 18 crores mulsims living in India.

              • Ravi

                This is not the period of medieval india where hindus are not united and failed to understand the politics of jihadis.In this century christins and Hindus are well prepared to face the jihadi waves and that is why great leaders like Modi and Bush rise to the world scene.Not only that,so many new leaders are going to emerge.Dont teach “vedas” to Hindus please.

                • Anonymous

                  Yes brother we are in unity!.Idid saw our great leaders, Veelappally and Narayanappanikkar,came forward to warn the Hindus about the Jihadies.But I didn’t see them in Chengara!.Did they call any press conference on this issue.Forgive me,they are not Hindus………

                • ramesh

                  ee mondi sulli gallani sulli koiyali

              • Bhushan

                It is high time you guys stopped popping Narendra Modi’s name whenever there is a discussion about religions. Modi’s mistake (is it really so?) was that he was naive enough to say that every action has an equal and opposite reaction after the Hindus were attacked. He simply mouthed the deep anger and frustration Hindus had at that time. He has proven his mettle by taking Gujarat far ahead of other states.

                India is the only country where the majority (Hindus) live like outcasts and have to undergo injustice and violence repeatedly for decades or maybe centuries. All in the guise of pseudo- secularism which again is meant to be followed by the Hindus.

                Muslims and Christians must be grateful that they are born in this country and not in fascist America, communist China or crappy Pakistan. They must not forget that most of them were Hindus in the past. And, though people may keep on saying that castism and other ills of Hinduism is the reason, the main reason why they changed their religion was rapes and fear of death. They must learn to respect Hindus and give them their due.

              • about the modi that was the reaction about what happened but what’s about kashmir 19lakh hindus are out of kashmir not any muslim even u r not told any thing every one is saying about modi’s but what’s about kasmiri pandit if u says that islam is belive not voilence so u must say something to kasmiri pandits modi’s cheptor was wind up but the kashmis is still going on so my friend thery necessiry to understand all of islamic followers that they r used by congress and still muslims are living in twelth century some politiciens dont woant that u may live in present thanks

              • pankaj singh

                the irony and repulsion u have in ur self is manifesting through ur guise of writing an article with a hindu name. u r replying like a moron as if u r the only truth existing , despite clinical evidence present against islamic love jihad in India.

          • Sahi

            Hello nkh mankanda,

            “If any one comes forward to convert from Islam to Hinduism or Hinduism to Islam nobody can question it.”

            you forgot to answer this , or may I say you avoided it because you feared the truth. everybody knows the truth and the truth is apostates are supposed to be put to death in Islam. isn’t it?

            Please , we the kaffirs and the infidels are no more ignorant fools as you think. and for rest of the secular people who talks about the the
            inherent strength of our culture,love , blah , blah blah , i would suggest they should do a proper research in history about the onslaught of Islam and other religions on India. What you call now Iran,Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh,and many more countries (I would say all) was before non muslim a long ago (and you should calculate the the time it took them to become a muslim country and at what human cost) and the percentage of hindus is dwindling every decade according to the census and anybody with a basic knowldege of numbers and statistics can understand where the numbers will be in the future according to the earlier statistics i reffered above.

            There is only one truth and the truth is Islam does not recognize other faiths and their followers on equal status and every good thing they quote in Quran in meant to be applied only to muslims and the worse thing quoted, to be applied to others. Its plain simple truth. and this is the cause for all the issues. the only thing they aim is to make islam the dominant religion of the world .

          • whether this the real fect about i me very agree with ur comments but the some islamic may they r followers of islam or not but they doing this kind of work and i saw them to doing this work and they r followers of islam it means that some rong lesson is tought by some and they r following it and this work is gooing in huge quqntity please aware about it .

        • PC

          What you say is not true. Islam does not permit conversion out of Islam. There are numerous Hadith, and verses in Kuran that ask believers to kill anyone who leaves Islam. Read this for the references.

          • MRK

            Dear PC,

            “Oh Believers! Oh Muslims! Oh Mu`mins! Allah (swt) said in Holy Qur`an, Laa ikraha fid Din. That you cannot pressure anyone to accept you or your religion. If they like to acccept it, it’s up to them. If they don’t like to accept it, it’s up to them. And you cannot force anyone to accept what you accept. But you can give them the da’wah, you can give them the information, you can give them the knowledge. So if we Muslims or non-Muslims, as long as we are in a situation that makes us connected through our hearts with what we believe, then it will make a big change in the whole universe. Allah sent Prophet (s) to tell people, “This is Islam. Fadhakkir innama anta mudhakkir. “Remind people; that is your job”. Al-ballaagh: to give your message, but not to fight.”

            • cedric

              MRK, Dawa is propaganda and lies which muslim ‘prophet'(child molester) mahamad is asking you to do where non muslims and their religions are demonized. What if non muslims repay you, with interest, the hatred that you have propagated for centuries. You should be ashamed of being a called a human and then peddle lies to non muslims. Shame on you and mahamad for fomenting hatred and intolerance in society.

              Stay away from idolaters. 6:106

              Jews are the greediest of all humankind. They’d like to live 1000 years. But they are going to hell. 2:96

              Allah turned the Sabbath-breaking Jews into apes. 2:65-66

              • JGN

                cedric, Allah turned all sabath breaking Jews into apes but such an entity could not do anything to George W Bush for hanging Saddam Hussein and also bombing lakhs of civilians in Iraq and Afghanistan for catching just one rat (Osama Bin Laden). Seems sabath breaking is a bigger crime than bombing innocent children, women, old men, cats, dogs, etc!!!

              • MRK

                Dear Cedric,

                Assalaamu Alikum,

                If u want to quote something quote properly…..read quran with context ……….

                6:106. Follow what thou art taught by inspiration from thy Lord: there is no god but He: and turn aside from those who join gods with Allah

                2:96. Thou wilt indeed find them, of all people, most greedy of life,-even more than the idolaters: Each one of them wishes He could be given a life of a thousand years: But the grant of such life will not save him from (due) punishment. For Allah sees well all that they do.

                2:65. And well ye knew those amongst you who transgressed in the matter of the Sabbath: We said to them: “Be ye apes, despised and rejected.”

                2:66. So We made it an example to their own time and to their posterity, and a lesson to those who fear Allah.


                • cedric

                  MRK, you are a liar just like profit mahamad of yours. No links have been given by you and you want non muslims to believe muslim liars.

                  Shameful behavior of people like you is a proof in itself of depravity and insanity of islam. Stealing from other people holy books like Torah is the only thing you can do and that too without mentioning the source. Tomorrow you will be telling us that jinns are not present in non-holy kuran and mahamad never sat on Buraaq and flew here and there. Do not pick and choose what suits you, we also have sources where what you say can be verified. LIAR, go to hell.

          • Farzan Ahmed

            Its true that Maulvis of Today are unanimous that punishment of an apostate is death….But I tell you the truth the whole Quran has numerous verses dealing with the issue of apostacy and no where death as punishment is mentioned…Infact no punishment is mentioned to be given to apostates by Muslims…Whatever will be the action good or bad it will be taken by Allah Almighty on the day of Judgement…I quote you a few references from Quran which deals the issue of apostasy:::

            Ch 4.verse137 Lo! those who believe, then disbelieve and then (again) believe, then disbelieve, and then increase in disbelief, Allah will never pardon them, nor will He guide them unto a way.

            Ch 3.Verse 90 Lo! those who disbelieve after their (profession of) belief, and afterward grow violent in disbelief: their repentance will not be accepted. And such are those who are astray.

            ch 63.verse 3,4,5,6,7.. That is because they believed, then disbelieved, therefore their hearts are sealed so that they understand not.
            And when thou seest them their figures please thee; and if they speak thou givest ear unto their speech. (They are) as though they were blocks of wood in striped cloaks. They deem every shout to be against them. They are the enemy, so beware of them. Allah confound them! How they are perverted!
            And when it is said unto them: Come! The messenger of Allah will ask forgiveness for you! they avert their faces and thou seest them turning away, disdainful.
            Whether thou ask forgiveness for them or ask not forgiveness for them is all one for them; Allah will not forgive them. Lo! Allah guideth not the evil-living folk.
            They it is who say: Spend not on behalf of those (who dwell) with Allah’s messenger that they may disperse (and go away from you); when Allah’s are the treasures of the heavens and the earth; but the hypocrites comprehend not.

            If you want I can quote many more verses…Thing is that people instead of searching what quran says take fake Maulvis words as Quran’s word…Even the Hadith which contain events and saying of Prophet Muhammad(saw) doesn’t contain a single instance where an apostate was killed…If the Sharia said an Apostate is to be killed then Muhammad(saw) would have been the first one to act on it…But we find things contrary to it…If anybody wants I can give numerous instances …

            And Islam is the only religion which says all religions in the world are from God and makes it compulsory for a Muslim to accpet Prophets of all religion and their sacred books otherwise he would not be considered a Muslim…No religion can claim to be such…Judaism doesn’t recognise Hinduism as true and Vice versa so does Hinduism doesn’t recognise Islam and Christianity as true and Christianity does the same with Islam and Hinduism…

            • Indian Realist

              Maybe you should be enlighting the maulvies, instead of the infidels.

            • Have you lost it? You’re saying Hinduism doesn’t recognise other religions hahahahahaha… which school did you go to man? First of all there is no question of recognition or non-recognition OF ANYTHING in Hinduism, because it is not an exclusivist religion of one prophet or one saint and one book. Hinduism recognises everything – that’s how every faith finds a place in India!
              The opening lines of the Quran say it all

              There is no God but Allah
              And Muhammad is His only Prophet

              Are you saying this is not true, that Islam therefore recognises that there are other Gods and others who have brought the Truth to the world? If so, why convert anyone?
              Hinduism does not go out to convert. Some Hindu organisations have been re-converting people because those people had been converted through pressure i.e. offer of funds, houses, promises of status changing in society (which prove to be false). Otherwise you see many people, especially in the West, have begun to practice the meditation techniques and religious rituals of the Hindus because they want to of their own free will. There are many such people in the West who take to Islam as well. The difference is that if you want to learn something to practice from a HIndu Guru, he will not ask you to become Hindu first, or ever. The Hindus don’t make them take an oath to denounce everything else and call themselves Hindu. But if a person wants to practice Islamic prayer and goes to learn it in Arabic at a mosque, will he be taught without the eventual aim of converting him? If a white Christian girl wants to marry a Hindu boy, she doesn’t have to give up Christianity. Hinduisms scripture don’t even refer to any entity like an ‘unbeliever’ because its a nonsensical categorisation of people. There is no such thing as an unbeliever, or an idolator. Each man must follow his own Dharma. There is no apostasy also in Hinduism. These are categories that exist in the immature interpretations of Islam.

              • It is possible that I have not translated the first line of the Quran exactly as it ought to be, but this is the popular version that non-Muslims hear about anyway

                • I just looked it up, to be sure… and I could not find which sura and verse it is part of… not the beginning of teh Quran, my mistake, but it is definitely described everywhere as one of teh founding lines of Islam. It has been called one of the pillars of Islam – that there is no God (worthy of worship) but Allah. So Farzan Ahmed you should really keep your trap shut.

          • Farzan Ahmed

            PC you said “There are numerous Hadith, and verses in Kuran that ask believers to kill anyone who leaves Islam. Read this for the references.”

            Its my humble challenge to you to give a single verse in Quran which says apostates should be killed…come on if you are an honest person…If you present a single verse i would concede defeat….

            Back your statements with proofs…

            • teri maa ka bhosda ,bendi rand ke …tumhari maaaaaaa ki chud katwo……………

            • rajesh

              The unbelievers are your sworn enemies … Seek out your enemies relentlessly.
              – Sura 4:101,104
              . slay the idolaters wherever you find them. Arrest them, besiege them, and be in ambush everywhere for them.
              – Sura 9:5
              ight against such of those to whom the Scriptures were given as believe in neither Allah nor the Last Day, who do not forbid what Allah and His apostle have forbidden and do not embrace the true faith until they pay tribute out of hand and are utterly subdued. Sura 9:29

              And Noah said: “Lord, do not leave a single unbeliever in the land. If you spare them, they will beget none but sinners and unbelievers … Forgive all the faithful, men and women, and hasten the destruction of the wrongdoers.”
              – Sura 71:26

              and numerous other versus…so stop playing fool..congrats u r exposed now..

        • Farzan Ahmed

          I t ran as follows :
          In the name of Allah. These are the conditions of peace
          between Muhammad, son of ‘Abdullah, and Suhail ibn ‘Amr,
          the envoy of Mecca. There will be no fighting for ten years.
          Anyone who wishes to join Muhammad and to enter into any
          agreement with him is free to do so. Anyone who wishes to
          join the Quraish and to enter into an agreement with them is
          also free to do so. A young man, or one whose father is alive,
          if he goes to Muhammad without permission from his father
          or guardian, will be returned to his father or guardian. But
          should anyone go to the Quraish, he will not be returned. This
          year Muhammad will go back without entering Mecca. But
          next year he and his followers can enter Mecca, spend three days
          and perform the circuit. During these three days the Quraish
          will withdraw to the surrounding hills. When Muhammad
          and his followers enter into Mecca, they will be unarmed except
          for the sheathed swords which wayfarers in Arabia always have
          with them (Bukhari).

          Now the other Companions raised their objections. Some of
          them asked why they had agreed to restore to his father or
          guardian a young man who should t u r n Muslim, without
          obtaining t h e same condition for a Muslim who should turn
          over or happen to go to t h e Meccans. T h e Prophet explained
          there was no harm in this. “Everybody who becomes a
          Muslim,” he said, “does so because he accepts the beliefs and
          practices inculcated by Islam. H e does not become a Muslim
          in order to join a party and to adopt its customs. Such a
          man will propagate the Message of Islam wherever he goes, and
          serve as an instrument for t h e spread of Islam. But a man
          who gives u p Islam is no use to us. If he n o longer believes
          a t heart what we believe, he is n o longer one of us. I t is better
          he should go elsewhere.” T h i s reply of the Prophet satisfied
          those who had doubted the wisdom of the course adopted by
          the Prophet. I t should satisfy today all those who think that
          in Islam the punishment of apostasy is death. Had this been
          so, t h e Prophet would have insisted on the return and punish-
          ment of those who gave up Islam.

      • Ravi

        You talked about Modi as a comparison to evil person.he did the same duty as Mohammed did to protect his people.Mohamed for Muslims as Modi for Hindus of gujarath.This is a Hindu majority nation and Hindus have the right to protect their society from the onslught of non-Hindus.

        • >>>”he did the same duty as Mohammed did to protect his people.Mohamed for Muslims as Modi for Hindus of gujarath

          Maybe thats why 58 so-called hindus of gujarat burned to death in the train, including women and children.
          And hundreds of other so-called hindus of gujarat died in police firing during subsequent riots.

          nice protecting of ‘his people’.

          Mohammed, in his place, perhaps, would have claimed divine sanction from Allah to cleanse all kaffirs from Gujarat. Not only Gujarat, from India itself. That is what Mohammed and his creation islam did in Arabia. And then proceed to do exactly that- cleanse the land using blood of the kaffirs.

          Mohammed, had he been alive, perhaps would have laughed derisively at this comparison.

          • Actually who were behind GODHRA FIRE and Ishrat Jahan, Javed Ghulam Sheikh alias Pranesh Kumar Pillai FAKE & DRAM Killings.

            • sanjaychoudhry

              Hmmm. you must be the one who believes that jews rammed planes into WTO building and Hindus at Godhra set themselves on fire to give Muslims a bad name and all those suicide bombings are being conducted by Christians.

              • MRK

                who are sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, Lt Col S P Purohit ? you guys can’t veil the truth every time..one day it will come outside.

          • Nbm

            Sir George Bernard Shaw in ‘The Genuine Islam,’ Vol. 1, No. 8, 1936.
            “If any religion had the chance of ruling over England, nay Europe within the next hundred years, it could be Islam.”
            “I have always held the religion of Muhammad in high estimation because of its wonderful vitality. It is the only religion which appears to me to possess that assimilating capacity to the changing phase of existence which can make itself appeal to every age. I have studied him – the wonderful man and in my opinion for from being an anti-Christ, he must be called the Savior of Humanity.”

            “I believe that if a man like him were to assume the dictatorship of the modern world he would succeed in solving its problems in a way that would bring it the much needed peace and happiness: I have prophesied about the faith of Muhammad that it would be acceptable to the Europe of tomorrow as it is beginning to be acceptable to the Europe of today. Mahatma Gandhi, statement published in ‘Young India,’1924.
            I wanted to know the best of the life of one who holds today an undisputed sway over the hearts of millions of mankind…. I became more than ever convinced that it was not the sword that won a place for Islam in those days in the scheme of life. It was the rigid simplicity, the utter self-effacement of the Prophet the scrupulous regard for pledges, his intense devotion to his friends and followers, his intrepidity, his fearlessness, his absolute trust in God and in his own mission. These and not the sword carried everything before them and surmounted every obstacle. When I closed the second volume (of the Prophet’s biography), I was sorry there was not more for me to read of that great lifeMichael Hart in ‘The 100, A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons In History,’ New York, 1978.
            My choice of Muhammad to lead the list of the world’s most influential persons may surprise some readers and may be questioned by others, but he was the only man in history who was supremely successful on both the secular and religious level. …It is probable that the relative influence of Muhammad on Islam has been larger than the combined influence of Jesus Christ and St. Paul on Christianity. …It is this unparalleled combination of secular and religious influence which I feel entitles Muhammad to be considered the most influential single figure in human historyames Michener in ‘Islam: The Misunderstood Religion,’ Reader’s Digest, May 1955, pp. 68-70.
            “No other religion in history spread so rapidly as Islam. The West has widely believed that this surge of religion was made possible by the sword. But no modern scholar accepts this idea, and the Qur’an is explicit in the support of the freedom of conscience.”
            “Muhammad, the inspired man who founded Islam, was born about A.D. 570 into an Arabian tribe that worshiped idols. Orphaned at birth, he was always particularly solicitous of the poor and needy, the widow and the orphan, the slave and the downtrodden. At twenty he was already a successful businessman, and soon became director of camel caravans for a wealthy widow. When he reached twenty-five his employer recognizing his merit, proposed marriage. Even though she was fifteen years older, he married her and as long as she lived remained a devoted husband.”

            “Like almost every major prophet before him, Muhammad fought shy of serving as the transmitter of God’s word sensing his own inadequacy. But the Angel commanded ‘Read’. So far as we know, Muhammad was unable to read or write, but he began to dictate those inspired words which would soon revolutionize a large segment of the earth: “There is one God”.”

            “In all things Muhammad was profoundly practical. When his beloved son Ibrahim died, an eclipse occurred and rumors of God ‘s personal condolence quickly arose. Whereupon Muhammad is said to have announced, ‘An eclipse is a phenomenon of nature. It is foolish to attribute such things to the death or birth of a human being’.”

            “At Muhammad’s own death an attempt was made to deify him, but the man who was to become his administrative successor killed the hysteria with one of the noblest speeches in religious history: ‘If there are any among you who worshiped Muhammad, he is dead. But if it is God you Worshiped, He lives for ever’.”We stand with this Muhammad(S) and not with Taliban..

            • JGN

              >>>>When his beloved son Ibrahim died, an eclipse occurred and rumors of God ’s personal condolence quickly arose…..the god himself decided that Ibrahim should die as an infant and still sent some “personal condolences”!!!

              Noah lived upto the age of 950 years, god’s last messenger, Mohammed lived only upto the age of 63 years and his only son died when he was still an infant.

              Some people live in New York and London in the middle of all luxuaries, some others live in war torn Somalia while still some others live in third world countries where even drinkig water is a scarce commodity.

              What kind of “mercy” the creator is showering on his creations? Looking at the conditions on planet earth, I do not think the “most merciful creator” would be impartial even to his “believers” on the “last day of judgement”!

              Btw according to proven Scientific Studies planet earth will support life for another 1.5 billion years. So nobody is going to get those “rewards” any soon!!

              • hmm

                how many times such proven scientific studies are true?

                when are you going to die?

                what happens to you after your death? not to your body?
                you don’t see the mercies of God.

                if all were equal and having equal comfort what will be the condition in the world.

                muslims had suffered from more than what they are suffering now.

            • pvk

              there is so much insecurity in this world because of muslim. any terror attacks, and any not ethical jobs they are the No.1 contenders. May be this is what they beleive in islam.

        • abc

          muahammed didnt kill anybody for protecting people.

          • JGN

            Yes, he only killed for not following his Religion!!

            • Nbm

              Remember the two Great(!)world war s was not in the name of any religion.See, rationalists wonder at the life of a prophet (950 years).They believe in evolution process!Ramapithecus was widely recognized as a direct ancestor of humans. It is now established that he was merely an extinct type of orangutan.
              Piltdown man was hyped as the missing link in publications for over 40 years. He was a fraud based on a human skull cap and an orangutan’s jaw.
              Nebraska man was a fraud based on a single tooth of a rare type of pig.
              Java man was based on sketchy evidence of a femur, skull cap and three teeth found within a wide area over a one year period. It turns out the bones were found in an area of human remains, and now the femur is considered human and the skull cap from a large ape.
              Neandertal man was traditionally depicted as a stooped ape-man. It is now accepted that the alleged posture was due to disease and that Neandertal is just a variation of the human kind.

              Human Evolution: The Current Tree
              Human evolution has its currently fashionable specimens that lead from small ape-like creatures to Homo sapiens.When will the apes of today change to human shape?will take another million years!

              • pkm

                “I hope the time is not far off when I shall be able to unite all the wise and educated men of all the countries and establish a uniform regime based on the principles of Qur’an which alone are true and which alone can lead men to happiness.”- Nepolian
                K. S. Ramakrishna Rao in ‘Mohammed: The Prophet of Islam,’ 1989

                My problem to write this monograph is easier, because we are not generally fed now on that (distorted) kind of history and much time need not be spent on pointing out our misrepresentations of Islam. The theory of Islam and sword, for instance, is not heard now in any quarter worth the name. The principle of Islam that “there is no compulsion in religion” is well known.

                • Iww

                  “And indeed We created man out of an extract of Tin.) (13. Thereafter We made him a Nutfah in a safe lodging.) (14. Then We made the Nutfah into a clot, then We made the clot into a little lump of flesh, then We made out of that little lump of flesh bones, then We clothed the bones with flesh, and then We brought it forth as another creation. So Blessed is Allah, the Best of creators.) (15. After that, surely you will die.) (16. Then (again), surely you will be resurrected on the Day of Resurrection.)”See a scientific truth announced before 1400 years!

                  • JGN

                    What a joke!!! Do you call these trash as scientific truth? What is mentioned in the Koran is what is obvious. There is no reference of femable egg any where in the same. On the other hand, menstrution is treated as an illness whereas it is a normal biological process essential for reproduction!! You are trying to fit explanation into the verses than explaining the verses.

                    And I wonder why all those great people from Bernard Shaw, M.K. Gandhi, Nepolian, Ramakrishna Rao, etc did not convert to Islam if they were so much in awe of your Religion?

              • rsv

                can anybody give me an answer, why are all terrorist activities are done by muslims.

        • Anonymous

          Mr Ravi the minority people have the right to protect their faith too.You are not studying from the history.You tried to protect your religion by demolishing the Babari Masjid.Think what happened to your Sangh Parivar after it?.Where is your so called great leaders Kalyan Singh,Umabarathi, Narasimha Rao?.The same fate is waiting to your Modi and the leaders of any religion who try to suppress the innocent people..

      • Anonymous

        Karnataka – Bangalore

        Karnataka court discounts ‘Love Jihad’ angle

        Staff Reporter
        BANGALORE: The Karnataka High Court, on Friday, permitted a Hindu girl from Chamarajnagar in Karnataka to make her own choices after the State police filed an interim report saying that there is no “Love Jihad” angle to her relationship with a Muslim man from Malappuram.

        The High Court had on an earlier occasion asked Silja Raj to stay with her parents till the police submitted a report on “Love Jihad,” an alleged covert movement by some Muslims to lure and marry Hindu women.

        Silja’s father, C. Selvaraj, had filed a petition alleging that his daughter was a victim of “Love Jihad.” He claimed that Hindu women we being lured by Muslim youth and “brainwashed and indoctrinated” into converting to Islam. The court had then directed the State police to investigate the issue and file a report.

        In the report, the Director-General and Inspector-General of Police said several teams from the Criminal Investigation Department were sent to all districts of Kerala to find out details of girls and women missing and also to find out if there was any “Love Jihad” movement.

        The report says though there is no “Love Jihad” angle in Silja’s case, the State police have collected voluminous information from Kerala. Since the information has to be collated, only an interim report is being filed.

        It said Silja had of her own will gone away with Ashkar. It was Ashkar’s mother, Shahida, who asked Silja and her son to go to a mosque in Ponnani in Kerala and take training from the madrassa there. It said Ashkar had no relationship with any Muslim organisation according to information collected so far.

        The report says that till now there is no specific instance of converted women being used for Jihad or any anti-national activity. However, the police say they are still collecting information and a final report will be filed.

        A Division Bench, comprising Justice K. Sreedhar Rao and Justice Ravi Malimath, adjourned further hearing of the case to January 18 and allowed the girl to decide on her future course of action.

        Hindu girl from Chamarajnagar in Karnataka to make her own choices after the State police filed an interim report saying that there is no “Love Jihad” angle to her relationship with a Muslim man from Malappuram.THE HINDU NEWSPAPER

      • Blues

        U look like a bloody Jihadi!
        we donot need ur asshole ideology to be published .
        Now the world knows wat u sick pigs r upto , truly spking ur mohammed who made ur stupid quran was himself a burgler .
        Shamelessness runs in u muslim pigs… this world wud a wonderful place 2 stay i the day u all die! its jus our resistance tat u pigs r still alive , wat i don understnd is y r u so damn hungry to increase ur population? u r preached tat ur allah the ass will take u to heaven wen u do all such cheap stuffs :).The whole world educated but u bastards r still illitarte! U use innoscence !!!! ASS holes on earth… Jus the Indian army can put u on fire , forget bout other forces , it wil not take long for 80% population to bury u in…. All u wait for is the loose of paitence! time wil spk!

        • the believer

          these languages best explain your frustration in seeing islam growing at this rapid rate.truth cannot be subverted with such words. surely you will find an answer later.let allah shower his mercy.

      • Just Shut Up
        Flower s of Islam what the hell !! are youtalking about

      • Anonymous

        this jihad is there in soudhi? i want to know.. the ppl who went soudhi from india ll they marry hindus? allthough if they r in love with hindu… did they???

      • PRADEEP


    • Bilal

      Do you even know what you are doing- Spreading hatred between people of different faiths and then you blame the Muslims for not being nationalists. You seem to be an absolute illiterate.

      • sfprophecy

        @Bilal, don’t defend something you don’t know. It has become an international phenomenon.
        I don’t want to sound disheartening but I have lived in England and I have seen/heard mostly Sikh girls getting converted by Muslim guys (Pakistanis) by force as emotional blackmailing of girls and a lot of other things are involved in such religion driven affairs. I can also refer to new articles and videos if you want me to.
        There are Islamic movements in Europe which do encourage and specially recruit Muslim youth to convert non-Muslim girls. Fortunately, there is a lot of awareness regarding this issue now.
        Personally, I don’t believe in converting in relationships you choose to be in. Why should a non-Muslim become Muslim and not vice versa? I don’t believe in Islam being superior to any other religion but unfortunately it considers itself superior.

    • dinesh

      well when u spoke about some group of people in mangalore pub, let me remind u my friend the same group they were romaing with mangal suter on the valentine day. they were not bother about ny caste
      well i guess u might have got the answer.

      • JGN

        king, what makes you believe that what is written above is a “complete lie” and what you have written in your blog is “gospel truth”??

        • king


          no gurantee of this message,it can be hoax…

          just to create hate between hindu and muslim …. just a trap by catholist!

  2. Mona

    I saw an article on thereligionofpeace.com that talks about this. It was called “Jihadi romeos”. I will try to dig it up and post a link here.

  3. There was an attempt by Muslim men in the 90s to do this openly in England. They have since gone underground and dont print their pamphlets anymore.

    Check out:


    and for an opposite view :


  4. sangy

    it was a sad news for hindus, bt people like us try to prevent the girls from dat, n i m workink now on dat

  5. vidhya

    To save our dharma please visit:

    • vikrant

      do u know what is your dharma??????????????
      dharma is not just a religion.please apni soch ka daira badhao….

    • vikrant

      n one thing more.this seit can never teach anyone hindutva…………………ye sirf nafrat badha sakte hain…………kabhi Gita n Puran ko sahi se padhna n tab kehna ‘save our DHARMA’

      • sanjaychoudhry

        Dharma is pushing back people who say “our god is true, your god is false” and “it is our duty to screw you until you also agree to join our gang.”

        • JGN

          Mr. Vikrant,

          Swami Vivekananda had said: “We not only tolerate, but we Hindus accept every religion, praying in the mosque of the Mohammedans, worshipping before the fire of the Zoroastrians, and kneeling before the cross of the Christians, knowing that all the religions, from the lowest fetishism, mean so many attempts of the human soul to grasp and realize the infinite, each determined by the conditions of its birth and association, and each of them making a stage of progress. We gather all these flowers and bind them with the twine of love, making a wonderful bouquet of worship”. Is this not a good ideology for those who want to believe in some God?

          Now compare this with the beliefs of Semitic religions (“thou shall not have any other god” – Christians and “There is no god but Allah and Mohammad was his last Prophet” – Muslims) and draw your own conclusion!

          Some time back, the Tamil Nadu CM, Mr. M.Karunanidhi had even questioned the existence of Lord Ram. No “fatwa” was issued against him. Can you imagine what would have happened if a Christian or Muslim had said something similar about some revered character of their Religion (hope you have heard of the Fatwa against Salman Rushdie for his book “Satanic Verses”).

          No high-priest can declare me or Karunanidhi or millions like us “non-hindus” for not believing in any god. That is the basic difference between Hinduism and other religions.

          • Jamshi


            “Now compare this with the beliefs of Semitic religions (“thou shall not have any other god” – Christians and “There is no god but Allah and Mohammad was his last Prophet” – Muslims) and draw your own conclusion! “………

            Dear brother,

            this is exactly what vedas are also saying…

            “Andhatama pravishanti ye asambhuti mupaste”
            “They enter darkness, those who worship the natural elements” (Air, Water, Fire, etc.). “They sink
            deeper in darkness, those who worship sambhuti.”
            [Yajurveda 40:9]

            “Ma cid anyad vi sansata sakhayo ma rishanyata”
            “O friends, do not worship anybody but Him, the Divine One. Praise Him alone.”
            [Rigveda 8:1:1]

            “Ekam Brahm, dvitiya naste neh na naste kinchan”

            “There is only one God, not the second; not at all, not at all, not in the least bit.”

            • JGN

              Jamshi, it seems that you are another chela of the great aalim Dr. Zakir Naik. Pl don’t try to justify one absurdity with another absurdity. Do you know that the “formless god” was invented when people lost faith in Indra, Varuna, Agni, etc? The cunning peddlers of faith invented the “formless god” with the full knowledge that even after hundreds of generations, nobody would be able to prove or disprove the existence of such an entity!!!

            • Jamshi… even beginners in Sanskrit like me can see that these translations are wrong, and your interpretation of them is asinine. Where did you get this?
              Brahm is not God.
              the Divine is not a God as you understand but refring to teh Truth – Consciousness (Universal), and a state which doesn’t recognise differences.
              However the context is too deep for me to go into.
              Just want to tell you that you don’t know anything about this, so better that you don’t speak because everyone is laughing at you!

    • Bilal

      you should practice dharma to save it. Your dharma does not have a threat from outside it the people insed who are a mjor threat to your dharma.

      • JGN

        Bhilal, then why your mad mullahs are always telling that Islam is in Danger? Even during the OIC meeting a few months back, the theme song of the “fat penguins” were the same!! What is the danger to a religion that has been in existence for the past 1400 years?

        As for my “dharma” the same will survive till eternity. Despite nearly 700 years of onslaught by Islamic Invaders and nearly 200 years of onslaught by European colonizers, 85% of India’s population are following the native religions. That itself is proof of the inherent strength of our Culture.

  6. JGN

    Some time back I had read a similar news from UK also; each muslim was offered 5000 Pounds for marrying a non-muslim girl.

  7. Ram

    Try to educate our people. we will have to fight it out.

  8. vikrant

    the all muslims are not jihadies….so i will request each and every person who are true INDIANS please please please stop posting hate comments against a particular community…….hate the jihadies not all muslims…

    • sanjaychoudhry

      Did someone say that all Muslims are Jihadis? Stop beating strawmen.

      • Anonymous

        All Muslims are not jihadis but they (believing muslims) have a strange notion that planet earth belongs to their “most merciful creator” and it is their bounden duty to reclaim the same from the infidels. They believe that the “Last day of Judgement” will not come until and unless the whole world embrace their religion and nobody will get the promised rewards in Paradise till then.

        The Christians also believe that “Anti-Christ” will not come till the whole world embrace their religion and they cannot go to their “father in the heaven” till then!!!!

        • Bhakti

          Vikrant we should hate Islam itself because its core tenet is jihad which means to struggle to establish the religion both in the personal sense and externally by waging war against the nonbeliever (see Reliance of the Traveller, the treatise on Islamic sacred law). Zia-al-Haq said that jihad in terms of warfare is the collective responsibility of the ummah. Fighting others to establish Islam (which is a communistic tribal political ideology masquarading as a religion) means jihad is not a defensive concept.

          This is what the late Pakistani theologian & poltician Sheikh Maulana Maududi had to say on the matter:

          “Islam wishes to destroy all states and governments anywhere on the face of the earth which are opposed to the ideology and program of Islam regardless of the country or the nation which rules it. The purpose of Islam is to set up a state on the basis of its own ideology and program … the objective of Islamic jihad is to eliminate the rule of an un-Islamic system and establish instead an Islamic system of state rule. Islam does not intend to confine this revolution to a single state or a few countries; the aim of Islam is to bring about a universal revolution.”

          The terrorists are the ones who follow Islam properly and the genuinely moderate Muslims are not adhering to the fundamental principles of Islam – they are what is known as “takfir”.

          This “love jihad” activity shows that jihad does not only mean violence but can encompass any useful tactic and other examples may include demographic aggression, political activism (like voting as a single bloc) and deception (taqiyyah).

        • Lilac

          — The Christians also believe that “Anti-Christ” will not come till the whole world embrace their religion and they cannot go to their “father in the heaven” till then!!!! —

          I am a christian and all I was taught at the sunday school is to love everyone, even those who hate us. Peace be with you.

    • Virender

      All moslems aren’t jihadis. All jihadis are moslems & needless to mention all around the world. Yr. request to true Indians is indisputable to desist fm. posting hate comments. But how to answer Mullah’s comments who just believe teaching Hindus a lesson is repeat Mhomad Gouri, gaznavi or C. Khan….Hindu’s tolerance or dharma often proved disaster for Hindus.

    • B Makwana

      If all muslims are not jihadies ?
      so why only muslims are arrested in terrist activities ?

    • the believer

      dear vikrant,please do understand the word jihad before quoting it. it is your war against yourself,truth against falsehood.what some muslims say and act is unislamic.these thalibans are not the spokesperson for islam.similarly what sangh parivar or modi does cannot be hinduism.it is highly encompassing religion,assimilates alot of truth.vedas do ask hindus to worship only one god.a true muslim cannot hate his brothers and sisters,even non believers,let alone kill.

      • JGN

        the believer, what is the use of telling all these to the kafirs? Why don’t you go to Afghanistan or Swat and tell all these things to your jihadi bros? Now even Burqua clad women have started suicide bombing in your “Land of Pure”.

  9. Joseph

    Dear freinds
    This is a way of terrorising India. There are two things in this, one is humiliating an “infidel’s” family and increase the Islamic Population through the wombs of infidel women which gives a cruel and sadistic pleasure to so called wariors of the “religion of Love”. This type of a strategy to trap women from other religions and force them to convert to Islam by trapping them using drugs and luring them using money and other covert methods. Poor girls who are trapped in this LOVE JIHAAD are thrown behind the PURDAH (The Taliban uniform for women) and taken to Galis and slumps where she will get an animal like treatment and used as a sex machine to satisfy muslim men of various age groups and subjected to gang rape and unnatural sex. After a few years when the charm of the girl is lost, they are thrown to red street areas of muslim Galis.
    All Citizen should be aware of this Love Jihaad menace and the principles and texts which produce such thrid rate and filthy mentality among muslim youth to lure women and treat them like animals. Anyway no Muslim should think that they can propagate their wrong faith and principles of hatred through these type of activities and remember your girls are also not immune from these type of Love feelings. But the only thing which prevent us from indulging such activities is our culture and concept of God. We Love our God and our God love us. We need not strenghthen HIS arms by cheating women from other religion.

    • VoP

      Kerala christians were enjoying the show as long as only Hindu women were victims. It just shows how not much different they are from their semitic brothers sharing cultish beliefs of the desert!

      They also love their God so much that they indulge in these acts.

    • nkh mankada

      “Poor girls who are trapped in this LOVE JIHAAD are thrown behind the PURDAH (The Taliban uniform for women) and taken to Galis and slumps where she will get an animal like treatment and used as a sex machine to satisfy muslim men of various age groups and subjected to gang rape and unnatural sex”.Dear brother, are you ready to call the respected uniform of sisters and mothers of Christian community the Taliban Uniform?Please visit Christian countries and Muslim countries and understand in which country women are more ill treated.Why 50% of the children of America have to search for their mother/father?Why the world famous persons (Murad Hofman,Yusuful Islam ,Muhammad Ali Clay,Yevon Ridley )convert to this low class,barbarous, rude, cruel, culture less and terrorist Islam?Think before you throw the stones…..

      • JGN

        nkh mankada, pl follow the following link to know about the “wonderful treatment” of women under Shariah.


        The less we talk about the treatment of women in Islamic countries, the better.

        Headscarf has been banned in Turkey and an Egyptian cleric has also talked recently against wearing headscarf. Head sracf is not compulsory even at the new King Abdulla University of Science and Technology. The Saudi authorities have sacked on Cleric who was against co-education at KAUST. While the Muslims in the Arabian Countries are trying to get rid of their religious intolerance, Muslims from the Indan sub-continent (India, Pak and Bengla) are trying to be more loyal than the king.

        • Judge

          Here is an example for great tolerance.”The activists of Sri Rama Sena entered the Amnesia Bar and Restaurant on Dr Shivaram Karanth Road on Saturday evening and threatened the women sitting inside. The men, who took objection to women drinking alcohol, pushed them outside, many women falling to the ground while they were being driven out.

          Mangalore North Circle inspector Umesh G Shet said a group of 10-15 men entered the pub in the evening and started arguing with the guests. “They got into an altercation with the women customers saying they were dressed indecently,” he said”.Tell me please who is trying to be more loyal than the king?Girls, the less you wear your dress, the more you can enjoy your freedom!Try to expose your body as far as possible!Let others too enjoy!In olden days you fought for the freedom to cover your body!Now in this modern world,where even you have to beware of your own relatives, your freedom is again in danger,start another war for freedom to uncover!With best wishes….

          • JGN

            Judge, it seems that you are judging everyone without even a shred of evidence. Did I tell any one that my religion is the best and that the same is meant for all to follow till the “last day of judgement”? Why are you comparing the pagans/kafirs with the followers of a religion airdropped by the “most merciful creator”?

            As for the incident in Mangalore, the same was the handiwork of some goons but in Malaysia a Model was awarded 60 lashes of drinking a glass of beer, that too by the Islamic Court!!! Forget about girls, do men have the right to drink a glass of beer in any Islamic Country?

            • Judge

              Dear friend,first of all you understand that there is no country in the world which follows Islamic Sharia completely.Islam is a way of life that you can follow in your life.Only in a society where every one find Islam as their way of life Sharia can exist.Almost in all religions alcohol is prohibited.In the case of Malaysia at least you can see that they are not like our governments who prohibit everything in records.Everywhere a minority will be there to oppose the existing rules.Suppose they will ask for the right to marry their own sisters,daughters and mothers!.Remember there will be people to support them!In this issue of love Jihad let the people do what they want as we are in a secular country.Nothing will happen to Islam or Hindu religion if someone convert to any one of these and nobody can convert anybody to any religion as every religion lives in the minds of people.Let us hope for a better world where everybody is happy.Thank you…

        • Iww

          Yes brother it is banned in France too.You know France?.forget the slogans of the French revolution” Liberty, Equality, Fraternity “.Wearing this ‘Headscarf’ is the real cause of all the problems of the world!.It is the cause of poverty in Somalia,it is the cause of the birth of the handicapped children in Japan,it is the cause of the global recession,it is the cause of global warming….Let us make the nuclear weapons and conduct a seminar on World Peace.Let us drink alcohol and preach about freedom of women and children.Hear please…We are too ready to ban the scarf if it will solve all the problems.If it is not so let us join with Salman Rushdi ,who married three times and trying for the fourth,and criticize Islam against its anti-woman policy! “I used to look at veiled women as quiet, oppressed creatures and now I look at them as multi-skilled, multi-talented, resilient women whose brand of sisterhood makes Western feminism pale into insignificance.”………
          -How I Came to Love the Veil – Yvonne Ridley, Former Taliban Captive!

          • JGN

            Iww, the same way if you can solve all problems in the world by convering the females of our specie from head to toe in a balck veil, let us go ahead and cover all of them.

            What about Mohammed himself marrying eleven or thirteen times (and one of them was a six year old kid)?

            Instead of repeating some “Yvonne Ridley” why don’t you also listen to people like Ms. Selma (noted Tamil writer who had to keep her identity a secret from even her own family for long thirteen years)? She has now given up the black veil and is a social worker, striving hard to improve the lot of her lesser previledged counterparts.

            According to a report from Egyppt a few months back, almost 95% of local and 80% of foreign women are molested despite wearing the black veil.

            Sometime back I had heard Actress Rakshanda Khan saying on a TV show that even if some body wears a black veil, people would stare at them and imagine what lies inside!!!

            • MRK

              Oneday everyone will understand which way is right!!!!!!!

              • JGNjgn190@REDIFFMAIL.COM

                Which day are you talking about? Even after all the forced conversions, deaths and destructions for the past 1400 years, the head count is not more than 17% even now!! Do you think the Christians and Jews will allow you to eliminate them all (forget about the meek hindus and pseudo-secularists in India).

            • JGN

              I suggest you read The Necessity of Atheism by Dr.D.M.Brooks, freely available at Project Gutenberg to know more about the NOBLE works done in the name of religions the world over, rather than copying & pasting the web of the great aalim Dr.Zakir Naik!!! To my knowledge none of the above worthies (including Dr Annie Besant had not converted to Islam.

  10. Rajan

    This Love Jihad story is absurd. Because We know lot of cases regarding love conversion by Christians for the last 10 years. It will come to Lakhs of cases in Kerala itself. Before Christians have looted all the governmental grants and protection done to ST, buying forging documents and school records in Painavu, Idukki areas using Churchs and thus acquiring all possible postings under Government in Cetral and State stating them as Schedule Caests. Now These same massionaries are covering the Love Salvation factor by starting this Love Jihad story. We would like to tell you that the whole story is going to Boomarang aginst Christian Conversions in the past.

  11. Rajani

    Dear Friends,
    Why is this discussion. Womenhood is sacred. Therefore luring us is not that much possible. Wemon thinks better than men and if they take a dicision then it is very defficult to change. Islamic faith if studied well gives the girl the freedom she needs and they protection she needs. The sexy naked showing life is hated in islamic faith. But good girls seeing all these vicious nature of todays men may think to believe in islamic faith. Therfore beating around the bush by telling love jihad may be stopped and renaissemce of good bharat culture of sreethwa should come back. Otherwise good natured bharathiya sthree can be seen inside burkha. Think and do good than think and hate good. Christians in Kerala and Northeast India have done 100 times more convertions than what others have done.

    • VoP


      Rajneesh Sharma’s only crime was that he was a Hindu from Jammu who had fallen in love with a Muslim woman from the Valley. He did not convert to Islam. Instead, the girl, Amina Yousaf, adopted Hinduism and took the name Aanchal Sharma after marriage. Her father, Mohammad Yousaf, a Sub-Inspector in the Sales Tax Vigilance Department in Srinagar, could not reconcile himself with this. At his instance, the helpful State police and the pliable, communalised administration came down heavily on Rajneesh and his family.


    • JGN

      Rajani, some time back I had read a news report in The Mid Day about the plight of a hindu girl who had married the son of former Civil Aviation Minister, Ibrahim, who was thrown out by her in-laws. She was pleading with tears that she would convert to islam if that is what they want. The late Malayalam Poet, Kamala Das (aka Madhavi kutty) had converted to Islam for marrying a guy half her age but he ditched her once she converted to Islam. Initially sundry Mullahs and others were happy about her conversion, but when they found that she was too hot for them to handle, they ditched her. She had to ultimately flee to Pune, where she breathed her last. And pl don’t try to frighten us (provided you are not practicing al-taqiya)by your threat of conversion. If you want to cover yourself from head to toe in a black veil, nobody has any objection. All the best!!!

      • PQR

        What nonsense are you talking?.There is no men in the Hindu Religion to be loved?.You are questioning the worthiness of the Hindu men.I know there are many persons in the Hindu religion,who are far more better than an average Muslim in their character.You are questioning the realizing power of Hindu girls.

    • Virender

      Please study Islamic faith and their approach to women…We are not living in dark ages, a lot material is available about dilemma of women in Islamic world….

  12. ConvertMan

    If more & more people are converting to Christianity, it is good not only for them but to the nation as well. Amoung all the religious communites in India, christians are less prone to terrorism and hatred.Christianity gave them the beautiful idea of a God whose teaching is very easy to understand, who can fogive them who can save them. I

  13. ConvertMan

    VoP,I don’t know whether you are a hindu padre or no, but i am sure People are converting because it is good for them and for their nation & who are you to tell Indians that they should not convert when you, an “upper caste” having nothing but contempt for an “uncultured”, black skinned person belonging to your “community”.My dear hindu what your hinduism had done to the people of India.Your hinduism can not even develop a decent underwear for the people of India ( all proud hindus have no shame in wearing western chuddies, what will happen if you use our sacred kaupeenams , but that requires some self pride not false pride) . Even I, a christian feel ashamed in using a pant instead of mundu eventhough pant is a “christian dress”.

    • Dear ‘believer’,

      Such as you who subordinate your intellect and common sense to a ‘belief system’ and those of you who induce others to do the same are rightfully called sinners. Because so doing you sin to yourself.

      When you subordinate your intellect and common sense, you start hating yourself. When the hate within you builds up beyond a threshold, you start to project it at others, calling them sinners, pagans, heathens and deserving of your hate. And then you start to fight their belief systems.

      When you encounter someone who is not willing to conform to your way of thoughtlessness, you adopt deceit to destroy them and to appropriate their wealth. You justify your genocide and thievery as God’s mandate. Later your growing hate induces you to employ this method purely for your greed. This was the excuse for slavery of Africans, for the wanton butchering of Native Americans, the colonisation of India and the deliberate destructin of its culture.

      When you are made to confront the truth, the deceit and destruction you have indulged in, you shut your eyes, unable to face up to the enormity of pain that you have caused to others and the pain that you carry within you. Some of you try to escape, calling yourself non-religious, secular, atheistic, liberal etc., and some of you pay lip service to peace and love and try to convince yourself as well as others this faslehood.

      But the hate that you have built up within you does not subside. It continues to eat you up. And it finds expression in maoism, communism, in the tendency to indulge vicariously in consumerism in order to forget your guilt, in soft methods to impose yourself and your culture on others and in social activism.

      But your inherent pain remains. That is because you have subordinated your intellect and your common sense. And you will suffer so long as you continue to do so. The day you repose trust in your intellect, in your common sense, that will be the day you will begin to be happy without cruthes, without concerns. That will be the day you start to become an indian, to live dharmic life.

      As to the reference to “contempt for an “uncultured”, black skinned person “, your better sense should inform you that indians worship the dark skinned Shiva, Sri Rama, Sri Krishna and Kali. Vyasa, who compiled the Vedas and wrote Mahabharata and the Gita, the son of an unwed fisherwoman, was so dark and un-beautiful that Ambika upon seeing him shut her eyes in revulsion. Yet Veda Vyasa is respected by true indians as one of the most spiritually advanced persons.

      It is in fact the ‘believers’ who worship white men, and looks upon indians with contempt. It is you who sell skin whitening creams. You worship white skins, whether of jesus or poop, mohammed or marx, and if nothing else, sonia.

      Be an indian. not a slave to the others. and save yourself from self-condemned hell that you live in.

    • VoP

      > My dear hindu what your hinduism had done to the people of India

      My uncivilized Christian see what has your Christianity done to the people of the WORLD!

      2000 YEARS of HELL on EARTH

      And you are pissed about pants!?

    • Bhushan

      C0nvertMan: Change your name to Re-ConvertMan. Your brain has been washed to such an extent that you are using a discussion on religion to bash India. True India has a lot of failings (underwear and other crap that your wrote), but it was partly lack of technology (you cannot blame the Hindus for not developing a mouse in the 15th century) and mostly because of merciless attack and rule on the Hindu land for centuries by barbaric Mughals and selfish British.

      Now, when you are still caught with chaddis, Hindus lead the innovation industry the world over. Open your eyes, turn inward go to your roots. You will find some Hindus there. Re-convert.

      And if you ever go to France or China or Pakistan, try using the words you have used here. You will be prepared to clean toilets in India forever than to have said those things in those countries. Once again, re-convert.

  14. JGN

    ConvertMan, then why do you have separate Churches and even burial grounds for the “dalit christians”? Have you heard of the Syrian Chritians of Kerala or the GSB (Gaud Saraswat Brahmin) Christians of Goa? The Syrian Christians will take out their Double Barrel Hunting Rifle if a boy from any other sect even dare to look at their girls (forget about marriage)!! Where is the equality you profess?

    The equality is Christianity and Islam are myths. Had it been the case, there would not have been a single “dalit” in UP and surrounding areas which were under the Muslim Rule for nearly 600 years and in Kerala where the Missionaries were very active. Christianity is said to have reached the shores of Kerala in CE 52 with the arrival of St. Thomas (now disputed by the Pope himself). Islam also had reached the shores of Kerala in about 100 years afther the death of their Prophet Mohammed, thru the Arab Traders.

    The avowed policy of the Missionaries anywhere in the world were to created a sort of hatred in the minds of converts towards their native land and cultrure. Those who converted the natives of India into Christianity and Islam had achieved enormous success in their endeavour.

  15. KUMAR

    It is obivious to see that the ABVP and some others trying to convert muslim girls into Hinduism especially in the campuses like JNU Delhi University , then why we oppose the girls coverting to Islam to fullfill their love matters



    • sanjaychoudhry

      The ancestors of these girls were all Hindus, so there is nothing wrong in their coming back home. 🙂

      • Anees Aboobacker

        If you are talking about ancestors, then you should start from the first man in the universe. Muslims believing he (adam) was a muslim. Why you too much worried about the love jihad. This is nothing but media’s hidden ajenda especially in the muslims related stories. They are focusing on the circulation, so they want to make some stories. People like you giving very much interst for these stories, and misunderstanding islam some times due to lack of knowlodge about islam. First try to learn about Islam, once you fininshed, then you can start to blame or appreaciate the things in islam.

        • JGN

          Anees Aboobacker, are you a chela of the great Aalim Dr. Zakir Naik?

          • JGN

            There was no religion called Islam till Prophet Mohammad was about 40 years. Isalm means “submission to Allah” a word used as a USP (unique selling point) by him. There is no word like Islam or Muslim in the Torah (Old Testament) or in the Bible (New Testament).

            Ever heard of Darvin’s Theory of Evolution?

            • Anonymous

              At least let others believe that their grandparents were human being!.You can believe whatever you want…

              • JGN

                Of course let them also believe that Eve’s sons (Abel and Cain) did something to her and as a consequence to whole planet earth got populated, as the “most mericuful creator” had created only Adam and Eve!!!!! Btw what was the need to take out Adam’s rib? Seems the “dust” on planet earth got exhausted by the time he created Adam!!!!

            • MRK

              Y u always talking Utter Rubbish….u think that u knows everything….First go and study the history……..Islam religion think that jews,christians they believed in One God they r on right path…….

              • sanjaychoudhry

                The religions of other people are none of your business.

              • JGN

                MRK, do you understand the difference between History and Religion? History is His-story, written by the winners and their stooges.

                ……..Islam religion think that jews,christians they believed in One God they r on right path…….Then why all of them are at each others throat? Why the Chritians in Spain killed or converted all Muslims at the first available opportunity? Why Muslims destroyed the Byzantine Empire and established the Ottoman Caliphate in its place? And then again the Christians destroyed the Ottoman Empire at the first available opportunity. Even the Caliphate system was abolished by Mustafa Kemal Aaturk due to belligerance of Muslims from other countries (esepcially Ali Bros and their supporters from India)!!!

                What about the intention of all Islamic countries to destroy Israel? Fotrunately the Jews in Israel are too powerful for anyone to do anything to them. Till the last conflagration in Gaza, the Iranian President was telling boasting every alternative day that “time for Zionist Jews are over” but when time came for doing something, he hid in his hole. If they are attacked, they will make sure that all the Islamic countries in West Asia vanish from the World Map for ever!!!

                The real fight is between the followers of the intolerant West Asian gods (Jews, Christians and Muslims). Others are only caught in the cross fire.

                • MRK


                  thats y i told u to study history…..u r telling a part of history…..muslims have no problems with Jews or Christians in Israel……Muslims and Arabs have problem with Settlers in Occupied Jerusalem……Jews and Christians supporting Muslim stands on this…….Mr.JGN do u have any solution for palestine refugees that they are outside their home land……..u are a person criticise everything……Muslims are not following Arabs or ootomen empires dont tied with their action with Islam………

                  • JGN

                    MRK, pl understand one thing. Atheists are not ignorant fools. We have knowledge about many religions. If you have read The Koran in a language you fully understand, you might have observed the hate it spews against the Jews. Pl read 9:29 and then tell us what it means!!

                    • MRK

                      Hello JGN,

                      Assalamu alaikum.

                      The verse you have mentioned is from Surah At-Tawbah. It says:
                      “Fight those who believe not in God nor the Last Day, nor hold that forbidden which has been forbidden by God and His Apostle, nor acknowledge the religion of truth, [even if they are] of the People of the Book, until they pay the jizyah with willing submission, and feel themselves subdued.” (At-Tawbah 9:29)

                      To truly grasp the significance of this verse, we need to understand the context of the revelation of this verse. Revelations came to the Prophet, when Guidance was actually needed concerning a specific situation. The above verse, among others, is an example of this. For this reason, knowledge of the context of revelation is absolutely necessary for the proper understanding of this verse or any verse in the Qur’an.

                      Surat At-Tawbah was revealed to the Prophet in a situation when the pagans were at war with the newly organized Muslim Ummah (nation); and the Muslims were fighting them for survival. One of the issues dealt with in this verse is how to treat those who break existing treaties. The Muslims, specifically, are asked to fight those who break treaties, until they were thoroughly routed or they repented and agreed to follow the conditions imposed on them, which will ultimately be for the good of all.

                      Jizyah (tribute) is a much misunderstood tax the non-Muslims were asked to pay to the government in lieu of the Muslims’ payment of zakah. By paying the jizyah non-Muslims were guaranteed protection and rights including the right to worship as they chose–as long as they did not conspire against the Islamic authority. This can be equated nowadays to ‘nationality’, or ‘citizenship’. It is important to note that many times throughout Islamic history Christians and Jews opted to pay the jizyah and live under Muslim authority rather than the other options available to them under the various empires and ruling bodies. They knew that under Islam their humanity, rights and so on were respected and protected, as long as they fell in line with the boundaries established by Islam.

                      Under an Islamic government, Muslim and non-Muslim citizens are free to practice their religion and both should obey the laws of the land. If the government levied a tax only on its Muslim subjects, it would be unjust, as all are equal under the Muslim administration. At the same time, it would certainly be unjust to impose zakah on the non-Muslims; so a new tax called jizyah was introduced to balance the situation. All of us know that any government can legitimately ask its citizens to obey its laws; and a rebellious defiance of the laws of the land is not condoned by any government.

                      We should remember that the Muslims were a small band of people facing total annihilation. So, the Prophet was compelled to fight for existence; for survival. He was a model for his followers even in fighting a last-ditch battle. Those who believe in “the Son of God who was betrayed, bound, beaten, and crucified” obviously have difficulty in accepting a fighting prophet – a prophet who, with righteous indignation, stands up for truth and justice. Islam does not believe in a God Who was tortured, killed and left helpless to be defeated by his enemies! Where is the mercy of God, when He demands the sacrifice of an innocent person to atone for the sins of others? Can He not choose to forgive mankind Himself without exacting retribution?

                      Islam is a very practical religion that encompasses all aspects of human life then and now. Therefore, when the Muslims were organized for the first time into a community in those lawless times, there had to be laws governing matters of social organization, and even rules for battle. We cannot imagine a situation where fighting is completely ruled out either.

                      The immediate context of the above verse is that of a “war in progress” and not a general directive. It was an attempt to motivate Muslims to defend themselves. It was in view of the extreme danger the Muslims were facing, that they were permitted to fight in the first place. The Qur’an says:
                      “To those against whom war is made, permission is given [to fight], because they are wronged;- and verily, Allah is most powerful for their aid;- [They are] those who have been expelled from their homes in defiance of right,- [for no cause] except that they say, “our Lord is Allah”. Did not Allah check one set of people by means of another, there would surely have been pulled down monasteries, churches, synagogues, and mosques, in which the name of Allah is commemorated in abundant measure. Allah will certainly aid those who aid his [cause];- for verily Allah is Full of strength, Exalted in might, [Able to enforce His will]” (Al-Hajj 22:39-41).

                      “Fight in the cause of Allah those who fight you, but do not transgress limits; for Allah loves not transgressors. And slay them wherever you catch them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out; for tumult and oppression are worse than slaughter…” (Al-Baqarah 2:190-191).

                      It is clear from the above verses that when Muslims fight, it must be for the sake of truth and justice. Furthermore, the Prophet (peace be upon him) instructed his followers to maintain the utmost discipline even in battles, including avoiding injury to the innocent and using only the minimum force needed.

                      Even a cursory study of the Qur’an must convince an objective student, that Islam does not permit, condone or promote violence. On the contrary, it abhors violence and allows it only in self-defense, and certainly not to obtain oil and other forms of material wealth.

                      May Allah help and guide us in presenting the Truth of Islam to the world!


            • the believer

              learn your history well before making a statement.islam never appeared all of a sudden with prophet mohammed.in fact it was completed hence.islam was there since first man.

        • Satheesh

          But there is no evidence that Adam undergone circumcision. Then how can he be a true muslim?.

        • hindu

          do not teach us islam . We have a religion that is million years old.We are not averse to any philosophy but compulsion and tricks will eat dust.

          • Prakash

            Please teach me your religion.What are the things I have to do to convert to your religion?Can I become a Nambudiri or Nair?

            • sanjaychoudhry

              You teach me yours. What does a brown or black man have to do to become the Pope? And what does a woman have to do to become a pastor? And what do non-believers have to do for entering heaven?

            • JGN

              Prakash, who has told you that becoming a Nambudiri or Nair is the only way to salvation? The Hindus do not believe that some God’s son is holding all the entry tickets to heaven nor do they believe that all those who are outside their charmed circle will burn in hell fire for eternity. Humanbeing is a unique product. They do not have to draw substance from somethng wirtten or told hundreds or thousands of years back. Each one of us are bestowed with same faculties. No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.

              Hinduism is not a prosyletizing religion. A person cannot become a Hindu except by birth, though there are now some organizations like Arya Samaj, ISKON, etc converting some people to “their version” of Hinduism.

              • >>”A person cannot become a Hindu except by birth,”

                what is a hindu ?
                Is it something genetically handed down ?

                By that logic would Karunanithi qualify for that term ?
                Laloo ?
                NoRam of Hindu newspaper ?
                Nandita Das ?

                Can a person, a child of a communist like Karat or Buddhadeb, grow up to appreciate indian culture and embrace it ?

                Can a muslim or christian born person do so ?

                Can an orphan do so ?

                Is the term ‘hindu’ a valid one to describe a person of unknown birth who lives the Veda, who lives the life of ancient rishis ?

                These are thoughts we indians need to think and sort out

                • JGN

                  Incognito, Hinduism is not a religion in its narrow sense. It is a conglomeration of various beliefs and even non-belief (Atheism). Atheists existed even in Vedic era and were known as Charvakas. Yes, Karunanidhi, N. Ram, Nandita Das, Prakash Karat, etc are also technically Hindus. Have you ever heard any of them telling that they are not hindus? Why do you want to reduce hinduism to the level of West Asian dogmas?

                  • sanjaychoudhry

                    An atheist actively working to cause the destruction of Hinduism is not a Hindu. A Hindu is one who accepts the resonsibility to promote Dharma, the Hindu code of life. These people are not Hindus by any definition. These are traitors against Dharma and collude with Semitic faiths and hostile races against Hinduism and india itself.

                    • JGN

                      My dear sanjaychoudhry, we all belongs to the same specie called Homo Sapien Sapien. All other divisions are man-made. No Religion is better than the other. No Religion has ever stopped people from committing crimes. It is high time we all got rid of the outdated religious dogmas. The main hurdle in the same is the dogmas of the West Asian religion who claim exclusivity to their god.

            • sanjaychoudhry

              If God had meant us to wear clothes, we would have been born wearing a suit and tie. What exactly is your issue with people not wearing clothes? No animal, no bird, no insect wears clothes. Why should humans be the only one to wear clothes in the whole universe?

      • judge

        We can welcome them very happily!But to which caste we can include them?No problem we can create a special caste for them-converted class!

        • JGN

          Judge, I also have the same confusion. If I want to convert to Islam, will I be converted to which sect? I understand that there are seventy three sects like Sunnis, Shiiias, Ahmediyas, Bahaiis, Khurds, etc fighting with each other!! Will I be forced to join the fight against other sects once converted?

          Btw do you know Mukhtar Mai was gang banged as she belonged to a lower caste? Are you aware how the black muslims are treated by their fair skinned counterparts in Oman other Arabian Countries?

          • Nbm

            Indeed it is a good doubt.But Islam is not responsible for this.You see what Quaran says(13. O mankind! We have created you from a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes that you may know one another. Verily, the most honorable of you with Allah is that (believer) who has At-Taqwa(One who fears of Allah the best). Verily, Allah is All-Knowing, All-Aware.).There is no compulsion in religion. Verily, the right path has become distinct from the wrong path. Whoever disbelieves in Taghut and believes in Allah, then he has grasped the most trustworthy handhold that will never break. And Allah is All-Hearer, All-Knower.).There for dear brothers you can accept this or reject.Our duty is that to reach this message to you.You study about Islam from Quar an and still you find there are such caste system in Islam,If you find Quaran asks you to join any group and fight each other, then spend your time,money etc against this Islam?.Dear brother I welcome you to Islam.Even though I cannot agree with your ideas I respect your ideas and thoughts. May Allah bless you.

            • JGN


              People like you resort to half-truth either intentionally or out of ignorance. There is no compulsion in religion. (But see the next verse which says that disbelievers will burn forever in Hell):

              2:256 There is no compulsion in religion. The right direction is henceforth distinct from error. And he who rejecteth false deities and believeth in Allah hath grasped a firm handhold which will never break. Allah is Hearer, Knower.

              2:257 Allah is the Protecting Guardian of those who believe. He bringeth them out of darkness into light. As for those who disbelieve, their patrons are false deities. They bring them out of light into darkness. Such are rightful owners of the Fire. They will abide therein.

              What is the need to “welcome any one to Islam”? Why can’t you accept me as I am now? What difference does it make to any one whether I believe in Allah, Holy Trinity or the gods of other religions or I do not believe in any god at all?

              • Anonymous

                JGN,it is very clear that there is no compulsion in religion.If you want you can accept or reject.And about the burning in Hell,no one will burn you here or even stare at you as it comes only after death.No need to worry about it as you haven’t believe in it!

      • B Makwana

        Good reply Sanjay

  16. ConvertMan

    JGN, I am no fan of “syrian” christians of kerala and I don’t have much knowledge about the gsb christians of goa/konkan to comment. If these syrian & gsb christians exhibit the traits of casteism, it is the fault of the blood that is running through their veins. eventhough the followers of christianity in india belong to various castes, christianity is not telling any of these castes that you are inferior caste, your caste dharma is this and you do your caste dharma loyally and you will be re-born into a superior caste in next life. This is the fundamental difference between hindu casteism and christian castes. If karma & re-incarnation theories are true, then it is ok. But if it is false and is the result of intellectual crookedness, it is the greatest adharma the world had even seen. The Importance of conversion to other religions lies here.

  17. VoP

    > it is the fault of the blood that is running through their veins

    Nice! What color is the blood?

    > the greatest adharma the world had even seen

    So the genocides, rapes and pillage the world has seen that has eliminated billions from this planet for past 2000 years is not!?

  18. sanjaychoudhry

    “christianity is not telling any of these castes that you are inferior caste”

    Really? What equality does Christianity offer to people who refuse to become Christians?

  19. ConvertMan

    Colour of course is red, but the aatma that is of the brahmin and it will be shown knowingly or unknowingly .

    genocides rapes etc are all no doubt condemnable, but making a false religious theory( if it is false) that can enslave a people infinitely is the greatest adharma the world could ever invent.

    • VoP

      > making a false religious theory( if it is false) that can enslave a people infinitely is the greatest adharma the world could ever invent.

      Yes, I realized it after reading it here itself




    • VoP

      > but making a false religious theory( if it is false) that can enslave a people infinitely is the greatest adharma the world could ever invent

      “My God is True, Yours is false; If you don’t follow mine you will be condemned to Hell”

    • Satheesh

      That is it. Finally it is told. Semetic religions converted people by offering easy heaven. You do all crimes but if you believe that a particular person is messenger of god he can go to heaven. Funny!!.

      And where is heaven. It is above sky. Chandrayan went to 4 lakh kms above earth but did not find any thing. US satallites went beyond that. Took photos everywhere. Did not found anything. Still you believe that heaven concept is true.

      All people who studied science studied about gravitational force and the energy required to overcome the gravitational force.

      Any object can go space only if they attain a speed of 11.5kms/sec. Is there any invisible vehicle which can attain this speed?.

      If you think like this that type of belief is a big fraud given to foolish people.

      Think scientifically, concentrate your mind, find out the secrets of universe. Find out from where you came, To where you go. That is religion. nothing else.

      If you want to know more about the science of religion read Rajayoga by saint patanjali and argue about religion.

      • Judge

        Only science has the authority to tell about the world!That is the only truth!They told they went in the moon.They walked on the surface of the moon.They brought 300 kg of stones and pieces of rocks!After the research they declared that there is no water in the moon!Now with the help of Chandrayan they said there is water!Which was right?which was wrong?When we were in our mother’s womb we were quite unaware of this world!In that stage we couldn’t see this world!.In the same way you cannot see the heaven now….

        • JGN

          Judge, some people believe that their god’s son has gone to his father in heaven and some others believe that one guy had gone to Paradise atop a horse but Hubble Space Telescope could not still locate the heaven/paradise!!

          • Judge

            Dear brother, let them believe what they want as science has to travel a lot.Now you believe in your Hubble Telescope.Will you tell that is the final telescope!There is no telescope even to find out what is in our mind!.Once the science taught the people the earth is the center of the solar system!Many people believed this and passed!

            • JGN

              Then how come nobody could still see the Paradise to which one guy had gone atop a horse?

              Btw it was not the Scientists who told that earth is the centre of the solar system. Some Scients were burnt alive for telling that it is not so.

    • How do yo know re incarnation theory is wrong and Jesus will come again and all Christians will resurrect from grave true? As far as enslaving of people is concerned read history once again and you will know who enslaved,murderred,plundered whom.

  20. ConvertMan

    show intellectual honesty sir, you can fool your ignorent supporters/followers in the short run only by writing all these , but not for long.

  21. ConvertMan

    >>”My God is true , yours is false and if you don’t follow mine, you will be condemned to hell”.

    Can you just explain how this theory will enslave a people like the low caste people

  22. VoP

    > Can you just explain how this theory will enslave a people

    Ask a third grader!

    “When I read the Upanishads, I found a profundity of world view that made my Christianity seem like third grade.” ~ Huston Smith

  23. VoP

    > show intellectual honesty sir

    Per religions of the desert the intellectual honesty lies in ”My God is true , yours is false and if you don’t follow mine, you will be condemned to hell”

    so what I can say to the pea-brained types?

  24. ConvertMan

    >>”the avowed policy of the missioneries anywhere in the world were to created a sort of hatred in the minds of converts towards their native land and culture”

    I have come across so many educated non converted people in india, but majority of them had no knowledge of even the puranic stories, not to speak of vedas and upanishads.But one thing the non converted people of India know, the converts are their blood brothers and the efforts of the fundamentalists to create hatred & division between converted and non converted people of India is not going to bear fruits. That is why the hindus of andhra trusted YSR and not any RSS man, the hindus of india trust sonia and not any RSS man and that is why again the hindus of kerala trust ak antony & oommen chandy and not any RSS man. Because real hindus know whom to trust.

  25. VoP

    > That is why the hindus of andhra trusted YSR and not any RSS man, the hindus of india trust sonia and not any RSS man and that is why again the hindus of kerala trust ak antony & oommen chandy and not any RSS man.

    With a little help of EVMs you mean, yeah right!

  26. ConvertMan

    >>”My god is true, yours is false…”, this say,absurdity, will only provoke people to think who is god and may help them to arrive at the true god. It cannot enslave the low caste people the way the karma & re-incarnation theories can enslave .

    • VoP

      > ”My god is true, yours is false…”

      Hence Abraham Lincoln said

      “The Bible is not my book nor Christianity my profession. I could never give assent to the long, complicated statements of Christian dogma.”

  27. JGN

    >>”the avowed policy of the missioneries anywhere in the world were to created a sort of hatred in the minds of converts towards their native land and culture”…. these are the words of my Guru (World renowned Rationalist, the late Dr. Abraham T. Kovoor, himself son of The Very Reverend Kovoor Eipe Thoma Katthanar, the first Vicar General of the Mar Thoma Syrian Church of Malabar)!!

    When the missionaries came to Africa they had the Bible and we had the land. They said “Let us pray.” We closed our eyes. When we opened them we had the Bible and they had the land. Bishop
    Desmond Tutu … can you trust a person like him??

    >>I have come across so many educated non converted people in india, but majority of them had no knowledge of even the puranic stories, not to speak of vedas and upanishads…. who has told you that it is compulsory for a Hindu to know such things? We do not have the equivalents of Sunday Schools or Madrassas for brainwashing impressionable youngsters.

    >>That is why the hindus of andhra trusted YSR and not any RSS man … how many people of AP knows that YSR is a convert? Why was he using a Hindu name? That is the latest strategy to the Churches for befooling the natives!! And RSS is not a Political Party nor do they contest any Election.

    >>and that is why again the hindus of kerala trust ak antony & oommen chandy and not any RSS man….. hindus of Kerala trusted Antony but do your Churches trust him? His father’s body was buried in a grave meant for “rogues”! And it was the same Oommen Chandy who wanted to replicate Indonesia in Kerala (eliminating all Communists)!!! I still remember one slogan of that time (Oommen Chandium pillerum Indonesia nadathumpol, Indonesiakappurmundoro dheera Vietnam ortoholu) ….. roughtly translated into English as “Oommen Chandy and his boys wants to make Kerala another Indonesia but remember there brave country called Vietnam beyond that. The “real hindus” may be reposing their trust in unworthy people.

    Pl download and read “The Necessity of Atheism” by Dr. D.M. Brooks, freely available at “Project Gutenberg” to know more about the NOBLE works done in the name of Religions (especially Christianity and Islam) the world over. Also read “Gods, Demons and Spirits” by Dr. A.T. Kovoor.

    • VoP

      ConvertMan is a specimen of dogma and bigotry, it’s good to have him around. The more this “ignorent intellectual” stays on this site the better for education of the rest.

    • ConvertMan

      >> “why was he using a hindu name”

      this you can tell only to the ignorant amoung both christians & hindus. there may be hindu name( for the sake of arguement), but there is no such thing as christian name. Many languages use different words for the word christian itself. As i told before a christian is one who accept the claim of christ that he is god and he has sacrificed for the sins of the world. So there cannot be any such thing as christian name . YSR was a reddy and he had his ancestral name.

      • JGN

        ConvertMan, why did you keep silent on other points in my reply? YSR was a Reddy!!! Similarly the Syrian Christians claims that they are converted Brahmins.

        • ConvertMan

          JGN,Because you are using a rationalist mask to promote RSS theories. Why can’t you boldly declare what you really beleive in?

          • JGN

            So you are telling me that Dr. A.T. Kovoor and Dr. D.M. Brooks are RSS men?

          • JGN

            ConvertMan, I am not a Politician to bother about vote bank. So I have no hesitation to call a spade a spade. Atheists are the first victims of religious fanatics, especially the West Asian variety.

            Ten lakh communists were killed in Indonesia in 1966 (with the active connivance of CIA). Najibullah was hanged from a Mobile Crane and his supporters were butchered in broad day light.

            The former US President, George Bush had siad “there is no place for Atheists in USA as it is a Country UNDER ONE GOD. He had even doubted the patriotism of atheists!!

            Your Churches in Kerala were responsible for the downfall of the first duly elected Communist Govt, headed by the late EMS, that too for some reforms in Education Sector brought by none other than Prof. Joseph Mundassery. Have you heard of dime-a-dozen Pastoral Letters issued by your Churches in Kerala during the past one year, against the duly elected govt?

            So pl stop your preaching. If your religion is good for you, practice that. Nobody has any objection but don’t try to convert the illiterate dalits/tribals in the name of non-existent gods and heaven.

            • ConvertMan

              JGN, don’t feel bad in showing your true colour, every sensible person will understand it, howsoever you try to hide it.

              Religious conversion is the only way for the “low castes” to escape from endless slavery because karma & re-incarnation theories are so powerful in enslaving & exploiting the “low castes”. If you are really a rationalist, what is your opinion of karma & re-incarnation theories?

              • VoP

                what is your justification for this?


                IndianRealist, could you please do a post on this. These Christist murderers need to be thoroughly exposed, incessantly! There is no place on Earth where they are NOT murdering in the name of Love & Jesus.

                • JGN

                  VoP, that is the result of just one sentence in The Bible ( “Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live.”) … hundreds of thousands of women were burt alive across Europe in the middle ages also due to the same.

                  I request all my friends to read “The Necessity of Atheism” by Dr.D.M.Brooks, freely available at “Project Gutenberg”.

              • satender

                Convertman, if christianism is so equal why do you have exclusive black churches, white churches, upper caste christian churches, dalit christian churches and why do brown/black christians don’t get free entry (visa-less) to christian west, is it because christians in the west are racist and once browns like you are converted, they want you to rot here rather than invite you and open their doors for poor people to live with rest of the flock. You are a victim of racism and don’t even know it. Sad!

                Brother, christianism follows Jealous Christ and once you follow false god (like JC or Paedophile Mahamad), your life will crumble in front of you. I feel pity for you people.

  28. RevertMan

    ConvertMan, if you believe in the infallibilty of bible which says jebus died for our sins, do you also believe in resurrection of jebus, earth is flat and 6000 yrs old, plants begin to grow before there was sunlight, ark etc? Why do you retards always stress on jebus dying for the sins etc but conveniently forget the stupidities in bible which make perfect persons go mad, all because of ‘belief’. Christianism follower’s belief is illogical and goes against free will and free thinking. You truly are people with jailed minds who go mad when they encounter that what bible says is a crock of sh*t. Tum jaise ch*tye duniye mein bahut hain par slowly but surely closed and narrow minds are beginning to open up and seeing the light of the day.

  29. Dhunes Kumar


    Let fight against terrorism!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Dhunes Kumar

    Our Mumbai attack is held in our India Core

    But this Love Jihad attack is to our Mother’s Core. So let we all stand against terrorism!!!!!!!!

  31. Dhunes Kumar


  32. The vehement and concerted efforts on to whitewash ‘love jihad’ is ominous

  33. Anonymous

    ConvertMan, I am under no obligation to prove by Rationalism to religious fanatics. I know very well the equality in Christianity and Islam are mere myths. There is Caste System in Christianity and Islam also. Pl search web for details.

    Have you read this news: “Kerala church’s stance on burial sparks row” ? As I have written in an earlier message above, the body of our present Defence Minister, Mr.A.K.Anthony was buried in a grave meant for rogues (Themmadikuzhy). Christians are at the mercy of the Churches from birth (Baptism) to death (Burial of Body). At least the crematoriums owned by the Local Self Govts do not insult the dead body of a Hindu!!

    A divorced woman cannot receive Sacrament (Bread and Wine representing the body and blood of Jesus) but there is no such condition for a divorced man. A Christian girl has no rights over parental property as per their Personal Law. Have you heard of Mary Roy (mother of famous author Arundathi Roy) case which was contested upto the SC of India? That was for enforcing her right over parental property. Your Priests have to accept the overlordship of foreign Churches (have you hear of the controversey over a Priest adopting a woman and the judgement judgement of Church in that case?)

    Pl tell me very frankly whether you believe that “Religious conversion is the only way for the low castes to escape from endless slavery”? Slavery and Aparthied existed in South Africa till a few years back. Are you aware that Slavery is justified in The Bible?

    Pl read “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” and “The Diary of a Slave Girl” to know how horrible slavery in USA was! Also read about American Civil War and the Speech of Martin Luther King Jr (I have a Dream……). All these are available freely from the web.

    As for my opinion on “karma & re-incarnation theories” ….. I do not beleive in re-incarnation nor do I believe that some son of god is holding all entry tickets to heaven!!

    • JGN

      The above message (appearing as posted by Anonymous) was posted by me.

    • ConvertMan

      JGN, first you learn the difference between caste system and caste. In india many castes (racial groups) converted to christianity and christianity do not compel (there is no provision in the new testament) these different castes to merge into a single caste, that’s why you can find inumerable castes following christianity in india.If they want, they can merge into a single caste. If they don’t want, they can remain as many castes. But the caste system (re-incarnation into low/high caste based on karma) is entirely different.

      As regards to kerala churches stand on various issues, I have nothing to say. If they do some wrong, I am of the opinion that legal action should be intitated against them. And if some laws are in need of change, it should be changed.

      As regards to the christian problems in USA, south africa etc, pls. understand that none of those people are my uncle for me to take responsibility. If they did wrong, I join you to condemn them. what else can i do? I am worthless creature having no authority to punish anybody.

      I am only bothered about the effects of karma/re-incarnation theories. If “low” caste people believe in this theory and if this theory is false, it is a fine tool for exploitation. On the otherhand if the christian theory is false, there is no scope for any sort of exploitation. That is the difference between christian theory and brahmin theory.

  34. sanjaychoudhry

    The God of Bible is a great supporter of slavery of man over man. So much for equality, and our friend convertman here is in a lather about Hindu caste system (an invention of the British).

    “Slaves, obey your human masters with fear and trembling, in the sincerity of your heart, as to Christ.” (Ephesians 6:5)

    “Slaves, obey your human masters in everything; don’t work only while being watched, in order to please men, but work wholeheartedly, fearing the Lord.” (Colossians 3:22)

    “Slaves are to be submissive to their masters in everything, and to be well-pleasing, not talking back .” (Titus 2:9)

    “Slaves, submit yourselves to your masters with all respect, not only to the good and gentle but also to the cruel. ” (1 Peter 2:18)

    Shame on you for following White Man’s primitive, tribal god who asks slaves to obey their masters.

    • ConvertMan

      Sanjay choudhary, these verses are not the central message/theory of christianity. these advices are to be understood in the context prevailing at that time. the author of these lines calls himself a slave of christ.

      As regards White Man’s , it is the RSS men who are shamlessly adopting anything & everything that belongs to white man, from underwear to everything.

      i have studied in an indian language school for 10 years and even in collage classes i went with my indian dress( of course shirt was white man’s , but there was no indian alternative available)and you call me a follower of white man’s god

      are you to ready to throw away white man’s things where ever indian alternatives are available?
      Why you wear the knicker & shirt of the white man? why you call your founder doctorji? what will happen if you call him vaidyanji?. why you sent your children to schools whose language is white man’s? what will happen if you choose an indian langauge school?( oh, i forgot, you may fail in making money) .the list will go endless.

      self pride and false pride are different, while i have some self pride of being an indian, you are motivated by false pride and have no shame in swallowing your false pride, if an opportunity come for making money.

      • sanjaychoudhry

        So how did Jesus turn into a White Man from being a brown Arab?

      • JGN

        ConvertMan, you are the one who is taking false pride in the legacy of white-men and think that the “desis” are not worth adopting some of their customs (like wearing pants or learning English). Are you aware that English language survived only because the peasants of England were speaking the same? The French call English as “Sherpards language”. There are many countries like France, Germany, China, Japan, Korea, etc ahead of us even without the benefit of English Education. English Education was introduced in India by the colonial masters for meeting their requirement of “Clerks”. Of course we have some advantage due to English education and I do not advice any one to fritter away that for some false pride.

        Even I had studied in vernacular medium school till Std. X and even after that I had studied in a Govt Educational Institution.

  35. sanjaychoudhry

    How the Christian god supports equality of women:

    “Women should be silent in the churches, for they are not permitted to speak, but should be submissive, as the law also says.” (1 Corinthians 14:34)

  36. sanjaychoudhry

    Christian god treats women with love and kindness. Here is an example:

    “If any man takes a wife, and goes in on her, and detests her, and charges her with shameful conduct, and brings a bad name on her, and says, ‘I took this woman, and when I came to her I found she was not a virgin…” (Deuteronomy 22:13,14)

    “But if … evidences of virginity are not found for the young woman, then they shall bring out the young woman to the door of her father’s house, and the men of her city shall stone her to death with stones…” (Deuteronomy 22:20,21)

  37. sanjaychoudhry

    Take geography lessons from the Lord God — sun goes around the earth:

    “So the sun stood still, and the moon stopped, till the nation avenged
    itself its enemies, as it is written in the Book of Jashar. The sun stopped
    in the middle of the sky and delayed going down for about a full day.”
    (Joshua 10:13 NIV)

  38. sanjaychoudhry

    Hey convertman, you want me to post Bible verses which support cannibalism?

  39. VoP

    Please read this carefully.

    Anti-Hindu inquisition returns to Goa again!



  40. JGN

    ConvertMan, if ylou are “only bothered about the effects of karma/re-incarnation theories”, the best thing to do is to promote Rationalism. Converting to Christianity is like jumping from frying pan to fire. Christianity is White-men’s club. There has not been a single Asian or African Pope ever since inception of Roman Catholic Church.

    Dr.B.R. Ambedkar did not convert to Christianity or Islam as he knew very well that converting to an alien religion would be more harmful to the natives of our Country. Instead he converted to Buddhism, a very Indian Religion, closer to Rationalism.

    As you are not responsible for the wrong-doings of the Churches in Kerala or the atrocities committed in America, Africa, etc. in the name of Christianity, the present generation of Brahmins (btw I am not a Brahmin) also cannot be held responsible for some discrimination practiced by some of their ancestors. We are now living in a Country where equality before law is guaranteed by the Constitution irrespective of caste, creed, colour, religion or region. The caste system is now perpetuated by those who enjoy reservation benefits. India is the only country where people fight for getting declared as backward, most backward, etc. Even the Christians and Muslims have now jumped into the reservation bandwagon and want reservation for the lower castes among them.

    The teachings of Sree Narayana Guru (one caste, one religion, one god) are also better than the teachings of the West Asian Religions. Once he had consecreted a Shiva Idol and when some Brahmins objected to the same he had retorted that what he consecrated was Ezhava Shiva (lower caste shiva), so the brahmins need not bother about the same.

    The late EMS, who strived for upliftment of the downtrodden sections throughout his life belonged to the highest class of Brahmins, who were entitled to teach Vedas, Upanishads, etc to other Brahmins. Similarly P.Krishna Pillai, A.K. Gopalan, E.K. Nayanar, etc also belonged to the upper caste. We have been with them and will always be with them. We need not convert the natives of our Country into some alien religions for helping them!

    • Satheesh

      There is little difference between christianity and buddhism. Christianity is a copy of buddhism. Instead of Buddha it is Jesus. Read Vivekananda Sahitya sarvasvam for more details.

      • JGN

        Satheesh, these are all absurd claims. Buddhists do not believe in any god (though they have made Gautama the Buddha himself their god now). They believe in the theory of Karma and re-incarnation. They believe that our actions affect our seven re-births and seven generations also. Then where is the comparison with the jealous god of Exodus?

        It is now more or less proven that modern humanbeings originated in Africa and spread to other parts of the world. So there are many similarities between the customs and beliefs of tribes across the world. While Pharoah ordered the killing of all male-children in Egypt, the same order was given by Kansha in Dwarka.

  41. RevertMan

    Bible says its ok to kill children

    Deuteronomy 21:18-21
    18 If a man has a stubborn and rebellious son who does not obey his father and mother and will not listen to them when they discipline him, 19 his father and mother shall take hold of him and bring him to the elders at the gate of his town. 20 They shall say to the elders, “This son of ours is stubborn and rebellious. He will not obey us. He is a profligate and a drunkard.” 21 Then all the men of his town shall stone him to death. You must purge the evil from among you.

    Bible also says its ok to stone adulterers and rape victims to death:

    Deuteronomy 22:23-24
    23 If a man happens to meet in a town a virgin pledged to be married and he sleeps with her, 24 you shall take both of them to the gate of that town and stone them to death—the girl because she was in a town and did not scream for help, and the man because he violated another man’s wife. You must purge the evil from among you.
    Anyone who commits blasphemy should die!!!

    Leviticus 24:16
    16 anyone who blasphemes the name of the LORD must be put to death. The entire assembly must stone him. Whether an alien or native-born, when he blasphemes the Name, he must be put to death.
    People of other religions (of course including us, heathens and pagans) should be put to death:

    Deuteronomy 13:5-10
    5 That prophet or dreamer must be put to death, because he preached rebellion against the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt and redeemed you from the land of slavery; he has tried to turn you from the way the LORD your God commanded you to follow. You must purge the evil from among you.

    6 If your very own brother, or your son or daughter, or the wife you love, or your closest friend secretly entices you, saying, “Let us go and worship other gods” (gods that neither you nor your fathers have known, 7 gods of the peoples around you, whether near or far, from one end of the land to the other), 8 do not yield to him or listen to him. Show him no pity. Do not spare him or shield him. 9 You must certainly put him to death. Your hand must be the first in putting him to death, and then the hands of all the people. 10 Stone him to death, because he tried to turn you away from the LORD your God, who brought you out of Egypt, out of the land of slavery.

  42. sanjaychoudhry

    Here is how Jesus said he is going to spread his message of love:

    “Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I came to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and a man’s enemies will be the members of his household.” (Matthew 10:34-39 NASB)

    • ConvertMan

      Matthew 10:34-39 applies only when people are not ready to respect the freedom of the individual to choose. In such cases there is no option.

      • JGN

        ConvertMan, there are some verses asking the “believers” to burn down the places of worships of the pagans also. Would you follow that if the pagans do not worship your one god and his only begotten son? Btw what is the third entity in the Holy Trinity?

  43. JGN

    ConvertMan, where in The Bible is it written that Jesus Christ was born on 25th December? What is the basis of celebrating Christmas on that day?

  44. M.A.Sastry

    Love Jihad is a time tested way of Muslims to improve their lot in numbers. During the muslim rule of India, it was impossible to convert Hindus. The Hindu mind set was very strong. So the muslims resorted to kidnap and rape of Hindu girls. All the present Indian Muslims are the bloodline of the Hindu girls who were kidnapped, raped and converted. This method is now being adopted by christians also. A girl once trapped and impregnated by a man will always prefer to stay with that man if he is ready to marry her. That weakness is being encashed.

  45. indian_kufr

    The Non-Muslims who married muslims should insist to convert back to Non-Muslim faiths immediately without remorse. The reason is they want to save themselves and their next generations from the Talibanisation which is 100% sure will come to our doors. In Islam there is no music , no songs, no sports, no swimming no cinemas, no videos and it is all beheadings and jihad. See the history unfolding in our eyes in Waziristan, Afghanistan, PoK etc., etc.,

  46. JGN

    Sanjay, while the “protectors” of our faith are worried about the Love Jihad, what have they done about female infanticide, selective abortion, dowry death, etc? Are they only interested in whipping up controversies? According to one survey more 750,000 girls are eliminated every year before they even see the sunlight!!

    • sanjaychoudhry

      Both are different issues. You mean to say I have no right to stop my neighbour who is trying to rape my wife until I get rid of my alcohol problem?

      Don’t mix the two issues. One is internal to the Hindu society. The other is a case of street ruffians trying to abduct your women.

  47. Hello Peace wishers,

    I would invite you to read my article on Love Jihad.


    Truth prevails and Evil perishes.

    Thank you indeed.


    • JGN

      Zubair, I had seen your blog. Seems you are more worried about what would happen to the Arabs once the oil-wells dries up than about your fellow countrymen! Today’s Mathrubhumi has reported that even Mr. Vellapally Natesan has taken note of love-jihad going on in Kerala and they are planning to form a special squad to check the menace.

    • Ratna ji,

      If you insist on reading the newspaper ‘The Hindu’ and its inhouse deity ‘No Ram’, one of these days you might end up getting a ‘Bharat Ratna’- for having resolutely subverted your own intellect. The authorities in power at present apparently do believe in awarding people who manage such feats continuously.

      Good Luck

  48. D Chakraborty

    Love jihad has been a reality for some time now.
    Just see how many Muslim men there are that marry Hindu / Chirtian girls and we have accepted them inspite of our reservations. But muslims will chase and kill a muslim girl if she marries Hindu, Christian.
    Eg SRK, Pataudi, AzarUddin (Ex Cricket Player), Omar Abdulla.
    Most muslim men marry, not for love but at the orders of their clergy to spread Islam. Earlier they did it by war, rape and enslavement,
    now they try by feigning love.

    • sanjaychoudhry

      This is particularly seen in rich and famous Muslims, from Azim Premji’s son to Shahrukh Khan to Azharuddin to Aamir Khan. These Muslims keep Hindu wives or girlfriends. Then there are some deranged Hindus such as Sheila Dikshit and Subramaniam Swamy who have given away their daughters to Muslims. In Islam, sex with women is the main objective of men. Everything revolves around it.

  49. M.A.Sastry

    Tolerance is treated weakness. It is high time Hindus start maintaining safe distance from muslims. Socializing with them is suicidal. Lurking is their way of life. Children must be educated of the dangers.

  50. Midhun

    In the name of Allah, the benificient the meriful.
    I wish you all peace.
    Looking at the replies, I feel very much disappointed. It seems whoever created this media hype has achieved his goal. I have only one appeal to all. Please think how many of your muslim friends, whom you know pretty well, who prays regularly can be catagorized as a so called terrorist. If you can’t put him to that catagory, why do you believe that apart fom your friends, there exists some guys in the dark? Are your friends not Islamic enough?

    • Midhun ji,
      some of these fellas at the site linked below seems to be unaware of the true extent of peace and love of the beneficient and merciful Allah-

      They seems to be not intelligent enough like you to appreciate all the love and peace spread by Allah’s followers through centuries, right from Khilji, Ghazni, Ghori, Aibak, Iltumish, Babar, Akbar down to Aurangazeb till the present day Mullah Omar and dear Afzal Guru and Kasab, all looking upto Mohammed(PUBUH) and the beneficient and merciful Allah before acting the way they did.

      Mohammed’s (PUHUH) exemplary act of marrying a 6 year old girl, daughter of his subordinate, at the age of 51, when his own daughter was 16 years old, and thereafter marrying 12 women in the remaining 11 years of his life, apart from the slaves he kept, have been inspiration to millions of muslims through centuries.

      May you rest in piece

      • Midhun

        Dear Incognito,
        Allah’s followers start right from the first human being. The names you mentioned comes long after. Also, I dont think we can call the Delhi sultans or the Afghan invaders as Allah’s followers. Islam is not what a so called muslim does, but as revealed to the mankind through out the history, starting from Adam. Intead of the names you put, I suggest you to check out the names like Abu Bakr Siddique, Umar bin Farooq, Ali, Usman and a lot of others. These are some of the real followers of Allah. Also, in the case of Afsal Guru, there do exist difference of opinion among the human right activists like Arundhati Roy. Also in regards to “terrorist attacks” like those happened in Anzal Plaza, please check what people like John Brittas has to say about his interviews with the key eye witness.
        Its an old accusation on Muhammed (PBUH) that he married Ayisha(RA) at the age of 6. It has been answered many times by people like Maulana Mohammad Ali. I am adding extracts from his book “Living Thoughts of the Prophet Muhammad”. Again, the Isaba, speaking of the Prophet’s daughter Fatima, says that she was born five years before the Call and was about five years older than Aisha. This shows that Aisha must have been about ten years at the time of her betrothal to the Prophet, and not six years as she is generally supposed to be. This is further borne out by the fact that Aisha herself is reported to have stated that when the chapter [of the Holy Quran] entitled The Moon, the fifty-fourth chapter, was revealed, she was a girl playing about and remembered certain verses then revealed. Now the fifty-fourth chapter was undoubtedly revealed before the sixth year of the Call. All these considerations point to but one conclusion, viz., that Aisha could not have been less than ten years of age at the time of her nikah, which was virtually only a betrothal. And there is one report in the Tabaqat that Aisha was nine years of age at the time of nikah. Again it is a fact admitted on all hands that the nikah of Aisha took place in the tenth year of the Call in the month of Shawwal, while there is also preponderance of evidence as to the consummation of her marriage taking place in the second year of Hijra in the same month, which shows that full five years had elapsed between the nikah and the consummation. Hence there is not the least doubt that Aisha was at least nine or ten years of age at the time of betrothal, and fourteen or fifteen years at the time of marriage.” To facilitate understanding dates of these events, please note that it was in the tenth year of the Call, i.e. the tenth year after the Holy Prophet Muhammad received his calling from God to his mission of prophethood, that his wife Khadija passed away, and the approach was made to Abu Bakr for the hand of his daughter Aisha. The hijra or emigration of the Holy Prophet to Madina took place three years later, and Aisha came to the household of the Holy Prophet in the second year after hijra. So if Aisha was born in the year of the Call, she would be ten years old at the time of the nikah and fifteen years old at the time of the consummation of the marriage.
        If you want more evidences please refer to Ibn Kathir, a great Islamic commentator and author of a Thafseer
        “Asma died in 73 A.H. at the age of one hundred years. She was ten years older than her sister Aisha.”This would make Asma 28 years of age in 1 A.H., the year of the Hijra, thus making Aisha 18 years old in 1 A.H. So Aisha would be 19 years old at the time of the consummation of her marriage, and 14 or 15 years old at the time of her nikah. It would place her year of birth at four or five years before the Call.

        • Anonymous

          Dear Midhun, majority of Islamic scholars also believe that Aisha was six years at the time of marriage and nine years at the time of consumation of marriage. She was about nineteen years old when Prophet Mohammed died at the age of sixty three years. That is immaterial now as both of them passed away about 1400 years back.

          While the “most merciful creator” revealed that a man can have maximum four wives only, why the same was not applicable to his “last messenger”? He had eleven or thirteen wives, apart from innumerable sex-slaves!!

          I would in fact like to encourage inter-caste and inter-religious marriages if the same are genuine. Some how the “love-jihad” appears to be an attempt to over-ride the way of life of a particular section of the society. If so, it is a dispicable act.

          • JGN

            The above message appearing as posted by “AnonymousZ” was posted by me.

          • Anonymous

            Many of Muslim scholars think so, since this has been narrated in Saheeh Bukhari. However, it is pointed that such incidents are narrated without the stringent rules that are applied to other narrations which are directly related to belief , code of conduct, economic, warfare concepts. I think this is still relevant since all muslim must be able to answer when some one says Prophet(PBUH) married a 6 year old girl.
            There are some other occasssions where prophet (PBUH) was given more responsibilities than others. I do believe many of his marriages happened as a responsibility to his followers. Sexual pleasure was not at all a reason for a man of his stature to marry old and physically weak ladies. But he loved and took care of them all. And all are equally reverently called as “mothers of believers”.
            I believe the campaigns like “Love Jihad” are a media hype. Lets wait for an honest enquiry and see for sure. In the mean time please find time to check the petition given by Ms. Sruthi to DGP of kerala. The petition is self exlanatory.

  51. Midhun

    Dear Sanjay,
    Allah asks Muslims to invite the non muslims who refuse to worship him, to Islam through repectful dialogues and through preachings that stems from the well wishes.

    • sanjaychoudhry

      Our gods tell us to do the same. Brother, I invite you to Hinduism, the oldest spiritual tradition in the world which originated from your own country, not from the desert of foreign shores. There is no concept of believer versus un-believers in it, so there is no need to hate anyone or claim that rest of humanity is going to hell to be boiled in oil. Take pride in what has been cooked in your house rather than the left-overs in the neighbours. Bow to your own land, not to land of another race. Name your babies after your own ancestors, not the ancestors of Arabs or Whites. Treat your own land as holy, not of others who look down in contempt upon you.

      • Midhun

        Well dear Sanjay,
        Islam did not originate from the desert or in foreign land. Allah’s prophets have come to all people. Muhammad (PBUH) is just the last of more than 1 lakh prophets. I also dont have to hate any one, whether believer or disbeliever in normal circumstances. on the contrary we are ordained to act justily even to the people who have acted to you injustily.
        The problem is that your knowledge about Islam is not from he right sources. You can get any number of hate sites against Islam in the internet, which bear some misleading pious names. I request you to learn about Islam properly before you critisize it.

        • JGN

          Dear Midhun, proof of pudding is in eating. Any amount of waxing eloquent will not change historical facts. There was no Religion called Islam before Prophet Mohammed as about 40 years. The “business” of Prophet was started by Moses. There were no Prophets before him. Some scholars believe that even Moses is a ficticious character, created by the Israelis jealous of the Egyptian civilization.

          Pl don’t use the skewed logic of your great aalim Dr. Zakir Naik. Islam is Arab Imperialism. They want their green flag to flutter all over the world.

          • Midhun

            Dear JGN,
            To say Islam didn’t start from Mohammad, I dont have to go to IRF or Br.Zakir. I just need to read Quran. The primary reference of Islam is not some Oriental historians but Quran and Prophets. No responsible historian will say Moses is fictitious.
            If Islam was indeed Arab imperialism, Prophet Mohammed would not have said in his last sermon that “All men are equal. All are from Adam and Adam from soil. No Arab is greater than a non-Arab or vice versa. The only criterion or greatness is your belief in God and the righteous deeds”
            I again request you to learn Islam from proper sources.

            • Bhakti


              “No responsible historian will say Moses is fictitious.”

              No historian can say definitively whether he did live or not.

              And even if he did, it is impossible to prove the supernatural stuff. That requires the suspension of disbelief.

              • sanjaychoudhry

                ” I just need to read Quran.”

                Mohammad was illiterate. Who wrote the Quran?

                • Midhun

                  Dear Sanjay,
                  In fact this is what I want youto ask yourself. Mohammed (PBUH) was illiterate. Quran is one of the greatest Arabic literature ever, with complete guidance for a human being in every walks of life. How could he write it? We, muslims believe o rather know Quran was revealed from Allah. From where else it could be??

                  • sanjaychoudhry

                    Who put it down on paper? Koran was not written until 50 years after Mohammad’s death.

                    • Midhun

                      Quran was put to paper within 5-7 years sfter Prophet’s demise. However, it was copied and sent to various provinces during the rule of Hazrath Usman(RA), that too will be within 15 years after prophet.
                      Also I wold request you to spell Quran as Quran rather than koran

                    • Midhun

                      Quran was revealed in a span of 23 years. There were a lot of muslims who knew all Quran byheart.

                    • JGN

                      The “most merciful and all powerful creator” took 23 years for revealing a book containing just over 6000 verses. Veda Vyasa is credited with wirting the largest epic in the world, Mahabharata, containing over 1,25,000 verses apart from dividing the Vedas into four!!

                      Midhun, a simple reading of The Quran makes it abudantly clear that it was the concoction of Mohammed to motivate his followers (with all those rewards in the Paradise or cruel punishmet in the hell, etc).

                      In which language was The Quran revealed? Did Gabriel hear a male voice or female voice? How can some “formless creator” have some voice to reveal something in Arabic? Why the “most merciful creator” could not have revealed what ever he wanted to say for all to hear like the sunlight we all can see? Or still better, display in Eastman Kodak Colour in the sky so that there are no “misinterpretations”, “misunderstandings” etc? Why he left the task of putting those revealations between two hard-covers to mere mortals?

                  • JGN

                    Mohammed (PBUH) was NOT illiterate. I had seen the facsimile of some letters purportedly written by him in Arabic in a book titled “The Last Messenger with a Lasting Message” (I can’t remember the author’s name). That was a lie spread by vested interests give authenticity to The Quran.

                    He was the trusted aide of his first wife Khadija, a shrewed business woman. She would not made an illiterate person her Manager!

                    • sanjaychoudhry

                      He was illiterate. His mother abandoned him when he was still four year old. Read more about him. Khadija could get his father’s approval for the marriage only after making him drunk.

                    • Midhun

                      Quran was revealed in Arabic language. Whats illogical in that? Prophet Mohammed himself was an Arab. In which other language was Quran to be revealed?
                      Allah is powerful to create any thing he wants. Thats why He is God. If he is not omnipotent, he ceases to be God.
                      Quran is not some fancy book to be framed and exhibited. Thts why He did not show it in the sky in colour prints. Instead He slected one of His creations, a mere mortal like us as a model to the entire mankind to come. We muslims are commanded to try to be like prophet, not to worship him. Had the prophe ben not a mortal like us, how are common men like me and you supposed to be lime the prophet?Muhammed(PBUH)was the living Quran. A muslim may or may not frame pages from Quran. But he mut follow Quran, just as prophet(PBUH) followed.

                    • Midhun

                      I am surprised from where you are getting such information. Prphet was indeed illiterate. His mother didnt abandon him. She passed away when he was still a child. You should learn about Islam from proper sources atleast to critisize it properly

            • Bhakti


              Let me ask you two questions about Islam.

              1) Is the goal of Islam to put the entire world under sharia law?

              2) How should apostates of Islam be dealt with when sharia is the law of the land?

              Many thanks in advance for your reply.

              • Midhun

                Let me answer you. However what I am going to say i what I understood from literatures. I am imperfect, but Quran is not. So whatever I say, if its correct I thank Allah and if its wrong, I seek His pardon. I would request you to supplement my answers with your own studies.
                Q1. The goal of Islam is to strive to put the whole world under Allah’s rules and to make the earth peaceful and prosperous and to ensure every ones life in the next world shall be one full with joy and peace.
                The sharia is personal law, but Islam talks about personal life, social life, relation between nations and so on.
                Even after Islam achieves its goal, there will be non muslims in graet numbers and they will live in harmony with muslims.
                Prophet once said to his followers “Its sure that a day will come when a group of people with their cargo and other valuables shall travel from San-aa to Hadara-mouth without being afraid of any thing or any one other than his Lord and any fox that ay catch his sheep”. This is the real goal of Islam. San-aa and Hadara-mouth were ancient centers of business. When Islam is establishe any one shall be able to travel from place to place without any fear to any one, no matter muslim or non muslm.
                2) Regarding your second question, I need some time to answer since I am not a scholar. I shall make it fast, possibly this week itself.

            • JGN

              >>The only criterion or greatness is your belief in God .. what if I do not believe in any god?

              • Midhun

                The criterion for greatness is belief in God and righteous deeds. There is no Islam without righteous deeds.
                The answer for your question, I also dont know. Why dont you believe in God? I think even though atheism seems to be logical on the surface, Islam is the perfect way.

                • JGN

                  Perfect way to death and destruction? I am really wondering at the thickness of the skin of guys like who have no shame in proclaiming the greatness of Islam when we see terrorist activities the world over, day in and day out, in the name of your religion.

                  And I know the answer. Allah has sealed the hearts of the non-believers. They are rightful owners of hell fire!!!

                  • Midhun

                    Perfect way to peace and success.
                    The so called terrorit activities should be scrutinized first. Many a time it is the state that sponsor terrorism. The fightings in Palestine, Iraq and Afghan are against the foreign invaders. It is true that many a time, the common people are killed and this should be condemned. In the same way, the invaders also should be condemned. The muslims all over the world, including India are dissatisfied in the indifference of powerful nations towards this injustice. However the solution for this is not killing common men. The issues should be solved by unified political attempts between Islamic and Socialist countries.

                    • JGN

                      Midhun, the real problem is that you have divided the whole world into muslim world and non-muslim world. In what way are you different from other Indians, except that you follow a different religion?

                      You link every unfortunate event in the world to your religion. What has Indian muslims got to do with what US is doing in Iraq, Afghanistan, etc? Majority of Indians are against the Ameican imperialism.

                      So far as a modern state (Country) is concerned, there are no permanent friends or permanent enemies but only permanent interests.

          • hgf

            Dear brother ,about which history you are talking of!History told us Columbus discovered America!What is the fact!There were people before he came there!Even after millions of people were killed very brutally,this so called scholars called the first and second Cruel World War “the great world war!”

  52. surender

    No hindu in a islamic state can ever dare to love a muslim girl. That is not permitted .I have seen hindu girls being trapped for love and marriage only to be abandoned for a new one and then the next one .See the fate of Mrs Saif ,Mrs Amir and so on.Muslim girls marrying hindu boys have no such problems.They enjoy life long bliss unless they meet a greedy fellow which are in plenty in all religions.There are instructions to boys in Britain to trap hindu and sikh girls for sex. In Pakistan Hindu girls are abducted in Sindh against their wishes and forcibly married .Any complaint leads to investigations and the girl is forced to state that she has married willingly as she has no alternative left.Hindus are helpless in Pakistan and to some extent in Bangla desh also .I fear if this kind of evil practice lingers on ,the day is not far of that thase young charltans may have to go to Pakistan or Iran for marriage as permanent residents.As they had demanded Pakistan in 1947,they should go to their home land ,the pure land for permanently raising numerous wives and see the condition and oppertunities in their holy land with Taliban.Understand your limitations and true colours and false sense of charity. If you have been so kind and good why dont you help your coreligionists who are so poor and diseased .That job is left to us .We help and serve all the poor out of compassion and not for illicit sex and evil designs .The evil design i s responded by God itself .Better be careful and darenot to befool the innocent girls for a few years.We know you will marry many more and abandon many more including children as well.Girls be careful from polygamy.

    • Midhun

      Dear Surender,
      I am not sure whether the things which you mentioned above are true. It they are indeed true, no doubt such acts are to be condemned and punished.
      Now if you really think such activities in Pak or Bangladesh are to be punished, why dont you condemn the acts of Gujarath govt, where a state along with its machneries is waging an open war against muslims?
      Every Muslim is bound to give charity of 2.5% of his savings. Many of the muslims whom i know personally have been giving this charity for a long time. Its only a humanitarian act to help the people in need, whether Hindu or Muslim. We also help the poor without any evil designs.
      Polygamy is allowed in Islam. But Allah has taken due care in His Book to discourage it and to prevent it from getting wide spread.However, in certain conditions, polygamy will be a necessity. Especially after a war when a lot of men are dead, the state is incapable of helping the widows and kids it will the moral responsibility of a Muslim to protect his martyr brother’s family and provide for them all through their life. Marriage in Islam is never a pass time or directed only for bodily pleasures.

  53. surender

    To convert to Hinduism you dont require any ritual.You dont require to go to a priest or temple.You have to be a human being .You will come across many hindus who are not good but there are good or bad everywhere.There is no compulsion of any sort.No body questions you.One must be a good man that is what all religions require. As hindus you live in bliss in eternity and not buried under ground for ever.As hindus you live even after death in water ,in air ,in earth,in trees ,in flowres ,in nature and every where because the ashes are recycled back to where it came from,even to sea and back as rains to flowers that is reincarnation.The atomic number of ashes,and dispersible particles scientifically remains the same as in life.The matter can not be created nor destroyed ,it is recycled.Just read last 17 chapters of Bhagwat Gita and see the difference.One doesnot become great by terrorism,bombing,smuggling,lurement,abondoning innocent wives and children.One has to become a human being and not a product of a creed.It just cracks up in time .

    • Midhun

      To convert to hinduism, one should know atleast what is Hinduism and what are its limits. Islam is very clear and every haram and halal are defined.
      Also to come back to Islam, you dont need any priest. You just have to free yourself from the slavery of any thing in world and be the slave of your creator alone.
      In Islam your way to greatness is to understand your god and perform virtous deeds. In Islam, we are taught in our madrassas that killing a human being unjustily is equivalent of killing the whole humanity. Abandoning your wife or divorse is allowed but the least liked by your creator.
      Islam frees yourself from cast, creed, race or anything.

      • JGN

        Midhun, I understand that cutting off a small portion of a particular organ is one of the condition to become a muslim. Can that be done with some “do-it-yourself” kit? And From where on is that “coming back”? Seems you are another chela of the great aalim Dr. Zakir Naik.

        Can you also tell us who created the creator?

        • Shanavas

          Creator had not been created by anybody… Creator not born and will not die…

          there is no special God for muslim… the word ALLAH is come from AL and ILAH mean the “True GOD”. In Indian culture creator is known as the “PARAASAKTHI” equivalent arabic word is “ALLAH”.

          “cutting the small part of body” it is not mandatory for muslims since Abraham it is followed in all Semitic religions (Jews and Muslims, Poul changed this in christianity). I think you are not knowing about other religion so you are thinking like that ….. One guy should follow 5 pillers of Islam to become a muslim, cutting is not there as part of the pillers , it is just a sunnah …

          As we know muslim population is no:2 in the world but problem is “How many muslim name holders know, what is islam? why they born? ”

          So try to understand Islam from Quaran and Hadees not from the forums….

          • JGN


            AL and ILAH mean the “True GOD”…. so there are true gods and false gods!!

            For the old Gods came to an end long ago. And verily it was a good and joyful end of Gods!

            They did not die lingering in the twilight—although that lie is told! On the contrary, they once upon a time laughed themselves to death!

            That came to pass when, by a God himself, the most ungodly word was uttered, the word: “There is but one God! Thou shalt have no other Gods before me.”

            An old grim beard of a God, a jealous one, forgot himself thus.

            And then all Gods laughed and shook on their chairs and cried: “Is Godliness not just that there are Gods, but no God?”

            Whoever hath ears let him hear.

            “Thus Spake Zarathrustra”—Friedrich Nietzsche

            • Bhakti

              Al-ilah was chief pagan moon god worshipped by Mohammad’s Quraysh tribe for centuries. This is why the crescent moon is such a promiment symbol in Islam. The illiterate paedophile Mohammad turned this chief tribal god into the “one true god” when he founded his barbaric death cult which he called Islam.

              Islam is a totalitarian ideology which means that religious freedom should not apply to it. It has spoiled and hijacked the whole idea of religion which in the east is based on harmonious existence with other humans and mother nature and used it to transmit a viral ku klux klan type political movement for world domination.

        • Midhun

          I have used the word “coming back” as per Quran’s teachings that tha all human beings are born as submissive to their creators. Later many of them gets influenced by the prevailing culture and the way they are brought up leave the way of submission to God alone. So as per Quran, whoever reverts to I slam is actually coming back to Him. Not only this, whoever remorses upon his sins and corrects his actions through repentence and righteous deeds are also said to “come back ” to God.
          Nobody created the creator. But He created every one, every thing

          • sanjaychoudhry

            Do you realise that there is no way to confirm anything that you are saying and that this can be claimed by any religion by changing the names from Allah to Jesus or Buddha or Pol Pot.

            Since no proof is required, these type of claims about one’s tribal god become more and more fanciful, depending on the imagination of the writer.

            • Midhun

              Actually the fundamentals of Islam is monotheism, which is the same of all religions. Since prophets were sent to all, most of the religions today existing indeed came fom the Almighty. If you see the religious scripures you can see more similarities than dissimilarities. Infact, it is a usual allegation against Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) that his teachings are a lot similar to that of Jesus and Moses and hence he is a copycat. But I believe that the similarities were bound to happen since all are from the same God, with only time period changes.
              The proof of what I say is Quran itself which teaches Muslims to respect all the prophets without any bias to some one.
              This is the reason why you cannot see any renowned muslim scholar abusing any of the previous prophets even by the slightest words, where as a lot of other religion scholars abuse Mohammed (PBUH) with harsh words. You can take this as a proof of our stand.

      • Bhakti


        You are saying two things at the same time. That Islam frees people from slavery and that it is slavery to Allah.

        If Islam is an enlightened and superior religion that frees people from slavery, then why does it resort to brainwashing, terrorism and slaughter to keep its followers in line?

        Islam requires unquestioning conformity from the group and forces people to believe even if they do not want to. And it also holds that apostates must be killed. It deprives Muslims of the most fundamental human freedom, that of freedom of conscience. Many Mohammadens in Muslim countries have no problem with the idea of brainwashing and death penalty for apostasy.

        Surely Allah would not want to force people to be part of Islam. Surely it is better to let people scrutinise and decide for themselves and change their minds and only have true believers in the flock.

        Only someone who is brainwashed and cognitively dissonant would try to pass this off as “freedom from slavery”.

        • Midhun

          Dear Bhakthi,
          I said in Islam you should free yourself fom the slavry to this world. A muslim is a slave of Allah ONLY…nothing else in this world.
          Islam doesnt brain wash, but ask people to think about themsleves and the universe, nature, its harmony etc to find the presence of an under lying superior creator who creats and maintains even the very smallest component.
          In Quran Allah teaches his prophet(PBUH) that he is just a preacher and even he has no right to force any one to religion. Now, if prophet has no right to force any one, neither has any one else.
          In Quran Allah asks all human beings to think, think, think and understand. Once again, there is no compulsion in Islam
          Through out the history of Islam, you can see there existed difference of opinions. Prophet (PBUH) used to discuss important matters with others before taking any decision.Whatever difference of opinions exist, all Muslims shall remain fundamentally the same and should respect and take care of every one

          • JGN

            Midhun, Then why your Allah is eager to burn me in hell fire for eternity just for not believing in him? More than 10% of verses in The Quran are meant for describing what “the most merciful creator” would do to the non-believers in an imaginary life here-after. The Allah described in The Quran is more vengeful than a Las Vegas Mafia don.

            Can you tell us whether Mahatma Gandhi will burn in hell fire for eternity as he did not believe in your “true god” but Osma Bin Laden will enjoy those seventy two things in the Paradise?

            • Midhun

              Our Allah is only eager to make you believe in Him and perform righteous deeds, only to be seen and appreciated by Him. Mre belif without good deeds will not help or deeds to be seen by others will not help. To do a righteous thing in its truest sense, you should do it as a great responsibility, regularly and not as something which makes you proud before others. I think only belief in God can make a man do his duties in the most perfect way through out his life.
              No one will be put to Jannath or hell without adequate reasons. All will be given due time to explain himself before Allah. He is the mos Just and kind. No one will be wronged that day

      • surender

        I have worked for poorest muslims out of compassion for years. The truth is otherwise for them from various aspects.The comparisons are not good but truth speaks for itself .The picture is not so rosy as you say.The muslims abroad approach hindus in need at times,who like a wish are too obliging .Sadly muslims for unknown reasons never help the fellow muslims in need, they only come togather during riots.I was sad to learn that women and poor are not as blessed as in other religions.There is no scope even among educated for review of their ideas or change of thoughts.I have worked tirelessly amongst the poor without prejudice but same is not true the other way.Hinduism is not a consistent relgion.It allows you to be flexible,or to remain rigid too.It is just living as in ancient times it was to travel in this world with freedom in harmony with all kinds of living beings and not with the help of crutches and orders of some one else who may not be really true.You are free but you ought to speak truth,not be hurtful .One may live life as best and as good as a flower or any good creation of nature.God has definitely not  made a man for any particular creed.He is too good to love you any way you respect him either directly or through any image or object .He descends into a object you have have faith in.I agree Islam accepts all with welcome .In hinduism you can find your own way,for that it requires reform.I know many muslims with hindu names.But what matters is conduct and and goodness.On one occasion one of my muslim friends compelled me to accompany him to a temple. I admired his vision and asked what goodness he finds in a temple being a muslim.It is a respect to your friend and unknown feeling of good in view of light.  …..The Gujrat riots were bad but so is continuous trouble for hindus in Pak and Bdesh as well.The riots as usual has the genesis from outside as well inside India.The actors were Gujratis ,but Directors were those whose product sale was affected due to boycott of foreign goods including Pepsicola and Cococola.I believe too much Pan islamism and a detachment from India except for space to live and having no concern or sensivity to hindu feelings is main reason for bad blood within two communities.Why else American and jews are received with open arms in hindu families almost everywhere in India.This is because of what I felt is due to their relaxed attitude and flexibility and interest in open hindu way of life and human feelings which are not misdirected by Priests or hard inflexible doctrine.God doesnot like intolerant hard and rigid fellows.It breaks up, it is truth .I agree, you have distinct good directives but in practice, I observe poor and needy in your community are left to us to look after at community level for which we not only pay taxes but also individually help financially as well as go out of way even at the cost of hindus so as you are not offended and are given special out of turn attention. No such reciprocal feeling and sympathy exists.Nothing will ever improve in this country unless we have good goverance and an extremely good leader like Ashoka or Akbar.India has to produce a world great,towering ,benevolent,wise,just truthful ,kind ruler,for which there is no possibility under present constitution which due to impracticable pages has produced only dacoits and ruthless,dishonest ,greedy,selfish,leaders and bureaucrats.I have seen a Maharaja and his glory.Some of them were just too good but were pleasure loving too.A FEW WERE REALLY TRULY GREAT RULERS.The present lot is just painful and misfortune for all of us. A great ruler ..Great nation…..a great people.Otherwise we all will be fighting and dancing at the tunes of politicians and religious leaders.

        • Midhun

          I have nothing against to the view that there should be more interaction between people of various religions. Indeed this is what Quran also wants by asking muslims to join hands with non muslims in all virtous deeds.
          It is a fact that many of the muslims are not actively taking part in humanitarian activities. But it also should be noted that majority of th muslims in India are not in a financially and socially good condition. However there is no doubt that more concentration is to be put to collect the zakat from able muslims and distribute it among the poor and needy. This is practiced now a days atleast in Kerala. The zakat taken from muslims and other well wishers are distributed among the poor regardless of the religion. You should not say muslims are not helping the poor. May be the volume is less, but progress is made every year consistently. A time shall come when there will not be any one in the society to receive the zakat. This happened during the rule of Umar Abdil Aziz. Lets hope this to happen again.
          More and more Muslim women are now seen in universities and this is a good progress. Muslims by historical and social reasons were left back in the road f progress. But nowadays an air of renaissance is visible all around. More and more youngsters are studying about Islam, along with their university studies. Alaso, many of the Islamist organisations are trying hard to empower muslim women, youth and the poor from a grass root level. Lets hope for the best

      • In Hinduism there are no limits because every man is considered as having the spark of God and he has limitless possibilities to manifest the Truth. Definition is a problem.
        We do not need priests in Hinduism either.
        Hinduism did not even bother to name itself, because how do you name something that is ever evolving?
        Islam does not free you from caste, ask the low caste Hindus who convert to Islam and find that they are low caste there too. How can it free you from creed, it is ITSELF a creed. If aIslam frees you, why do you puinsh apostates. Aren’t you supposed to be free? Oh right, free within strict conditions. I forgot.

  54. surender

    One Amercan senator on a visit to India had remarked that what preserves nature in India is biopreservation that is love and prayer to nature and its beings ,to the innocent lives even.God sees himself in nature and every life and idol .If you want to convert India into desert then leave hinduism .Can you enjoy freedom what Hindu India gives you. Just think.Just go to Pak or middle east,and try such love episodes you will land in paradise afterwards.That is why no one, even the fellow religionists dont want to go there .Why..There are deserts because of meciless defoliation of trees and innocent animals in past who preserve nature.We dont want India to become desert devoid of love of nature and cruelities to life including cruelity to humans of all religions.

  55. S

    “genocides rapes etc are all no doubt condemnable, but making a false religious theory( if it is false) that can enslave a people infinitely is the greatest adharma the world could ever invent.”

    Convertman, genocides, rapes, and tortures were the tools employed by the cult of christianity in order to dominate first in Europe, and subsequently the Americas and Africa (the “Dark continent” has been taken over by the jihadis now).

    Why do you use the word “Adharma” ? Do you know that the concept of Dharma and Adharma exists only in Hinduism and not in the cult of christianity ? Isn’t christianity all about accepting jman as the saviour and everything else false ? Just this, jman is the truth, he died on the cross for trillions of peoples sins (never mind that he undeadened himself). And why do you fundie christians hate the Jews so much for crucifying jman ? You know something, if they had not nailed him to that plank, he would not have been able to undeaden himself and therefore die for your sins. Think about it.

    If the Hindus had treated the so called lower castes anywhere like you fundies treated the Pagans of Europe and Americas and Africa and Asia, they would have been exterminated a long time back.

    • ConvertMan

      I am not bothered about the dharma & adharma of hinduism. For me dharma & adharma are two sanskrit words. Also i am not worried about hindus, christians ,pagans, africans,americans etc. Everywhere in the world the rich & powerful exploited the poor and i am not a supporter of the exploiters be they call themsleves christians, hindus,muslims or africans,americans,indians etc. What i did is to compare & analyse the theories of christianity & hinduism. suppose if the christain theory of salvation through christ is false and a man made concept , there is no scope for any sort of exploitation. But if the karma & re-incarnation theories (based on caste dharma) are false and is the result of intellectual crookedness, it has the potential to enslave the lower castes infinitely because a low caste person believing in these theories will go on doing his caste dharma loyally in the hope of re-incarnating into the higher caste.

  56. JGN

    Shanavas, then why your Allah is eager to burn me in hell fire for eternity just for not believing in him? More than 10% of verses in The Quran are meant for describing what “the most merciful creator” would do to the non-believers in an imaginary life here-after. The Allah described in The Quran is more vengeful than a Las Vegas Mafia don.

    Can you tell us whether Mahatma Gandhi will burn in hell fire for eternity as he did not believe in your “true god” but Osma Bin Laden will enjoy those seventy two things in the Paradise?

    • Shanavas

      You can see in the Quran, if you believe in single god (as mention in all our Indian Vedas) and do good things and dont associate any partner to the “parasakthi” then they dont have to worry in the judgement day…

      I dont know who will go to heaven and who will go to hell, all are based on the Almighty’s decision.

      So I am not the right guy to to say “Who will go hell and burn in the hell fire”, max I can do is to do only good things…

      If you do good things and beware of all bad things and worship only the “parabrahmam” then you may also go to heaven…


    • Shanavas

      You can see in the Quran, if you believe in single god (as mention in all our Indian Vedas) and do good things and dont associate any partner to the “parasakthi” then they dont have to worry in the judgement day…

      I dont know who will go to heaven and who will go to hell, all are based on the Almighty’s decision.

      So I am not the right guy to to say “Who will go hell and burn in the hell fire”, max I can do is to do only good things…

      If you do good things and beware of all bad things and worship only the “parabrahmam” then you may also go to heaven…

  57. S

    A 10 minute movie about islam –



  58. Anonymous

    Allah himself seems to be confused guy. He is not sure who the first muslim was!!

    2:132 The same did Abraham enjoin upon his sons, and also Jacob, (saying): O my sons! Lo! Allah hath chosen for you the (true) religion; therefore die not save as men who have surrendered (unto Him).


    7:143 And Moses fell down senseless. And when he woke he said: Glory unto Thee! I turn unto Thee repentant, and I am the first of (true) believers


    39:12 And I [Muhammad] am commanded to be the first of those who are muslims (surrender unto Him).

    The great aalim Dr. Zakir Naik is expalining away the above contradictions like tea containing water, sugar, milk, etc!!!

    • Midhun

      Dear anonymous,
      There is no need for any confusion in this matter. Adam was the first muslim human being. Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed etc were the first among their people to be Muslims.
      Also, the term first may be used to mean the bet among their people. In any meaning the term is correct.
      I would like to inform you that all the muslims through out the world claims and takes oath to be the first among muslims 5 times a day during the prayers. Just check the meaning of “Vajjahuthu …. prayer from any of your friends. It may not mean first, but the best

      • sanjaychoudhry

        Couldn’t you find any spiritual traditions in your own country worthy of attention, that you had to run to the land of the ARabs to find god?

        • Midhun

          Unfortunately I could not find one. I am not following any Foreign tradition. I dont want to follow Arabic tradition either. My tradition is Indian. My culture is also Indian. But my principles of life should be the one taught by all prophets, who came to all people through out the globe. Islamic principles of honesty, justice, mercy are universal codes of conduct, no matter the region and traditions.

      • JGN

        Then how come The Torah (Old Testament) and The Bible (New Testament) does not contain any word like Muslim or Islam?

        According to Old Testament, G0d had created only Adam and Eve. They had only two sons called Abel and Cain. Are we to assume that her sons did something to her and the whole earth got populated?

  59. A

    Sanjay boss great effort.
    By any chance, can we access the report submitted to the Kerala HC. I mailed couple of mediamen writing on the story who claimed to be in possession of the affidavits, but none replied back. Let me check with a couple more!

    Now the comments have crossed 200, ,like my distant moulvi , i can safely say ” Yeh blogpost Khatre mein hai!!! “

  60. S

    “I am not bothered about the dharma & adharma of hinduism. For me dharma & adharma are two sanskrit words. Also i am not worried about hindus, christians ,pagans, africans,americans etc. Everywhere in the world the rich & powerful exploited the poor and i am not a supporter of the exploiters be they call themsleves christians, hindus,muslims or africans,americans,indians etc.”

    If you are a communist, then why are you using words like “Dharma” and “Adharma” ?

    “What i did is to compare & analyse the theories of christianity & hinduism. ”

    You must look at the histories of Hinduism and christianity as well. In the last 5000 years of history, Hinduism has not raided any other people, or civilization, and looted and murdered the natives claiming that its Gods are true and everything else is false. The cult of christianity is responsible for major genocides across the globe, starting from Europe, and still undergoing in Africa.

    “suppose if the christain theory of salvation through christ is false and a man made concept , there is no scope for any sort of exploitation. But if the karma & re-incarnation theories (based on caste dharma) are false and is the result of intellectual crookedness, it has the potential to enslave the lower castes infinitely because a low caste person believing in these theories will go on doing his caste dharma loyally in the hope of re-incarnating into the higher caste.”

    So I have to “suppose” that salvation through jebus is false. Whereas actually I am wrong and jebus is the wholesole broker of souls as the so-called holy father gave him the job. Who else would he give this job to, if not his only son who died on the cross for trillions of people’s sins (never mind that he undeadened himself). You fundie christian – go and do some more reading about the caste system. Hindus who live in the caste system do not perform their duties in order to be born in a higher caste. And do ask your white missionary the next time he comes to visit your parish if he would let his daughter marry you.

    • ConvertMan


      In its “5000” years of history hinduism had done untold horrors to the people of india, reducing 85% of its people to the level of slaves of the so-called “upper castes”. No where in the world where a religion exhorted its priests to pour molten lead into the ears of people who happened to hear their sacred verses. It butchered buddhists and wiped out buddhism from the land of its origin. Even today when the rest of the world have come out from the horrors of exploitation and discrimination , majority of indians are still groping in the darkness because of the exploitive theroy of hinduism.

      I would appreciate if you can educate me more on karma/re-incarnation theories, because this theory is indeed a great theory (only for the exploiters.)

      I don’t want the daughter of the white missionary to marry because in india we have enough. It is the hindu fundamentalists who are ashamed of everything indian, the founder of RSS is still affectionately called doctorji, still they wear the whiteman’s knicker & shirt as their uniform. still many of the RSS people want english to learn hinduism. If RSS really believes in indian nationalism, it should “indianise” itself.

      • sanjaychoudhry

        Why women cannot become bishops and pastors?

      • sanjaychoudhry

        “If RSS really believes in indian nationalism, it should “indianise” itself.”

        What about the Indian church Indianising itself and cutting its umbilical cord with the Goras of the Vatican? If England can have its own church, why cannot india? Till how long will you be slaves of the Romans and East Europeans in the Western church?

        • ConvertMan

          Indian church is already indianised, it is the RSS which should now get itself indianised.

          • JGN


            Instead of womitting what the missionaries have fed you, why don’t you use your own brain? Who has told you that RSS are the keepers of the Indian culture and civilization?

            Why do you have more than 300 sects (more than 30 in a small like Kerala) the world over when you all worship the same dead jew on the stick? Are you aware of the

          • sanjaychoudhry

            How can you say it is Indianised when all the Bishops are appointed by the White Pope and your churches recieve money from the Whites? Indian church is nothing but a White Man’s operation.

  61. S

    “In its “5000″ years of history hinduism had done untold horrors to the people of india, reducing “85% of its people to the level of slaves of the so-called “upper castes”. No where in the world where a religion exhorted its priests to pour molten lead into the ears of people who happened to hear their sacred verses. It butchered buddhists and wiped out buddhism from the land of its origin. Even today when the rest of the world have come out from the horrors of exploitation and discrimination , majority of indians are still groping in the darkness because of the exploitive theroy of hinduism.”

    Are you mad ? Or drunk ? Or both ?

  62. surender

    Dear S
    You have solved this problem by total extermination of minorities in Pak and Kashmir.It is worst than atrocities committed upon a few in India in past and present.You are not truthful and totally false due to your inner compulsions as usual as far as figures of 85% are concerned.Any way Indian Dalits are in a far better position than muslims and hindus of Pakistan who live like slaves and dancing boys ,who have no special rights who can,t go to school, and if they go they are cruely beaten up because otherwise those rich landlords will lose their farm labourers.I will recommend you to go to Pakistan or Kashmir valley as permanent resident and enjoy the paradise.But Taliban areas will suit you better. Any hesitation.. we will be relieved and you too also from kafir land.You will adjust better with your Alami Biradari as you have demanded Pakistan for your self.It is for you waiting.Just try. As far as Budhism is concerned I have Budhist faith.You are too clever to create bad blood between Budhism and Hinduism.Budhism was destroyed by Pakistanis(old times) and not by Hindus,I n Afghanistan Budhist idols were destroyed by your co religionists and not Hindus.Budhism is alive in India in the hearts of believers.All hindus are atleast 60% Budhists in practice due to past customs and traditions .We go to temple and also recite Budhist prayers and visit Gompas and Budhist temples with equal love and devotion.There are more Hindus in Bodh Vihars than red robed Bodhs.For your info I practice and believe in hindu doctrine of life and am Budhist and Christian at the same time.Dont try to create misunderstanding between us.You have been exposed and it also opens you up for your real mischief.What you say is repeat of Pak radio broadcasts and Alami biradari intentions.Budhism as a ritiual disappeared because of Bhakti movement and saints and due to inner dissension and not due to sword of sorts.One has to be truthful but then one has to follow the directive and guidance.

  63. surender

    One should be respectful to all.Pious people exist in all religions .Donot call names to others religious leadres .Speak truth as reply but donot denigrate religion as such.People have the right to derive Gods love in his ownway.One should not come down to hurting and abusing others faith.Here my friends who write bad things about muslim faith are wrong.You can defend your faith but not criticise other,s faith and feelings .There are great people like Farid and Sufis too.Have respect for them too.I have read Farid too.That is humanistic approach.Don,t hurt but speak to defend your faith and understand others too are right.

  64. yakuza

    Police Report About Love Jihadi Group
    Kerala Police:
    Kerala police handover the result of investigation about the love jihad group to the Kerala high court.In this report says , there is no evidence about Love Jihad Group.Police says that only hear the term ‘ Love Jihad’ but no evidence about the function of the of the Love Jihad group in Kerala.
    Karnataka Police:
    Karnaataka police also handover the investigation report about love jihad to the Karnataka High court.Karnataka police report says that there is no evidence about the Love Jihad Group in Karnataka.
    Central Government:
    Central government inteligence office also hand over the report about love jihad to the Kerala high court.That says that there is no evidence for the function of Love Jihad group in India.

    Then why sangparivar and VHP afraid about this Group?

    • JGN

      There is no evidence against Hafiz Saeed also for his involvement in 26/11 attack in Mumbai and he was “honourably acquitted” by the Court of Law in Pakistan but how many Indians are willing to accept that?

    • >>>”Then why sangparivar and VHP afraid about this Group?”

      Nice of you to be concerned about the worries of sanghparivar.
      But don’t be.
      Let them handle their worries themselves.


    • raj

      yakuza, read this too, dont swallow news and spit out , only those which you like to hear.

      the news is as follows

      ….Also on Monday, the Kerala high court expressed dissatisfaction over the state DGP’s report on love jihad. The court directed DGP Jacob Punnose to submit a report by November 11 and present it in a sealed cover listing the basis on which he had prepared the report.

      Justice K T Sankaran in Kochi observed that some answers furnished in the DGP’s report were ‘vague’ and it also appeared that statements in different paragraphs did not ‘reconcile’ with each other……

      This is a times of india report my dear, i can furnish the link, but i want you to search their website to find.

  65. Har Har Mahadev,
    I have a question to all my muslim brothers who are denying Love Jihad, would they behave the same if Hindu men start luring Muslim women to convert them to Hinduism.

    Hindu’s have been tolerant all along the history but not anymore. We have to united to ensure that we remain Hindus and upheld our rich Sanatan Dharama

    Parents beware of children and give them Dharma shikshan instead of watching TV serials. Let the new generation know about our Dharma and its rich heritage.

    Suggest you all the visit the following sites to know more about Dharma & Hinduism:

    “Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitaha”

    Namaskar !

    • Mubash

      First you make intercaste marriage in hindu society.

      • Bhakti

        Do you think an Arab would marry a Muslim of Indian, Pakistani or Bangladeshi origin?

        There is social stratification in the Muslim world, it just doesn’t have a tag line like “caste system”. The Sunnis hold that Arabs are superior to non-Arab (Ajami) Muslims, and amongst the Arabs the descendents of Hazrat Ali are the most superior, followed by the Quraysh, and then the rest.

        • Midhun

          Social stratification is not equivalent to caste system any way. Rich will like to marry rich. But Islam asks youngsters to choose their partner by looking t their virtues. If any one thinks he is better than any other because of his birth, he is automatically outside the sphere of Islam. This has been made crystal clear through Quran and Hadeeths.

          • JGN

            Midhun, caste system exists in Islam. There are two broad categories called Ajlaf and Ashraf. There are five castes or so in Kerala itself. The “Thangals” claim that they are direct descandants of Prophet Mohammed and look down with contempt at other muslims. They will not allow other muslims even to enter their homes (forget about marriage)! Apart from that even marriages between different sects are very rare (a Dawoodi Bohra girl would not like to marry a Sunni “devil” boy)!
            And would you give your sister or daughter in marriage to an Ossan (barber)?

            If there is no caste system in Islam why the Mullahs have now jumped into the Reservation bangwagon demanding reservation for lower caste muslims also? Now don’t tell me that it is due to the caste system in Hinduism. There are no hindus in Oman where the fair-skinned muslims do not treat their black-skinned counterparts much better than the dalits in India.

            • Midhun

              There is no caste system in Islam.
              Thangals claim they are direct descendants form prophet(PBUH). I dont know whethet this is correct. As far as I know, their house gates are always open to all people, even non muslims. Many of the local disputes are solved by them. This is due to their credibility and honour in past centuries. If you want more evidence, just check any muslim marriage portal. Almost all will have the option caste no bar.
              I pesonally dont like to give my sister or daughter to a barber. But if a barber’s son is an engineer or other professional with good religious conduct, I am happy to do it. But I am an engineer, and I have no objection to marry a barber’s daughter. In Islam its the husban who should take care of his wife. Wife has the complete right to say no to work and if she goes to work, her salary is her own. Husbands dont thave this right.

              • JGN

                Midhun, if you do not know that Thangals are direct descandants of Mohammed, pl go and ask Panakkad Hyder Ali Shihab Thangal. I have read in some news papers that Panakkad Mohammed Ali Shihab Thangal, who passed away recently, was the 40th descandant or so. The gates of their houses are open to all, but would they allow any one inside their house? The entry is restricted upto the varanda!!!! Yes, the Thangals are respected by all in Kerala as they follow the liberal Sufi Islam and not the intlerant Wahabi Islam. Even I had respect for the late Panakkad Mohammed Ali Shihab Thangal, as he was a scholar and also good person.

                >>>>>>>>>>>>>If you want more evidence, just check any muslim marriage portal. Almost all will have the option caste no bar………………you are contradicting yourself. If there are no castes, there is no question of advertising “caste no bar”!!!!!!!!

                • Midhun

                  To unerstand why the “caste no bar” thing is there you should try to register in a matrimony portal. There is a mandatory option for caste in the website software and you can many sects and region names. The only way out is to give caste no bar.
                  Just check this with any other religion marriage profiles.

            • Mubaash

              Dear JGN,

              You guys intention is to extinguish the right path by your mouth blowing. But right is right. Oneday everyone will understand the things. At that day no one will get chance to return.

              • sanjaychoudhry

                How do you know?

              • JGN

                Right path!! My left foot!! If your path was “right”, there was no need of forcible conversions or conversions by deceit (like the love jihad we are talking about. Evey one would have willingly accepted your “right path”! Even after more than 1400 years, the head count is not more than 17% of the world’s population, which is just about the population of just one sect of Christianity (Roman Catholics) or just a shade above the Atheists (about 15% of world’s population).

                • MRK


                  What Rubbish are you talking?????Truth is measuring by Head Counts??????

                  • JGN

                    MRK, what truth are you talking about? One guy went to the Paradise atop a horse but even Hubble Space Telescope could not locate such a place!!

                    Some “most merciful creator” turned all Sabath breaking Jews into apes but he could not do anything to George W. Bush for bombing Iraq and Afghanistan to stone-age condition and hanging Saddam Hussein like a mad dog! Are you telling us that Sabath breaking is a bigger crime than killing innocent women, children, old men, cats, dogs, etc by bombing them??

                    The day you guys stop pretending that your religion is the only truth and stop dreaming of getting seventy two virgin girls and twenty eight hairless boys (not to speak of wine, fruits, water, etc) in an imginary life here-after, there would not be any fight in the name of religions. The poor guy could not think of anything better even in the Paradise!!

                    • MRK

                      Dear JGN,
                      Again you were talking Rubbish….GOD creator of everyone….GOD merciful to everyone….GOD created to test everyone…..Pray and seek help from GOD only…..There is an end of this world….After that GOD will Justice All, regards to their deeds….this is the truth….

                      And another thing is that One Muslim named cheating girls or anyone…definitely Allah will punish him…if any Muslim named killing innocents definitely Allah will punish him….there is no doubt……

                      And one thing is that definitely the Day will come….

    • Midhun

      Anil bhai,
      We dont like even Muslim boys luring Hindu or Christian girls with the intension to convert. But if there is a lady who accepted Islam after sudying it, most of the muslim boys wont have any problem to marry her. Infact, since she accepted Islam after studying it properly there is more probability that she will live following Islam’s guidelines than a concentional muslim lady who might not have studied about Islam.
      Hindus have been tolerant. So have been muslims. But I cannot understand what you mean by “will not be so”. So the tolerance Hindus showed was something done by mistake? Please avoid such statements or you are tarnishing yourself.

      • JGN

        Midhun, what happened to Madhavi Kutty (aka Kamala Das) after she converted after “studying Islam”? She had to flee from Kerala when the Mullahs found her too hot
        for them to handle.

        And what makes girls from other communities renounce even their parents once she converts? Is that not due a particular verse in your BOOK? I am not quoting the the relevant verse here as I think you are aware of the same.

        • Midhun

          Regarding Kmal Surayya, please refer to her son MD Nalappat rather than the pseudo secular and right wing writers.

          I dont know the particular verse you are talking about. What I know is that Prophet taught his newly revert followers to be good to their parents and obey them as dutyful kids. But if anything against Islam is asked, not to obey them. I think this hols good for the muslim parents aso.

  66. yakuza

    Indian mass-media insinuating reportage under the suggestive heading “Love Jihad” is yet another example of bad journalism in the largest democracy of the world.

    The term ‘Love Jihad’ was used by local media in southern state of Kerala to label inter-religious relationships, allegedly aimed at converting women to Islam, has done more harm then good to the multicultural Indian society.

    These sort of inter-religious marriages have been taking place throughout India since several thousands years both ways. There had been thousands of Muslim boys and girls who have taken Hindu spouses and Vice-Versa. Some have changed their religion other live without any change in religion in a state of matrimonial bliss. Indian constitution allows and legalizes inter-caste and inter-religious marriages aiming at greater integration of Indian society.

    The usage ‘Love Jihad’ was coined by the local press when two Hindu girls, both MBA students, married two Muslim boys Shahen Shah and Sirajudheen, natives of Pathanamthitta village in Kerala, apparently on their own wish as were adults. These girls were living with their husbands, when their parents filed habeas corpus in the Kerala High Court.

    The girls, in response to the summon appeared in the court wearing traditional Muslim Burqa and reportedly asked the court’s permission to live with their husbands, as they would not be able to live according to their religious faith when with parents.

    The court however turned their request and sent them to live with the parents, directing the parents to provide all help for the girls to follow their new religion.

    A twist in the tale emerges when the girls were presented in the court next time, where they retracted their early version and said that the boys had forcefully converted them to Islam.

    A hell broke loose and local media lapped this up with screaming headline ‘Love Jihad’ on the prowl. It was on the basis of the confessional statements of the girls and due to media trial that the two Muslim youth were arrested on charges of having feigned love and marriage to convert to the Hindu girls to Islam.

    The Kerala High Court while considering the bail applications of Shahen Shah and Sirajudheen, the two accused in Love Jihad controversy ordered inquiry into the matter. The court asked the state police to submit a report on the occurrence of compulsive religious love based conversions that have taken place in Kerala during the last three years. It also raised questions like to find if there was a movement called “Love Jihad” functioning in the state

    The police after initiating an inquiry submitted its report to the court where it said that it has found no organization or movement in the name of “Love Jihad” functioning in Kerala.

    The report submitted by Mr Jacob Punnoose, Director General of Police, in the Kerala High Court, says no evidence has been found regarding the functioning of any such organization dealing with forced conversion in the state.

    The report further says that there was no evidence for such activities getting funds from abroad and no proof for such activities being connected to counterfeiting, smuggling, and drug trafficking and terrorist activities. It found no evidence for such activities going on in other parts of the country.

    The report further reiterates that except for the two cases under consideration in the court, there have not been any cases regarding forced conversions based on love. The police had registered complaints and were actively investigating the matter in the two cases mentioned.

    The report submitted by the DGP mentions that there have been allegations from many corners that such activities were going on in the state for the past few years but after investigation it was found that there are no reasons to suspect the existence of concerted attempts to force girls into conversion.

    As evident that there was enough juice in the story and the local media went gaga with damning headline of ‘Love Jihad’ never considering the consequences such reportage would have on the society, especially if such story is put in the garbage bin by the court and the police.

    In related development, Shahen Shah and Sirajudheen, the accused boys, have decided to withdraw their bail applications submitted at the Kerala High Court as they reportedly felt were not sure of getting justice in the prevailing circumstances. They are widely hunted by the media in the “Love Jihad” controversy and may not lead normal life if they come out on bail.

    The ‘Love Jihad’ story is a glaring example of irresponsible journalism that’s going on in the country particularly at the regional centers. The media instead of highlighting the fact that the girls in question could have easily told the judge in their first appearance that they had undergone forced conversion, but instead asserted were convinced converts but later retracted their version, is something that’s intriguing and needs to be investigated. Instead, it simply tried to peddle the gig “Love Jihad” to sensationalize a simple story that had a human face.

    It’s a fact that such biased reportage crops up with impunity in the country and until and unless, some mechanism is evolved to check them sternly, Indian society may continue to be poisoned by such irresponsible journalism.

    Reports: A working journalist based in Chennai.

    As a Human being; as you and me! What do you think must have actually happend? Forget media, forget hindu-muslim thing, love jihad crap whatever!

    Say our college campuses. We all have muslim friends, hindu friends and so-on. And we are least bothered who is what religion. Eat same chats, share drinks (sometimes in same bottle). But what happens to us after we stepout of our acadamic lives? What goes wrong? I guess something is changed now, isnt it? Can anyone here mind sharing it with me, my hindu-muslim human brothers n sisters. I am literally disturbed when I see my country men believeing all these waste media products. Comeon people they are selling you what they want to, stop buying waste.

    We (as a father / a brother) all feel bad when our womens go out or start dating; regardless to religion. Its better start to guide them at our homes telling them the truth (I/we dont like you going out dating/marrying guys from other religion) and that we want you to follow our religious duties etc etc. Lets stop using media crap to educate our womens on what they should do and what not to. Lets be honest this time and lets not create any religious troubles to our fellow contrymen. Lets be rational.

    Longlive India, Longlive Indians.

    Thank you for your time. Comment.

    • JGN

      yakuza, I am not going into the veracity of your message but can’t help commenting on on the following portion:

      >>>>>and reportedly asked the court’s permission to live with their husbands, as they would not be able to live according to their religious faith when with parents ….. if what you have written is true, what kind of indoctrination had the girls been undergone? What makes those unfortunate girls to suspect their parents who had brought them up and educated to the level of MBA?

      Some time back I had read a similar report in The Dawn, Karachi, where three girls were abducted and after a few days all of them submitted identical affidavits in the Court stating that they cannot live with their parents as they have converted to Islam!!!

  67. JGN

    This news is from today’s The Dawn, Karachi:

    PESHAWAR: Militants blew up a girls school in the Khyber tribal district Sunday, destroying the building and wounding four people in neighbouring homes, officials said.

    Two explosions ripped through the 18-room government high school for girls at Kari Gar village and a boy who watched the premises is missing, possibly kidnapped by the militants, local administration officials said.

    ‘The militants have blown up the school with two blasts and all rooms were demolished,’ said administration official Shafeerullah.

    ‘Four people in neighbouring houses were also wounded and their homes slightly damaged. We’re still trying to find out what happened to the office boy,’ Shafeerullah said.

    Another of Khyber’s administrators, Farooq Khan, confirmed the incident.

    Extremist militants have destroyed hundreds of schools, mostly for girls, in the northwest of the country in recent years.

    Nearly 200 schools were destroyed in the Swat valley alone during a two-year Taliban uprising in a district once favoured by Western tourists for its ski slopes and bracing mountain air.

    Following up a similar offensive in Swat this summer, Pakistan has been fighting against homegrown militants in Khyber and pressing a major assault designed to crush Taliban sanctuaries in South Waziristan.

    Authorities last month shut schools across Pakistan following a suicide attack on a university campus in Islamabad, although most have since reopened.

    A question to all those who are proclaiming the greatness of Islam. For what purpose any one should convert to your religion?

    You do not allow girls to even study, let alone live a dignified life. You keep them covered from head to toe in a black veil and use them as “baby making machines”. And some where in the Quran I have read that majority of women will go to hell only!!

    • Midhun

      Dont go so far to Peshawar. In kerala itself, you can see Muslim girls attending Medical, engineering, graduate courses and leading a decent life. The same is happening through out India, Middle east, Tunisia, Iran and many more. You cannot blame Islam or mulims for a blast in Peshawar.
      IF we start mailing back and forth the action done by the hardliners of various religions and ideologies, there will not be an end. There is nothing good in doing so

      • JGN

        Midhun, I am not talking about common criminals. The Taliban claims the authority of your BOOK for blasting the girl’s schools. According to them girls are not supposed to study. They should confine themselves within the four walls of their houses and should be accompanied by a male relative when going out, that too covered from head to toe in a black veil (the Djinn follows females the moment they step out of their homes!!!!!!!!!). Who is responsible for blasting 200 Schools in Swat valley itself during the past two years? Sanghies or Zionists?

        In almost all West Asian countries girls are not allowed to study beyond Class V. India is a kafir country. Why do you take the example of kafir countries?

        When you claim that “Islam is the perfect way”, that perfection should be visible to others also. Proof of pudding is in eating. There is a saying in Malayalam which roughly translates to “the picture of a cow in the book cannot eat grass” (ettile pashu pullu thinnilla). What ever good is there in your BOOK is negated by the actions of its followers.

        • Midhun

          Its according to Taliban. Not Islam. In Islamic history women learnt even warfare and archery. Whether India or Saudi, a muslim’s responsibility is the same. Prophet (PBUH) has taught us “knowledge is a muslims lost property. He is the first person to take it”. Talking about west Asian countries, you should keep a closer watch. Tunisia, Iran, Egypt etc are giving more importance now a days for girl students.

          • JGN

            Then give women equal right in all Counries (including India where they are not allowed to enter the mosques). Unite all West Asian Countries and then talk about your imaginary Ummah. If Muslims believed in Ummah, there would not have been so many small countries, some of them even smaller than our little Goa, in West Asia.

            Saudi is supposed to be the role model for you. Why they do not allow voting rights or even give driving licence to women?

            • Midhun

              Muslim women are allowed o enter the mosques in most, if not all the Arab nations. In India, the orthodox portion of Muslims are still opposing to women going to mosques. But the relatively modern muslims do support women entering mosques. This is because prophet had allowed this.

              The so called muslim nations in West Asia are still ruled by despots and autocratic rulers. In most of the countries the main opposition are Islamists and they are cruelly tortuered.The EU and USA who talk about democracy in Iran are quite happy with the Arab autocrates.
              Insha Allah a time will come when the despots will be overturned and the peoples will will be established.Then only the unified Ummah can come into being.
              Saudi is not a role model for us. There is no proper type election there. Better to take example of Iran in this regard.

            • MRK

              In Ancient India low caste women were not allowed to dressed well. After Mughals came here and they allowed them to dressed well

              • sanjaychoudhry

                This is nonsense. Caste system did not exist in ancient or medieval India. It is the Muslims who forced non-Muslim women to dress like that.

              • JGN

                MRK, is this what you call dress “decently”??

                “A Saudi Sheikh recently issued a fatwa stating that women who wear the niqab (full face veil) are only allowed to show one eye, covering the other along with the rest of their bodies.

                Sheikh Mohamed Al-Habdan issued that decree during his appearance on Al-Majd satellite channel.

                “When Ibn Abbas [known for his knowledge and his interpretations of the Quran and the Prophet’s sayings] was reading the holy Quranic verse that mentions the veil, he covered his face and one eye, while showed a little of his other eye and said: this is the face veil, just enough to be able to see the way,” Al-Habdan said.

                He went on to urge Muslim women who wear the niqab to adjust it so that it only shows one of their eyes, adding that showing both eyes is “Islamically incorrect.”

                Are you guys not able to control yourselves even at the sight of both eyes of a woman? Why do you want to make the females of your specie look like moving tents??

                Btw “God” created Eve in the nude and she was roaming around in “birthday suit” still Saatan tempted her to eat some forbidden fruit. So the “most merciful creator” could not have any objection if the females do not cover from head to toe in a black veil.

              • JGN

                Yes, the Moghuls came here for “civilizing” the natives!!!!!!! We all should be eternally grateful to the Islamic invaders and the European colonizers for their mercies. Had they not come here and plundered the wealth and exploited other natural resources (including the native girls), the Indian sub-continent might have submerged in the Arabian Sea or Bay of Bengal.

        • MRK


          The religion of Budha, was from India, But now where are they???Who made them out of India????

  68. Ramesh

    RSS was the first to bring such idea to convert Muslim girls in the early 90’s. The growth of RSS was prevented by the brilliant people in Kerala (appreciate all hindus, muslims & Christians). there were leaflets distributed bewteen RSS members for the hidden agenda to love and convert Muslims.

    If there is ‘Love Jihad’ in india, definitly there is ‘Romeo Cross’ and ‘Prema Thrishoolam’.

    India is such a beautiful country with many religions, Sang Parivar is trying to demolish the friendliness.

    Moreover, Love is a holy feeling, just let it go..
    dont bann it with the religoious boundaries..

    • JGN

      Ramesh, Love is a holy feeling …. so long as it is not with some hidden agenda! To my knowledge Velapally Natesan is not an RSS Pracharak nor the Churches in Kerala are very fond of them. A few weeks I had read about the plight of a married Christian lady with two daughters. She was confined by some miscreants in Ponnnai and was not even allowed to meet her husband. After much persuation, she was allowed to meet her husband for just five minutes, that too in the presence of some clerics. That case is now in the Courts in Kerala.

      Also we would be obliged if you can provide us some information about “Court Cases”filed by muslim girls against the Romeo Cross’ and ‘Prema Thrishoolam’ in Kerala. Just talking in the air is not enough (and you failed miserably in your al-taqiya technique)!!!

    • Indian

      Dear Ramesh,
      Indeed , India is such a beautiful country with many religions .Undoubtedly we owe this to Hindus who lived here making it peaceful . Beacause they were the one who accepted every belief openly & tolerated everything in way !!Fakira , a muslim historian wrote total population of Hindus in 1200 century in Bharat was 12 crore and at the time of independance the total population of India was 30 crore !! What happened to the difference ??? It`s history now.

      L-O-V-E…such a holy feeling but why should be applied only to Hindus ?? …Muslims chase their daughters to death if she expresses this feeling in her own way…Christians (in India) has their own way to restrict this feeling…!!
      If a Hindu raise voice against this…then media term it as caste ridden,backward , non-secular etc etc. Why is it so ?? Tell me how many actors in indian film industry married to muslim girls & hindu girls ??

      Do not blame anything onto RSS , it would never try such a cheap gimmick to lure girls…it never had…the only thing it does it to give clarion call to it`s brother ” Arise & Awake “. It has it`s own strategy & ideology .

      May god bless me ,you & all !!

  69. MRK

    Why Hindu Girls Love Muslims ????

  70. The Omniscient

    This is the comment I posted on the debate about Rizwanur Rehman case in Kolkatta. It is valid here also to a large extent.

    Non muslim girls marrying muslims are doomed to be a disaster. My objections:

    > the girls will be invariably from affluent families and the husband can not afford to maintain her earlier lifestyle
    > the girls brought up in liberal circumstances can not adjust to the suffocating surroundings for women in Islam
    > in Islam marriage is a contract and can be terminated by the husband by uttering triple talaaq; in Pakistan Hindu girls are regularly abducted, forcibly converted and married off to muslims. Six months later, they are abandoned and they become destitutes. The status of women in Islam is worse beyond imagination.
    > I can not accept a teacher marrying his own student; it is against professional ethics.
    > the boy has brought dishonour to the family and he should be killed to protect the honour of the family. This is in accordance with shariaat.
    > Ram Madhav earlier quoted the instance of a UP senior IAS officer married to a muslim lady. Their son died and there was virtually a war whether to cremate or to bury.
    > Culturally they are poles apart and the marriage will never work
    > there is a definite attempt by muslim boys to lure Hindu/Christian girls to marriage; it is an effort to increase the market share
    > Betty Mohamed, an American lady, married an Iranian doctor and after seven years, she was persuaded to go to Iran with the daughter; the husband became a fanatic and started imposing Arab customs on them. She escaped to USA after great difficulty and she has written a book, ”Not Without My Daughter”. It is favourite present when any American girl marries a muslim. It is also filmed.
    > muslim girls can cope up with marriage because they brainwashed from birth
    > US state department has brought out a booklet advising American ladies against marrying muslims

    What is your response

    • JGN

      Noted columnist, Tavleen Singh had married a Pakistani muslim. Her son has recently written a book (though I can’t recollect his name nor the name of his book).

  71. VoP

    Massive protest against Love Jihad -Sikh girl lured and converted to Islam in Jammu


    The VIRUS is spreading..

  72. M.A.SASTRY

    Muslims are outsiders to India. Their loyalties are outside the borders of India. Their motto is to destroy the culture of this country. Their icons are Dawood Ibrahim, Osama Bin Laden, Mulla Omar, Ajmal Kasab and the like. Their intentions are clear while some of them try to talk differently. They don’t respect India’s National Song and the National Flag. I don’t know if their brothers in U.S.A. or elsewhere are similar. It is not wise to argue with them. The best way is to keep off. They have to their support some ‘bhrashtachari’ politicians and parties. Attacks on ‘Bharateeya Samskriti’ were there since ages. The rakshasas killed the rishis and attempted disrupt vedic rituals. The Mughals destroyed the religious structures and burnt the scriptures. But none could touch the eternal ‘Bharateeya Samskriti’. Some haywires may go astray. Elsewhere in the world some of the most ancient cultures were destroyed after the advent of some new faiths. The parents are to be faulted if their girls are falling prey to ‘love jihadists’.

  73. It is indeed very sad that Love Jihad has been ruled out by HC and by other police enquiry reports.. I feel sad for those people who religiously and patrioticaly argued against love jihadists. Maybe that time and effort could have been spent on something better in life…


  75. shad

    Indeed, I was searching for something else and I found this thread real funny. Well to be frank, I’m born of a Muslim father and a Hindu mother. I really don’t follow either, I’m not atheist, all I know is I’m human. Theoretically I’ve been researching on religions, cultures and history for quite sometime now. I’m saying all these that you people just don’t take this in the wrong sense.

    The whole thing I could find in this thread is that you people keep blaming each other and the beliefs or religions for what you’ve done to yourself! It’s not the religions, it’s not the philosophies, it’s not someone who came here or someone who was born here! It’s just the people who are being selfish. Think madly that they are the finest, think they have the salvation.. what ever crap. Why don’t you guyz live this very short life as you are?

    Don’t help anyone, don’t see the smile in others face or find others crying, don’t think about people out there starving while you keep fighting, but at least let them live theirs!!!

    • VoP

      “preach” that to Jihadis and love jihadis. Let us know if you come back with your head intact. Yes, let the Hindu and Christian women “at least let them live theirs!!!”

  76. NSJ

    I think God has given only very less brain to hindu girls to understand hindu religion. If they understand hindu religion, they will not convert to islam.

    so.., dear hindu brothers please teach your girls the religion

  77. JGN


    >>>>>>>Again you were talking Rubbish….GOD creator of everyone….GOD merciful to everyone….GOD created to test everyone…..Pray and seek help from GOD only…..There is an end of this world….After that GOD will Justice All, regards to their deeds….this is the truth…..>>>>> which GOD are you talking about? The jealous West Asian Gods (Jehovah, Holy Trinity and Allah) or the democratic Indian Gods said to be numbering 330 million? If “GOD created to test everyone” why can’t he/she/it test every one at the place where such an entity is located instead of sending them to planet earth? Have you ever heard of students from IIT Kanpur being tested at MIT, USA or IIM Ahmedabad students being tested at Harvard Business School? And what kind ot “test” is being conducted without being equal chance to every one? Then why your God is killing infants? Why are they not allowed to live thier life in full?? If your God is merciful to every one, there would not have been so much inequalities on planet earth.

  78. Indian

    I wondered when I read this news because of why people are crazy about that; nowadays nobody either Hindu, Muslim or Christian is practicing religion in their life but only in names like Rama, Mohammed, Joseph etc. If a Radha getting a good life partner of her wish when changing her name to Fatima .. Fine .. go ahead, and if Fatima get a better life partner when changing her name to Radha also very fine.. go ahead… while both Radha and Fatima are names.. am I right or not…?

    • Tshazia Lakshmi

      Absolutely you are right brother, as a converted Muslim girl I can certify that Islam is 100% protective for women from chova dosham or any inhumanity of Hinduism. My sister being suffering from chova dosham and only because of it she cannot get married till now. When I met a Muslim youth (now my husband) I felt in his behavior, I realized that the high values of his life he gained only from Islam which I tried to study myself and become a Muslim, now I am very happy and I feel secure in my life. Al hamd lillah

      • sanjaychoudhry

        Are you snorting something? Or are you someone with a long beard pretending to be a female convert? Chowa dosham or Mangal dosham just show presence of Mars in your horoscope, which is supposed to have some ill-effects on your prospects unless remedies are taken. Mullah jee, you are caught.

      • JGN

        Tshazia Lakshmi, then pl read “Wahi – the Supernatural Natural Basis of Islam” By Dr. Koenraad ELST and “X-Rated Paradise of Islam” by Answar Sheikh (himself a Pakistani muslim). I think P.K. Kunjali Kutty also gained his “high value of life only from Islam”!! Hope you have heard of his “Ice-cream” business.

        Yes, Islam is 100% protective of women. Some Saudi Clerics have recently issued a fatwa that women should not even show both eyes. They become horny even at the sight of both eyes of a woman and can’t control themselves. Hundreds of girl’s Schools have been blasted in Afghanistan, Swat, etc as there is no need for girls to study.

        • Tshazia Lakshmi

          I did not read the book you mentioned also I am not bothered about Kunjalikutty or any men like him, I just looking to Quraan and Hdith what it saying which are 100% supportive to women. You just go through Quraan instead of reading other articles or meet a true Islamic scholar to know about Islam if you wish to know. I am sorry if I hurt you. When you find something good in front of you why you should turn your face instead of accepting the truth. I was a practicing Hindu up to my 21st age, but when I read about Islam and its values I realized the truth and the way which I were, was wrong. Now I am a perfect Muslim and living very happily, you just try to meet a converted man or women they will explain you how they feel the life. I think you have a good knowledge and good personality which reflecting in your words. So I hereby request you to read some Islamic articles too. Thank you.

          • sanjaychoudhry

            Do you dye your beard with henna?

            • JGN

              Yes, Sanjay, these poor guys cannot even dye their beard or hair in black as the clerics in Deband has issued a fatwa against the same. They are telling that dyeing in black amounts to cheating the “most merciful creator”!!

          • JGN

            Tshazia Lakshmi, I am also interested in knowing the “truth”. Can you pl explain what exactly you found so that I can also correct myself. Any way I am not a “practicing hindu”. So I have no problem in accepting any religion. More over by converting to Islam I also get a chance to have up to four at a time on planet earth and also get an entry into the Paradise stocked with abundant supply of wine, women, water, fruits, etc. There is no fun in Hindu and Christian heaven. A few Apsaras in the Hindu heaven are meant for the entertainment of gods and for spying (like seducing some Rishis, etc).

            • Tshazia Lakshmi

              The truth is that there is only one GOD almighty and there is no division between human being either he or she, black or white, Wealthy or poor, Asian or American and so on… human being are equal and almighty GOD looks to the heart of people not to the outlook. One who do virtue he will be rewarded one who do sin he will be punished. And as a woman, I found the good quality in Islam is that a good Muslim should be very well-being to his wife and all the prosperity depends upon our work no relation to the star of women, women will be highly respected in Muslim community.
              The subject four wives at a time, is depending and it is too good instead of having a wife and several lovers. Islam puts a limit but in other community there is no limit but only Indian law.

              • JGN

                If your Almighty is “most merciful” there would not have been so much inequalities on planet earth. While some people live in war torn Somalia, some others live in the middle of all luxuaries in London or New York, still some others live in third world countries where even drinking water is a scarce commodity.

                What is the justificaion for your “most merciful creator” killing even infants? While Noah lived upto the age of 950 years, your Prophet Mohammed died at the age of 63 years and his only son died while he was still an infant!! The Allah described in The Quran seems to be more vengeful than a Las Vegas Mafia Don.

                Except Muslims, nobody else bothers about what their “BOOK” says. All civilized socities, the world over follows monogamy.

                Are you comfortable being one among four wives of a person? There were a series of articles in Mathrubhumi a few months back, initiated by Kanthapuram Abu Bakar Mussaliar about the desirability of having four wives. One of the reason given by him was, having more than one wife is essential as they cannot have sexual intercourse during their monthly period. Are you telling that Muslim men cannot control themselves even for three days?? Another reason given by him was while women loss their sexuality at about 45-50 years, men’s sexuality lasts till his death. So men can marry girls young enough to be their grand-daughters, women should be satisfied with one husband only. Why women are not allowed to have even a second husband if the first one is bed-ridden due to some accident is not able to satisfy her sexually or is impotent??

                Btw the second, third or fourth wives are always from very poor families. Have you seen any Mullah or a rich Muslim giving his daughter as second, third or fourth wife of a person? Is this not exploitation of the poor girls?

                And the “truth” is that there is NO God. The fun-filled Paradise existed only in the fertile imagination of some sur-realistic visionaries. Nobody has come back after death to tell stories in heaven/hell.

  79. Tshazia Lakshmi

    Brother, I would like to say again I am not bothered about the person what they saying… either kanthapuram or anybody else, I told you to look to Quraan and quote something from Quraan then I will agree with you, you telling that there is no GOD , Ok I can accept your argument if you suggest me the answer for the following questions:-
    1. Who is the creator and director of the universe? Can you say it is self made..?
    2. Who will judge the good and wrong….?
    3. Who will punish the men who are doing the crimes without having any proof that they are behind this…?
    4. Who will reward the men who are doing good things to human being..?
    And so on the questions many… ask yourself and find answers..

    • JGN

      Tshazia Lakshmi, it seems that you are another chela of the great aalim Dr. Zakir Naik. Ok. I am asking a question based on The Quran:

      2:217 They question thee (O Muhammad) with regard to warfare in the sacred month. Say: Warfare therein is a great (transgression), but to turn (men) from the way of Allah, and to disbelieve in Him and in the Inviolable Place of Worship, and to expel His people thence, is a greater with Allah; for persecution is worse than killing. And they will not cease from fighting against you till they have made you renegades from your religion, if they can. And whoso becometh a renegade and dieth in his disbelief: such are they whose works have fallen both in the world and the Hereafter. Such are rightful owners of the Fire: they will abide therein.


      So those who die in their disbelief will burn forever in the Fire……………….can you tell me whether Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr will burn in hell fire as they died in “disbelief” ??

  80. Tshazia Lakshmi

    My answer for your question is one who do virtue with having faith in GOD, he will be rewarded and one who do sin he will be punished. Mahatma Ghandi and Martin Luther king are good in our vision, but how we know what is the vision of GOD about them. Allah does not look to our outlook but he looks to the heart of human.

  81. Tshazia Lakshmi

    Advantages of Islam:-
    There is no GOD but Allah
    Worship only to Allah
    Who respects to Allah he is most noble
    Who prays to Allah he will be fearless
    Allah is almighty and most merciful, prays to him only
    Don’t be disappointed with mercy of Allah
    Encourage virtue and discourage sins
    Say only truth even unfavorable to you
    Advice people to the truth
    Do not defame others
    Do not mock others
    Don’t be; jealousy, proudly, miser and splurge
    Don’t be false witness
    Speak politely, do not speak rudely
    Don’t keep haughtiness in walking
    Forbear others mistake, deal with politely
    Do not say about your kindness for your proud
    Do not violate the agreement or contract
    Cooperate with virtue and do not cooperate with sins
    Do not injustice to anybody
    Do not be falsity in measures and weighing
    Do not mix true and false
    Do not deceit anybody
    Do not take other’s wealth which is not belong to you
    Do not splurge the wealth
    Do not approach with intoxication, bribe, interest and fornication

    • Bhushan

      What about the disadvantages?

      – Disrespecting other religions
      – Polygamy/ease of marriage and divorce
      – Completely male dominated, women are considered slaves
      – Refusing to join the mainstream/ always living in clusters
      – Marching to the masjid every week and blindly following the Imam, even when he calls for the killing of your neighbour

      • Bhushan

        I forgot stoning, chopping off hands and other parts decided as per the whim and fancy of the powerful, and constructing a masjid where ever there is another place of worship — temple, church, etc — if not over it.

  82. Tshazia Lakshmi

    Most guessing are might be wrong; so do not guess
    Do not make trouble in planet earth, make unity between people
    Discuss the problems and find out solutions
    No high and low positions between human being, no rupture between human being
    Do not imitate others blindly
    Priesthood is not allowed
    Cover your nudity
    Always keep cleanness mentally and physically
    Keep without angry
    Do not enter to others home without their permission
    Do favor to your father and mother, do not speak rudely to them
    Write-down your borrows both payer and borrower
    Majority is not the criteria of truth
    Both men and women have same compensation to their jobs
    Leadership of family to men
    Give high value to the one who have knowledge
    Choose your leaders based on their gumption
    Obey to all prophets
    Dress neatly while worship
    No forcing in religion
    When get in trouble or sorrows keep patience
    Struggle against bad manners
    Communalism not allowed
    Love your home country
    Visit the patients
    Accept the invitations
    Respect your guests

  83. Tshazia Lakshmi

    Do not believe the untruth even if it from your beloved one
    Be merciful to the children and respect your elders
    Removing obstacles from the paths is part of believe
    One who serve the people by himself, is a believer
    Abuser, shouter (with bad words) is not a believer
    If you hide others draw back Allah will hide your draw back on judgment day
    Jealous will erase your virtues like fire eats wood
    Jealous only in two, in gain knowledge and spent wealth in good things
    Do not fix more prices to the things already fixed price by others
    Do not insult, cheat or threaten others
    Do not wail or say offensive about dead person
    The powerful person is not one who success in wrestling but one control self when get angry
    Make easy to people not make trouble, make happy to people do not overawe
    Always keeping smile is also a virtue
    When you are with children be like a child
    Keep Parsimony it will inspire you to cut relationship
    Do not forget benisons which is disloyalty
    Put soil in the mouth of one flatter you
    No food better than you gained by self hand
    Allah says, I will in enmity on judgment day with whom deny to pay the rights of workers
    Knowledge is the lost wealth of believer, one who gains will be lucky
    Power If found in undeserved hand, expect judgment day
    The best among you is the one who behaves best with his wife

    • JGN

      >>>Knowledge is the lost wealth of believer>>>then how come the kafirs are making all new inventions? Jews, the people most disliked by your Allah, has made maximum number of inventions, followed by Christians, Hindus, Buddhists, etc. There was only one Nobel laurate from over 1.5 billion muslims, that too an Ahmediya whom you do not consider as a muslim!

      The Arabs do not have even the technology for refining hydro-carbon (crude oil) which is their bread and butter (or kaboos).

      • MRK

        ” The life of this world is alluring to those who reject faith, and they scoff at those who believe. But the righteous will be above them on the Day of Resurrection; for Allah bestows His abundance without measure on whom He will.” [Surah2:212]

        • JGN

          >>>>>>Allah bestows His abundance without measure on whom He will>>>>then such an entity is not impartial but acts of whims and fancy!

          More than 1400 years have passed since Mohammed made all these promises but nobody has got anything till date.

          • Muslim

            JGN, Have you actually read the Quran? Why do you assume that your relative cultural values are the measuring bar by which you find truth?

            What is the purpose of your life? Where did you come from?
            Rid your heart of the hate. Only Islam can give you peace.

            • sanjaychoudhry

              We have seen the kind of peace Pakistan and Afghanistan and Sudan are enjoying. Islam can only give peace of the graveyard.

  84. Tshazia Lakshmi

    Allah will reward soon for donation and keeping relationship
    Religion for virtue
    Do not let land uncultivated
    Prevent crimes with your hands
    Do not make trouble in society
    The anger to a community let you not to do injustice with them
    Do not attack or punish animals with fire
    Do favor and justice to everybody either Muslim or non Muslim
    The “Zakah” is right of poor man not your kindness.
    and so on….

    • IndianOcean

      Can you remove the word “Lakshmi” after your name. Your God will not accept other religions name except Arab names. You may be sent to Hell for doing this mistake. Normally all Muslims will select names for their babies from Arab dictionary rather than their local.

  85. JGN

    Tshazia Lakshmi, I am really impressed with your knowledge of Islam. Why don’t you go to Afghanistan and Pakistan to teach the Talibanis also about all these good things? If you come back in one piece, I will defnitely convert to Islam.

    • MRK


      you are Critics of everything…..criticise everything….Please tell the truth,right path,right ideology,how be sucessful…..without telling anything….if someone telling about islam you are going for Arabs doing this….Taliban doing that….Mughals done this……Muslims not believing in Taliban or Arabs or Mughals…….Muslim have their own scriptures ……their believes based on these scriptures……If you have any doubt based in this scriptures point out the chapter and sentences and check with someone well with these scriptures……

      • Abdul Hakam Siraj

        May Allah give you reward for the work . look at people blessed with knowledge yet not understood . Surely Allah has command over every thing,our job is just being thankful to him day and night for the guidence we received.
        May Allah keep everyone in the righ path
        Quran Chapter-45
        23. Have you seen him who takes his own lust (vain desires) as his ilâh (god), and Allâh knowing (him as such), left him astray, and sealed his hearing and his heart, and put a cover on his sight. Who then will guide him after Allâh? Will you not then remember?

        24. And they say: “There is nothing but our life of this world, we die and we live and nothing destroys us except Ad-Dahr (the time)[]. And they have no knowledge of it, they only conjecture.

        25. And when Our Clear Verses are recited to them, their argument is no other than that they say: “Bring back our (dead) fathers, if you are truthful!”

        26. Say (to them): “Allâh gives you life, then causes you to die, then He will assemble you on the Day of Resurrection about which there is no doubt. But most of mankind know not.”

        27. And to Allâh belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. And on the Day that the Hour will be established, on that Day the followers of falsehood (polytheists, disbelievers, worshippers of false deities, etc.) shall lose (everything).

        28. And you will see each nation humbled to their knees (kneeling), each nation will be called to its Record (of deeds). This Day you shall be recompensed for what you used to do.

        29. This Our Record speaks about you with truth. Verily, We were recording what you used to do (i.e. Our angels used to record your deeds).

        30. Then, as for those who believed (in the Oneness of Allâh Islâmic Monotheism) and did righteous good deeds, their Lord will admit them to His Mercy. That will be the evident success.

        31. But as for those who disbelieved (it will be said to them): “Were not Our Verses recited to you? But you were proud, and you were a people who were Mujrimûn (polytheists, disbelievers, sinners, criminals).”

        32. And when it was said: “Verily! Allâh’s Promise is the truth, and there is no doubt about the coming of the Hour,” you said; “We know not what is the Hour, we do not think it but as a conjecture, and we have no firm convincing belief (therein).”

        33. And the evil of what they did will appear to them, and they will be completely encircled by that which they used to mock at!

        34. And it will be said: “This Day We will forget you as you forgot the Meeting of this Day of yours. And your abode is the Fire, and there is none to help you.”

        35. This, because you took the revelations of Allâh (this Qur’ân) in mockery, and the life of the world deceived you. So this Day, they shall not be taken out from there (Hell)[], nor shall they be Yustâ’tabûn (i.e. they shall not return to the worldly life, so that they repent to Allâh, and beg His Pardon for their sins).

        36. So all the praises and thanks are to Allâh, the Lord of the heavens and the Lord of the earth, and the Lord of the ‘Alamîn (mankind, jinns and all that exists).

        37. And His (Alone) is the Majesty in the heavens and the earth, and He is the All-Mighty, the All-Wise

  86. Anonymous

    Dear choudary

    Pls see the judgment of Jsts. Sreedharan pillay on Love jihad ..in Kerala and think …will god forgive you for the lies so far you made?..

  87. Seena Muneer

    I red whole story about Love Jihad, all about this story belong to our great Malayalam Media specially Manorama,
    Now days all media simply flashing breaking news without any facts and figure, they saying 4000people convertated, at least let them give 10 lovers details…?did they give..?
    And in Islam against love marrage,if any Muslim boy married Hindu/Christen girl why medial blaming Islam ……

  88. JGN

    @ Muslim – then pl read the following article:

    AISHA Ibrahim Duhulow was 13 years old when she was buried up to her neck in the Somali port city of Kismayu on Oct 27 and stoned to death by 50 men belonging to the Islamic group Al Shahab.

    A truckload of stones was brought to the field where this murder took place. When a few members of the thousand-strong spectators tried to save the girl, Al Shahab gunmen opened fire, accidentally shooting a little boy.

    It did not take long to kill Aisha. She had been accused of fornication, although according to her bereft father, she had gone to complain of being raped by three men. Her rapists remain at large, and there has been no attempt to apprehend them.

    A fortnight later, outside Mirwais Nika Girls High School in Kandahar, a group of 15 schoolgirls were attacked by two men who threw acid at them, blinding two and injuring the rest. All the girls had been covered in all-enveloping burkas, so they could not have been accused of dressing immodestly. We remember all too well that the Taliban had closed down all schools for girls when they were in power. To date, they have blown up 123 schools in Swat alone. Nor should we forget that our home-grown Taliban have been blowing up educational institutions for girls wherever they can.

    Gruesome crimes against women are not uncommon in other countries, but nowhere else do those responsible claim religious sanction for their viciousness. Presumably, both the Somali and the Afghan perpetrators of these cruel attacks claim they acted in the name of their faith. Unfortunately, they get away with this patently absurd argument time after time. No religion condones such hideous acts.

    I also mention these crimes here despite the fact that they have been reported around the world simply to identify the enemy. Far too many people here have taken to shrugging off such excesses committed in the name of Islam, while foaming at the mouth about the inequities of the West. For instance, I do not recall any religious group or leader condemning these vile crimes against innocent young girls. Indeed, I would be happy to know if these attacks were even brought up on any of the TV chat shows that feature so many studio warriors who threaten to take up cudgels against the world in defence of our sovereignty.

    There is incessant talk in our media about the American drone attacks. Another constant refrain is about the need to ‘talk to the Taliban’. And yet hardly any voices are being raised against these criminals who are killing Pakistanis, disrupting the lives of thousands across the tribal areas as well as elsewhere in Pakistan, and butchering anybody who opposes them.

    I mentioned last week that for the first time since 1965, I find myself supporting our army as it fights to protect us from the armed gangs of terrorists on the Afghan border. At the same time, I find it puzzling that those who have always supported the army politically have now turned against our soldiers who are risking their lives against a ruthless foe. Another irony, of course, is that many liberals and leftists are implicitly supporting the Taliban by demanding that western forces quit Afghanistan. Do they seriously think the Taliban would lay down their arms and return to their villages if their demand was met?

    So great is the fury of millions of Pakistanis against the West that they are making common cause with the most reactionary forces in the country. While they do not support the Taliban openly, they would rather have these stone-age holy warriors take over large swathes of the country than have Pakistan fight them in concert with western forces in Afghanistan. The reality is that just as the enemy is united in its efforts to take over Kabul and Islamabad, fighting them will take greater coordination and cooperation between our troops and Isaf and American forces in Afghanistan.

    The examples of fanaticism I gave above are directly linked to the ideology that drives the Taliban. And while their supporters in Pakistan and elsewhere in the Muslim world would like to distance themselves from such extreme manifestations of religiosity, their refusal to condemn these acts encourages the forces of darkness.

    Often, Taliban supporters justify this complete disregard for civilised norms by citing the many (and deplorable) accidental deaths caused by western forces in Afghanistan and, through drone attacks, in Pakistan. But surely, young Aisha in Kismayu, or the schoolgirls in Kandahar, cannot be blamed for collateral damage caused by foreign forces elsewhere.

    It is this moral relativism that has come to characterise so much of the thinking in the Muslim world. Thus, the American invasion of Iraq is used to justify atrocities committed by the Taliban and their clones from Turkey to Indonesia. Indeed, as the jihad has gone global, these holy warriors are being cheered on by myopic Muslims around the world.

    So where is this conflict headed? Is there any light at the end of the tunnel? Frankly, I can’t see any. A major problem in this kind of war in which one side seeks total victory is that there is very little room for negotiations. In our case, the Taliban do not have territorial claims in the classical sense: they are not demanding the creation of a ‘Greater Pakhtunistan’, for instance.

    Had this been their goal, I, for one, would certainly recommend that we consider this option. But what they want is nothing short of the imposition of their benighted version of the Sharia in all of Afghanistan and Pakistan. And their mentors in Al Qaeda have even more extreme demands, none of which are negotiable.

    Clearly, we are caught up in a war without any end in sight. And yet, fighting against our own people is always a painful proposition, not that the enemy has any qualms at killing their countrymen in the most brutal ways imaginable. There has been much talk about bringing socio-economic development to the battle zones on both sides of the border. But how do you implement such projects when these terrorists slaughter any aid worker they find?

    So whenever somebody supports the Taliban, just remind him about Aisha, and the schoolgirls blinded in Kandahar – The blood of innocents By Irfan Husain in The Dawn, Karachi

  89. Sandeep

    Love Jihad should be called “Taqiyya by love”. This phenomenon is in sync with the concept of Taqiyya (deception in order to spread Islam).

    Love Jihad, as we know, is an organized way of executing a plan through the student’s wing called NDF to con Hindu and Christian girls with the malicious intent to convert and moreover use them as breeding cows. The Hindu and Christian organization taking up the issue are receiving threatening calls from Saudi Arabia that in itself is very interesting to note. Conning Love with an intend to covert is criminal.

    The Centre says there is no Love Jihad. Jokes apart, I would like to bring to your notice that the Kerala HC says there is. It does reflect Centre’s consistent policy of appeasement.

    There is something called learning form History. Defending against a discreet nefarious movement cannot be termed as malicious unless the Hindu and Christian organizations who have taken up this issue themselves have a nefarious design.

    From now on, we should pity guys and girls from different religious falling genuinely in love. But we cannot be oblivious to facts. Islam in real sense as followed by Rumi is fine but under radicals it increasingly becomes perverted.

    It is a notion that the girls and boys are matured. There are many who are not matured enough and susceptible to conning. Every day, in India much matured age old people who have seen this world in its true colour still succumb to financial conning, so leave it there.

    Love and maturity many of the times do not mix and match. To understand that, you need to Love at least once in life time.

    There is no doubt about the decision-making power of any mature Indian woman. But again, I repeat the old phrase “Love is blind.” Decisions taken being in Love can go horribly wrong when your partner you trust most is the one who has the despicable intend.

    And when this entire phenomenon is organized, it becomes infidelity of inconceivable enormity.

    People oblivious to facts are just a bane to society.

    The Kerala High Court Judge observed there was a movement called ‘Love Jihad’ or ‘Romeo Jihad’ conceived by some Muslims in Kerala. THE HIGH COURT of Kerala has found merit in the argument that some discreet organisations are active in the state to entice nubile girls in the name of love and later convert them to Islam by dubious methods.

    Jihani Romeos, are instructed to love a Hindu girl within the time frame of 2 weeks and brainwash them to get converted and marry within 6 months. Special instructions to breed at least 4 kids have also been given. If the target won’t get trapped within first 2 weeks, they are instructed to leave them and move on to another girl.

  90. S

    “La Ilaha Illal Lah Muhammed Ur RasoolaAllah”

    Translated into English the above sentence reads – “There is no deity but Allah, and Muhammad is his sole prophet”

    The word “prophet” can be translated as “pimp”, or “broker”, or “C&F agent”.

    We have a muhammadan troll on board.

  91. Anonymous

    Actually this whole concept of love Jihad was started by Mr. Akbar when he invaded India and lured Jodha bai (then Queen of some province-Brain Washed-hahaha) at that time Mr. Akbar was being funded by one of the poorest country in the world Saudi Arabia (No oil discovered) the legacy then passed on to the Bollywood stars like Sharukh khan who married a Punjabi girl called Gauri Khan, and Amir Khan who married Kiran a hindu girl. And these richest bollywood stars were being funded by resource less country Somalia. And now this threating nail biting shivering nuclear bomb like danger has entered Kerala.
    Does any one believe in this crap??

    The very fact that 4000 well educated people would reject your Idea and accept other idea is…….

    Idiots you don’t have to get your brain out of your head and stab it to know the answer……the simple answer is the other Idea is better than yours.!!
    4000 well educated girls being brain washed is the most absurd claim I have ever heard of.

    Actually this matter should be reported to the narcotics department because 4000 girls cannot be brain washed without the use of some kind of dangerous drug.

    I believe these Love Jihadis should join the police and brain wash the criminals and make them believe that actually they are drain cleaners. All the overflowing drainage problem of our country will be solved.

    If some one actually believes in this concept called Love Jihad, in my humble opinion needs the best psychologist in the world.

    I heard the interview of one such so called brain washed girl and she just couldn’t control her laughter when she heard this so called Love Jihad. She said that the term love Jihad is itself is ridiculous.

    • JGN

      My dear Anonymous, when over 1.5 billion people can be brainwashed into beliveing that the utterings of a mentally deranged Arab was the words of some “most merciful creator” and they are ready to blow themselves up for getting seventy two virgins and twenty eight hairless boys in an imaginary life here-after, what is so great in brainwashing a few hundred girls? Search for X-Rated Paradise of Islam by Anwar Shekih and Wahi – the supernatural basis of Islam for more details.

  92. Moeenuddeen

    I greet you with the Islamic Greeting Assalamulaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuhu (May God’s peace blessings and Mercy be on all of you)
    Dear Hindu brothers and sisters The Glorious Qur’an says:

    ’Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from error’
    [Al-Qur’an 2:256]
    If it had been thy Lord’s Will, they would all have believed_ all those who are on earth! Will thou then compel mankind, against their will , to believe!
    No soul can believe, except by the Will of Allah, and He will place Doubt (or Obscurity) on those who will not understand. [Al-Quran Ch:10 V:99-100]

    So there is no way that the Muslims could or should ever use force or deceit to revert others to Islam.

    For my Muslim brothers:
    ‘Invite (all) to the way of thy Lord with wisdom and beautiful preaching;
    and argue with them in ways that are best and most gracious.’ [Al-Qur’an 16:125]

    The Holy Quran says in Surah Anam, Chapter 6, Verse. No. 108, ‘Revile not ye those whom they worship besides Allah – lest out of spite, they revile Allah Subhana Wa Taala in their ignorance’

    • JGN

      My dear Moeenuddeen, pl quote 2:257 also. What a merciful creator to burn me in hell fire for eternity just for not believing in him!!!

  93. Moeenuddeen

    God says in the Holy Qur’an
    ‘Say: O people of the Book come to common terms as between you and us. That we worship none but Allah, that we associate no partners with Him. That we erect not from amongst ourselves, Lords and patrons other than Allah. If then they turn back, say: Bear witness that we at least are Muslims bowing to the will of Allah’. Note: People of the Book means Jews and Christians.

    • sanjaychoudhry

      Brother, I invite you to Hinduism.

      • JGN

        Sanjay, I invite both of you to “Rastafarianism”. There is added advantage of continued life rather than waiting for unpredictable “re-birth” and endless wait for the “last day of judgement”. Or still better we all can join the FSM Church (Yes, Flying Spageti Monster Church)!!!

    • Religion

      I believe in no religion. For Me religion is denial of truth. Having said that, I brush all religion aside I have energy now to see the truth by inquiry WHO AM I.

  94. JGN

    Annonymous, you guys always say “Study about the religion first..Then criticize” what exactly you want us to study? Why can’t you explain to us instead of asking us to “study”?

    Where should we go to study? Saudi Arabia? Yemen? Afghanistan? Paksitan? Sudan? Somalia? Malaysia?

  95. JGN

    @ MRK,

    >>>>It is important to note that many times throughout Islamic history Christians and Jews opted to pay the jizyah and live under Muslim authority rather than the other options available to them under the various empires and ruling bodies……… what were the “other options” available to them? Either convert or get killed??

    Only shameless Muslims justify Jizya. Jizya was not in lieu of Zakat paid by the Muslims. Jizya was impsoed on the followers of other relgions as a mark of “subjugation” as per Verse 9:29.

    The Christians pay 10% of their Income to the Churches. Did they impose the same on the followers of other religions in any Christian majority country?

    A plain reading of The Quran makes it abundantly clear that it was the concoction of Mohammad to motivate his followers (with all those rewards in the Paradise or cruel punishments in the hell, etc).

    You claim that your Allah is “formless”. Then how come the “formeless Allah” had a voice to reveal something in Arabic? Did Gabriel hear a male voice or a female voice?

  96. jitender singh mall

    we hindus are responsible for these we dont teach our children about our religion we make our house a modern house insteade of making a hindu home some hindus think that hindutva is ancient and cristianity and islam is a mordanity and same do our children . we are not united in our own . we move together in one way in one time when one hindu is lying on our sholder and say ` ram nam satya hai`so all this is happening is our fault we should be united first and then we will see no jihad will be against any hindu on this earth

    • IndianOcean

      You are absolutely right. The present parents doesn’t teach Hinduism to their children and they are enticed by modern living. New generations are becoming free thinkers, and these Christians come and easily grab them when they their life is even in little trouble. Hindus doesn’t care about our own people. Then we are crying of increase of Abrahim religion in India.

  97. Saurabh

    Muslism in not a religon ! Which religon allows its followers to worship dead people

    • Omer Ep

      Dear Brother Study well about Islam …. most of terrorist are muslims but ther are not islam they are doing terrerism for money ….

      refer from this site

      • JGN

        Omer Ep,so according to you only the Talibanis are real muslims and all others are either munafiqs or kafiirs!! And who all will get entry in to the fun filled Paradise? Only Wahabis/Salafis?

        Islam is Arab imperialism. They are making the poor converts from other countries pawns in their power game.

        Toothless Arabs can marry minor girls at Hyderabad, Calicut, Dacca, Lahore, Karachi, Jakarta, etc but no muslim from any of these places can marry an Arab girl.

        KSA is the biggest supporter of Amrika and their Naval Bases are at Saudi and Bahrain. Have you ever heard the Sauds talking against the Amrikans?

  98. VoP

    YOU WILL CRY but also will learn a lesson!

    A Mother’s WARNING To Sikh Girls

  99. Hari

    God Bless All.

  100. Prema

    Why Pakistani are spreading terrorism. Shahzabad got in USA about to leave by EK 202 to Dubai and was caught. These Pakistani causing terror in the world and dont know how to live peacefully. Is this the Islam that Dr.Zakir Naik speaks on TV.

  101. sandip

    i think we shoulld go to every door of our area to convey this message

  102. VoP

    This gets worse, once a girl is sucked into this vortex there is no way out considering the blackmail scenario:


  103. Omer Ep

    This is rumour is made from Karnataka’s Hindu terrorist . Fun is no one have blief in any relegion every body is looking for sex… i think muslim youth are looking handsom and have lot of money to spend for womans naturally woman are looking handsom and wealthy people so girls are going to them for fun and relax without any religious wall .. also many muslim girs are loved hindu boys and married them living them no problems here ….Now the real problem coming from Politics party…they are taking care about this matter ,,, I am a man if i got any girls to fuck i will do it for my satisfaction who you to ask ? keep care doing sex ….do how much u can do sex… this is healthy for your body … So i think Love not Jihad ,,,,,,,Love is sex …sex only ….

    • JGN

      Omer Ep, do you know what is the punishment prescribed in The Quran for adultry? You will be burnt in hell fire for eternity by the “most merciful creator”!!

  104. Omer Ep

    Mr. JGN .. Human are dismmissed from heaven by eating a sathan’s fruit …. So Human Can’t live without mistake … without honey without money … without sex… I am doing Jihad for sex ….. i will do it with girls if they are intresting in sex ,, no religious wall here …broke the wall…. do sex more … live more …..

    • JGN

      It is always a win-win situation; four at a time on planet earth and seventy two virgins and twentyeight hariless boys in the Paradise!! Even MJ converted a few weeks before his death as he was not satisfied with molesting all those young boys on planet earth. He wanted his share in the Pardise also.

      There is no fun in the Christian and Hindu heaven. A few Apsaras in the Hindu heaven are meant for the entertainment of gods and for spying (like seducing some Rishis)!!

  105. does anybody notice the lack of articulateness and intellectual abdication on the part of Muslims and Christians in these blogs.

    In the not so distant future, these guys will be associated with classlessness and backwardness…which is already the case in Europe, where increasing number of decent people are converting to Hinduism or being atheists.

  106. To
    The Organizer:

    It is a great news to find our friends in USA are thinking about. It is a very shameful act indeed that done at Deganga. We must raised our voice against it. You took the responsibility to internationalize the cause. It is an enigma that the Muslim population is 67.5% there at Deganga area! I have many students from there. Most are Muslim by faith, takes nick names like Hindu. I came to know it is for their “Prem Jihad”, a hidden program to marry Hindu girls.Pardon me, I feel sorry to say it. It sounds like an orthodox people. But its true. It is my personal experience indeed. Infiltration is going on. Not only in the contiguous districts to Bangladesh, but in Kolkata, Burdwan, Birbhum and so on. In 1951 in Kolkata Muslim population was 12% , in 2001 it is 20%. We are in the verge of extinction. We mean the Bengali Hindus. Politicians are vote mongering, short sighted and thus lost morality, ideology and fooling people. You please take a priority to act properly.It is high time. Please think carefully.

    With best wishes,
    Professor Dr. Achintya Biswas,
    Jadavpur University, Kolkata.

  107. omer

    These all are crazy discussion plz …plz….stop….think …about develope our nation ………….I think this all are sick here /////////

  108. VoP

    Muslim Girls, Sorry you cannot afford ‘Love Jihad’
    23/10/2010 00:49:03 HK

    Mangalore: Love Jihad is strictly a one way route and if any devout Muslim girl inspired by the actions of their brothers and husbands wish to be part of love jihad to lure Hindu boys it’s not allowed.Shoot a letter to your Deoband and they will find an answer to why only Muslim boys can lure and deceive non Muslim girls and not viceversa from your Holy quran or Hadihts.

    A Mangalore youth named Yogish was attacked by Jihadi terrorists for talking to his Neighbour , who apparently is a Muslim. According to the Secular reporter of ‘The Hindu’ the attack was carried out by a by a vigilante mob!!


    Now think about if the victim is a ‘Innocent Muslim Youth’ this very same reporter have slammed Hindus, Hinduism, Hindu organizations, RSS, VHP, Bajrangdal with fancy words of ‘Fascism’, ‘Moral Policing’ ‘Hindutva Terror’and so on.

    Tail Piece : The so called ‘Over Vigilante’ mob in Kozhikode attacked a Muslim couple while they were travelling in a bike , thinking that the boy is a Hindu and they both were lovers. It was only after the attack our so called ‘Vigilante’ mob found out that both were married and are Muslims. Poor couples are still recovering in Hospital.

  109. VoP

    Rape and abetment to suicide of Hindu girl – Double Life term to Jihadi Romeo
    06/11/2010 14:51:19 With Media Inputs

    Mangalore: In first of it’s case, a Jihadi Romeo has been convicted for the rape and abetment to suicide of a minor Hindu girl as part of Love Jihad. Ashwini Kulal, 15, from Mangalore committed suicide in February this year — a day after she was raped by 27 year old Jihadi Romeo Abdul Saleem.

    The accused, Abdul Saleem, who used to ferry Ashwini, a class nine student, back and forth from her school in his bus, invited her for a sightseeing tour to Moodabidri on February 10. Ashwini asked one of her friends to accompany her but on the way, Saleem dropped the friend at some place on the pretext that he wanted to speak to Ashwini in private. He later took the unsuspecting girl to a forest area and raped her.

    Later when Ashwini met her friend, she told her that Saleem had raped her. On her return home that evening, when her parents asked her about her disheveled condition she told them about Saleem’s misdeeds. Next morning she committed suicide in her house.

    Her parents filed a case against Saleem, 36, who was arrested and remanded to judicial custody. The First Additional Sessions Court, Mangalore sentenced Saleem to life imprisonment . He was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for kidnapping her.

    Saleem was found guilty under section 366 (kidnapping, abducting or inducing a woman to compel her into marriage) and sentenced to life imprisonment under section 376 (abetment of suicide of a child or insane person) and 305 (punishment for rape). He was also fined Rs 15,000


  110. ARUN

    i have a lot to say
    1 never talk to a muslim
    2 dont allow women or girls in our family to mingle with muslims’
    3 please avoid muslim doctors and muslimHOTELS
    4 avoid muslim friendship
    5 destroy congress and marksists

  111. SRK

    Guys just get life, we will be nowhere until we stop this religious fukin fight…. u ppl dont evn know wt is true or false, just got some stupid topic to waste time. If u want to do something for your people educate some1 frm ur relatives… do something gud, dont fukin here for northing.

    I want to tell u guys something, INDIA its just not a country its US, we hindus and muslims, we are different from others. We know the values and love.

    we are northing without each other….

    if u got northing to do then watch some porn but dont fk others brain here….loosers

    when ever our economy grow, we start destroying our own thing industries coz it belongs to muslims, burn buses coz it comes from hindus area…

    mdr fkrs cant do anything outside india get beaten up like dogs in forign countries… educate urself comeout of this fukin things

    u cant speak english ur illiterate… wt da fuk

    second position in population in the whole world… any1 here donated money for poor girls… NO…?

    Then why ur worry….. with who she is getting fkd?

    peace out!!!!

  112. arun

    sin is islam ,islam is sin

  113. Karnataka (Dakshina Kannada district) – Hindu female college students targeted by “Love Jihadis” in MMS sex clips


  114. navneet singh

    behan chod do ah musalmaanan di.aihdi aimiyan di bund te fuddi ch sunwan da lun pavao.ah masla taiyo jaan ke hall hona aa

  115. navneet singh

    sada vas chalda taan ah saariyan musalaman nu kad kad de chakde te ehdi bund ch asin kutte da lun paa dende.

  116. Muslims are same everywhere
    Currently Muslims are rioting in Italy
    The Italians refused to give any space to lift their ass in air & say Allahu Akbar
    The Muslims tried to use a footbal stadium to pray but the Italians shut down the ground also.
    The Muslims didn’t got any maney for their Mosques while every other religious group got some money including Hindus fro their temples
    The Face of Muslims living in India

    40 % of the criminals in India are Muslims if their population will rise the crime & anti-Indian avtivities will only rise in future

  117. akshay

    muslims have no right to convert hindus to there religion and this is the cheapest way of converting someone ,this so called love jihad is the worst thing i have ever heard of,,hoz can these people go so down

  118. rizvanali


    • Indian Realist

      Why does “Qurhan” tell Muslims to kill non-Muslims?

    • “Qurhan” sucks
      Muslims suck MORE

      all you muztards should be deported to porkistan 😛

      • Anonymous

        They should be deported to Saudi Arabia, not to Pakistan. Pak & Afghan are Hindus original land piece, we should recover back all those land masses from Muslim hands in the future history for our glory of Hindu Gods & Godesses and we built fine temples there.

  119. All those Muslims moron who are talking about Quran read these verses and than tell whether Islam is The Religion of Peace
    Quranic Verses You Must Know

  120. Chris

    You guys want to know the truth about Islam?? It is not a religion of peace, it is not tolerant of other religions, go to http://www.wikiislam.net, don’t fally for Muslim lies, even those that seem harmless have malice in their hearts, can’t blame them, they were brought up that way, its their code….

  121. 2 Guj girls Battalion - CADET

    Guys I was the target of one such Muslim boy… He said he loves me and he’ll never bring religion between us but then at the end he said HE’LL convert me to Muslim and he’ll make me understand Koran….The explanation given by him was, “Its mistake of yr ancestors that you are a HINDU but you can correct that mistake by converting youself into Muslim and I’ll convert you anyhow BECAUSE I CARE FOR YOU !!! ( WHT ???)…. Its mistake we r staying in India. Its a terrorist country and Pakistan and other arab countries are better than India…. “… Now a girl with dream of being a researcher is going to join Indian army. Its me whos shifted to deep patriotism by this incident… GIRLS BEWARE.. dnt stamp your own religion. BORN A HINDU WOULD DIE AS A HINDU. JAI HIND.

  122. Anonymous

    postsss recent eventsssssssssssssssss

  123. IndianOcean

    Love Jihad may be one of the long term agenda of Islam strategies to spread further. If Muslims take many of our Hindu girls, then we will be shortage of women to marry in the long run. The consequence of it is Hindu population will drastically reduce in the future. “Less women” = “Less population growth” is the calculated mathematics by Muslims for this new silent war strategy. They opened up vigorously this startegy throughout the world recently.

  124. Anonymous

    dear muslims brother if you activities like terrorism , love jihad, spreading polio and thrusing india into backward countries than i think hon’able narendra modi is best person of the country. if you are not feeling good in this country than please leave this country and spare us you muslims .your hands is stained with blood.
    jai hind

  125. Vikas nagra

    Hindutva ko banae rakho to he hindu safe rahega

  126. I?m now not positive where you are getting your info, however good topic. I must spend a while learning much more or figuring out more. Thanks for excellent information I was in search of this info for my mission.

  127. How to Counter Islamic Jihad
    1. Do not buy anything from Muslims.
    2. Do not sell anything to Muslims.
    3. If you are a teacher, FAIL the Muslim students.
    4. Don’t employ any Muslim in your job as they always keep their eyes to your wealth, prospect and certainly to your wife and daughters.
    5. Don’t take any food from Muslims as they click in adulteration in it by mixing beef or even poison.
    6. Don’t believe any Muslim as don’t believe you anyway as you are a Kaffir as per their religious faith.
    7. Try to read Koran, the main source of the hate speech of Islam.
    8. Understand the expansion of Jihad in various forms : Explosive (Blast) Jihad, Explosion (by Birth rate) Jihad, Love Jihad ( lift Hindu girls by hook or crook), Net Jihad ( invading internet by Islamic bullshits) and so on….

  128. haseeb

    See this news…. http://twocircles.net/2012jan15/love_jihad_hate_campaign_kerala_police_lodges_case_against_hindutva_website.html
    Love Jihad hate campaign: Kerala police lodges case against Hindutva website
    By Abdul Basith MA, TwoCircles.net,

    Thiruvananthapuram: With the facts behind the ‘Love Jihad’ finally being officially out, as the cyber cell of Kerala police have now registered cases against the hate campaign organised by Hindu Janajagruti Samiti through its website http://www.hindujagruti.org/. Cyber cell with the help of cyber forensic department have started probing into the details regarding the activities of the website and the ones behind it. At present an FIR has been registered without naming any suspects.

    The cyber cell sought details from the service provider Yahoo, on the website and the ones who registered this site. Besides Hindu Janajagruti Samiti’s site, cases under section 153 were taken against other five websites as well on similar charges for pressing on with the hate campaigns even after the Police reports and court terming it baseless. The cyber cell said that details will be sent to the central agency as well because investigations need to be carried out beyond the Kerala, Karnataka region.

    The website seems registered by a north Indian named Margaret Krishna and now investigations are mainly focussed on him. The police sources said that the site carried out those hate campaigns targeting the Muslim youths even after the court rejected all those allegations based on the Love Jihad. The website besides seemed like making obvious attempts to deny Sanathan Sanstha’s involvement in those series of blasts including Ajmer and Malegaon and its contents featured articles and editorials propagating Hindutva ideologies of Sanathan Sanstha.

    The site highlights campaigns and programmes organised by extremist Sangh organisations like Sri Ram Sene, VHP, RSS, Hindu Maha Sabha and Shiv Sena. The website featured hate campaigns hurting sentiments of other religions. The website contained fake intelligence reports with the intension of accusing terror on a specific community and this website through its contents seems to have played a vicious role in the campaign against MF Hussain as well.

    The site had earlier published fake posters and notices under the name of Popular Front of India [PFI]. The pretention was that, they are exposing the Love Jihad carried out by Muslim organisations in Kerala and Karnataka. Based on this PFI had earlier registered a complaint in the cyber cell. With the news spread regarding the case taken against the website, the contents and pictures regarding Love Jihad were soon removed from the website but were later restored.

    • Bhushan

      Do you want Hindus to believe this crap brought about by politicians who are hand in glove with the mullahs? We knwo the ground realities about the nuisance that Muslims have been across the world for ages. They dont respect oher cultures, women and fight with people who give them refuge.

      See this news!


      No prizes for guessing what has happened.


      Teen girl who eloped with Kerala man goes missing

      CHENNAI: A 16-year-old girl from Kochi, who eloped with a 22-year-old man from Guruvayur in May last year, has disappeared from a house in Porur where the couple lived till a month ago. The Kerala police came to Chennai in search of the girl after the man, Shafeeque, left her and returned to Guruvayur, only to be arrested there.

      A police team led by inspector K Raju, came to trace K Lakshmi, but the residents in the locality said she had gone missing from the house.

      “We have so far inquired with more than 500 people. A television actor called Meena told us that she had seen the girl on an MTC bus at Vadapalani,” police inspector K Raju said. Shafeeque, who met Lakshmi while he worked at a petrol bunk in the city, eloped with her in May last year. Based on the complaint of the girl’s father Kumar, Kochi police registered a girl missing case.

      The two stayed at lodges in Kovalam and Vadapalani before finding accommodation with a man called Raja who works for TV serials. Raja allowed them to stay with him for more than two months. During this period, Lakshmi played some minor roles in some serials and Shafeeque worked as a driver.

      Later, they rented a house in Porur along with supporting actors Mahi and Meena. Police said Shafeeque returned to Guruvayur after a fight with Lakshmi. The Kerala police nabbed him and slapped charges of kidnap and rape.

      The Kochi police have requested people to pass on the information by calling Palarivattom police station (0484-2345850) or the inspector on 09497980425. Information can also be passed on to the Maduravoyal police on 9840139599.

  129. Anonymous

    Ppl those who r sooo jobless nl wi work fo dh bloody love jihad……..I’m a muslim……..bt leme tell fukkk yu luv jihad

  130. Akashxxx

    Join your tem

  131. gpsb26

    Sir it is the time of tit for tat

  132. Vineet Bhardwaj

    A few things for Muslims to ponder very seriously.

    1. Why in name of holy wars was taking women and children as slaves was allowed. Now don’t say Mohammed didn’t allow it.

    2. Also please spare us the torture of quoting only Quran as if Hadiths etc are not Muslim literature contemporary of Mohammed and dealing with his life and beliefs.

    3. Why has the population of minorities has gone down in every Islamic state. It means Islam cannot stand any other religion.

    4. Muslim invaders destroyed temples, looted them, broke idols and placed them under the steps of the new mosques being built on that site to inflict insult on Hindus,

    5. Why you call Hindus as Kafirs.

    6. Why you cannot stand the fact that salvation can be reached via alternate paths as well.

    7. All the apologists of Islam (pseudo secularists) also need to answer why in name of secularism, real history of Muslim rule is not told and it is always Hindu upper castes shown in bad light.

  133. Pretty! This has been an extremely wonderful article.
    Thank you for providing this information.

  134. A Common Man

    Well..it was an interesting article ..to read with….I know I am not the right person to Judge,whos correct or who is wrong? But my simple Questions from all of you are?
    a)Does a Religion be it Islam or Hindu gives freedom to say bad about each other and create differences among us.. or will the Hindu accusation or a Muslims reply can help create a strong bond of luv in India…i am sure this article will help in ignition and can never help us.

    b) We have Several issues to resolve..you can see the rapes crime against women, are hindu or muslims taken any action /remedy to help the society.Can’t their be stringent rules to punish people ,so that they shiver in doing this crime.

    c)There are so many Criminals/Corruption every where..can we..Hindu/Muslim support each other to start a new generation..which is full of luv and respect..

    d) No religion teaches wrong,after all humankind and humanity is on top .Religions are ways to approach God and Wisdom.

    e) If a Hindu/Muslim does a crime…plz don’t generalise it as there religion
    teaches them…
    f) Should we end this Chapter and stop bull fighting and do good for our
    g)Does anyone of us wants that the coming generation should carry on with our legacy of hatred against each other.
    h)Don’t describe anything which creates differences among us.

    i)If your heart says that you are doing justice to the masses,and helping society,respecting humans,abolishing crimes ,,and giving up the root causes for all this evil…..thats the best religion .

    Its better we initiate good things and grow them without any discrimination,if innocents in India are kill,,,the muslims heart also cries as that of a Hindu..Both of us are same creation of God,our bloods are same,Even our ancestors are same…then why do we fight and discriminate..

    Terrorism-Innocent killing has nothing to do with religion…All of us are against it..Be it USA-Bombing of Iraq,Bombing in US.We want the person who does it..simply be hanged,,,These scences are created by Politics,,,We can protest and change it..God will not come and change …we have to do it..

    Would request all of us to do good rather than fight and spill the beans of discrimination and Hatred.Even I could find many loop holes,but whats the point in raising them,when I know it will bring more discrimination among us..

  135. Anonymous

    CAN A HINDU TELL—how many GOD & GODESS they have?
    Brahma/Vishnu/Shiv/Lakshmi/Saraswati/Durga/Kali/Ganesh/Lord Ram/Krishna..many more..whats all this?Has the world seen any of them except in Indian Ancient Stories…You mean the GOD has been associated with India & Surrounding only.Rest of the world does not even knows about it…..They were worshipping this religion before Jews/Christianity/Islam…why was the Battle of Ramayan or Mahabharat fought where thousand of innocent killed,,,they taught how to do crime against women—kidnapping of Sita/ or the incident of Draupadi…Majority of the king used to be busy in their own life style..having madira pan/ and involve in bhog vilaas.
    Who created discrimination Harijan/Upper Cast/Lower Cast…it all came from Hinduism

    Now after reading all this my Hindu brothers will be cursing me,Same way if you speak against ISLAM…we will feel bad.

    If ISLAM was so bad…most of the religion would not have spread in world–right from East—China/Indonesia/Malaysia/India/Pak/Afghan/Uzbek/Khazak/Bangladesh/Mid East/ 70% of African Continent …

    Mughal invaders had nothing to do with ISLAM.nor are they ISLAMIC heroes..because of their Bhog Vilas they surrendered to invaders ,they lacked Unity..Their system was weak..
    Because of their weakness—India was under Mughal Empire for 600yrs and then British for 200 years…
    Once their mindset changed..all Indian fought together for Freedom and achieved it…Now from where has the differences cropped up. Are we in a correct part of Unity or we want to worsen and sow the seed of Terrorism and Hatredness..Because of Few Idiots like you & Media…you people are starting nonsense about ISLAM…Just reading Quran and Bible…a Hindu can’t understand the reality,If it could happen…he could have become a Muslim by his own….
    The Females are better secured in ISLAM ,,,,you are seeing whats going on with the females in Haryana…who are the culprits..most are Hindus…Should I conclude that your religion encourages violence and rapes…Nonsense are you people who are righting against each other,who is creating fuss ….keep your ideology with yourself and stop fighting….No RELIGION is SUPERIOR and No RELIGION permits to fight….

    I can right more…but my conscience doesn’t allows me to go ahead for discrimination..I had to write all these to get answers for your loop holes..
    This is a Scientific Era..if you don’t have a proof..don’t speak rubbish…

    • Santosh Kumar


      1. If Sindhu kings were so weak and islam so great, why couldnt Islam spread in India completely in the 600 years of Islamic rule, while it has spread menacingly in other parts of the world?

      2. If women are so protected in Islam, why are they not allowed to visit madarssas, mosques, and asked to hide their faces? Why are Muslim men encouraged to marry/buy at least four brides but women cannot? Why are no women shown as Gods in Islam?

      3. About multiple Gods in Hinduism: Hinduism is a take-off from nature worship, where each element is worshipped by Hindus. Further, there are Gods of virtues, situations, etc. For example, a worshipper of Maa Saraswati will be mostly seeking knowledge and not wealth, farmers are more likely to worship Indra, the God of rains, and even snakes…to understand this is simple if you are ready to think that God cant be authoritarian supreme head like in monarchies (unless proved, which no one has ever done).

      In Hinduism there is no fear-factor involved or an absolute authority of any God (one God) like in other religions. For Hindus, Gods are to be revered, not feared or followed blindly…and the ultimate God is the reality that we are all a part of the universe and each of us reside in the God, and God resides in each of us.

      Due to the pluralistic nature of Gods/dieties in Hinduism, you can find secularism among Hindus…for example, if you say that you worship a dodo, a Hindu will accept it as your personal choice, but Muslims will laugh and Christians will start preaching thinking you have a mental illness.

      4. About caste-system: Lot has been talked about its evolution and necessity and equality among castes in the historical India. However, it is enough to say that the current laws (framed by a Hindu majority country) make caste-ism a crime, and that reducing reservations in education and jobs will be a quantum jump in getting respect and equality to SC/ST/OBCs.

  136. nikhil

    This is the massage for hindu parent.

  137. nikhil

    This is the massage for hiendu parents.

  138. Anonymous


    Now you got my point……It hurts you being a Hindu,That pinches me too if any one points about my religion ISLAM..Just giving useless examples you can not prove that which religion is superior..

    Who has given you the authority to post comment about ISLAM…do you
    know the abc of ISLAM or you are reading the useless material found on

    Point 1… ISLAM never allows for forcible conversion. Had it been, the situation would have been different,you are not a child,God has given you
    sense to think and judge what is good and what is wrong..How many Gods have you seen in real or your parents have seen anyone of those ? You worship blindly becuase the legacy has been passed on to you..If we don’t obey Hinduism because we simply don’t believe in your Idols made of clay..there are so many criticism and loopholes…do you have any scientific evidence which supports it. You will find none…

    Point2-About Crime against female…it has been there before the existence of Jews/Christians/Islam….need not mention..the kidnapping of Sita/ the chir haran of draupadi..So many innocents people were killed for what…for gamble/and female…You worship Lord Rama & Lord Krishna..if they were avtaars of Lord Vishnu..why will they enter a battle of Ramayana or Mahabharatha to kill innocents ,My dear if they were God..they could have done it by their order..After all Rakshas/Asur all are creativity of God…they must obey their God…why both of them failed..
    In ISLAM we ask females to cover themselves properly so that there shouldnot be any crime against them…Just going to School or Colleges wearing Obscene dresses doesnot give freedom to females or improves their life..the example you can see the rapes committed by Hindu in Haryana..is there any Hindu system to check this or punish.. In ISLAM there is a punishment for this,,,so that nobody ever dares to touch a women..There are several rights to female,we believe that there is the door of paradise beneath mothers feet, any person who disobeys a mother .God never forgives him…that shows the importance of female…Our system is different,in Middle east you can see women offering prayers in seperate chambers,They have right to perform Haj with men..They are of equal importance to us…we believe that a child gets his/her education from home…Not like Hindus…where the son can drink whisky/wine and abuse his mother/sister and do rapes….if you had a good system…why females are being raped..why are pandits keeping females in their ashrams ,we often hear that they also rape…I hope being an Indian you know this properly.Does Hinduism allows female to be raped ,and killed..you can go into the depth of Gujrat riots.. why Hindu used to follow SATI-pratha…where woman were used to be burnt alive..

    Have you seen the architectures of ancient India…go to Eliphanta cave,you will find nude poses of female and god and godess.whats this? is it creativity or nonsense.have you seen this in Jews/Christians/Islam.
    This is the respect you give to females,by making nude sculptures of them.

    Point-3…its good that we should care nature…what you mean to say one god created your hand,the other one created your brain for wisdom,the 3rd is responsible for providing power.the 4th one can give you wealth…Man God is one…if you believe in it..niether of us has seen..He is supreme and can do things on his own,no need for any help,that someone will be responsible for wisdom/power/.wealth..You respect Cow because of Nandini….you respect mouse because its Ganesh ji’s sawari…do you know deadly disease like plague exist from Mouse..

    Regarding fear factor…yes you should be afraid of God..he is not your friend,if you do rape…you must have a fear that its a highly punishable crime,if there is no punishment,would the crime be checked.People will kill others/Will do theft…why because they don’t have fear factor,and all think that God is their friend…Go into the Logics..Be it Jews/Christianity/Islam…all believe in Logics..

    Point-4) You are giving your logic of casteism.your pandits started differentiating it….this is upper caste/this is lower caste…ISLAM doesn’t teaches differentiation.a Rickshawpuller or a beggar can stand by myside and can offer prayer in mosque/we don’t have the system of going through caste,matching gothra,qualities.seeing the conditions of planet and deciding about marriages…whats this ..All muslims have been asked to pay Zakat and Fitra as a tax to help poor..and for their welfare..Does there any system exists in Hinduism…How much you take care of Poority and Poor….We think Logically…and then go through it.Just interprating Quran wrongly and muslims,is not your wisdom..

    We agree that any Indian/Innocent are killed,why mostly criminals are muslims..do the criminals see that a bomb blast will kill only Hindus/muslim will also die…There is no religion for crime..as its a commendable act..

    My dear brother,,,i gave illustration not to show my superiority,or by saying so I don’t have respect for Hindu..They are our part of Society,why should we abuse them,How good it would be that everyone lives a peaceful life in brotherhood and harmony..without ever complaining.

    Think before you put any comments.it can hurt others sentiment and beliefs,after all we are human,anyone of us can do mistakes..

    I really seek forgiveness,bcz my examples can hurt you all,,,but then I have no choice…

  139. Vineet


    “That pinches me too if any one points about my religion ISLAM..Just giving useless examples you can not prove that which religion is superior..”

    “Who has given you the authority to post comment about ISLAM…do you
    know the abc of ISLAM or you are reading the useless material found on

    By the same logic who has given you the authority to write about Hindus without understanding anything. Now that you have written about our philosophy, how about some payback time?


    “ISLAM never allows for forcible conversion. Had it been, the situation would have been different,you are not a child,God has given you sense to think and judge what is good and what is wrong..”

    If you seriously believe this then son go back and do some study. A religion and a philosophy that believed in even destroying places of worship, taking women and children as slaves, calling all Non-Muslims as Kafirs (still do), does not believes in forcible conversions – what rubbish. Mughals imposed Jaziya on non-Muslims in India and you say there was no forcible conversion.

    The major reason that Bhaarat did not become totally Islamic as was the case was because of strength of Sanatan Dharm philosophy and not by any virtue of Islamic invaders. Also, after some time there were many anti-Islamic rule wars by Marathas, Sikhs and Jaats primarily. That helped. Also the caste system you and your ilk go on cursing was one of the important reasons of Islamic effect remaining limited. Caste identities no matter higher or lower were very strong.


    “How many Gods have you seen in real or your parents have seen anyone of those ? You worship blindly becuase the legacy has been passed on to you..If we don’t obey Hinduism because we simply don’t believe in your Idols made of clay..there are so many criticism and loopholes…do you have any scientific evidence which supports it. You will find none…”

    You will never understand this philosophy. It is actually beyond the abrahamic cults to comprehend it. Let me give you two simple examples, one – water has three basic forms liquid, solid, steam still it remains the basic H2O formula and what about vaporization, have you seen it or your grand parents seen the process of vaporization. So we actually worship God in many forms. Second – have you ever seen a globe in your life. Lines running parallel to each other from north to south pole are called longitudes. We believe that there are multiple ways to attain salvation or moksh. We don’t have a concept of only my way or highway.

    But it is beyond the buttering religions to understand. Ours is a more performance based appraisal system. In our philosophical system, righteous deeds and karm matters more, i.e performance is rewarded. All the three paths to salvation of Gyaan, Karm and Bhakti have this common thread.
    But in Abrahamic cults it is “buttering of the boss” only.

    “About Crime against female…it has been there before the existence of Jews/Christians/Islam….need not mention..the kidnapping of Sita/ the chir haran of draupadi..So many innocents people were killed for what…for gamble/and female…You worship Lord Rama & Lord Krishna..if they were avtaars of Lord Vishnu..why will they enter a battle of Ramayana or Mahabharatha to kill innocents. My dear if they were God..they could have done it by their order..After all Rakshas/Asur all are creativity of God…they must obey their God…why both of them failed.”

    Kidnapping of Sita or Cheer Haran of Draupadi was not something which was considered as good. These were the acts which led to death of Raavan and Kauravs. They were indicators that how bad those kings or rulers were and how it had to be ended. Lord Raam and Krishna did not kill innocents. If you align with some one who is evil then you are party to it and deserve the punishment. Told you that ours is a performance based appraisal system and people and even God has to respect this framework.

    We don’t believe in ass licking concept of mid-east cults.


    ”In ISLAM we ask females to cover themselves properly so that there shouldnot be any crime against them…Just going to School or Colleges wearing Obscene dresses doesnot give freedom to females or improves their life..the example you can see the rapes committed by Hindu in Haryana..is there any Hindu system to check this or punish.. In ISLAM there is a punishment for this,,,so that nobody ever dares to touch a women..
    There are several rights to female,we believe that there is the door of paradise beneath mothers feet, any person who disobeys a mother .God never forgives him…that shows the importance of female…”

    Well in Islam you ask women to cover themselves because your Maulvis consider uncovered women as meat. Your arab forefathers were not someone of whom you could be proud of. It was a band of looters and rapists and that’s why Islamic/Arabic concept of taking women as sex slave. As long as Prophet Mohammed was preaching good things, he didn’t have much following. It only increased when he started fighting wars and started sharing loot of battles with his men.

    No wonder you ask your women to be covered. Even your prophet fell for his uncovered daughter in law and the poor adopted son had to divorce her so that she could marry prophet.

    Well what is the paradise for women in Islam. For a religion that could not come up with anything except 72 virgins in heaven preaching virtues in Islam about women – great. Further, as per Arabic Islamic (considered to be the top most in your Islamic – casteless hierarchy) how many women’ statement is equated with one man’s statement in court of law, can you please enlighten us and then talk about equality and better status.


    “Not like Hindus…where the son can drink whisky/wine and abuse his mother/sister and do rapes….if you had a good system…why females are being raped..why are pandits keeping females in their ashrams ,we often hear that they also rape…I hope being an Indian you know this properly.Does Hinduism allows female to be raped ,and killed..you can go into the depth of Gujrat riots.. why Hindu used to follow SATI-pratha…where woman were used to be burnt alive..”

    Evils in the society happens when the fear of law is not there. It is true for every society in the world. You are telling us that there are no rapes in Islamic countries. Well, all the Islamic invasions are filled with rape and captures as sex slaves of women in India and destruction of temples etc. Want some evidence boy, can share that too. Don’t push the envelope.

    Well if you point out at Gujrat riots and hindus being so much against Muslims, how about the population of Hindus decreasing to 1-2% in Pakistan from a starting population of around 12-15% at time of independence. If you Islamic guys are so tolerant then why no other minority community flourishes in Islamic ruled countries.

    Sati pratha is not mandated by any of our scriptures. Period. It was a social custom of suicide that women adopted to save their chastity or morality from invading Islamists. It was called Johar. The idea was that if women and children are not there, soldiers could fight without worrying about their home, since they knew that “pious” Islamic invaders, “worshippers of women” Islamic invaders will go after their wives. Read a bit about Moplah rebellion, recent history of 1920s, you will get your answers of how good your Muslim brethren have been or were.

    What about your maulvis having homosexual relationships with their students in your Madarassas. Why shouldn’t a women live in an Ashram. See yours is a boys only club full with homos that’s why you have a problem. The problem is when the woman is exploited. Exploitation of any one is wrong in any set-up.


    “Have you seen the architectures of ancient India…go to Eliphanta cave,you will find nude poses of female and god and godess.whats this? is it creativity or nonsense.have you seen this in Jews/Christians/Islam. This is the respect you give to females,by making nude sculptures of them.”

    So what. We are not ashamed of them. It is a form of art and that’s it.

    Sex is not a taboo for us. Mindless sex for lust is bad, like your Islamic brethren taking women as sex slaves after winning battles, but sex for procreation is important.


    “Point-3…its good that we should care nature…what you mean to say one god created your hand,the other one created your brain for wisdom,the 3rd is responsible for providing power.the 4th one can give you wealth…Man God is one…if you believe in it..niether of us has seen..He is supreme and can do things on his own,no need for any help,that someone will be responsible for wisdom/power/.wealth..You respect Cow because of Nandini….you respect mouse because its Ganesh ji’s sawari…do you know deadly disease like plague exist from Mouse.”

    You will never get it. A man can be a father, brother, friend, uncle, boss, subordinate at the same time. See it is your problem. Islam means total submission. And if there is total submission you cannot think anything beyond written in your Quran forget questioning it. In your set-up ass licking matters more for your heaven and license for fucking 72 virgins and may be young boys for your homosexual nawabs.


    “Regarding fear factor…yes you should be afraid of God..he is not your friend,if you do rape…you must have a fear that its a highly punishable crime,if there is no punishment,would the crime be checked.People will kill others/Will do theft…why because they don’t have fear factor,and all think that God is their friend…Go into the Logics..Be it Jews/Christianity/Islam…all believe in Logics.”

    Told you our is a performance based appraisal system. Those doing bad things will suffer and go to hell. Simple. Don’t confuse the political aspect and rules given in Quran with that of spiritual aspects.


    “Point-4) You are giving your logic of casteism.your pandits started differentiating it….this is upper caste/this is lower caste…ISLAM doesn’t teaches differentiation.a Rickshawpuller or a beggar can stand by myside and can offer prayer in mosque/we don’t have the system of going through caste,matching gothra,qualities.seeing the conditions of planet and deciding about marriages…whats this ..All muslims have been asked to pay Zakat and Fitra as a tax to help poor..and for their welfare..Does there any system exists in Hinduism…How much you take care of Poority and Poor….We think Logically…and then go through it.Just interprating Quran wrongly and muslims,is not your wisdom..”

    Caste was a system of Division of Labour, nothing more and nothing less. But social evils crept into the system and it got firmed up. If your eyes and mind are open (mind I have doubts) you can see how the today’s Politicians and Film Actors have tweaked the system to ensure that chances of a politician’s or film personality’s son, daughter, relative’s joining same profession and getting direct entry are higher. You can find enough examples where doctors son / daughter take same profession, do does lawyers’ children so on and so forth. It is a division of labour, strengthened further since a kid was born into that setup and learns about that vocation more at home. But nothing stops him from taking other vocation.

    Similarly Authors of Mahabharat and Ramayan were not Brahmins by birth but they gained knowledge and are respected by all castes. Well for a religion that believes only one book which doesn’t have proper verses is perfect – calls itself logical – nothing can be further than truth.

    Islam and Christianity never have the answers why people are born into different families with different starting points.

    Yes there was a concept of Daan or Giving. Society used to take care of schools’ expenditure. However, over a period of time the system got weakened and lost it roots. Contribution from your Islamic invaders and britishers has a lot to do with this erosion. Stop comparing your religion which is 15-1600 years old with something which is eternal. Well regards to Logic of Christianity, what to say about something which said that earth was only 6000years old.

    Hope you get the point. If you don’t say anything rude about us will not say about you. But if you do so, then friend be prepared for some uncomfortable answers.

    Go and read some answers by that Zakir Nalayak and quote him next time. Atleast I find him hilarious.

    How about writing under your real name.

  140. Anonymous


    I am not a Maulvi or a Pandit to go into the depth..
    Nor do I have any thought of making any discrimination against any religion..
    It was just an overview…that if you can feel bad if i pass any comment about
    your religion,you may being knowing Hinduism more than me…Incomplete knowledge is always dangerous…

    Same is the case with me..If I hear nonsense about ISLAM..I will not applaud
    you,you will get the same treatment..Will this end the problem and do some
    good between us..I don’t think so..

    How come you generalize Mughal conquerors as ISLAMIC heroes?
    If they did violence/wrong that doesn’t implicates that Islam teaches the same.

    Regarding Homos mentioned by you, How many madarsas have you visited/have you seen places where orphans live?
    If you throw a stone on beehive. Bees will not come an kiss you.
    You will be stung by them,,,Thats the nature..Every natural living things

    Every religon is equally good,if it brings harmony-non violence and is practical. You can not generalize it ,by seeing the society..

    We follow ISLAM….to be a good human,we don’t have anything to do with the 72virgins as repeatedly quoted by you,If you want you can take them along with you…Nobody will stop you..

    No Religion teaches bad..its the society or human like us,which break the ideology.And if I restrict you to perform your rituals,you will not stand still,
    you will deinitely fight with me,That doesn’t conclude that Hinduism encourages violence..

    ISLAM doesn’t enourages SLAVE..In the era of Prophet Muhammad if they won a battle..ofcourse they will distribute it to poors,The slaves were freed and given freedom,nobody forced them to accept ISLAM

    You better keep your illustration with yourself,by seeing your illustration I will not stop following ISLAM..nor will you stop following urs..

    I have never used any slang ,and see your language…the way you speak..
    For me a Hindu Female is equally respectable as my own Female member,but you can say more than ours,because i have to be careful that any act of mine doesn’t hurt her sentiments.

    Hinduism doesn’t teaches violence/rapes/crimes….its the socio-economic environment which makes them like that..

    You quoting Arabs as rapist…Can you make me count who where the rape victims…The arabs don’t have trade then/agriculture was not there.For their survival few resorted to robbery and theft.it was before the existence of ISLAM…How about Angulimal…he used to murder human and would cut their fingers to make his mala….I think he is a criminal,,but later on he gave up and became Maharshi Valmiki..and wrote The Ramayana….

    Human Perception can vary,,,,We must follow our respective religion without passing a comment or hurting others sentiment..
    If you have so much knowledge about ISLAM.why don’t u become a Maulvi and preach us…what is right and what is wrong..

    How about the Pandits/Brahmins.don’t you rely upon them to perform Pujas/Anusthan/Yagya/Marriage….thats their part of Job..so why bothered about Maulvis..If Maulvis or Imam will not lead us to pray ..will you come and lead an offer namaz/or teach urdu or arabic to the childrens…if you can’t do this why you are bothered about them…

    If ISLAM is so bad…why hundreds of Hindus are in Gulf working there?
    Its because of Livelihood,why is India bothered about Oil trade with mid east and Iran?Aren’t these stupid comments…

    So better stop commenting and fighting about the religion..it applies to you as well as me also…Lets think positive and do some thing good for the social cause…

    • Vicjags


      I completely support your interpretation of Islam… Some of our friends here will never learn to look beyond the past… At the same time not every Muslim seems to be interpreting Quran and Islam like you do.. Many take a literal interpretation of it and believe that some commands which were given to suit the socio-cultural situation of 7th century should also be applied today.. It’s of prime importance that people like you should take an effort to debate and correct them or register your objection whenever someone makes any such radical claims and doesn’t respect Individual choice..

      Thank you,

  141. Anonymous

    Thanks VicJags..

    I have born as an Indian,I will die as an Indian..I respect the culture and values of my country..I had my entire Education with my Hindu friend.we never ever had any altercation between us in terms of religion.Both respect each others and their values.
    Its not wise to blame each other when we know that will harm their sentiments.If a person does wrong..we can make a debate..we can’t change his attitude..If any terrorist bombs and kills innocent..we can not stop them..only thing we can do is Condemn those acts and take measures to stop them

    Quran & Hadith teaches the Philosophy and the best life style a muslim can have.How he needs to behave properly with his neighbours,irrespective of the religion..In Era of Prophet Muhammad..they destroyed Sharabkhana/Jua khana…because it was not good for society..Will you accept drinking a wine can do good for human?Will playing a Jua good for a family or society?No we can comment on this,we can’t go and stop all the Wine shop..There are certain Muslims also who drink..

    The theme of any religion is to keep our soul pure..what being a muslim,i do crime /theft/murder etc,may be my name I will be a muslim ,but my deeds are not of a true muslim..People are discriminated by their deeds not by religions..If you do good…people will respect and care for you..If you do bad nobody cares to even look at you….

    Why do people always misinterpret and take bad elements in their mind.There are lots of good things which we can absorb and incorporate in
    ourselves..if all of us have a good brain and heart…that day the world will be in peace with full of luv,care.prosperity…we need to change our beliefs..not put kerosene/petrol/explosive on the place which is already engulfed by flames.

    • Vicjags

      Very true mate… and also agree that no one can stop a radical from indulging in anti-national activities… Every human being is endowed with a free will and he chooses to behave the way he behaves, other members of his community/caste/state or religion cannot be blamed for the acts of the individual.. There are terrorists from every single religion in this country including Jainism and even the Atheists aren’t free from it.. The deadliness of Nihilists, a group of radical Atheists is felt all through the western world..

      But there is one thing we can all do, which is to have a moral influence on our friends, colleagues, relatives and family members and encourage and motivate them to value the national and constitutional values as they respect their religious values.. If we can bring up our children or grandchildren to respect Indian culture and national integrity that by itself will lead to much stronger and civilized India in future..

      Thank you,

  142. Anonymous

    Yeah…Will definitely keep on doing till my last breathe, and will urge my friends for their support too..To reintrospect and respect other religions and work for social cause..Things will change if all are united with a common objective and a common cause..

    The path is not easy,we will have lots of difficulties/challenges/protests.
    but we shouldnot give up..

    Let our coming generation grow with luv/care/brotherhood..

    • Santosh Kumar

      Yes….there will be love. brotherhood and progress by wiping out pagans and Hinduism….after all Hindus are uncivilized mad casteist people, who worship crores of Gods and have no logic in their religion…so go ahead and humiliate them, convert them of trample upon them just because they are tolerant….Steal their livelihood, jobs, women, etc.ect..and call them fanatics if they rise against attacks against their religion…

      Very good philosophy….indeed.

      The only true religion in the world is Islam and Christianity! Fantastic.

      Vicjugs and ANonymous are true Indians even if you call hindus mad and hinduism illogical, but others who are trying to explain and protect Hinduism are all fanatics. Great future for all Hindus…indeed.

  143. Anonymous

    @ Santosh

    As per your word…
    I can conclude…

    1.ISLAM is a danger to Hinduism
    2.My dear friend…regarding the remarks quoted by me,was only because
    I saw so many good comments about ISLAM from our Hindu friends.But
    that was an anger to show that even I can misinterperate things an express
    in wrong way..At no point of time I used humiliating words ,you can go thru it ,e.g Lord Rama/Lord Krishna/Maharishi Valmiki…but see some have gone to the extent of abusing Allah,prophet Muhammad,holy book Quran.Is it wise to hurt the sentiments,beliefs of millions

    3.We have been educated with Hindu friends,we work with them,Each
    other join them in Festival,we exchange greetings,and we even attend
    personal functions like marriages..Will you call it as a Humiliation,or trampelling of any particular religion.

    4.Is the creator of a Muslim is different from a creator of Hindu.
    5.Some one has even said they are rapist ,and rape womens so that they bear a muslim child and increase their numbers ,what nonsense is this?
    Does it have a logic…if a Hindu converts into a muslim…you mean to say
    that he was born because some muslim might have raped..By saying this
    you are abusing the religion/the people and the female..

    6.God has created thing,everything happens becuase he monitors
    it..A baby born will have his/her own specific life span,what the baby will
    eat,how it will grow,how it will earn….its written in his fate at the time of
    birth, If he is bound to become a Doctor..he will become the same,we can
    not come in between and make him a thief.Who is stealing whos Job or Livelihood?

    7.How many females are being stolen by whom?Is their any scarcity in
    the number of muslim females,that a muslim male will steal a Hindu female
    or vice versa…Its not Haryana..where the population of males are too much,you will not find females for them to marry..they will do kidnapping/trade females from North/North east and other parts of country..

    Why you blame muslims for this?

    And for God sake ….Don’t put any comments which creates a fuss..
    Apology from myside…but I respect Hinduism and their culture

    • Manu

      @ Anonymous
      Brother I feel pity for. Why don’t you use unique username? After reading your (last) comment on this post I felt you are a good human being, but just that time another thought occurred to my mind and I tried to read your previous comments, but you are really pissed off as there are many contradictory comments by that username.
      N.B. Fanatics (Zealots, Reactionaries or whatever) are everywhere! clap is not possible by single hand.

  144. JGN

    @ Anonymous , >>>Is the creator of a Muslim is different from a creator of Hindu>>>> then why the kafirs should be burnt in hell fire for eternity just for not worshipping your Allah? Can you explain to us the meaning of Verse 9:29?

  145. Punam



  146. Anonymous


    Plz study the word Kafir…before interperating things….
    The word kafir comes from arabic -word–kufr
    a) To conceal,
    b) To be ungrateful
    c) To deny or to reject

    Concealment is associated with possession and endowment. One who possesses nothing precious has no need to hide. The Word of God, the Knowledge given by Him is a most valuable asset a man may possess. All along in the history of mankind, men of knowledge have been concealing from masses the Knowledge they possess so as to exploit them in the name of religion.Jesus Christ never once in his gospel, claimed to be ‘The Only Begotten Son of God’. On the contrary, to emphasise his human origin he always referred to himself as ‘son of man’. Those who hide this truth are Kafir in the eyes of Qur’an, which is in Arabic. This is an undisputable fact that prior to Qur’an, all the previous scriptures revealed by God could not remain safe from human interpolation. Those who made changes in the Word of God were Kafir. This wealth was sent for the whole of mankind. If the possessors of this precious asset do not distribute it among mankind, for whom it was revealed, they would be Kafir. In the past, the men of knowledge stopped others from knowing the word of God, but at present, those who possess the most precious wealth, the way to ‘Mukti’ and salvation, are in general becoming the greatest criminals of concealment if they do not distribute the ‘Gyan’ (knowledge) of salvation.

    Whoever has been bestowed by someone has an obligation to be grateful to his benefactor. If those calling themselves Muslims think that they have been bestowed with the safest and unaltered Word of God by their Lord, it is they who can be grateful or ungrateful. If their lives do not bear witness to the teachings of Islam and Qur’an, if they are becoming unwanted instead of blessing for the society and if their conduct is driving Non-Muslims to hate Islam and Qur’an then they are becoming ungrateful or Kafir in Arabic

    Denial or rejection is essentially linked to an order or request or an offer. You cannot deny or reject anything unless an offer has been made to you or you have been ordered or requested something. If I ask someone to bring me a glass of water and he rejects my request I can say that he has rejected my request or denied it. I have no right to claim he has denied if I did not ask or requested him in the first place. Whether the Non-Muslims are technically Kafir or not in the eyes of Islam, ..

    Kafir in itself is not an abuse. It has been used in Qur’an for faithful and devout Muslims also.

    Never In the verses of Quran…the word Hinduism is linked with that of Kafir..Regarding the Punishment mentioned by you is correct..but there is a Time frame,God has the right to decide..whom he want to punish? whom he wants to forgive?He is the most merciful..

    For Every muslim the enquiries about his deed starts from the moment he is burried,if his deeds are wrong the punishment starts with immediate effect,,That doesn’t indicates that ISLAM punishes Muslim..Its our deeds which are questioned..The religion has nothing to do with the Punishment.

    Does Any True muslims restrict you to follow your religion or perform or rituals or vise versa..We are living in 21st Century ,and not in 11th Century.

    So..Plz take the things in a positive note before publicly commenting.
    Even I don’t have much knowledge,if my knowledge is incomplete.
    Why should I debate on issue which provokes criticism.

    • Indian Realist

      Ddue, teach this to the Mullahs who are cursing Kaffirs in every sermon — no point in teaching the true meaning of Kaffir to the infidels. Kaffirs are tired of getting their throats cut

  147. Vineet

    Dear All

    “Anonymous” may be a well meaning person, though it’s a different issue that once we “gave” it back to him when he called Lord Raam and Lord Krishna as killer of innocents, his tone and tenor changed.

    If his interpretation is the true interpretation of Islam then it seems not many have understood the Islam the way he is trying to tell us. Just look at the interpretation of maulvis in so many fatwas etc. Further history has shown us true colours of Islam. Destroying temples, taking sex slaves, raping women, killing non-army citizen is a hall mark of Islamic raids.

    Now let us come to the pious gyaan that you are trying to give :

    “This is an undisputable fact that prior to Qur’an, all the previous scriptures revealed by God could not remain safe from human interpolation. Those who made changes in the Word of God were Kafir. This wealth was sent for the whole of mankind. If the possessors of this precious asset do not distribute it among mankind, for whom it was revealed, they would be Kafir. In the past, the men of knowledge stopped others from knowing the word of God, but at present, those who possess the most precious wealth, the way to ‘Mukti’ and salvation, are in general becoming the greatest criminals of concealment if they do not distribute the ‘Gyan’ (knowledge) of salvation.”

    What were the words of God that you are mentioning? What makes you think that humans are not allowed to think about the philosophy? Lord Krishna tells everything about Karma and Karmphal and it happened much much before 6-7century AD so why this charade that what was told in Islam is only truth.

    That is basic problem with mid-easterners be it Muslims or Christians. They think their book is right and others wrong. Further why should spreading the word of God be accompanied by battles and ravaging cities after cities.

    Think about it.


    Hinduism may not be called Kafirs in Quran but simply all non-Muslims are Kafirs specially the idolators.

    Simple game was, Prophet had to distinguish himself and his practices from the other one prevalent at the time, basically idol worship in some form, hence he decided to go in for a formless Allah. No problem, even in Hinduism God can be both formed and formless. But hindus did not kill anyone worshipping formed or formless god. Prophet ordered his band of looters to go against and ravish those indulging in Idol worship. To this day, even in India, you will find very few muslims, who are ready to take prasad from a Mandir.

    So please stop this defence.


    People are trying to point out a pattern in this. Even if you see, Saif’s and Kareena’s wedding, one of your maulvis said that since Kareena did not formally convert to Islam hence the wedding is null & void as per Islam. Therefore, muslim boys (not all) do convert girls from hindu, sikh folds to Islam and then after some time leave them in name of Islamic Talaq. This leaves the poor girls no where.

    You tell me why should Muslims have a problem of following a Uniform Civil Code in India rather than Shariat.

    Hindus don’t demand Manu smriti to be implemented. Nation comes first. May be not in case of Muslims though.


    You still may be well meaning person and a nationalist to the core but dear friend your interpretation of your religion is at much variance with the evidence before all of us, present and historical.


  148. Anonymous

    Dear Vineet and Realist…

    I am not an Enemy of yours or Hinduism.I was trying to clear some misconception about ISLAM,which was confusing to any Layman..

    I never felt bad being with a Hindu friend,I visited them in Hanuman Temple/Kalis temple/even Shivs temple…i been to church,so many gurudwaras..but I never had any feeling or discrimination about each
    other..We were still friends and had family terms among us.

    Regarding the sermons….I will tell you, the number of sermons we attend are more than you have attended on the topic of ISLAM,In our sermons we are taught ..the correct way to spend our lifes..by properly performing our
    prayers on time,helping the needful and about social reforms..I have never
    come across any sermon–where a maulvi says…hate hinduism/kill them…then from where u hv incorporated these things..why a muslim will hate his neighbour hindu,when we have so many internal socio economics
    problem and to bring good education so that uneducated people find it good and become better person…If there will be illiteracy/no idea about religion..
    they will pass on the same knowledge to their kids as a legacy and that can lead to distortion in the ways of interpretation.we do things, and go through the logic beore accepting things..

    If Bhagwad Gita says…”karman Nivaryas Maha Faleshu”…that is
    obvious and logical..put your effort and don’t care about the result
    bcz its in the hand of god,what he will do will be the best for us,and
    my dear even you will agree that what god will take care of us,no body
    will take that much care for us,because he will be with you for ever..
    so where is the difference between…

    The logic and theme are same..only the ways are diferent.
    We still go my Uniform Civil Code..except where we see that some
    topics are confusing,and needs elaboration,and concrete and logical
    proof to follow…but thats based in some complex topics,which needs help
    from the more literates ulemmas/maulvi…we take debates n then follow..
    it has nothing to do with the hatred towards other religion.

    I mentioned you..don’t compare Moghal Invaders as an Islamic
    heroes.we never pray for them…Our concern n prayers for Allah
    only and we accept Proph Mohammad as the last messenger of God,
    and follow his preachings..If u want to hv an idea..you should study..Five Pillars of Islam…it will help u clearing ur ideas..

    After all Life is a learning Stage..the more we learn irrespective of the
    source..the more knowledge it will have..

    For me…Hinduism/Sikhism/Jainism/Buddhist/Christian/Jews all are good..
    But my dear…people are known for their good deeds..suppose..Niel Arm Strong stepped out on moon…we care for his achievement for mankind..do we ever think that he was a christian by religion…

    So forget about discrimination among religions,,,its a never ending
    topic..Practice your own and care for your neighbours,respect other religions..

    If I am wrong..Plz do correct me…You are always welcome

    • Hello hello @Anonymous, what do you think you’re doing misquoting the Shrimad Bhagawad Geeta?
      I find it very hard to believe you respect other faiths.
      What is the meaning of typing…

      ”karman Nivaryas Maha Faleshu”

      At least have the sense to check what you are saying. At least quote properly. You could have checked from hundreds of sources from the internet.
      If I’m not mistaken, it is the first line of Chapter 2 verse 47, Shrimad Bhagawad Geeta

      karmany evaadhikaaraste maa phaleshu kadaachana…

      (obviously while typing in English you will find slight variations in spelling for this verse, but at least you could have gotten close to the words instead of typing nonsense)

      What if somebody quoted the Kalima Tayyab as
      le ilahio ull eli mohabbat ul risalo elia
      or some such gibberish like that?
      Would you like it? Would it be tolerated?
      Would you believe it if that guy said he respected Islam?

      For those who do not understand which Kalima I’m referring to here is the correct version
      La Ilaha Ill Allah Muhammadur Rasool Allah

      Further, you may have got the gist of the simple meaning of the words of Shri Geeta Chp 2 Verse 47, but what you have is a superficial and incomplete sense of what Shri Krishna says here. First of all you have to understand how an action comes to be a Karma. Not everything that you do is Karma. While that is not the discussion I want to get into here, I want to inform you that is not ‘obvious and logical’ like you have stated. Otherwise, everything is obvious and logical isn’t it, and even an atheist knows good from bad. If that’s all there was to it then why did Allah feel the need to reveal the Quran? So please do not gloss over the extremely sophisticated philosophical arguments of something you know very little about except going to temples with your friends.

      Anonymous, I think you should apologize for the insensitivity of quoting Shri Geeta in nonsense words. I request the moderator of this blog to stop publishing your comments unless your next comment is an apology for this.

  149. Vineet

    Dear Anonymous

    I said earlier as well that you as individual may be a nice meaning person but I have seen enough muslims refusing prasaad and that too from “good educated families” to say that you are one of very few who does that – if you do it.

    As Karanmakhija has pointed out that you have misquoted and also misrepresented the shlok from Bhagwad Gita and also do not equate the basic philosophy because it is much much different. Don’t behave like a sickularist.

    “We still go my Uniform Civil Code..except where we see that some
    topics are confusing,and needs elaboration,and concrete and logical
    proof to follow…but thats based in some complex topics,which needs help
    from the more literates ulemmas/maulvi…we take debates n then follow..
    it has nothing to do with the hatred towards other religion.”

    How peaceful – what was the problem in accepting Supreme Court judgment in Shah Bano case. Whosoever you are – please drop this charade.


    “Our concern n prayers for Allah
    only and we accept Proph Mohammad as the last messenger of God,
    and follow his preachings”

    Well if an honest assessment is done of Prophet Mohammad you will find that he is not as white as you portray him to be. One reason that Muslims do not want to discuss about Mohd is because they are afraid of being found out.


    “So forget about discrimination among religions,,,its a never ending
    topic..Practice your own and care for your neighbours,respect other religions.”

    Great thought – but what are your views about Dar-ul-Harb and Dar-ul-Islam


    So friend you may be in a minority even within your religion. Your views, if genuine, are more in line with Pluralistic Hinduism rather than monolithic Islam.

    Think about it.

    Though I have doubts about your views.


  150. Anonymous

    Dear Karan,,,,

    Its good to see you are comment..I hope you will simply hang me for my mistake,,blocking my blog is the least punishment I deserve,I think I deserve more than that..I am in no way interested to debate about religion,as in the beginning I told you,I am common man.May be I car Err,but can you say and
    boast that you are perfect and you don’t commit mistakes in your life,Getting knowledge from any source is good,Thanks for correcting me,But don’t make
    any issue worst by stretching it..I Hope you are an educated guy can understand better,provided you are not parochial in your thoughts..


    You are right we should have gone by the exact situation on Shah Bano case,There are certain segments which go by the Laws Laid down,and treat
    it as an escapegoat..A common consensus is required on that,There are High Court and Supreme Court of India to handle such controversial cases and rectify it.
    Dar ul Harb and Dar ul Islam are technical arabic word…..Dar means home.
    Why is India or any country having borders,thats a hypothetical division of
    a territory,that doesn’t mean that there is a discrimination of humankind.

    You will find various sects in ISLAM,but the main theme revolves around the
    5-pillars of ISLAM and spending peaceful life as per Hadith,You will not find variance there.

    Regarding the history of Prophet,Vineet ,if you have time whenever you are free,please go in depth of Hadith,,may be it will help you in clearing the misconception….

    With that I will conclude….Have a nice time……

    • Anonymous… This is ridiculous

      What you did was not not a ‘mistake’
      A mistake is an error in judgement, or a lapse of concentration. It implies that you knew better, but your capacities failed you. A mistake is very easy to forgive.

      I called it insensitivity – Its not that you knew better or your capacities failed you. It is that you have the capacity (i.e. the internet) to check what you are about to do but you simply went ahead because you didn’t really care.

      A simple ‘sorry’ would have been more than enough. Instead what you give us is a sarcastic ‘i hope you will hang me’… what a joke!

      Then you begin your attack to paint me as the ‘bad’ guy… Here is how.
      You said – ‘May be I car Err,but can you say and
      boast that you are perfect and you don’t commit mistakes in your life…’
      Very clever to paint me as someone arrogant, and your error as something ‘simple and human’… Fake humility!

      Further, you write – ‘I Hope you are an educated guy can understand better,provided you are not parochial in your thoughts..’… This means you want to imply that if I simply disagree with you then I am uneducated? Or that I lack understanding? Then you go on to use a word like ‘parochial’. So you have the education to use a word like that but not the education to check on a verse from Shri Geeta? Very surprising!

      Then you want to take control of how this conversation ends by saying that you hope that I should not stretch it?
      Anonymous – you are stretching this by doing all of the above. Like I said, a simple sorry would have been more than enough and gone a long way to prove that you really understood your error. Instead your psychological lashing to make me appear like a bad guy has done the opposite.

      In your own words you said that blocking your blog (I think you meant ‘comments’) is the least punishment you deserve. So go ahead, and do the honourable thing and stop writing here… if you really believe what you are saying. Else, your fake modesty stands exposed.

  151. Anonymous

    Dear Karan..

    Very Interesting …Where Had I potrayed you as a bad guy or villain?
    The words you are using,shows so much anger.
    Brother…if my uttering—SORRY….Cools you down.
    I can say 1000 times,I will never feel ashamed….

    We are in a democratic country,can express our feelings.
    We are here to share our thoughts,and clear our misconception.
    My objective is to Improve our relations,and not to harm any religious
    sentiments,If its there,it will hurt me more than you.
    If we respect others,I hope they will repay us in same manner.

  152. Karan


    This is excellent stuff here guys!

    If I didn’t get angry at your obvious insensitivity towards the Shrimad Bhagawad Geeta I’d be an impotent fool.

    Again by uttering sorry a 1000 times you are only showing your fake humility. People who behave like this either have no stand and just want to be liked by everyone (which isn’t such a bad thing in itself), but often have a devious or malicious intent. they only pretend to agree with the opposite side and wait it out until the opposition is fooled into complacency.

    Does a person who is really sorry also say ‘do not stretch it’. Whether I stretch it or forgive is my prerogative. That’s not the way to say sorry. You will say sorry to ‘cool me down’ but not because of the error of typing nonsense representing words from the Shri Geeta. Ok, that makes sense now!

    Acha answer the question why it will ‘hurt you more than me’ if religious sentiments are ‘harmed’?
    Next question. You said – “Dar ul Harb and Dar ul Islam are technical arabic word…..Dar means home.” So what do ‘ul-harb’ and ul-Islam’ mean? What is this half information? Why don’t you give the whole picture?

    It’ll be good if anybody can answer that question. Begin preferably with the translation of the word ‘Harb’.

  153. Anonymous

    If I do something wrong,which hurts sentiment of my friends feeling.
    Though my intention was not to hurt him,but because of mistake it happened.
    I will definitely feel bad inside and it will pinch me more.

    Regarding Dar ul Islam….

    Dar-ul-Islam, which literally means Home of Islam, is the name given to countries whose religion and government is Islamic


    territory of peace,The territories of peace were states that did not recognize Islamic rule over them but were not hostile towards Muslim states and made friendly treaties with them

    Territory of conflict/war….a place where muslim can’t live in peace,and has
    to face lots of problem/opposition in pursuing their religions.
    It was because of opposition,the chances of revolt/war was there,so it was categorised..

    • Anonymous,

      I’m copy-pasting the following, which is one of the mildest explanations I have found for dar ul harb on the internet… others are far more strict and talk of dar ul harb as teh unfinished busniness of Islam…

      Beginning of copy-paste…
      “A crucial distinction made in Islamic theology is that between dar al-harb and dar al-islam. To put it simply, dar al-harb (territory of war or chaos) is the name for the regions where Islam does not dominate, where divine will is not observed, and therefore where continuing strife is the norm. By contrast, dar al-islam (territory of peace) is the name for those territories where Islam does dominate, where submission to God is observed, and where peace and tranquility reign.

      The distinction is not quite as simple as it may at first appear. For one thing, the division is regarded as legal rather than theological. Dar al-harb is not separated from dar al-islam by things like the popularity of Islam or divine grace; rather, it is separated by the nature of the governments which have control over a territory. A Muslim-majority nation not ruled by Islamic law is still dar al-harb, while a Muslim-minority nation ruled by Islamic law could qualify as being part of dar al-islam.

      Wherever Muslims are in charge and enforce Islamic law, there is also dar al-islam. It doesn’t matter so much what people believe or have faith in, what matters is how people behave. Islam is a religion focused more upon proper conduct (orthopraxy) than on proper beliefs and faith (orthodoxy). Islam is also a religion that has never had an ideological or theoretical place for a separation between the political and the religious spheres:”
      End of copy-paste

      One more. Copy begins here…
      “according to the jurists, Dar ul Harb is the land of the disbelievers that does not rule by the Shari’ah of Allah, or does not submit itself to the authority of the Muslims through payment of the Jizyah.

      The terms used to express Dar al Kufr in the Qur’an and the Sunnah are many: Dar al Fasiqeen, Ard al ‘Adu, Dar al Hijrah wal Sunnah, Dar ash Shirk, etc. The works of the jurists also reflect this variation in wording. For in their classical works, the land of the disblievers is referred to as Dar ul Harb, Ard al Harb, Dar al Kufr and Ard al Kufr – all of these are used to express one thing (Ahkaam At-Ta’zir, Shaykh Bakr Abu Zaid).

      These terms all indicate that the world is bipolar, divided between Dar ul Islam and Dar ul Kufr.”

      and from the same article…
      The People of Dhimmah
      The question then becomes, what about those who do not harm the Muslims?

      Imam al Qaraafi, in his book “Al Farooq” (Vol. 3), says: “Know that Allah has forbidden love for the people of Dhimmah (disbelievers who do not fight against you and do not pay jizyah) by his words: ‘O you who believe! Take not for Auliya’ (protectors or helpers or friends) disbelievers instead of believers. Do you wish to offer Allah a manifest proof against yourselves?'”(4:144)”

      and here’s the link to the article so you don’t accuse me of putting stuff here out of context.

      I haven’t tried to quote fringe fanatics. Just regular islamic theology websites.

      Why does it say you can’t be friends with those who are friendly to Muslims, dear Anonymous?

      Who is a ghazi?

      about your own definitions, dear Aninymous… in your opinion is there Dar ul Harb anywhere in the world today where a Muslim, according to your own definition, is not allowed to practice his Islam? Do you believe in these categorisations?

      All your categorisations seem rather political in nature, don’t you think? Why should that be the case for a religion, dear Anonymous?
      Pray tell…

      The following is from Wikiislam
      “Who is a harbi?
      The harbi is a non-Muslim living in an area which is not subject to Islam and consequently considered a land of war. According to the Muslim jurists, the harbi has no rights: his blood and his property being licit prey to any Muslim.[14]”


      The Reliance of the Traveller recognizes the dar al-harb as “enemy lands” and provides Muslims with instructions and rules regarding such territory. For example, it explains that based on the Prophet’s words: “There is no usury (riba) between the Muslim and the hostile non-Muslim in enemy lands (dar al-harb),” it is permissible (according to Abu Hanifa and Muhammad) for Muslims to take interest from non-Muslims in enemy lands, so long as it is not done through deception, because their property is lawful to Muslims in their own lands.[16] According to this manual of fiqh, Muslim authorities whose land borders enemy territory (dar al-harb) are obligated to undertake jihad against enemies, dividing the spoils of battle among combatants, and setting aside a fifth for deserving recipients.[17]”


      “The term ‘civilians’ does not exist in Islamic religious law. Dr. Karmi is sitting here, and I am sitting here, and I’m familiar with religious law. There is no such term as ‘civilians’ in the modern Western sense. People are either of Dar Al-Harb or not…

      …If Al-Qa’ida indeed carried out this act [the London Bombings], it is a great victory for it. It rubbed the noses of the world’s eight most powerful countries in the mud. This victory is a blow to the economy…”[19]

      Dr. Hani Al-Siba’i, the director of the Al-Maqreze Centre for Historical Studies, 2005”

      huh? No Civilians?

      I’m sure there are good explanations for this. And I’m sure you don’t subscribe to these views which seem totally out of place in the 21st century. Or do you?

      Pls answer all these questions and enlighten our readers.
      Looking forward

      • And also, I’m not your friend… We’re merely internet acquaintances… and that too barely… Get a grip, we’ve only exchanged a few words online.
        And there’s absolutely no reason to believe that if you hurt someone else it will pinch you more. How could you know that?
        Stop making illogical statements.

  154. Vineet

    Dear Anonymous

    Are you ready for Hadiths to be quoted to prove our case about Islamic mentality because many muslims during discussions say Quran only.

    It can be embarrassing for you – think and then say yes.


    • Vicjags

      Dear Vineet,

      Are you willing to discuss Manu Smriti here.. Though the exact date cannot be established many scholars believe it’s contemporary to Vedas and definitely pre-dates Gita ..

      It can be embarrassing for you – think and then say yes

      Regards 😉

      • Even if the Manu Smriti were flawed, it simply has no bearing on what Vineet is saying, because Hindus are not required to refer to Manu Smriti at all… It has no effect on our current lives and nobody is demanding a return to it…

        However, I do think that the major translations of ancient Sanskrit texts funded by colonial rule in the recent past, and then by anti-HIndu powers, have basically translated things out of context. Basically I’m saying whatever you’ve read of them is wrong! It is clearly politically motivated. This entire work deserves an overhaul.

        This cannot be said of the Arabic Hadith, the translations of which may vary slightly in general, and in specific vary vastly depending on the extreme orthodox or liberal progressive Muslim, but in essence, the meanings of the words are not fraught with too much controversy. The translations of the Hadith are largely in Orthodox Muslim hands, so they are genuine (and therefore the reported flaws are indeed flaws).

      • Go look at Agniveer’s translation of the Manu Smriti… It’ll definitely get embarrassing for you.

      • Vineet

        Dear Vicjags

        Well discussing something logical with you is out of question. How many you have met in life who swear by Manu smriti. At best it is considered as a set of guidelines as per then time sets.

        You and your missionaries are champions in distorting our other books as well and I am sure you will bring here will be Manu Smriti edited by Vatican.

        We didnt claim anything about Manu Smriti, your new found friend Anonymous, who you think will be your saviour, mentioned Hadiths and hence I asked him. It was also one of the battle codes of ancient Hindus of forewarning opponent before attacking. Whether it is there in Manu Smriti or not – cannot say.

        So meanwhile read and misquote our scriptures’ version as edited by your Vatican and their stooges


        • Vineet

          Dear Vicjags

          After I wrote my response, I remembered the nonsense missionaries propagate about Manusmriti about pouring lead in ears of Shudras who listen to Vedas etc.

          Then I did a simple search on wikipedia. Read it – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manusm%E1%B9%9Bti

          It is not my reference point but read the words “Knowledge is important than Birth in a clan” and “Lower Classes can Upgrade” and then again read the stupid claim of pouring lead into ears etc.

          By now you would have realized that I never shy away from the debate provided the opponent is worthy and honest. You are neither.


        • Vicjags


          Of course you never shy away from the debate if the opponent is debating by taking your scriptures as an Authority… There is always an option to pick and choose what to follow and what not to follow.. Even if cornered, we can put the blame on that bigot Griffith who translated most of Hindu scriptures and propose an alternate Hindutva version… This is exactly the reason why I bypassed all of them an