Geography lessons from Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi gives Indians geography lessons, namely:

1. Gujarat is bigger than United Kingdom

2. India is bigger than Europe and USA combined

This man-child with stunted development is truly a gem. Courtiers and back-room manipulators are already drooling at putting somebody with his level of intelligence on the throne.

Is Rahul Gandhi a BJP mole planted inside the Congress? Because everytime he opens his mouth  …



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2 responses to “Geography lessons from Rahul Gandhi

  1. VVS Sarma

    Just as fodder-king Lalu turned around Indian Railways, Samuel Rajasekhar Reddy made AP
    a leading Christian state with class one citizens
    visiting Bethelham using state funds, Rahul in
    his PM days will turn around Bharat to Tarabh
    with Rajamata’s blessings much like Satyam created Maytas in the 21st century. His knowledge of history and geography will help him in this. Amen.

  2. Nam

    Looks like we have our very own Sarah Palin!

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