How Norway Funds Terror

Norway is a rabidly evangelical country which is acting as a poodle of the US and allying its international activities with it. It is working as the new Crusader of the Cross in South Asia. Its missionaries are majorly active in Maoist-affected tribal areas of India, especially on Orissa-Andhra border.

Norway is a country that has to be kept at an arms length from India and indeed the whole of the Indian Subcontinent. The liberalism and secularism of White Christian countries stop at their own borders. In their foreign policy and international activities, these are nothing but Christian crusaders rolling in the mud of Christian fundamentalism and religious hatred of the pagans. This is true for every country of White Christians, but the native English-speakers are the most dangerous .

The following report has been prepared by Norwegians Against Terrorism (NAT), an NGO from Norway.  It shows that instead of acting as an honest mediator, Norway is engaged in funding and arming the LTTE. This is no surprise since the LTTE movement has been hijacked by the church through conversion of its top leadership. It is now being used as a cat’s paw against both Hindus and Buddhists of Sri Lanka. No wonder, White Christians are running amock all over the world in support of LTTE and dumping on the Sri Lankan government. They are trying to take over Sri Lanka through the LTTE, just like they have taken over Nepal through the Maoists (whose top leadership is Christian too). 

This two-bit country from Scandanavia has to be taught a lesson. It is trying its “Christian terrorism” trick in India too through its missionaries. Can Indian government cure these crusaders of their evangelical medievalism and stop them from spreading their “love” in India?

The International fight against LTTE
Tentative January report prepared by Norwegians Against Terrorism (NAT)

In our report January report we are clearifying the facts in the Erik Solheim & Karuna dispute. We are also pleased to report a lot of good news related to the war against Norwegian funded terrorism.

The Solheim / Karuna dispute

Upon request we have been asked to investigate the allegations made by Erik Solheim that Colonel Karuna is lying about the Norwegian funding of the LTTE and training of the LTTE. We have found that Colonel Karuna allegations of Norwegian funding are correct and Erik Solheim is the liar. We have also found Erik Solheim is lying about the Norwegian military assistance to the LTTE.

The funding of the LTTE

Norway is funding the LTTE through payments made by the Norwegian Government Agency “Norad”. Norad is a part of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and report to Mr. Erik Solheim. We have enclosed their payment records as proof of the Norwegian payments to the LTTE.

The payments to Sri Lanka has been removed from the unrestricted payment list from “Norad” for the latest years, but sources in Norad confirm to us the payments to the LTTE is not only continuing but increasing!

In 2005 the LTTE front organization, TRO, received 15 million NOK(2,2 million US dollars) from Erik Solheim (Norad). The LTTE “peace secretariat” received 5,6 million NOK. Can we prove this? Yes, we can enclosed is the payment list from the Norwegian Foreign Ministry. We have also original documents from previous years that prove the Norwegian funding of LTTE organizations. If Erik Solheim does not acknowledge he has lied these documents will be released on the internet.

It puzzles us why the payments made to Sri Lanka have been classified as secret for the last two years. Is Norway hiding something?

Funding of the LTTE front organizations

We have found Colonel Karuna allegations of the funding of the LTTE front organizations to be correct. They receive funds both from The Norwegian Government and local municipality governments. Enclosed is a letter from the Oslo Municipality verifying some of the payments made from Oslo Municipality on behalf of the Oslo municipality and the Norwegian Government.

Why is Solheim lying?

It is a mystery why Erik Solheim is risking the Norwegian Foreign Ministry reputation and credibility in Erik Solheim’s war of words with Colonel Karuna. The only reasonable explanation is that Erik Solheim acted irrationally when Colonel Karuna alleged he has received “help” from the LTTE when he bought his new house in Oslo.

Erik Solheim tried to character assassinate Colonel Karuna by calling all his allegations for lies. However all allegations made by Colonel Karuna that can be verified by official sources has been proven to be 100% correct.

We have to assume both Erik Solheim and the LTTE will deny any bribes have been used to buy Erik Solheim. Our analysis of the bribe allegations is:

1. Colonel Karuna was the number 2 leader in the LTTE and is likely to have had knowledge if bribes have been paid to Erik Solheim. All previous statements from Colonel Karuna have been truthful.

2. The Norwegian secret police (PSS/PST) has previously investigated LTTE bribes to Norwegian Foreign Ministry / Justice Ministry senior officials.

3. LTTE cadre Mike Daniel Jeya has admitted in court he has bribed a Norwegian police officer Mr. Nyhusmoen in order to get Norwegian passports. Mr. Jeya and police officer Mr. Nyhusomen was in 2006 convicted and sentenced to 2 years and nine months (Jeya) and two years (Nyhusmoen) imprisonments.

Of the above we see bribing of Norwegian officials is customary tactics used by the LTTE in Norway. The LTTE has done the same in the USA and in Thailand.

Military Assistance

The most famous episode of military assistance was when SLMM general Trygve Tellefsen gave military intelligence information about the SL Navy intention to stop a LTTE arms smuggling vessel. Thanks to the information provided by General Tellefsen the LTTE arms smuggling vessel was able to escape. How many Sri Lankan’s who has lost it’s life due to these arms nobody knows. The episode created diplomatic problems between Norway and Sri Lanka and General Tellefsen was replaced with General Furuhovde.

General Furuhovde soon became famous for his bias towards the LTTE. He covered up LTTE crimes by blaming them on an unknown third party with stolen uniforms. In a phone tapping of General Furuhovde we can clearly hear his scheme and his advice to the LTTE to remove their cadres from the crime scene.

The LTTE visit to Rena

Another eye-opener was the LTTE visit to the Special Forces training camp in Rena. A video from this visit reveals the LTTE received information about their weapons, tactics and military strategies. The LTTE was allowed to videotape this training. We do not believe these videotapes only where used for storing holiday memories, but we assume these tapes have been used for training purposes for LTTE cadres.

Other evidence of Norwegian training of the LTTE is the Canadian Intelligence Service who reports about the Norwegian Special Forces training of Sea Tigers in underwater demolition in the Trang province in Thailand.

Erik Solheim surprises us again

Erik Solheim denies the Norwegian training of the LTTE in the war of words with Colonel Karuna. This is a surprise since the Norwegian Embassy in Colombo previously has admitted the LTTE visit to Rena. The video of the LTTE is stored at the Norwegian military website so there is no doubt this visit has taken place.

The Norwegian Army and the LTTE
There has been meeting between the Norwegian Army HQ and LTTE Norwegian propaganda minister Majoran Vivekananthan, editor of UTROP (important newspaper for the LTTE fundraising and propaganda in Norway).

The Norwegian Army HQ acknowledges meetings with the LTTE editor. According to the Army they meet with him in order to get his advice on how to recruit more immigrants into the Norwegian Army.
Norway funds smearing campaigns against GOSL

The LTTE sympathizer Majoran Vivekananthan runs the newspaper “UTROP”. This newspaper receives funds from the Norwegian Government and Norwegian foundations. “UTROP” has been used in the LTTE smearing campaigns against Sri Lanka and for the TRO fundraising.

LTTE seems to be found of credit card scams since LTTE cadres has been arrested in Bangkok, Singapore and Great Britain for large scale credit card scams. What puzzles us is why the credit card companies still are allowing LTTE owned restaurants and TRO to continue to be Visa and Master card approved outlets.

UN – Good news!

In one of the biggest blows to the internationally banned Tamil Tigers the UN Secretary-General’s report on Sri Lanka has recommended that that “targeted measures be undertaken against LTTE political and military leadership” for violations of children’s rights.

This is the first time that the UN has recommended to the international community that the Tamil Tiger leadership be targeted. The report was submitted to the Security Council on January 11, 2007. Any chance of the banned Tamil Tigers getting a reprieve from the international community was snuffed out with the UN Secretary-General’s report which is due to be discussed on February 9, 2007.

LTTE was previously on the UN list over banned terrorist organizations. LTTE has been silently removed from the UN terrorist list and we assume this is done thanks to the Norwegian lobbying on behalf of the LTTE.

NAT hope the UN again includes LTTE on the UN terrorist list. A UN ban of the LTTE would force Norway to ban the LTTE fundraising.

Kohona – Good news!

Dr. Palithe Kohona visited Australia and told the Australian Government: “Support our peace effort by blocking funds to LTTE.

We are very pleased to see SL diplomats and officials actively are working to stop the LTTE funding.

NAT have in our previous reports pointed out the most important “war” against the LTTE terrorism has to be fought outside Sri Lanka. Key elements to win the war against the LTTE terrorism are to stop their international funding. Terrorism experts estimates 70 90% of the LTTE funds comes from their international fundraising and criminal activities.

The other important element to stop the LTTE terrorism is to stop the LTTE arms smuggling. We know Sri Lanka lately has made several agreements with countries known to harbor arms dealers that previously have been selling arms to the LTTE. These agreements are important and will reduce the arms illegally sold to the LTTE. The increased risk of selling arms illegally to the LTTE will be reflected in increased prices. All of the above harms the LTTE.

ASEAN – Good news!

January 13th the Asean leaders signed an extensive anti terrorism pact in Cebu, Philippines. Asean will use significant resources to fight terrorism. Needless to say the anti-terrorism pact will make it difficult for the LTTE to buy arms from their traditional arms dealers in Asean countries.

Corruption in the LTTE

We continue to receive reports of corruption in the LTTE in several European countries. This news is most welcomed and it documents the internal moral in the LTTE organization is at an all time low. We assume the morale is low is because the LTTE has been exposed as a terrorist organization that are fighting only for the lavish lifestyle for a handful of LTTE leaders.

Norway funds Milinda Morogoda

In 2005 Milinda Morogoda received 8,4 million NOK (1,2 million US dollars) from his friends in the Norwegian Foreign Ministry. Norways paid agent the National Peace Council received more than 2 million NOK (300.000 US dollars) from the Norwegian MFA. Nobody can accuse Norway for not showing gratitude to those who support the LTTE strategy for a divided Sri Lanka.

Norwegian secret funds – bad news!

There has been made multiple allegations of Norway using secret funds to fund the LTTE. Analysis made by Mr. Mahinda Weerasinghe show huge discrepancies between the funds transferred to Sri Lanka from Bank of Norway and the accumulated payment of imported goods, official financial transfers and Norwegian Foreign Aid to Sri Lanka.

Phone tapping tapes of former Ambassador Westborg is also raising questions of the use of secret funds to fund the LTTE terrorist organizations. An official investigation should be launched by the Norwegian Parliaments constitution committee.

NAT future activities

We will continue our research in South East Asia and establish more contacts locally. We feel our activity in SE Asia raises awareness of the problem LTTE poses, not only in Sri Lanka, but for the respective nations.

No nation is served by having corrupt elements selling arms to terrorist organizations. A few corrupt individuals are lining their pockets by risking the nation’s reputation. NAT intend to visit more European countries and go to Canada to talk with the Sri Lankan Diaspora.

NAT will continue to expose dubious dealings between the LTTE and Norway. We will in 2007 go through several aid projects in order to find links to the LTTE. We will request an inquiry into the allegations of use of Norwegian “secret funds” to fund the LTTE. NAT will continue to collect evidence for a future class action lawsuit filled against Norway for Norway’s funding of the LTTE terrorism.


Norway reputation has been severely damaged by Erik Solheim. It has been proven Norway has funded the LTTE and LTTE front organizations. Erik Solheim has called Colonel Karuna a liar. It is shameful Erik Solheim is using this childish rhetoric against a leader of a Sri Lankan political party, the TMVP. Since everyone now knows Erik Solheim is the liar it is difficult to understand how he can be seen as an unbiased peace facilitator.

We sincerely hope the Colonel Karuna allegations of LTTE bribes given to Erik Solheim are wrong. Unfortunately Erik Solheim irrational behavior when he got knowledge of Colonel Karuna allegations indicates Colonel Karuna has stepped on a sore toe. A full investigation should be instigated as soon as possible. We fear Colonel Karuna allegations is correct.

As Norwegian citizens we are shameful to see our tax money is used to support the LTTE terrorist organization.

Norwegians Against Terrorism is a one-man army which is a thorn in the flesh of the Norwegian Government.

Norwegian Foreign Ministry bombarded with protests after NAT exposes funding for Tamil Tigers
Tue, 2007-01-23 07:31
Oslo, 23 January,( After the Oslo-based Norwegian Against Terrorism (NAT) exposed the Norwegian government as the largest contributor to the Tamil Tiger funds other angry recipients have bombarded the Foreign Ministry with phone calls.

NAT told the Asian Tribune that a source from the Norwegain Mnistry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) had confirmed that a number of phone callers had protested against their names being exposed. The detailed payment list was accidentally released on the internet by the MFA webmaster. After NAT exposed the payments the detailed list was removed and replaced with a new list with only a summary of the paments with details. The old and the new list have the same web address.

Norway government was stung by the report of NAT and denied it vehemently, calling it an organisation run by one lone member (as if the more the people an organisation has, the larger the probability that what it is saying is the truth).

Norway dismisses allegations

Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs says that Norway has never provided any military training or military equipment to the LTTE.

Such conduct would not only have been unethical, it would also have been in violation of Norwegian law, it said.

Members of the LTTE’s political committee have visited the Rena Camp in Norway when visiting some of the Nordic countries.

The purpose of the visit was to present Norway’s involvement and role in peace operations around the world, and did not involve any training, it said.

The ministry says it was unfortunate that these false allegations are being reproduced and disseminated in Sri Lanka, especially by a respected media outlet.

“This information is being disseminated on behalf of the so-called Norwegians Against Terrorism (NAT). NAT is not a registered organisation in Norway. It has only one known member, and there is no indication of any other Norwegian membership base”, Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs added.

This report of NAT is very difficult to find. It seems there is an organised effort to make it dissappear. NAT server is down all the time. I could find it with great difficulty.


Finally found the web archive of NAT of Norway. It is here: 

There is a lot of stuff such as PDF files on this website. A must read.



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6 responses to “How Norway Funds Terror

  1. Bharat Nair

    Norwegian( read Xian) -LTTE alliance should be seen in the light of Vietnam & rwandan experiences. It focusses more on destruction of NON-X population than propagating X beliefs.

    Manhattan’s works needs more wider dissemination to highlight these facts.

  2. Bharat Nair

    See this youtube video

  3. Suhas

    The Naga International Centre web site is really an eye opener.

  4. Renuka R

    Thank you for this excellent accurate article which clarifies what a lot of us know already but unfortunately what most people are ignorant to. Norway is an evil rich country because of STATOIL and ARMS dealing. They stand on the UN and other bogus organisations parading as do-gooders. Sri lankas biggest mistake and destruction was having this country and its retired generals and Erik Solheim as bogus peacemakers. Tamil LTTE hoodwinked Norwegians and Norwegians hoodwinked the whole biassed white west ( wild west) by promoting terrorism in Sri lanka. Norway has gallons of Sri lankan blood on her hands and Norwegians just dont care – just promoting their own selfish greedy means. This blood belongs to all races and religions of Sri Lanka. India is a powerful country. India should instigate publicising Norways ways ( no way norway ) and throw all Norwegian diplomats, business people and missionaries out of India and recommend this to be done by all South Asian Countries including Sri lanka.
    Thank you again for your excellent article. Please send it round the world.

  5. alwayssaynotoracism

    Very disturbing.

    I have added a section today at my website called CONNECTING THE DOTS with this story as a beginning

  6. jathin

    Its really shocking that Norway is actually helping terrorists ,what a fall for a country!

    hope Norway sinks to bottom of arctic sea!

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