Use Hindu Temple Money to Create Physical Assets for Hindus

Good move by the BJP government in Karnataka.

Karnataka celebrates Shivaratri with Ganga Jal

Shivratri celebrations in Karnataka took a different hue this year as the BJP government transported large quantities of ‘Ganga jal’  from Hrishikesh to be distributed among devout in select temples across the state.

This is the first time that the government in the state has ventured to offer “theertha” through temples managed by Muzrai (Religious endowment department), officials said. Besides the “theertha”,the government also distributed six lakh calendars of Lord Shiva.

The government has also organised special Shivratri celebrations at the Palace grounds here. Last month on Vaikunta Ekadasi, the government had distributed Laddus.

Bravo!! BJP people should put their money where their mouth is and protect and promote interests of the Hindus without feeling ashamed of it. Does Congress feel ashamed about opening more Haj houses for Muslims or announcing renovation of churches with money of Hindu temples? Then why should BJP apologise while doing something similar for Hindus?

My advise to BJP is: be RUTHLESS in promoting Hindu interests. Do not give two-hoots for these English media nabobs on the payrolls of either Congress, Communists or White Christians. Once Hindus are convinced that the BJP is working for them, nobody can stop it from taking over the whole country.

English media charlatans overstate their importance to sell themselves to political parties. They do not matter one bit in the elections. Mayawati rebuffs them openly and calls them “faltoo ke log” (useless people). The lesson BJP should learn is: Stop taking the approval of Rajdeep Sardesais and Vineet Jains of this world. Do not try to ingratiate yourself with them. Instead, pick up the stick and come down on them without mercy.

These English media barons are Congress, communist or church agents and will never swing your side, regardless of how much you address them by their first names. Treat them the same way as Mayawati treats them — with contempt and derision — and make yourself inaccessible to them. How many interviews has Mayawati given to NDTV or CNN-IBN, yet she has swept UP.

The day BJP becomes ruthless in promoting Hindu interests and begins to rebuff these nawabs of English media, it will get the key for winning elections. There will be no looking back. But as long as it remains unsure about protecting Hindu interests, Hindus will remain unsure about supporting it. I want to tell the BJP: Hindus are watching you. Perform for them. Worry about taking their approval, and not of the editors (most of whom are communists anyway).

Though distributing Gangajal using temple funds is a good first move, it will be better for BJP to create physical assets for Hindus that will endure even when it is no longer in power. It should use the endowment money collected from Hindu temples to attach a small clinic and school to each village temple in the state. The salaries of doctors and teachers should be paid by the government through the endowment money. This will save poor Hindus in villages from the clutches of the missionaries who simply use medicine and education to convert the poor, the helpless and the gullible. Renovate Hindu temples lying in shambles in villages. Take thier priests on government payrolls, like Congress takes Madarsa teachers and imams on government payrolls.

The money collected from Hindu temples can also be used to build guest houses for Hindu pilgrims all over the state. If Haj houses can be created using money of Hindu devotees, there is no reason why guest houses for Hindus pilgrims cannot be built. Once created, these physical assets will stay there for ever. No “secular” party of JD-S or Congress variety will have the guts to close them later. Be open, ruthless and unapologetic about extending the same support to Hindus that minorities constitutionally get from the government.


The crooked charlatan from CNN-IBN (who boasts of his favourite restaurants in New York and London and donates to World Vision) has given the following headline to the news:  

Religious Agenda: Karnataka govt to wash sins by gangajal distribution

The above example is exactly the kind of reporting that the gang of church, Congress and Communists use to scare BJP into not doing anything for the Hindus. But these are toothless editors who over-hype their importance and should be rebuffed with contempt. They have no effect on the ground situation. These are essentially opportunist Indians carrying forward the agenda of other races against their own countrymen.

Their modus operandi is to carry out spins against the BJP and spread confusion before the elections so that some Hindu suckers may get taken in by their drivel and their votes may swing the Congress way. They also try to keep the Muslims permanently aggrieved and spread fear among them so that they stay away from BJP. This is the reason why news reports strategically start appearing about Gujarat riots just before any elections. “Hindustan Times” is a past master in this.

Why did the BJP minister agree to meet this CNN-IBN reporter? See the tone of the report. What good did it do to the BJP? Shouldn’t the minister have said “no comment” and moved on? The best thing BJP people can do is to become inaccessible to unfriendly media. There is no need to entertain them.



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6 responses to “Use Hindu Temple Money to Create Physical Assets for Hindus

  1. Nam

    Well said. I’m in total agreement. BJP should aggressively take on all issues of Hindu interest, and be proud of it. Because this very action of theirs will bring and keep them in power. A Hindu nation united is a strong India.

  2. Incognito

    Ganga jal flowing from heaven into the head of Shiva is supposed to represent wisdom flowing into the mind of the self-realised Yogi.

    Gangajal by itself is not important. It is what it symbolises that is important.

    Similar to the sculpture in the temple not important by itself, but what it represents is important.

    Sometimes we mistake the symbol by itself to be important.
    It is like mistaking the map for the place itself.

  3. Bharat Nair

    “Sometimes we mistake the symbol by itself to be important.
    It is like mistaking the map for the place itself.”

    Symbolism is important in itself.
    As for your “map” comment , there is huge “poly tricks” behind the maps you see.

  4. Incognito


    “…Symbolism is important in itself….”

    Yes. So long as we understand what they symbolise.

    …As for your “map” comment , there is huge “poly tricks” behind the maps you see…

    Not understood. Please explain.


  5. realist

    hopefully u can help us with a constructive deconstruction of the myths and issues presented in these forums …

    we need a methodical rebuttal forum for such propaganda , as focussed above , afterall a culture that has prospered in an inclusive fashion cannot be wrongly portrayed as exclusive , divisive and such …

    gr8 blog ….. jus thot i wuld add my 2 cents .. keep up the good work …..

  6. Kshitij

    Very nice blog. Please keep writing. These days, I visit your blog, another by a fellow named Dharmaveer, and a third by a guy called Shantanu. And then I read the Daily Pioneer. You guys are doing a great job, please keep it up.

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