What happened to ancient Greece?

Ever wondered what happened to ancient Greece? Its culture, beliefs, books? Ever thought about why so many Greek temples and buildings lie in ruins?

Check this out:

Things They Don’t Tell You about Christianity

The similarities are uncanny between what is happening in India, the murder of Hindu saints by Christian thugs and the constant demonisation of Hinduism on one hand and the way Christianity wiped out the ancient Greek culture, its beliefs, its traditions and its books, on the other hand. If this out-of-control, hydra-headed monster called the Church is not tamed and castrated, the same thing will happen to Hinduism in India. 

First the pagans of all of Europe, then the Red Indians, then the African blacks, then the Australian Aborigines and now the Hindus of India and the Buddhists of Sri Lanka and south Africa … how many more races will have to be conquered and sacrificed at the bloody altar of the Church before this monster is pacified?

The current Pope (a member of Hitler Youth in his younger days) has a weakness it seems for  Gucci sunglasses and Prada loafers.  Maybe the Hindus can exploit this and give him an offer that he cannot refuse? One pair of Gucci sunglasses for every Hindu soul that he agrees NOT to save! Fair trade?



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12 responses to “What happened to ancient Greece?

  1. VVS Sarma

    Christianity and Islam are two sides of the
    same coin- India suffered from both and
    today the Christian church and evangelists are
    playing havoc. Minority obsession is the plague of Congress, communists, and misc.secular dals.
    Till Hindus realize that they are community in peril, the inevitable cannot be avoided. The name Hindu-Kush, the partition, the Goan inquisition should all be remembered by every Hindu. The tribals of Orissa are more conscious than the urban middle class today.

  2. Nam

    Christianity is on its way to extinction in Europe. I don’t know a single person who has been to church for anything other than a wedding, if at all that. People prefer to get married the civil way, that is the level of contempt and insignificance of the catholic institution, atleast here in Spain.

    No wonder the Pope and his army of converters are out to harvest souls elsewhere where gullible people who are made to feel that their culture is beneath the “greatness” of Christianity (that Christianity which is almost wiped out of Europe). They are made to feel ashamed of their heritage and belittled. This is nothing short of emotional torture and blackmail.

    Indians should sue the damn Vatican and the church. Lets have a huge international lawsuit (India vs. the Vatican) and bring all of these points to the surface. They cannot escape a logical and fair court trial, when they claim to be the founders of equality and justice.

  3. gajanan

    A Shaivaite organisation run by monks. Started by an American a follower of Sri Lankan Mystic. The web site is interesting and it has plenty of scriptuarl literature, some are excellent. They call it Chidambaram of the West , a huge Siva temple coming up in Hawaii. Their contribution to the Hindu diaspora especially in Mauritius and many other countries is remarkable.


  4. suhas

    Music director Aadesh Shrivastva vents out his feeling on Slum Dog M. Well said.


  5. santosh

    A huge web site , you get everything here. What energy this man has. He has very inexpensive e-books. please go thru this web site.


  6. gajanan

    Nice to see , web sites being followed up. Keep it up.

    This is another web site

    The articles section is very impressive
    The article Radical Universalism is worth reading. Very erudite and great and deep insights. Here is the article
    web site. Can this be uploaded in this site. I have read it not once , but many times , sometimes to redigest and sometimes just for more understanding . It is a classic article to be treasured.


  7. Incognito

    Indian culture attacked by Christist propaganda here-

  8. Incognito

    @ gajanan

    Thanks for the link to Dr Frank Morales’ article.

    Very informative.
    Especially the clear explanation of Vedic sloka ‘ekam sad vipra bahudha vadanti’.

    Thanks again to you and Dr Morales

  9. Mike

    It’s called civilizing the savages.

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