Sleeping with the Enemy

These two curious specimens from India — Nandita Das and this Bhatt chap — are race traitors. We need a team of patriots and nationalists who can throw black paint over their faces the moment they land back in India. It is time we cured them of their addiction to Karachi halwa. Debauched, disloyal, immoral, rootless, frivilous and unpatriotic, that is what these type of people are, driven by no higher purpose in life than lust and greed.

I have been observing the antics of Das and Bhatt for years. It is time these people were given some kind of “discouragement” by the Hindu race. Traitors should not be taken lightly. Hindus have been lenient for far too long. Spit on their faces the next time you spot these two traitorous specimens anywhere. They are nothing but the refuse of this land.

Godhra film bags honour in Pak

For a few hours on Sunday, the tension between India and Pakistan after the 26/11 attacks melted away as actor-director Nandita Das walked up the stage at the 7th Kara Film Festival in Karachi to receive the best film award for Firaaq. The yet-to-be released film (Nandita’s directorial debut) deals with the aftermath of the Godhra riots and the government’s inability to take curative action.

Film-maker Mahesh Bhatt also travelled to Karachi for the Kara fest despite a government advisory. 

Interesting to know that even the ISI has started this “award business” on the lines of the Whites to humiliate Indians.



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13 responses to “Sleeping with the Enemy

  1. Nam

    While movies like these are enough to rip apart the heart of any Hindu, I think we should refrain from physically threatening these directors, like the threats that Deepa Mehta received while filming Water. We should greet this non-cinema with deafening silence.

    Once the BJP is back in power, these movies should be quietly banned in India, just like several of Shree Ram Swarup and Shree Sita Ram Goel’s books are banned, along with the criticism of Quran etc.

  2. sanjaychoudhry

    Throwing eggs and tomatoes or throwing black paint over these kind of people is almost a form of non-violent protest. It is the same as when shoes get hurled at Bush or a plate-full of cake is pressed against someone’s face.

  3. Nam

    Sanjay, I agree. But don’t you think that giving them the eggs, tomatoes and black paint response gives these people “victim” status, and portrays us (those against their work) as the aggressors? It also gives them and their movie needless publicity…

    But then again, if this movie comes out around the country in cinema-houses then these people should be given a dose of our feelings in the form of black paint and insults. How shameless can one be, in a time when Pakistan is state-sponsoring terrorism within our boundaries, these traitors are going there and accepting awards from the enemies of India. Really, I have no words.

  4. suhas

    I read the TNP Sreenivasan’s write up. He has torn Vikas Swarup apart. It was good to see a diplomat tearing another docile diplomat.

    Sanjay , a request, why dont you put up the email of Vikas Swarup located in South Africa, so that we can stir him up. Sanjay , you must put up the article by TNP in your web site.

  5. Will the likes of them ever contemplate making a movie on the Goa Inquisition or the temple-breaking Hindu-killing ruler like Auranzeb , showing them in their true light ? And what award will they get then , from the Porkistanis ? What hypocrites ! They have twisted the definition of secularism to suit their own needs .

  6. Bharat Nair

    It is a mere rebuke . I didnt see any “tearing apart” in T.P’s article.
    Though it should be said to the credit of T.P, he is one of the few sane people who dont have sickular virus in them.

  7. Bharat Nair

    Personal e-mail:
    Work e-mail:

    Please convey your feelings to Ms.Nandita Das

  8. sanjaychoudhry

    “Sanjay , a request, why dont you put up the email of Vikas Swarup located in South Africa, so that we can stir him up. Sanjay , you must put up the article by TNP in your web site.”

    Suhas, I don’t know Vikas Swarup’s email id. I will put up the article by TNP on my website soon.

  9. Santosh

    In this web site Vikas Swarup’s email is given

  10. Sansarcandra

    We should be tolerant of the creative pursuit of others and allow them the space to speak out their mind. It is only when they speak their mind that their duplicity is revealed. The short film Fitna by Geert Wilders should be shown or atleast advertised and recommended for viewing wherever Firaaq is screened. It will help everyone to come to a more balanced view of the matter at hand.

  11. sanjaychoudhry


    There are lines that should never be crossed. This is essential for security of the society as a whole. Since when has treason against one’s race become a creative pursuit? This liberalism thingie only exists in India. It does not exist even in America. Remember French fries that got renamed as Freedom Fries? Learn to spot agendas when you see them.

  12. Bharat Nair

    @sanjay -“It does not exist even in America.”

    “John Gunther Dean, then US ambassador to India, said he suspected Israel’s secret service Mossad of downing Gen Zia’s aircraft in an effort to stop Pakistan developing the nuclear bomb. But when he reported these suspicions to Washington, he was accused of being mentally unbalanced and subsequently forced into retirement. “

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